Saturday, November 16, 2019


   Last Summer, the INCEL wing of the Manosphere discovered a new hero whose name was Chris Morgan. Morgan catapulted to fame on the Web after a hysterical meltdown in a Bagel Boss shop in New York City was videotaped and went viral. He soon also became an iconic figure among the INCELs by several subsequent misogynist rants; the gist of which being that women rejected him simply because he was short-statured. 

  His unpopularity with the fair sex had nothing to do, of course, with the fact that Morgan---at 45 years of age---lived in his van, never held a steady job in his life, had a $30/day drug habit, or was known for anything other than flying into explosive rages on the slightest provocation. His latest rage, however, may have been his last. Morgan was taken to the hospital last Thursday after an unspecified outburst outside of another bagel shop brought on an attack of Apoplexy. He's reported partially paralyzed and drifting in and out of a coma. 

  It's almost pathetic to think that a guy is such a loser that he can't even be an INCEL and do it right. 

  And really it's also hard to have much sympathy for Morgan since he brought this largely upon himself. Even before his infamous crackup at Bagel Boss, he had a history of creating public disturbances---especially aimed at women. The UK Sun reports that:

  "One video uploaded December with the title "Ghetto Hoodrat Cuts in Front of Me To Use Bathroom", he goes on another foul-mouth tirade against a woman in front of her child. Things appear to get physical as the woman confronts him saying "what are you mad for" before a smacking noise is heard and she yells "get your hands off me".
   "He claims the mum smacked his phone and then demands a manager get involved to "throw this b***h out of here". As a child is heard crying, the man continues: "F*** you b***h, you are getting thrown out of here. F**k you, you ghetto skank. You're a loser ghetto skank without a goal in your life and you are broke."
  And this was fairly typical. After he reached a small degree of celebrity status, Morgan even began harassing women with of public stature. With that arrogance so characteristic of Red Pills everywhere, he went after model Sarah Russi. She describes to pop-culture magazine Page Six what happened:
 "Boston-born Russi, 26, met Morgan when they taped a podcast together recently. They met again at an NYC bar last week to film a segment for YouTube. She said, “When I got there Chris was treating it like it was a real date. I told him I have a boyfriend, but Chris kept saying ‘You could do so much better.’ He kept telling me how famous he was and asked me ‘How does it feel finally meeting me in person?'”
 "Russi said, “Chris then kept texting me, but I didn’t respond. Then on Tuesday, he sent me this picture with his shirt off. I was like ‘What the hell? Does he really think I’ll be turned on and text him back? He doesn’t exactly look that sexy.”
  No kidding, Sarah.
   In August, Morgan was caught waving a bat and screaming at women at the Bay Shore Marina, and the NYPD---finally fed up with him---took him off to the Psych Ward. 

  I guess in the long run, it's better that this INCEL finally imploded---instead of exploding on the public like Eliot Roger or Alec Minassian did. A man stewing in this degree of incessant fury against society is bound to do one or the other, sooner or later. 
   This also highlights the danger of swallowing the whole 'Alpha' mythos promulgated in much of the Manosphere. A lot of short guys have been successful with women. It depends on a man's character: of which Morgan had less than none. And his current state speaks for itself. 

Friday, November 15, 2019

Thursday, November 14, 2019


   The once-great National Football League descended again tonight into gutter-level savagery. Two rival gangs from Pittsburgh and Cleveland, operating under the guise of professional football teams ended tonight's rumble game in an utterly disgraceful act---even by the NFL's near nonexistent level of standards. 

  Here it goes. The smart boys at Sport Illustrated claimed with "a brief tussle" between Pittsburgh quarterback Mason Rudolph and Cleveland defender Myles Garrett. Here we see the little misunderstanding with Rudolph grabbing Garrett by the throat:

  Garrett retaliated with the very sportsmanlike act of tearing off Rudolph's helmet:

  And bashing him over the head with it:

The thugs then rumbled onto the End Zone, led by Steelers' center Maurkice Pouncey:

When another coward named Larry Ogunjobi rushed in and hit the helmet-less Rudolph in the back:

 And with the Steelers bravely piling on Garrett and beating him while on the ground, Pouncey delivers a kick to the downed man:

  Does anybody see anything admirable about this? Me neither. Troy Aikman---who was once a real football player and now a sportscaster, called it "barbaric". 

