Saturday, November 17, 2018


    Adrienne had a good article up today noting both the passing of John Taylor Gatto and a commentary on the state of American education by Rush Limbaugh. Gatto was one of the last traditionalist educational philosophers active in the United States. Familiar terms to us in critiquing public education: 'dumbing down' and 'provisional self-esteem' were coined by Gatto. 

    Now the passage that she quotes from Limbaugh raises a question about the Millennial Generation and what effect this cascading downward slide of our educational system has done to it. Though the dumbing-down has been going on for awhile, it really ratcheted up during the disastrous Clinton Administration. Lesbians Hillary Clinton and Donna Shalala packed the US Department of Education with some of the most venomous radicals imaginable. Bush Junior and his RINO policies did little to change any of this; and Obama accelerated the decline even further. But back in the 90's I can recall one old grey-haired History professor who was then counting down to his retirement and future idyllic days with his young mistress. Of Academic trends he told me, "Son, it's just common sense to see where the country is headed. If you dumb down the curriculum, teach that everything is morally relative, and emphasize self-esteem without accomplishment---you'll get a batch of people who are both stupid and amoral but too arrogant and too self-righteous to realize it."

     Those words have become prophetic in many ways. 

     The sad fact is that, as Gatto pointed out, this 'self-esteem' promoted by the Academic Left is an illusion, because it's not based in self-confidence but in social validation from self-appointed 'experts'. Millennials like to imagine that they are the most independent thinkers of anyone in previous history. In reality, for the most part, they are completely helpless unless someone else is telling them what to do and how to think. 

     Limbaugh expresses concern over where this is going to lead, but he doesn't need to look much further than Pennsylvania. These Academic charlatans who wanted to remove the Ten Commandments from schools should have read the Bible a little further to the part about sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwind. Academia has bestowed upon civilization a social powderkeg just waiting for a political arsonist to show up with a torch. 

     This is because---although the Millennials are intellectually weak---their massive sense of entitlement and proclivity to irrational violence makes them ripe material for fanatics and would-be despots. Reversing this trend is not going to be easy, but it will take decisive action. Betsey DeVos is facing a tough battle rooting out the cancer, but our side is making progress. Hopefully, 'Generation Snowflake' will become nothing more than a historical curiosity while kids growing up in the Trump Era are being educated again. 

Friday, November 16, 2018


  For those who haven't followed this evolving story, it concerns a lifelong dirtbag named Samuel Little. Little is currently in prison at 78 years of age after a long career of committing nearly every conceivable crime. Little is also a drug addict who lived throughout the US, his residences alternating between local jails and bum jungles. In 2013, he was finally incarcerated permanently after DNA specimens linked him to three cold-case murders in Los Angeles. Little previously had been tried for the murder of a Florida woman, but was acquitted. 

   The case made some headlines in the news, and Little was forgotten until this week. Texas authorities extradited him for interrogation after his DNA matched a 1994 cold case murder there. To everyone's amazement, Little confessed not only to that killing, but to a string of others---spanning 13 states and 35 years. The victims whom he remembered number between 90-100---all of whom were women. While it's not unusual that thugs of his type will confess to sensational crimes, 30 cases on Little's list have been closed and none have been disqualified so far. Local news outlets are reporting---almost on an hourly basis---that decades-old murders have been solved. 

    About Little himself, there isn't much to say that wouldn't be better expressed from out of a gun barrel. But there are some observations worth noting about this and similar stories. 

    One is that these new technologies and Trump's new emphasis on cooperative law enforcement is not only breaking open these old cases; but it is becoming increasingly obvious that a significant number of these crimes against women are the handiwork of a few deranged and dysfunctional males. This goes strongly against the Feminist narrative that all men are 'potential rapists' or could turn to sadistic killers and violence on the spur of the moment. For example, California authorities learned though DNA recently that a still-unknown serial murderer was also responsible for at least 40 rapes. There is also a series of cold case murders in Ohio which are now known to have been committed by the same man. 

