Sunday, July 22, 2018


     Earlier this week, a vessel docked in the Port of San Diego carrying a cargo of nearly nine tons of Cocaine, representing a street-value of at least a quarter-billion dollars. The good news: the ship was the Coast Guard cutter USS Steadfast returning from a two-month patrol. The narcotics were captured, along with some smugglers, during the maneuvers. 

     Some unnamed sources stated that the Steadfast, which had been on duty with the cutter Alert, was allowed to return earlier than the scheduled mission-end because it no more cargo capacity. One intercept alone captured 12,000 pounds of drugs---the largest from a single raid in 13 years. The Alert was said currently to be carrying almost three tons of confiscated drugs in its own right. 

    Both ships are based in the Columbia River District at Warrenton, Oregon. 

    The year 2018 has been witnessing a surge in US Coast Guard victories over gangs' and terrorists' attempts to smuggle narcotics into the country. In 2017, the USCG intercepted almost a half-million pounds of Cocaine total. These seizures represent the changed attitude of the federal bureaucracy under Trump. In January, Coast Guard crews brought a haul of 47,000 pounds to San Diego. In March, a huge seizure led to a 36,000 pound booty. And these are just the larger hauls. 

     Commander Alain Balmaceda of the Steadfast told the San Diego Union-Tribune that his crew is the most motivated he's seen in a long time. "I continue to be impressed by the dedication and tenacity of our cutters, and the difficult, dangerous missions that they complete." Yes, it does make a difference when the Government actually supports what law enforcement does. 

     It's interesting that, despite these successes, the US Media outside of the San Diego area hasn't a word to say about it. During the Obama Administration, they were equally silent about the Fat Leonard Scandal which implicated Pentagon officials in possible drug smuggling. The Trump Administration wrapped up that scandal too; and indicted several culpable parties. 

     In fact, the Media has been silent not only about Trump winning the Drug War and the Gang War; they are infuriated beyond belief that Trump has also ended the Obama-instigated Cold Wars with Russia, China, and North Korea. The Media and the other DNC slime would like us to return to the Obama/Clinton Era when we were at risk of atomic annihilation while drug-pushers and international terrorists could enter the country unabated. While Trump is dealing with real problems, the nutcases on the Left think that they can abolish Biology.

      Cocaine is a very potent stimulant that is extremely addictive. Withdrawal from the drug causes erratic behavior---mostly a depressive state that needs another dose to reverse it. People on Cocaine build a tolerance and need ever-increasing doses to relieve their cravings. Often Cocaine is processed into stronger forms like Crack, Crank, Rock Candy, etc. Long-term effects can include respiratory failure and mental disease. In spite of the depressive effects of withdrawal, addicts will turn often turn violent to get another dose. The term 'drug fiend' was coined during the 1920's specifically for Cocaine users.

      In recent years, police have discovered several cases of Cocaine laced with the deadly Opioid, Fentanyl. During the period 2014-2016, Cocaine overdose deaths doubled in the US. 

      But with the revamped efforts of the Coast Guard, that pipeline may be closed off soon. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


    So there's been a recent spate of drivers for the taxi service, Uber, reportedly going berserk on the roadway. Last week, a group of interns going to a pro-Trump were refused service by a hysterical driver. During the weekend, some young women were traveling to a GOP rally in Raleigh when the driver---allegedly screaming 'Welcome to the Resistance!'---dumped them off at a random gas station.

     Uber has so far refused any apology over either incident. This shouldn't surprise anyone: in 2016, the company donated almost $200,000 to the Democratic Party and has spent $1.8 million on lobbyists. According to Open Secrets, 32 out of the 41 Beltway lobbyists retained by Uber are revolving-door former government employees, including the ex-wife of arch-Deep Stater, Tony Podesta. 

     In London, England last November the local authorities revoked Uber's license after crime statistics showed that Uber's drivers committed half of the sexual assaults in Great Britain. Even the Liberal demagogues at CNN were obliged to report that over 100 American drivers have been charged with similar crimes. Ex-TV star-turned-activist Pamela Anderson has publicly stated that Uber is unsafe for women. Overall, Uber has a reputation as a very shady outfit---personally I don't mind paying extra for a regular taxi. 

     What these incidents and others like them should do is remind us what we could expect if the Whacko Left ever came to power again. These people are doing on a personal level what they'd be doing on a national scale. In fact, only a short time ago, scumbags like New York Governor Cuomo boasted that Conservatives "had no place" in his state. The military was being purged---like the media and academia before. States were trying to blacklist religious charities who refused things like abortion and 'gay marriage'. Caterers, pharmacies and others were being shut down for the same reasons. Obama and Clinton were vowing to suppress free speech and free religion after 2016---and already CEO's were being fired and local politicians locked up for refusing to bow down to the Thought Police. 

