Sunday, May 28, 2017


     Occasionally, there are stories that restore one's faith in humanity. Many negative things have happened in Portland, Oregon recently. The knife attack on the PDX made global headlines and, at last report, the FBI has gotten involved. Certainly, there will be some updates forthcoming.

      The BBC reported today that the citizens of Portland have come together this Memorial Day weekend to honor the three men who defended two girls against violent Red Pill thug Jeremy Christian. Two of the men died and a third remains in the hospital. Christian pulled a knife on the three and cut their throats before briefly escaping and leading the police on a pursuit.

      The citizens of Portland have already raised $600,000 at various community events for the families of the three victims.

       Ricky Best, 54 years old, was married with three sons and a 12 year-old daughter. Best served in the US Army from 1987-2012, including tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Best was a military equipment technician, and after his retirement, worked for the City of Portland in the Bureau of Development Services (the agency responsible for issuing building permits and enforcing codes). In 2014, he ran unsuccessfully for Clackamas County Commissioner. Best was killed at the scene of the attack.

       Talesin Meche, 23 years old, was a recent graduate of Reed College with a degree in Economics. He worked as intern at the Cadmus Group, a consulting firm. Meche was very popular and the subject of several memorials. He was a large, muscular fellow with a heavy beard, and friends stated to the press that Meche's heroism was not at all out of character for him. He was taken to the hospital after the attack, but died en route.

       Micah Fletcher, 21 years old, is the lone survivor of the attack, though the extent of his injuries are unknown. In spite of his age, Fletcher is already a published and award-winning poet. Fletcher attends Portland State University and works part-time at local pizza parlor. Fletcher is a small, sensitive-looking man, but his acquaintances say that he was known to be fearless in the defense of others.

       Three very different men, but real men nonetheless. Unlike the endless exhortations to be manly Alpha leaders (like Jeremiah Christian); no one had to tell Best, Meche, or Fletcher how to be men: they simply were. Good men doing good things, that is what we advocate. Sometimes doing the right thing ends like this, but men we understand that doing nothing is worse.

       Some of the Red Pills have suggested that these three were virtue-signaling busybodies who didn't realize the consequences of their actions. Anybody who's spent much time in Portland and seen the types of violent psychos wandering the city streets knows this to be a lie. Confronting one of these nuts could and often does carry the potential of violent results.

        And Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer, whom we referenced yesterday, denounced the three heroes as "Dead White Knights for Islam." He claims that Christian was the real hero who only acted in self-defense and was guilty of nothing more than "disturbing the peace."

      It's refreshing though to see this in Portland. It's proof that civilization isn't dead, even there.




      The Corporate Media didn't bother reporting this story, but on Friday, the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces issued a landmark ruling, freeing a wrongly-imprisoned US serviceman and chastising Obama Administration officials. Airman Rodney Boyce, sentenced in 2014 to four years' imprisonment on a false sexual battery charge, saw the conviction overturned in the military's highest court.

        In 2013, Boyce was accused of rape and assault of his ex-wife, who had filed no charges against him. The case came to the attention of investigators via third parties who pressured the woman into filing a complaint. As most of us are aware, the Obama Administration was aggressively stamping out any remaining vestiges of male heterosexual behavior in the Military, and cases of this kind were encouraged.

      The important thing about this ruling is that the Court recognized the political extortion behind Boyce's conviction in its decision. According to the Court, Boyce's case "had been compromised by apparent unlawful command influence." This is a very rare grounds for dismissal in the Military Courts, and may signal a significant shift in how these cases are handled.

       The Court stated that USAF Lt. General Craig Franklin, Boyce's commander, had been told by Obama's Air Force Secretary Deborah James and USAF Chief-of-Staff General Mark Welsh to "retire or be fired" because of his perceived leniency in pursuing sexual assault allegations.

      "If the Secretary had come to believe that Lt. General Franklin was 'obstinately' refusing to refer 'another' meritorious case to a General Court-Martial, she could have removed him immediately from his command, which likely would have created adverse public attention and post-military career opportunities." the Court said, "James and Welsh failed to take the necessary prophylactic steps to ensure that Franklin's handling of subsequent sexual assault cases did not lead to the appearance of a conflict of interest. After losing confidence in him, James and Welsh failed to direct Franklin not to take any further action in regards to Court-Martial matters pending before him; or to refer them to another authority, as they should have done."