    Many in law enforcement over the last century or so probably suspected this was the case but lacked the means of proving it. The Feminist mythology that teaches women to fear men falls when confronted with reality. 

    The second point we should note is that Little spent most of his life living under the radar as a transient. American politicians---especially on the Liberal West Coast---idolize the 'homeless' and allow them to take over public sidewalks, parks, etc. Some cities like Seattle even require high-school students to perform 'community service'---including coming into contact with such people by 'volunteering' in soup kitchens, etc. 

    Now, granted the poor should be helped: but among this class are numerous dangerous psychopaths, addicts, and sexual perverts. We need, as a society, to stop treating these people as an entitled victim-class. The deserving poor need all the help we can give them. The rest need treatment of a different sort.

    Whether we'll learn from the Samuel Little Case or not is another matter. Liberals these days seem especially immune to both logic and to the evidence of their own senses. We have to expose their fallacies if we are to keep our streets safe from future Samuel Littles. 



   As we all know, Attorney-General Jeff Sessions recently was obliged to resign from political circumstances. However, the revamped and reformed Justice Department passed into the capable hands of his lieutenant, Matthew Whitaker, who promptly set the Steamroller in motion again. Six MSM conglomerates were the first to get flattened under the new leadership. 

    Sinclair Broadcast Group, Raycom, Tribune Media Corp, Meredith, Griffin Communications, and Dreamcatcher Broadcasting were taken before the Federal Court this week and forced to cough up an undisclosed---but reportedly quite substantial---fine for flagrant violations of Anti-Trust laws. They also agreed to a whopping seven-year probationary period, under which all six companies will be monitored closely by various Federal agencies. These six corporations own a combined total of 257 television stations in 177 federally-recognized market jurisdictions; and have a combined annual revenue of $5,850,000,000. 

    To summarize what these worthies did in layman's terms: they were sharing information regarding each others' available advertising time and the rates with which they charged various advertisers. With this type of insider information, the Media companies could charge advertisers inflated rates---knowing that their competitors couldn't offer lower ones. In other words, they were fixing prices and then price-gouging their commercial customers. Once again, the Media demonstrates what their 'Elite' character really looks like behind the mask. 

    For obvious reasons, the Corporate Media declined to put this story in the headlines. Instead, CNN filed a frivolous lawsuit against the White House after Sarah Sanders took the long-overdue step of suspending CNN's repugnant and ill-behaved correspondent, Jim Acosta. 

   Acosta is best remembered for making a complete fool of himself and, by extension, disgracing all Americans at the US-North Korea Summit. The worst thing he ever did, though, was making a disgraceful scene in front of Kazakhstan's President, Nursultan Nazarbayev. Trump had been relaying United Nations concerns over press transparency in Kazakhstan; but no doubt Acosta's rampage did little to assure Nazarbayev of the benefits of a free press. 

    And actually politicians like Nazarbayev have a point. A free press without any credibility is really no improvement over a state-controlled press. The whole purpose of having a free press is to give the public a trustworthy source of information so that we, as citizens of a republic, can evaluate political decisions and policies and act upon them. A corrupt and irresponsible press in a democracy is not only worthless, but potentially a danger to society. 

     Fortunately, technology like the Internet has come to the aid of the 1st Amendment, We can expose the Corporate Media through other channels. We do need a professional mass media, but ours is going to have to reform itself before what little is left of its credibility slips through their fingers altogether. 

Monday, November 12, 2018


    The Red Pill blogger Reality Doug has penned an article fairly typical of Manospherian interpretations of Christianity called "How Christianity Became Libtardfa." Like most writers of this stripe, he imagines that Marxism and Christianity are linked; and that real Conservatives reject both.

    Seriously. In a culture where little girls plan Satanic ritual murders and homosexual perverts freely prey on young boys, this fellow thinks that less religion is really going to help. His argument is basically a rephrasing of the Marxist dictum that religion is the opiate of the masses. Unlike the Communists, though, Reality Doug doesn't consider Christianity an obstacle to subservience to a collective. He sees it as a hindrance to men realizing their full 'Alpha' potential. 