     To the Left, Liberalism is dogma. The political positions they hold are, to them, simply what is. Their whole ego-identity and self-esteem is so closely tied to their politics that they, by and large, have turned into fanatics. The Uber drivers, the nutcases attacking people in restaurants, the violence and riots: these aren't the work of rational minds willing to compromise or debate. They are, as the infamous photo of Kathy Griffin with the severed head graphically illustrate,  ready to resort to the Guillotine if they think it necessary.

     Meanwhile, our best course of action is to boycott companies like Uber. And also, we should keep a sharp eye out for Leftist Whackos cracking up in public. See Something, Say Something. When some crackpot makes a scene in a restaurant, call the police. By all means, notify the authorities if you see Leftists doing something violent or destructive. 


Sunday, July 15, 2018


     There was an interesting article today in the British media pointing out that some 21 op-ed letters were published in major newspapers opposing Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the US Supreme Court. All of these letters bore different signatures, but every one of them were identical in content. 

      It's almost gotten to the point where when one thinks that the US Media can't sink any lower, the media somehow manages to do it.

     So far, only the Dallas Morning-News and the Sonora (California) Union-Democrat have scrubbed the letters and apologized to readers. It should be noted that both of these papers are owned by regional media concerns and are largely independent of the MSM. 

     The White House shrugged off the incident, accustomed to they are to sophomoric attacks from allegedly respectable news sources. Quinton Hilyer of The National Review suggested that the opposition to Kavanaugh is probably largely the work of paid trolls, although most Left-Wing activist groups have denied any involvement in the scam. We simply need recall the 2016 elections and remember that the DNC is not above these kinds of sleazy tactics.  That's one reason why they lost in 2016 and also why their attempts to derail Kavanaugh's nomination will fail. Trump offers the people a genuine person, with whom they can relate. He's hated by the Liberals and the Swamp-RINOs who governed for 30 years with nothing but fear and manipulation and no substance. People are seeing them for what they are; and that exposure is driving them insane. 

       In the interests of full disclosure, I haven't reviewed the career of Brett Kavanaugh sufficiently to have an informed opinion of support or opposition. But the initial Left-Wing hysteria is circumstantial evidence that the President has made a good choice. Trump has begun a major initiative to change Beltway Culture; and he's well on his way to overhauling the entire Executive Branch. His next Supreme Court pick is a solid move to reforming the Judicial Branch. If Kavanaugh is confirmed as Neil Gorsuch was; one more Court vacancy will give Trump appointees 1/3 of the highest court in the land. No wonder the Deep Statists' minds are paralyzed with fear---causing them to do stupid things like sending fake op-eds which were bound to get found out.

      This is also why there is reason for optimism in the 2018 and 2020 Elections. The Left not only has no leadership; they have no ideas either. Whatever their rhetoric, their only argument is that we were better off as a nation under the Clinton/Obama Eras. It's obvious that we weren't; so the Left resorts to scandal, fearmongering, and cheating in vain hope of deceiving enough people to the contrary.  

Saturday, July 14, 2018


    Recently on another forum, a young woman wrote asking for relationship advice. After writing a response explaining how gender polarity and complimentary relations worked, out of the blue came a torrent of criticism from a hysterical homosexual. Well, my opinions on that lifestyle are no secret; and after expressing them, the predictable happened. The moderator was deluged with screams of 'homophobia' (which I also claim is a myth) and of course I was banned.

    The ban itself was really not too big a deal, but the incident got me to thinking. Why would concepts like gender polarity and complimentarianism so upset the Gay Mafia? Then I realized that there are three groups who really oppose harmonious relationships:

1. The Feminists, because these beliefs contradict misandry. 

2. The Red Pills, because these beliefs contradict misogyny.

3. The Gay Mafia, both because they contradict androgyny and the whole mythology of homosexual equality.

     It's often been a mystery as to why both the Red Pills and Feminists have so many homosexuals among them. Some Red Pills like Jack Donovan and a Voice for Men are overtly so; and there's quite a number of latent ones at sites like Dalrock and Return of Kings. And, at male feminist sites like We Hunted the Mammoth and The Blue Pill Subreddit, homos are also quite well represented. Now, I think that the reason is clear.

     What the homo commenter and his jackass moderator revealed is that the Gay Mafia has a vested interest in keeping the so-called 'Gender Wars' going. In fact, if one thinks back to the 1990's, it was really Hilary Clinton---an obvious Lesbian---who used her co-presidency with her effete husband who really mainstreamed the whole 'Gender War' narrative. 

