Monday, March 30, 2020


   400 years ago this December, a group of English religious refugees landed at what is today Plymouth, Massachusetts and founded the small settlement from which the United States of America eventually grew. The Pilgrims were Christians who refused to bow to a State Church which they believed (correctly) served the interests of His Most Royal Christian Majesty, James Stuart the First, instead of serving Christ. In England, those who held these beliefs were jailed, beaten, pilloried, and some of the women raped and threatened with having their children taken. 

   The Far-Out Whacko Left-Wing and their Swamp RINO confederates have long dreamed of emulating King Jimmy and effacing the legacy of Plymouth Rock. Rainbow Churchianity is heavily promoted in places like the Huffington Post which has transformed the Image of Christ into a hideous Baphomet which mirrors both the devilish cults and ignorant atheism to which our Cultural Elites are addicted. 

  One of the first things that local dictators like Florida Governor Rick DeSantis did as soon as they had the power to do so was suspending parts of the 1st Amendment. The Right of Assembly went first, followed by the closure of churches. Now, a few religious dissenters in Florida apparently decided that the Governor's edicts violated their Rights. One of these was the pastor of a large church---apparently of the Pentecostal Denomination---headed by Rev. Rodney Howard-Browne of Tampa.

   Of course, Dictator DeSantis was not going to tolerate this kind of insubordination. How dare somebody claim that the Authority of Christ superseded his authority! Churches and worship services are nonessential, according to Big Brother. Abortion Clinics and Marijuana Dispensaries, however, remain open. 

   Thus, on Sunday, Rev. Browne was arrested and charged with "unlawful assembly and violation of a public health emergency order." According to WFTS-TV in Tampa, Sheriff Chad Chronister decided to act "after getting an anonymous tip that the pastor, Dr. Howard-Browne refused requests to temporarily stop the large services."

  "Last night I made the decision to seek an arrest warrant for the pastor of a local church who intentionally and repeatedly chose to disregard the orders set in place by our president, our governor, the CDC and the Hillsborough County Emergency Policy Group. His reckless disregard for human life put hundreds of people in his congregation at risk, and thousands of residents who may interact with them this week in danger." Chronister said.

   Pat Kemp, a Hillsborough County Commissioner told WFTS that she, too, had heard of the church services and denounced Rev. Browne to the political police Sheriff's Office. 

   Kemp, an attorney and an admirer of Barack Obama,  said hysterically that “I feel certain that it’s very likely that in that church today there will be some people that were infected and some people that will die.”

   And WTFS itself is an affiliate of ABC News. ABC is owned by the Disney Corporation: a huge supporter of Liberal causes and a major political lobbying force in Florida. So, naturally, the station consulted a 'legal expert' who assured readers that there was absolutely nothing illegal about any of these proceedings. 
  'Our ABC Action News legal analyst said under the Hillsborough County “safer-at-home” order, the sheriff has the rights to take legal action. “It’s not a matter of leaving the doors open, but if he holds a service and he has a meeting of any kind where people are listening to him, then he is responsible for them being there. They absolutely can arrest him,” said Attorney Jeff Swartz.

  'Swartz said this is not a matter of first amendment rights, which allow people to practice whichever religion they choose. “Like every other amendment, it’s based upon reasonableness. You can’t shout fire in a crowded theater. You can’t bring people together when it becomes a public safety issue. And this clearly is a public safety issue."

  Jeff Swartz is a Law Professor at Western Michigan University and a formerly judge in Florida. Some of his previous legal advice to WTFS included predicting Trump's downfall for Russian collusion in 2017. In other words, Swartz is just another Liberal dork from the bowels of Academia and his opinion is worthless. 

  But let what these chumps said and did sink in. A pastor was arrested for holding religious services in the United States! In the country where religious freedom and Right of Conscience was first instituted! This is a national disgrace. Swartz' babbling to the contrary---charging a church with unlawful assembly is a return to outrages like the Conventicle Acts! 