     "White men have another conditioning going back even further. Christianity presupposes that forgiveness is real because spiritual debt is real. Christianity presupposes guilt makes us contemptible wretches. Christianity presupposes redemption is by faith, by good works, by pious suffering, by suicidal atonement in a life that should be rejected wholesale as inadequate...The Christian death cult confounds the attainment and maintenance of power with the sharing of power. Morality only touches the latter, which by definition is not universal. Free market forces above the common denominator of animals require the supremacy of property rights for producers, by superlative force. Prosperity is the fruit of skillful discrimination."

    Here we have, in all its Luciferian pride, the Red Pill/Game Philosophy spelled out. According to this thinking, Man owes nothing to God---the Alpha is a god, at least any earthly one. And the Alpha owes nothing to his fellow-men. Others are, in Red Pill parlance, chumps who deserve what they get for failing to take the Red Pill. Could the fact that this whole movement is a cult be made any clearer?

     Reality Doug is an atheist but his sentiments are found widely dispersed among the fake Christians of the Manosphere. A common theme among them is the rejection of Christ as Savior while accepting Him as Lord, or King. In this scheme of things Christ is no more than an idol: a supernatural Alpha made in the Red Pill image. 

     Naturally, Reality Doug loathes the whole concept that human dignity comes from God and not from ourselves. "The white man has dominated the globe for over 200 years." he proclaims, "That makes an indelible impression on subhumans. White men are the world’s reference. We are a standard purely by inheritance. Because we are now weak animals, we are a symbol to be co-opted and destroyed." 

     It's a singular contradiction among the Red Pills when they spout things like this. First, they tell us that Christianity is weaken the race---while admitting that we were powerful when we were more Christian. Despite the supposed superiority of the White Race, we somehow are easily being co-opted by 'subhumans.' And the reason why we are being co-opted is because of Christianity. 

     Unaware that he is running in a logical circle, Reality Doug goes on by saying the following: "As far as I know, the idea of white guilt and yellow shame as fundamentals of civilization in practice was first conceived by the YooToob video blogger 'Asymmetrical Warfare'. It is a brilliant insight. It turns out to be seminal to understanding our decline and the requisite challenge of our very existence. The masses are generally animals, and the women and non-whites among them have an axe to grind. Every time they see a white man, they are looking at the bugaboo of their inferiority proved so far back that the details don’t matter. Consider what this does for the mentally unexceptional white man, also of the masses. The white man has of late been steeped in the guilt of his forebears, his blood, his skin."

     Again, he completely misses the obvious; that is, that Civilization is civilized precisely because it rests upon cooperation, complimentarianism, and sense of duty to our fellowman. Psychologist and philosopher Alfred Adler skillfully demonstrated nearly a century ago that the kind of will to power advocated by the Red Pills is the cause of most social ills. It's the opposite of what Christ taught both in word and deed in the example of washing the disciples' feet. 

     Harry Truman famously said that "the foundation of our democracy is faith: faith in oneself, faith in our neighbor, and faith in God." What a contrast indeed to the gloomy philosophy of the Red Pills, who imagine a return to Barbarianism where the Alpha held sway by force and fraud. 

Friday, November 9, 2018


     Most of us over a certain age remember Esquire magazine as the premier journal for American men. Along with practical masculine advice, Esquire featured two-fisted, action-packed tales by the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Dashiell Hammett; sports news by the legendary Ring Lardner and artwork by Alberto Vargas. 