    This leads us to wonder just how much influence militant homosexuals actually have in driving these toxic cultural trends. Feminists and Red Pills are driven by envy and hatred, of course; but few realize how the envy and hatred that homosexuals feel against all those of normal sexual desires can piggyback on these sex-negative movements. Their ultimate goal, however, is different in that they don't promote gender supremacy, but gender nihilism. For that is what so-called 'gender neutrality' really is: it means annihilation of gender as a societal concept. 

      It also demonstrates that Traditional Marriage and so-called 'Gay Marriage' cannot coexist in a society without destroying the meaning of marriage altogether. No wonder Red, Blue, and Rainbow Pills form mutual alliances; they all desire to see traditional marriage destroyed. 

     It's time for another Just Say No to Drugs campaign: this time including the verbal narcotics flowing out of pop culture. 

Thursday, July 12, 2018


     The Sessions Steamroller sent up an S.O.S. today---in this case, though, referring to a new initiative, The Synthetic Opioid Surge. The success of an experimental program in Florida led to the US Department of Justice deploying the new tactics and procedures in ten areas hard-hit by the Opioid Epidemic. The only targeted area on the West Coast is in Eastern California, and that area definitely needs it. The other regions are in Appalachia, Ohio, Maine, and New Hampshire.

     The pilot program was executed in Manatee County, Florida. The FBI and DEA organized a coordinated system with local authorities. Essentially, while the latter rounded up street-level drug-dealers, the Federal authorities investigated the supply-chains and logistics of the case. Sessions reported today that six months ago, Manatee County EMT's responded to an average of 11 overdoses per day. Today, they average less than 1 per day; reflecting a 77% drop in overdoses overall. Fatalities from Narcosis dropped by 75% during the same period. 

    As a side note, the few US media outlets covering that story six months ago universally predicted that it would fail. Just as predictably, the MSM is silent as to its success. 

    Sessions spoke today at a ceremony today announcing the appointment of long-time special investigator Uttam Dhillon to DEA chief. The two believe that the new program will result in the downfall of major distribution networks. In criminology, their theory is sound. The weakness in drug trafficking---as with all criminal organizations---is security. The larger the organization grows, the more difficult it is to maintain secrecy. All ten of the districts in which S.O.S. will operate are among the worst in the country---and it's not improbable that a very few distributors are sitting at the top of the pyramid. Dhillon mentioned capturing a single suspect in the Florida program who "had enough heroin to kill tens of thousands of people." 

     We hear numbers like this from federal officials, and watch Left-Wing whackos roll their eyes cynically. But this is no exaggeration. A little over half a pound of pure heroin is quite sufficient to take out 10,000 people. Fentanyl, an even more potent Opioid, can do the same damage on a little over half an ounce. 

     In the wrong hands, these things are tantamount to biochemical weapons. Of course, drug pushers need customers, so they don't deploy these agents like a terrorist would. But Opioids are incredibly addictive and in minute amounts like these, accidents are bound to happen. 64,000 fatally, in fact, during Obama's last year in office. Narcotic overdoses are now the leading cause of death for Americans under 50. The Trump Administration has made it a priority not only to fight the drug epidemic, but to win it. This includes not only enforcement but new approaches to treatment as well.

      During the next few months it will be interesting to see what happens. But for the first time in a long time, something is actually getting done. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


   While perusing the so-called Manosphere today, we noticed a lot of arm-flapping over some article published on a Red Pill blog called Neon Revolt. This blog had an article supposedly explaining the online enigmas of our old friend, Q Anon.

     Q Anon is person (or persons) unknown who began posting on 4Chan and Twitter around last Halloween. His posts read about like textbook cases of patients free-associating during a Psychotherapy session. And it's not improbable that's actually what Q Anon's posts really are. But to Neon Revolt and other Red Pills, these incoherent ramblings contain super-secret information. According to them, Q Anon is an 'insider' exposing a powerful cabal ruling the world---an organization so powerful that it can do anything except censoring information about itself from being revealed on social networking sites.

     What has the Red Pills all excited is the supposed 'paradigm shift' that's supposed to happen when 'the storm' manifests. As Neon Revolt assures us, the Alpha Supermen who've taken the Red Pill are being groomed by Q Anon to be "the vanguard of the Great Awakening." 

                                                  Alphas Rise Up to take Control

    Vox Day, who praises Neon Revolt's article, is eagerly rubbing his hands and hoping for the downfall of the Church: "Rest assured that it is Christians who are going to have the most difficult time accepting the degree to which their understanding not only of the world, but of their own faith, is incorrect."