  In my opinion, Pastor Browne should be released and paid reparations; while Rick DeSantis, Chad Chronister, and Pat Kemp should be indicted by Congress and tried for Federal Civil Rights' violations. 

  But try and explain any of this to the drug-addled Ameroboob and you know how much concern religious liberty will get. 


Sunday, March 29, 2020


   With the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, Amerboobs across the land are reverting to pre-2016 habits. One of these habits---for those who've forgotten---is creating New Normals. What this meant was: whenever the Elites or some other gang of crooks wanted to impose an unpopular policy, they'd simply change the terminology to disguise what it really was. A good Media blitz with Academia, Big Government, and Corporate America parroting the same phrases got widespread acceptance from the dunces. A prime example was how they renamed buggery and sodomy 'gay love'; and subsequently had millions of uneducated blockheads thinking that homosexuality was a perfectly normal and healthy lifestyle. To underscore the shift in public opinion (which only took a few months to accomplish, though the MSM said otherwise); government thugs locked up County officials and suppressed businesses of persons who weren't quite in step with the changing times. And there are many, many such examples.

    Pundits are confidently asserting that the COVID-19 'crisis' has changed American Culture forever. Actually, the panic has just brought out all of the most negative and worst aspects of it; but as these things are to be celebrated and not deplored, according to the MSM. 

     As a public service, we're going to publish a handy guide to understand the New Terminology. 

     NEW NORMAL                                                    OLD NORMAL

1 Quarantine---------------------------------------------House Arrest

2 Shelter in Place----------------------------------------Curfew

3 Social Distancing--------------------------------------Agoraphobia

4 Emergency Powers------------------------------------Martial Law

5 Temporary---------------------------------------------Permanent 

6 Conspiracy Theory------------------------------------Critical Thinking

7 Global Pandemic--------------------------------------Influenza Outbreak

8 Combating Disinformation--------------------------Censorship

9 Essential Business------------------------------------Special Interest

10 Sense of Community-------------------------------Mass Hysteria 

11 Putting Lives At Risk-------------------------------Asking Questions

12 Freedom---------------------------------------------Slavery

   Hopefully this Guide will be helpful. If readers can think of additions, please let us know!

Saturday, March 28, 2020


   There can be no doubt that this week we've seen America at its worst. The mere image of a bunch of parasites hiding in their Safe Spaces, waiting greedily for government handouts while selling the products they've hoarded online at inflated prices is simply nauseating. At the same time this same bunch is busy flagging, banning, or shouting down any voices that might suggest any of this is wrong. 

   The Elites are just as bad. At the top of the heap are four US Senators who got caught in insider trading before the Stock Market took its recent tumble. From top to bottom, everyone seems to be getting their slice of the New American Dream---which looks quite a bit more like Brave New World than anything that the dead White males who founded and built the Nation proposed. The Corporate Media and their paid shills posing as scientists are having a heyday too. 

   One would think that if this COVID-19 pandemic is the major threat that the Elites all say it is, we would be putting money and resources into research and development of vaccine. But, no: instead we're surrendering our Rights and stuffing cash into Corporate Bailouts while reducing the Working Class to slavery. 


  Despite all of these disgraceful displays, good men are still rising up and bucking the 'New Normal.' One really has to dig through the media sludge to find them; but these stories are happening. Let's start with a late-breaking story from Auburn, Alabama.

   Nearly three days ago, 4 year-old Evelyn Sides was playing with the family dog when she wandered out of sight. Unable to find her, the police were called. Not concerned in the slightest with social distancing, local men who were experienced hunters and hikers joined the police and combed the forests for 48 straight hours until the little girl was found. The dog was standing guard over her according to the Lee County Sheriff; she was hungry and slightly dehydrated but unharmed. 

   Lately, we've had so much to say about the rotten eggs in Law Enforcement that it's good to be reminded that there are still some we can count on when the chips are down. Another who deserves at least partial credit for stopping a mass shooting in its tracks is Deputy Police Chief Scott Gray of Omaha. 

