Monday, August 21, 2017


    For the fourth time this year, a Naval ship has crashed in East Asia. This time, it was the USS John McCain, a destroyer, which hit an oil tanker off the coast of Singapore. Last month, another destroyer hit a cargo ship while fleeing from a North Korean missile launch; only a few weeks before another crashed into a fishing trawler. For some reason, in January, the USS Antietam managed to run aground in Japan. This was the second grounding since one in Turkey in 2014.

       Generation Snowflake doesn't seem to be handling Naval duties very well. Three decades of dumbed-down, politically-corrected public schools and lowered recruiting standards equals this kind of collateral damage. We're talking about the same kind of military who spent over a year bombing Syria and Iraq---who killed thousands of civilians without harming ISIS. The same type of personnel who broke down in hysterical sobs in front of the Iranian Coast Guard after stupidly letting themselves be captured. The lowering of our standards has also led to a wave of military problems like drug abuse and other crimes---all of which are ignored by the press.

        This year as well, judicial authorities have freed three servicemen wrongly convicted of bogus sex-related crimes. At the same time, the Fat Leonard Scandal has brought down several corrupt Navy officials. All of this is a far cry from the near-idolatry Americans pay to our brave men and women in uniform.

         The RINO Defense Secretary James Mattis---formerly Obama's head of CENTCOM and whose poltroonery in Iraq led to the rise of ISIS---hasn't replaced any Obama-era personnel, nor changed any of Obama's policies. Admiral Harry Harris, for example, the Commander of US forces in the Pacific. Harris' incompetence to command not only led to the loss of these four ships and the Fat Leonard cover-up; his bungling also caused the failure of Obama's Asian Pivot, the loss of Okinawa as a forward base, and the loss of our bases in Cambodia and the Philippines.

          During the last crisis with North Korea, it was learned that our bases in Okinawa, Guam, and Hawaii had absolutely no anti-missile systems in place; nor has Alaska. Once under Harris' watch, a Chinese Task Force sailed undetected into the Bering Sea while Obama was in Alaska. The President was in range of Chinese missiles. This is the kind of national defense that Deep State corruption and political correctness have brought us.

          As for Mattis---he wouldn't even agree to the transgender ban until Trump forced him to accept it.

          Part of the problem is that too many Conservatives have the same attitude towards the Military as Liberals have towards the public schools. They somehow believe it is above reproach; and that military and academic bureaucrats are inherently capable of managing these institutions with no public accountability. Both are dangerous positions. The Pentagon and the public schools are in need of major swamp-draining: the sooner the better.

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