  Just for the record here but all four of the main bad actors in this incident are millionaires and college graduates; and treated as national celebrities. Rudolph is a graduate from Oklahoma State University; Pouncey is a graduate from the University of Florida; Garrett is a graduate of Texas A & M University; and Ogunjubi is a graduate of the University of Charlottesville (UNC). Fine stuff these institutions of higher learning are turning loose on the public---and while taxpayers pick up the tab for it besides. 

  And NFL Management is threatening ominously to take action:

 I'm certain that the thugs are all very frightened over this. The longest suspension that the NFL has given in the last 20 years for on-field incidents like these has been a whopping five games. And all of this comes on a day when another of these greats of the gridiron found himself involved in the very suspicious death of a young woman; while everybody's favorite, Colin Kaepernick, is trying out for the NFL again.

  And we wonder why so many young men are turning to cowardly acts of violence like that school-shooter in Santa Clarita did this morning. The thugs who are presented to young men as role-models with their "win-at-all-costs" mentality lead many boys and young men to believe that there are no real consequences for being bullies, cheats, and general scumbags. Instead, there are great rewards for this behavior in Trash Culture. But in the Real World, where real things matter, it's a dead end.

  As far as I'm concerned, the NFL can reach a dead end, the sooner the better. 


Wednesday, November 13, 2019


   On today's trip through the Blogosphere, I came across another interesting piece at Insanity Bytes' blog expressing disgust at having to explain some basics of the Christian faith to some very deluded schismatics at her church. Then, lo and behold, I received an e-mail from an otherwise reputable Catholic organization with a petition demanding that Pope Francis publicly repent of---imagine this---idol worship. 

  To be candid here, I ignored this story when it came out in October, because it was such obviously fake news; and the usual anti-Catholic writers among the Alt-RINOs were fanning it. But that it actually has gotten some traction within the Church is disturbing. 

 The background to this story happened in the Vatican State late last month while Pope Francis was hosting a Synod---or Bishop's Conference---dealing with issues that the Church faced in South America. A group of Christians from one of the Indian tribes in the Amazon Interior made a pilgrimage to the Holy See and presented the Pope with a display representing Christian motifs, according to the traditions of their indigenous arts. The Pope blessed the gift and installed it in the Church of Santa Maria.

  All Christians are familiar with these kinds of things. I've seen Eskimo Nativity Scenes carved out of whale bones depicting Jesus being born in an igloo with a polar bear and a caribou replacing the ox and ass, for example. And after the Pope's blessing, the Indians gathered in a prayer circle. 

  Later though that night, two fanatics broke into the church and stole the images and threw them into the Tiber River. They were whipped into a frenzy by fake news claiming that the images were idolatrous. The Italian police apprehended them and divers later recovered the stolen artifacts. The Pope announced the news at the end of Liturgy. 

  One would think that none of this was especially controversial; but some other hotheads noticed that the word that Francis used in the announcement to describe them, Pachamama, and claimed with no proof whatsoever that the name referred to a pagan earth goddess worshiped by the Indians. Actually, it was the name of an ancient Inca goddess which, over time, came to refer to female religious icons indiscriminately. Also, it is the same word employed by the Italian Media to describe them. 

  What this whole ugly episode has, or rather is revealing, is that Francis has enemies within the Church who will latch onto any incident to bring him down. They're a lot like the foes of President Trump in the American Media who rush into every White House Press Conference with such rage blinding their eyes that they lose coherence and usually end up making fools of themselves. This is what is going to happen to Francis' foes too, and they'll only divide the Church for purely political gain and give all Conservative Catholics a bad name. 

  For anyone who wants a comprehensive and intelligent perspective on the controversy, Dr. Pedro Gabriel has written some thoroughly-researched articles on the subject. As for the visiting Indians, I wouldn't be at all surprised if they were happy to return to the jungle, away from the inanities of so-called Civilization. 