    We said 'partial credit' because Gray was joined in this adventure by local man named Tom Wenzl. Gray, while off-duty, stopped at the Hy-Vee Supermarket---which had largely been stripped by panic-buyers. One of the other shoppers suddenly lost his marbles, pulled a gun, and started shooting. Gray took cover, pulled his weapon, and ordered the suspect to drop his gun. The shooter turned to fire at Gray when Wenzl leapt out from behind cover and pulled the gunman down from behind. That move allowed Gray to close in, and the shooter was successfully captured. No one except the gunman was injured, though there was considerable property damage. According to McClatchy-Tribune News: 

   "Gray said the shooter didn’t say anything that revealed his motive or intentions. He said the only thing the shooter said in the struggle was to tell the shopper, “You ain’t no effing hero.”
Gray disagreed with that.
“With Tom jumping out like that, I mean, what he did was truly selfless and heroic,” Gray said. “You talk about a guy who has no weapon, it was just him, he’s just a guy that felt that something had to be done right then to stop this. The guy’s a hero in my mind, because he didn’t think about himself. He just went for it.”
 Gray himself was later cited for Bravery by the Omaha Police Department.

 The next story is from Sweden and proves that not all Big Businessmen are scumbags. Johan Andersson, Product Manager for IKEA Warehouses recently had an inventory taken and discovered a stockpile of over 50,000 surgical masks. They had been purchased by IKEA in 2008 during the Avian Flu Pandemic (which was also supposed to wipe us all out). 

  Instead of selling the masks at cutthroat prices, Andersson arranged with IKEA to donate the entire lot to the Sahlgrenska Hospital, which is the largest medical facility in Sweden. 

    “It feels great, in these times, when you read about so much unpleasantness with corona(virus) and all that, that we can show some solidarity." Andersson told the Corporate Media, "It think it’s important to do that."
   It's also important in these dark times that the men out there don't give up the fight. As the Biblical story goes, God spared even Sodom and Gomorrah for the sake of a few righteous men. It's heroes like these who'll see us all through.  

Thursday, March 26, 2020


   So last night the US Senate passed a $2,000,000,000,000 bailout plan for Corporate America, State Governments, Special Interests---with a little left over for average Americans huddling in their Safe Spaces. The same people who three weeks ago were buying out toilet paper (and selling it online for big bucks) are licking their chops waiting for their slice of the pie!


   Even though it's been every man for himself in America since the Panic started; the boobs on social media have been promoting the idea that Individualism is no longer cool; Americans are now waking up to the glories of sacrificing for the community. How any of this squares with 'social distancing' isn't explained---but we've apparently returned to the Age of Unreason so logic no longer matters.

   This irrationality has hit the Pacific Coast pretty hard. This is because our local officials are unusual collection of outright nutjobs. Washington Governor Jay Inslee is a perfect example. Every time this clown opens his big mouth, I start wondering whether or not he's actually criminally insane. Inslee is basically ruling the Evergreen State by decree---and his power-addictions are meeting with no resistance whatsoever. It's really telling that the streets of Seattle used to be flooded with Antifa and other rabble screeching about Trump's policies, but when the Government actually does seize absolute power there's not a peep out of them. 


   Inslee today stated that he may "have to extend" his house arrest 'Shelter-in-Place' orders. Another wonderful boon for the box-stores like Costco and Amazon---companies in which Inslee owns considerable stock. He also owns stock in Starbucks; one of the chain-stores that's set for expansion once smaller restaurants and cafes collapse because of his decrees. 

   The Governor is a multi millionaire who owns a 5-bedroom home in the Seattle suburbs valued at over $1 million. Other real-estate investors, however, are about to have a difficult time. Inslee, again ruling by decree, announced a moratorium on evictions for 30 days. This, of course, is also liable to be extended indefinitely. 