    But things changed at Esquire late in the effete Obama Era. At a gala soiree at the posh Le Coucou Restaurant in uptown New York City, Esquire's new editor Jay Fielding gushed to approving New York Times reporters that  "There was a period of time when Esquire had a real literary charisma, and there was a culture that responded to it... But times have changed. As we move into the era of transgender bathrooms and L.G.B.T.Q.I.A. studies, when millennials are more likely to take their cultural cues from Justin Bieber’s Instagram feed than 6,000-word profiles of Sean Penn, we are charged not just with bringing back Esquire’s glory days, but with also figuring out exactly what the Esquire man — that is, the American man — is in 2017." 

    So it shouldn't surprise anybody that, following the mass-shooting in Thousand Oaks, California, Esquire is jumping on the Gun Control bandwagon. An article penned yesterday by one Jack Holmes proclaims hysterically that "a world where one cannot leave his home unarmed  for fear of being shot is not a free world!" Actually, things like the 2nd Amendment prevent American communities from ending up like this. 

    The whole article is nothing really but the typical anti-gun talking points which have been debunked repeatedly. The real disgrace is that Esquire has degenerated to the level where self-defense is considered oh so passe. And even worse than that: a magazine purportedly for men's issues is ignoring the real cause of these acts of mass-violence. That cause is a deeply misandryist culture which is failing men radically. 

    The NPC Left will sneer at that claim, but it's simple common sense. If access to guns causes all of these shootings, why are they overwhelmingly committed by men? Women can get guns just as easily as we can. Why aren't women shooting up public places? The answer is that women are not being alienated nor marginalized in our culture. The epidemic of mass-murders are part of a social continuum. 

    As evidence of this, let's note a few other statistics. The 'LGBTetc' lobby which Fielding referenced above is an example. The Elites tell us that gender is an artificial social construct; yet 99.8% of so-called 'Gender Identity Disorder' cases are men. Men also have a suicide rate that is the leading cause of male deaths in some demographics. Alcoholism, drug addiction, and fatal accidents are also highest among men. 

    In the case of the Thousand Oaks shooter, he appears to have been a veteran with untreated shell-shock. By the way, he's not the first mass shooter who was mentally ill and untreated either. But it's not simply a case of mental illness. Marginalizing men has led to male radicalization. Men who are denied legitimacy in civilized society turn to violent sects like the Red Pills, Incels, Wahhabis, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, or violent gangs like MS-13. 

    Men are born with a fear of insignificance. The anti-male Cultural Elites denigrate masculinity---mostly because they themselves are insignificant males who are neurotically driven to 'deconstruct' true masculinity in order to escape their own fear of insignificance. Nature is never cheated. No little boy ever really dreams of becoming the next Colin Kaepernick, David Hogg, or Bruce Jenner. They are instinctively drawn to heroes, because they can sense strength tempered by goodness. 

    Our culture is going to keep experiencing these violent outbreaks so long as it continues to ignore reality. They can take away the guns but they can't change human nature. Civilization elevates our human nature. Take that away and the worst elements of human nature rises to the surface. 


Wednesday, November 7, 2018


     Now that the smoke (and smokescreens) have cleared somewhat from last night, we can stand back and analyse the results. Some Conservatives are feeling low; some on the Left are roaring, but the picture isn't as bad as it looks. There were winners and losers last night, but hardly the Blue Tsunami predicted by the Corporate Media. 

     Nonetheless, the Corporate Media is spinning the election results as some kind of major turning point in some great NPC uprising. 

    Not so, though. Though the Democrats regained control of the House, they largely did so at the expense of the Swamp RINOs. The fake Conservatives were the biggest losers of the night. The Republicans who stood with Trump fared well; and, as one pundit noted: the GOP is clearly the Party of Trump now. 

    The House of Representatives and the Corporate Media are going to be a sideshow for the next two years. Really the transition of power from RINO Ryan to Nancy Pelosi isn't going change much in terms of policy. We're talking here about 'doing nothing' vs. 'aggressive obstructionism'. Trump has accomplished much already without any input from these dunces and he can continue to do so. The biggest problem---besides numerous time-wasting investigations into any allegation against Trump whispered in anybody's ear---will be passing the President's budgetary and tax-reform plans for 2019 and 2020. 