Monday, November 11, 2019


   On Friday of last week, the Racine (Wisconsin) County Sheriff's Office made a major announcement in a 20-year old homicide case. They not only identified the young woman known only as Racine County Jane Doe, but had served an arrest warrant on her killer. As it turned out, the Doe was 23-year old Peggy Johnson of McHenry, Illinois. 

   Peggy, who suffered from a cognitive disability was subjected to years of torture. And what was worse, this abuse was sadistically inflicted by a Registered Nurse who was CEO of a company contracting for the Illinois State government and pulling down a fat $216,000 annual salary in the process. The dirtbag who did this to Peggy is named Linda LaRoche and was arrested at her estate in Cape Coral, Florida.

   LaRoche's social media pages are filled with some the most revolting virtue-signalling imaginable. Not surprisingly, OpenSecrets showed that she was a donor and supporter of Obama. But even more revolting was the what the Open Criminal Complaint accused her of doing to Peggy, according to WIFR-23 in nearby Rockford, Illinois:

  "Johnson's body was found in July 21, 1999, along a Racine County road in the town of Raymond. According to a criminal complaint, Johnson sustained trauma and had been sexually assaulted. She was malnourished, had road rash across her torso and suffered a broken ribs and nose. Her death was ruled as a homicide by sepsis pneumonia as a result of infection from injuries sustained from chronic abuse."

   After Racine County made the announcement of LaRoche's arrest, the Prosecutor's Office issued a formal indictment which essentially included the above quote. Except for one thing. The part about sexual assault had somehow disappeared. 

   Why? The Forensic Lab in Milwaukee that conducted Peggy's autopsy in 1999 reported it. It was always mentioned on articles about Peggy during the 20 years that she was a Jane Doe. It was, as the KIFR report and local media shows, listed on the outstanding warrant for the unknown perpetrator. It apparently didn't change until they learned that Peggy's killer wasn't a man. 

  Given the fact that nobody else has been charged in Peggy's murder---in spite of the fact that males (I won't call them 'men') were living in the home at the time---indicates that the only possible sexual abuse that Peggy could have suffered was inflicted homosexually by LaRoche herself. Why was this crime airbrushed out of history?

  The answer is that doesn't fit the Politically-Correct 'narrative' which denies that homosexuals are sexual predators. This in spite of the fact that on the very same day that Racine County announced Peggy's case closed, another 'caregiver' in California was indicted for molesting 17 boys. 

  The sad part about this is that the Racine County Sheriff's Office really did a great job in this case. But it's another example of how professionals these days have to bow to the interests of the Gay Mafia or face the consequences. 

  Peggy Johnson, incidentally, will be exhumed and reburied in Illinois next to her mother, who died when Peggy was 18. 


Saturday, November 9, 2019


   While we've often tried to stress in our writings here, that there are many good people in the world out doing good things, it doesn't gainsay the fact that our world is also frequently a place of evil and injustice. As a student of the Social Sciences, things like acts of evil and injustice are concepts which at least often have an explanation. What's hard to come to grips with are irrationally stupid acts. By these I mean destructive acts that don't make any logical sense. These types of things generally happen in a mob setting. 

   An interesting recent phenomenon which has been all over social media began around Labor Day after the restaurant chain Popeye's introduced a new chicken sandwich. It became hugely popular; and the company sold out completely of its stock in chicken within a matter of weeks. What's happened since has been complete chaos. In Houston, a group of people stormed a restaurant, one brandishing a gun, when notified of that the chicken sandwich was sold out. 

   "He could have shot someone behind a chicken sandwich," a neighbor told KTRK, "Somebody could have lost their life because they ran out of chicken sandwiches."

   Popeye's brought back the sandwich this week; and the same long lines and associated violence came back. Unlike the Houston incident, somebody actually was murdered in Prince George's County, Maryland, just outside the DC Beltway. WRC reported that a 28 year-old man was stabbed to death after an argument broke out over someone's place in line. The suspect is still at large. 

  “Knowing these details and knowing what happened here and knowing that a life was taken, it is hard to put into words; I can’t find the right words, to describe what this man did to this innocent victim,” police spokeswoman Jennifer Donelan said.