     Maybe that's because Christians have been taught that "False Christs and false prophets shall arise showing miracles and signs so marvelous that, if it were possible, they would deceive the very Elect." (St. Mark xiii:22) and "Beware of deceivers, for many shall come saying, 'I am Christ and the time draws near.' Do not follow them." (St. Luke xxi:8)  



        Simple, isn't it? Francis is the public pope, and is named; but the real power behind the throne is 'P'. The Rothschilds, George Soros, and the Saudi Royal Family form a Triumverate and they too are named. So we have the name of the antipope, the three organizations who are ruled by the unnamed Jesuit Black Pope. We have all of this information except the first initial of the name of the man at the top. 

       These are the kinds of straws that these anti-Christian fanatics will grasp at. What they really desire is the downfall of organized religion so that their own movements can supplant them. It doesn't look likely to succeed, any more than past attempts have. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


     One of the minor Red Pill Cult blogs, Saving Eve, concocted another blacklist for their disciples titled The Seven Signs of a Religious Charlatan. These kinds of indexes are useful for the cultists. They are designed to keep their followers from listening to others who might question too closely things that the Cult teaches. By examining such rules, however, we can understand better the tactics cults employ. Let's look at these seven points:

     1. Uses imprecise Biblical terms. 

     2. Does not quote the Scripture accurately.

     3. Uses theological jargon to answer simple questions.

     4. Uses systematic theology and catechisms to justify his positions.

      5. Quotes Bible-teachers and theologians instead of Scriptures.

       6. Ignores the context.

       7. Talks about the value of 'theological training' over knowing the Scriptures. 

      Notice that there is an admixture here purposely designed to be misleading. For example, #7 would be an obvious red-flag; even though I don't think that any reputable religious teacher outside of some of the Rainbow-Church Cults ever do this. Numbers 1, 2, 6 are usually less signs of dishonesty than they are of lack of education. Of course, the Cultists do these things all the time themselves: but by accusing others of doing it, they divert attention away from their own falsehoods. 

     #3 is unclear; it could apply to many situations. There are often theological concepts which require theological 'jargon' to define them. Think of explaining a concept like 'Divine Providence' in non-theological terms for example.

     Numbers 4 and 5 are where we see the Cultist exposed. These define the teachers of nearly any organized Christian denomination. 

      What these Cultists are doing here is engaging in a propaganda tactic called by some cognitive distortion; a type of what Logicians refer to as 'Association Fallacies.' The idea in such a list is to get consensus on a self-evident point, add some points that are subjective but plausible; and connect them with such associations to the targeted group. Thus a superficial reader will assume that if one or more points on this list define a religious charlatan; then all points listed must define them. Cultists and other propagandists depend on their readers and hearers jumping to such conclusions. 

      The author gives an example with his 4th point, which gives the game away. He says: "Religious charlatans utilize the Coherence Theory of truth (do the ideas logically fit together?) rather than the Correspondence Theory of truth (does the idea accurately describe what I can observe?) Systematic theologies and catechisms are the most effective way to make blatant errors acceptable." 

     What the Red Pill way of determining spiritual truth is saying: There is no such thing as faith; belief is predicated upon our subjective observations. Subjective Perception, therefore, is the criterion of truth and not the Holy Spirit. This why the Red Pill Cultists believe that pseudosciences like Evolutionary Psychology and Game are great revelations of Absolute Truth suppressed by International Jewry, Cuckservatives, Churchians, Social Justice Warriors, etc. This is also why their theology is typically Unitarian and is based upon Gnostic systems of personal insights and secret revelations.

      The fact that Systematic Theology has existed throughout most of mankind's entire history and forms the basis of all major world religions means nothing to the Red Pills. They know better; because they've taken the Red Pill and escaped the falsehoods of things like the Christian Church. So were the Sethians, the Marcionites, Basilideans and numerous other cults who've sunk into well-deserved oblivion. The Red Pill is nothing new. 

      In Christianity, Systematic Theology relies upon confirming Christian truths to the extent that Human Reason can. Beyond the point of reason lie Incomprehensible Truths which must be understood only by Faith. In praising the Saving Eve article, Vox Day pontificated that "the teaching of Divine Omniscience completely and necessarily rules out the Divinity of Jesus Christ." And as evidence of this, he cherry-picks Scripture wherein Christ said: "But of that day and hour nobody knows, not even the angels in Heaven, but the Father alone." (St. Matt. xxiv:36). Which he thinks means that Christ was saying that He did not know. What Christ obviously meant though was that the 'day and hour' was known only in Heaven and not to be revealed on Earth; and the fact that the angels did not know was because they. in their Faith believed that God's Will would be fulfilled and that was sufficient. Christ is saying that our Faith in God's Providence should be like the angels; i.e. continue doing what is pleasing to God without regard to what may happen tomorrow.

      Vox bragged that such an argument would tie theologians in knots, but the Sunday-School teachers at whom he sneers could explain it in a paragraph, as we just did. Most of these characters would do a lot better if they spent more time in Sunday Schools and reading Catechisms themselves.