  Basically what Inslee has accomplished is allowing anyone to stay in a rental property without paying for its taxes, rent, or utilities---and there is not a thing that the owners legally can do about it. It's a de facto property transfer and smaller real-estate investors are going to crushed. That, of course, will allow the Robber Barons to move in---including lots of expanded government housing. Naturally, the Whacko Left Wing is celebrating these moves. Even before Inslee's decree, another traitorous sheriff---in this case, the Bull-Dyke Affirmative Action Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht of King County---actually had the arrogance to notify the King County Superior Court that her Office would not enforce any eviction orders from the Court! 

    If I remember correctly, however, Johanknecht and the other Lesbos in Washington law enforcement sure had no issue enforcing laws against businesses who claimed Right-of-Conscience. In fact, several King County pharmacies were sued because they refused to carry abortifacient drugs. Yes, that's right---they were forced to sell a product or close down. Political Correctness suddenly doesn't look too good under a dictatorship---no matter how much free rent and government checks you get in exchange for your freedom. 

   This is a bad omen going into Week 4 of the 'Crisis'. Already, other power-drunk officials are putting travel restrictions into place and suspending 'postponing' elections. All of those Ameroboobs who've been deluding themselves into believing that this is all "only temporary" had better start coming down to Reality---and soon---or, it's going to be the Inslees and Johanknechts of the world who'll be calling the shots from now on. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020


   During the Vietnam War, a singer named Tom Paxton had a protest song where he crooned: 
               "Lyndon Johnson told the nation,
                Have no fear of escalation,
                I am trying everyone to please!
                For tho' it isn't really war,
                We're sending 50,000 more,
                To help save Vietnam from the Vietnamese!

   Now fifty years later, these same Liberals are begging their Governors to send troops into American streets to save us Americans from the flu! I'm not exactly certain how companies of soldiers marching down the streets helps us to avoid crowds and practice social distancing, but if you ask questions like that, the full wrath of the community is liable to rise in righteous wrath. 

  Social media is today swooning with delight that Governors are activating the National Guard, while simultaneously denying that any of this amounts to Martial Law. Governors ruling by decree; imposing all kinds of restrictions on private citizens; turning soldiers loose on the public---does sound a bit like some of those vile dictators like Ho Chi Minh, whom we once sent soldiers to protect people from. 

  The NPCs are roaring from their well-stocked Safe Spaces that anyone who thinks that this is the excuse for a power-grab are Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists or Russian bots. Well, let's see...

   Dane County, Wisconsin---home to the state capitol---have not only suspended the Right of Assembly, Sheriff David Mahoney has established an online tip form where hysterical whackos can denounce their neighbors who might be holding prayer meetings, anti-government meetings, or family dinners. 

  Janel Heinrich, the director of Public Health Madison & Dane County said that people or businesses who do not follow the public health orders may face citations and/or imprisonment as a result. And, Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway ominously noted that “This is going to be a long term thing,This is not something that is going to be over in a week or two.”

   RINO Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is putting the National Guard to good use by illegally detaining American citizens who come to his State. Doing this to illegal immigrants was always out of the question, but Florida has no problem basically arresting and imprisoning other Americans. A press statement reads:  "Anyone from New Jersey, New York or Connecticut flight is responsible for self-isolation, including paying for transportation, lodging, food and medical care. (This Order mandates a 14-day 'quarantine' regardless of whether one tests positive or not). Anyone who violates the order could face a misdemeanor charge."

   In addition to closing churches and libraries, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva announced that gun shops "are nonessential businesses. We are trying to get them to close their doors. If they don’t close their doors, they will be cited, which could mean the loss of a business license."

  Los Angeles---and California generally---is not exactly the most gun-friendly place; thus the chance to suspend the 2nd Amendment was too big of a plum to resist. However, Governor Newsom doesn't mind guns in the hands of soldiers: he stated just this week that martial law could be invoked in California; though he soon clarified his statement (i.e. because he spoke too close to the truth). According to KSRO: "He says residents shouldn’t be alarmed if they see military vehicles, assuring residents the state is not under martial law. Newsom says the troops are needed to make up for a shrinking number of volunteers that usually help in food banks and other community services."

   That's a good one, Gavin. Thanks for the comic relief in an otherwise grim situation. 