  Readers in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area can call the Prince George's County Sheriff at 301-780-8600 if they have any information. Talk about a completely stupid act. When they catch this dirtbag, he'll be eating those notoriously delectable cuisines offered by the Maryland Correctional System for the foreseeable future. One would think that such a senseless act would cause people to pause and think, but apparently not. Social Media is showing footage of another fight in Maryland and another in San Antonio just in the last few days. 

  And in the time-honored tradition of American Trash Culture, some aren't letting a good crisis go to waste. One employee at a Los Angeles Popeye's was beaten today by his co-workers after getting caught selling the sandwiches on the side for a profit. And, sure enough, the shyster lawyers are getting into the act. One Craig Barr of Chattanooga is suing Popeye's claiming that he was traumatized by the restaurant chain's earlier chicken shortage. 

   "It's totally deceptive. Who runs out of chicken? It's a big fiasco. Someone has to stand up to big corporate," Barr squawked to the MSM, "Everyone is captivated by these sandwiches. They've got everyone gassed up on them."

   Barr is an example of a type that contrasts with the others in that what he's doing is at least comprehensible. He's motivated by greed and opportunism. But these others? What motivates them? They don't gain anything by any of this. What's their goal? To sit in jail and brag to the other inmates that they ate at Popeye's

   I don't believe that there is an actual goal to any of this violence. The people who stand in line for hours are just out to be where everyone else is. The violent ones are the ones who are just mad and looking for a crowd to go lash out on. Sort of like the mass-shooters on a smaller scale or like Antifa on a larger one. Popeye's has issued a statement to the effect that while they condemn the violence, there's really not much they can do about people's behavior. Actually, I have to agree with a big corporation for a change. It's really up to communities to sort this out. In Los Angeles this week, the drive-thru lane at the Popeye's on LaBrea and Jefferson nearly caused a traffic jam; but police came and directed traffic. Plus their presence probably discouraged any violence, so things went smoothly there. 

   Earlier generations of politicians used to say that "you can't legislate against stupidity."  But during outbreaks of it, communities can and should at least protect the rest of us from the consequences of it. Better still, just ignore the long lines, make some Popeye's chicken at home, and invite your friends. 

Thursday, November 7, 2019


   Less than 48 hours after Project Veritas exposed ABC News executives' complicity in the Jeffrey Epstein Case, the hyenas in the Corporate Media fired the alleged whistleblower---who was until today working at CBS. 

  That certainly didn't take long. Imagine what these guys could accomplish if they put the same effort into investigating actual news stories that they do in retaliating against people who uncover their own crimes. Even to the point of joining hands with their confederates competitors to do it. 

  Bear in mind that these are same Media Jackals who publish anything---no matter how logically absurd---by anybody with an allegation about President Trump, or his family, or officials. This is the same Media who---when anyone whispers in their ear that they were abused by a Catholic priest---will paste the stories in the headlines regardless of how unprovable the accusation is. And of course, foreign leaders who cross the Deep State are routinely defamed by 'experts' working for vested interests. 

  And on the subject of whistleblowing, a website called The Federalist made the interesting observation that at the same time ABC and CBS were hunting down the person who leaked the Epstein story, ABC's program The View was interviewing Donald Trump Jr. and complaining that he leaked the name of an alleged White House media mole   whistleblower. “The whole point of releasing a name is to intimidate someone, to threaten someone, and to scare other people from coming out. That’s something that dictators do,” said Abby Huntsman during the interview. 

   This kind of hypocrisy isn't new for the Corporate Media, however. Just remember how differently they felt about whistleblowers like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden who were uncovering the crimes going on during the Obama years. Anybody who believes anything coming out of the US Mainstream Media anymore has to be an incorrigible NPC. The Epstein video (and many other instances of leaked tapes) show that many inside the MSM don't even believe the same lies that they tell everyone else. No, what passes for 'news' in the United States today is simply 'framing a narrative' for the sake of us uneducated boobs and common rabble out in flyover country. 

  I rather hope that President Trump finds out who this fired employee is and gives her a job in the White House as a press secretary or something. She deserves a reward for what she did.