    With the RINOs out of the way, things are looking positive for 2020 and Trump's second term. The Senate races from yesterday are indicative of future trends. Arizona, Utah, and Tennessee were held by GOP candidates after incumbents retired. Florida, Indiana, North Dakota, and Missouri passed into GOP hands. The only loss came in Nevada---a state which has been shifting Left for years now. 

    The Abortion Racket suffered two resounding defeats in Alabama and West Virginia. Alabama became the first state to recognize an unborn foetus as human being. West Virginia cut state funding for abortion mills. Alabama also voted to allow the Ten Commandments to be displayed on public property again. In a rare case of Liberals actually learning from their mistakes, Washington voters enacted a prohibition against localities taxing foodstuffs. This is a response to Seattle's disastrous Sweetened Beverage Tax enacted in January. 

    As Conservatives, the thing for us to do right now is to stay the course. It may not look like it now, but the best is yet to come. 

Sunday, November 4, 2018


    On Friday night, another of the Red-Pill Cult decided to become a martyr for whichever Manosphere mountebanks he happened to follow. The Chicago Tribune relates:

    "A brooding military veteran (nota bene) and former teacher (nota bene) appeared to have made videos in which he railed at women and blacks, years before he fatally shot two women at a Florida yoga studio, wounded five other people and then killed himself." 

     That the perpetrator this cowardly attack---a complete loser named Scott Beierle---is part of the Red Pill Movement is almost self-evident from that description alone. And sure enough, The New York Intelligencer didn't have to dig very deep to find proof. Beierle was involved in the Incel sect, as evidenced by much of the terminology that he employed. He was also an admirer of Incel heroes Eliot Roger and Alex Minassian. These two killed 17 people between the two of them; and spoke of a social revolution wherein the sexual sans-culottes would rise up in violence and establish some New Order, or something.

    Like many other Red Pills, Beierle had an extensive criminal record: mostly minor cases of sexual battery; and he was banned from the Florida State University campus. 

    One part of the problem that we face in America dealing with this potentially violent sect is that there is a genuine issue underlying it that effects normal men. Not only do we live in a misandryist culture, there are significant obstacles facing single men today. Among them are demographic problems; miseducated and disinformed women who have no idea how to maintain a real relationship; and a media culture which simultaneously shames men for not being sexual conquistadors while destroying men who actually live up to that 'ideal'. 

     The fact is that men today have been dealt a difficult hand; but that men have to play the cards as they're dealt. The Incel Cult attracts many vulnerable men who (wrongly) blame themselves for a lack of sexual success. They are then gulled by their cult leaders into projecting their self-loathing onto women. Male Feminists actually do the same thing, though they 'embrace' their self-loathing. The logical end of the Incel is mass-murder; the logical end of the Male Feminist is suicide.

     The way that normal men can protect themselves from this kind of fate is to understand this simple proverb: You are not your circumstances. Or, as famous psychiatrist Viktor Frankl expressed in active terms: "An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior." And Frankl knew, because he survived Auschwitz. In our Postmodern Era of Sexual Anarchism, not having a traditional, stable relationship doesn't make you any more of a loser than getting sent to Auschwitz made one a criminal. 

     The same cannot be said, however, for the leaders of these kinds of online communities. They are mostly dishonest men; and hypocrites besides, because their misogyny really stems from latent/repressed homosexuality. Both Roger and Minassian were obvious homosexuals, though we'll never hear that admitted in this Politically-Correct milieu. The reason that they encourage violence against women is because women represent symbolically (in the Incels' neurotic reasoning) the evil within themselves. They're driven to destroy to, in a sense, offer human sacrifices to relieve their own guilty consciences. 

    Don't fall for their lies. They just use men like Bierele to work out their own psychological dysfunctions. Nobody is going to improve gender relations via terrorism: that's just common sense. Just do the best you can, and don't make apologies. And above all, don't become radicalized.