   But the serious issue is that we're now into Week 3 of this so-called 'crisis' and we've gone from panic-buying to house arrest  Shelter-in-Place orders backed up at gunpoint. The Elites are smelling blood in the water---like a bunch of sharks---and already planning to carry on the orgy until September. Even now, they're talking of seizing factories; national travel restrictions; suspending 'postponing' elections; and, as we speak, debating a massive pork-barrel project in the US Senate which will push Liberal social engineering to maximum levels. It's sort of like the Elites' version of stockpiling toilet paper. 

  It's time though for the American people to put down the Prozac and the spreadsheets; and start pulling their heads out of their butts before they lose the whole country. I'm dreading Week 4 already. 



Monday, March 23, 2020


    Due to America's National Panic Attack, all major sporting events have closed lest any player---who normally doesn't fear concussions and broken bones---might catch the flu. 

   The record set this weekend was set by myself. 😇 My timely commentary on the COVID-19 hysteria got me banned from three comments sections in an amazing two hours. The previous record was set during the homo 'marriage' debate when I was ejected from one forum a day for a whole week. 

  Not only are our Constitutional Rights being suspended with no debate or discussion: it seems that even protesting these infringements in public isn't wanted. Confronting people with facts when they're intent on burning everything to the ground is certainly a lot safer online. In our forefathers' times, running from lynch-mobs, stake-burnings, beatings and the pillories was more common.

  Some of the responses received to these banned and deleted posts were telling. Besides the usual accusations of being a troll or a Russian spy; there were several along the lines of "You are part of the problem!" and "We have to protect the children! (or the elderly!)" , etc. People are so gripped with fear that all they really want to hear is someone telling them what to do---and our politicians are most happy to oblige. 

   Here's a perspective from the government's own numbers about the mass-extinction event which has Americans afraid of their own shadows:

    Average Daily Fatalities in the US from the following causes:

   1. Heart Disease-----------------1,772
   2. Cancer-------------------------1,661
   3. Narcotics Overdoses---------   185
   4. Homicides---------------------  142
   5. Suicides------------------------    13
   6. COVID-19----------------------     5

   This is a national crisis? An exotic strain of the flu which experts say can be prevented by washing one's hands? State Governors (with no Legislative approval) are seizing powers not even assumed during the US Civil War because less than a half-dozen immune-compromised people succumb to this disease---about 40% fewer than who die from suicide. 

  Now actually I do favor governmental initiatives to fight heart disease, cancer, drug deaths, murders, and suicides. But that wouldn't lead to shredding the Constitution or lining the pockets of Corporate America. And emboldened by the American people's complete lack of any resistance, the political elites are going for even more power. Not content with taking the utterly illegal procedure of banning public assemblies like in schools, churches, and restaurants, they're now issuing orders for people to "shelter in place". As arch-RINO Governor Dewine of Ohio said, "bold measures must be taken." He issued an edict today demanding that all "non-essential" businesses close; and no one travel unless going to essential businesses. Among the exempted essentials are abortion clinics and marijuana dispensaries---church services are completely forbidden---with the reminder to practice social distancing. I'm uncertain how an abortionist can operate from two yards away: but Governor Dewine isn't the brightest in understanding how human sexuality actually functions. 

  Now Dewine has a personal net worth of around $30 million. He is heavily invested in the Stock Market. During his last term in the US Senate, Dewine received about $1 million in contributions from Big Pharma; and about $1/2 million from the Insurance Cartels. He also owns around $12 million in stock from Big Pharma and Agribusiness. So he is going to come out of any economic downturn just fine. And Ohioans can still buy legal pot; get stoned and forget that their Governor has suspended the 1st, 4th, and 10th Amendments as well as the Interstate Commerce, Bill of Attainder, and Impairment of Contract Clauses of the US Constitution. Dewine has also cancelled 'postponed' state elections indefinitely; making himself a de facto dictator. 

  But try to explain any of this to the average Ameroboob and he'll stop his ears and run screaming from the room. Maybe they should lay off the dope and start looking at a few facts instead.


Sunday, March 22, 2020


   In these trying times when fear, greed, and hypocrisy reign over the land; and every petty despot in local office is grabbing as much power as they dare---and they dare more and more because they're meeting so little resistance---it's easy to become discouraged. People cannot---or will not---see that what's going on here is another attempted coup d'etat; the most desperate roll of the dice thrown by the Deep State 'Elites' yet. Bear in mind that these scumbags on the Left have been calling for Trump's overthrow and martial law since 2016. They've found a pretext to invoke Emergency Powers; and are planning to extend the 'crisis' until September or so, whether COVID-19 is around or not. 

   So, I came across a good article at the blog The Vigilant Citizen. Now, full disclosure here: I'm not a regular reader of VC's. Most of his material is a bit too conspiratorial for my tastes. But he's a well-intentioned sort; and his recent post on the COVID-19 hysteria is spot on. He lists "three things to remember," and it's excellent advice.

  "If COVID-19 is causing in you feelings of fear, panic, and anxiety, please repeat to yourself this timeless saying: 'This too shall pass'. Because it will...Often found in wisdom literature of the ancient Near East, the adage 'this too shall pass' aptly sums up the unconditionally temporary nature of human condition. It is a reminder that every single event in human history, whether it is a negative or a positive one, inevitably becomes a thing of the past. And, although there doesn’t seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel right now, this virus will also inevitably become a thing of the past. The only question is 'when?'. Not unlike all other living things in the world, epidemics rise, peak and decline. Sooner or later, this thing will peak and it will decline. In the past decades, SARS and H1N1 caused a great deal of panic. However, the only thing they are infecting now is history books."

   How true that statement is. Western Civilization has been attacked before---both from within and without---but has defeated all attempts to overthrow it. When we look back at the threats our forefathers faced, what was a crisis to them looks like a forest-fire on the panorama of Eternity and within the scope of God's Providence. 

   VC's second point is really a good one:  "2- You Don’t Need Up-to-the-Minute News Updates. If you can take away one thing from this site is that critical thinking is required when dealing with mass media. Sometimes, it doesn’t have our best interest at heart and, sometimes, it is even outright toxic. As people are confined to their homes with little to do, the urge to keep up with the news is constant. However, not all news is good to consume. Some of it actually is vile, toxic crap."

   Actually, most of it is. But to continue: "Now, more than ever, we need to remain calm, rational and level-headed. And limiting our daily intake of “panic news” is a great start. Trust me, I know that it is difficult to resist the urge to grab one’s phone and look-up news articles about the virus. I sometimes find myself doing it without even realizing it. But it is simply not healthy or even necessary to do so." 

  VC is right: there really isn't any good purpose in listening to these media ratings-drives. Most of it are lies anyway. I have to confess that one of the worst things about this whole fiasco has been watching people who just a month ago sneered at the MSM suddenly shift into lockstep whenever these dirtbags snap their fingers. 

  His last advice is very sound: "If you look outside, the sun is still rising and birds are still chirping. You are still on this Earth and you still have one life to live. Even if you are in lockdown, quarantine or whatever else, you are still in control of yourself and your surroundings. You still need to sleep well, eat healthily and exercise regularly. If you’re stuck at home, put down your phone for a while and use this time to take care of your people, read a good book, work on creative projects and, if possible, go outside and seek the healing presence of nature." 

  The reason that this is sound advice is simply because---in this miasma of fake news and irrationality---it's good to stop and then face the situation with a fresh eye. Good books and good movies have an especially salutary effect. 

  "While this advice might sound extremely boring and generic, this is what needs to be done right now in order to remain vigilant citizens. We need to remain sharp and focused, not weak and fearful. Because, at this point, it doesn’t matter where this virus comes from, what (or who) is behind it and how dangerous it really is. It already managed to shut down the entire world."

   I'd encourage everyone to follow the link and check out the whole article. There are so few voices of reason out there now, we must listen while we can.