      The Military Tribunal was saying---in the most diplomatic language possible---that it appeared that General Franklin was being extorted into getting sexual assault cases railroaded through the system. Franklin actually did resign shortly after referring Boyce's case for prosecution; his conscience apparently suffering under the strain. The thug Welsh resigned in 2016 after a 40-year career of such injustices.

       Boyce's exoneration opens legal channels now for other servicemen wrongfully convicted on politically-motivated grounds. Better still, it will lead hopefully to an internal investigation of Pentagon political corruption which has both wrongly convicted the innocent and covered up for the guilty. This type of extortion was apparently not uncommon during the Obama Administration. Attorney-General Jeff Sessions has been probing similar allegations in the Justice Department.

        Not a bad start to the Memorial Day weekend, eh?

Saturday, May 27, 2017


     After a week of celebrating mass-murderers Anders Breivik and Eliot Roger, the Red Pill Cult seem to have inspired another multiple homicide in Oregon. Jeremy Christian, a thug with a lengthy and violent criminal record, killed two people on the Portland PDX and injured a third.

     Like many other Manosphere 'heroes', Christian was terrorizing a pair of young Moslem women when three real men intervened. Christian pulled a knife and cut the throats of two of the men and stabbing the other. The suspect is a notorious local White Supremacist and has attended rallies of such types headed by Joey Gibson (bosom-buddy of Red Pills Nathan Damigo and Kyle 'Based Stickman' Chapman) and Red Pill Jack Donovan.

     Red Pill leader Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer justified the murder saying of the victims, "Maybe they should have minded their own business, huh? The type of person who would white-knight for a haji woman is probably the worst type of person of all."

     Yeah, like the thousands of Syrian men who've died defending their women from Jihadi thugs, we suppose. Anglin goes on to lament:

      "We are being slaughtered by these people and it's surprising that this kind of thing doesn't happen more often."

      Readers are free to add contradictory research, but so far we've failed to find one case of a Jihadi attack on American soil carried out by teenaged Moslem girls. Most American Jihadis are young men radicalized in the American Public School system---not unlike the average Red Pill.

      Note though the innuendo in Anglin's phrasing: he's again baiting his disciples to emulate Christian's example. Like some Feminist complaining "Where have the real men gone," Anglin is trolling for 'heroes' to step up to the plate. For emphasis he adds: "No time in history have we ever seen a situation like we have now: a situation where we are told that we have to be kind to an invading army that is slaughtering us in the streets!"

      More accurately, it would the first time in history that an "invading army" have arrived with Immigrant and Refugee Visas and fought a war mostly by starting small businesses and ethnic community centers. And as far as slaughtering us in the streets let us gain some perspective here. According to FBI statistics, 0.03% of US homicides are committed by Jihadi terrorists. And as of last year, more Americans died of narcotic overdoses than by homicide.

        So who's slaughtering who in the streets? One of Anglin's disciples just killed two in Portland. So far, readers of his site have been tied to 13 murders.

        Despite his surname, Jeremy Christian shares the Red Pill contempt for traditional religion. He recently posted: "I hate Monotheists who are destroying the world over their interpretation of some Semitic fake Christians preach hate."

        And here are a few specimens of the Red Pill Cult's moral code, commenting on the murders:

Steelpalm: "Excellent. Maybe more of these SJW do-gooders will think twice before throwing in their lot with the Moslems. I love how the descriptor 'racist' is the most damaging thing they can write about the guy."

Pugkommander: "About the idiot men who 'defended' the women: did you expect a sex reward? You got rewarded with the grave. For very White Knight, there will be a White Trooper."

Dax: "Two collaborators down and one injured: what's not to like?"

Anonymous: "Jeremy Joseph Christian, an anti-Mudslime, killed two cucks and injured another for trying to stifle his free speech."

Oreg: "Free Speech activist attacked by multiple assailants and defends himself---and is arrested? Jeremy Christian is a hero. If only we had 10,000 more just like him."

     If we Conservatives don't want scum like these running our cause, we need to start seeing a few of our leaders speaking out.    

Friday, May 26, 2017


    Eric Clanton, Professor of Philosophy at Diablo Valley College, was arrested in Oakland this morning and is being held on $200,000 bond for a series of attacks carried out during the Berkeley riots last April. According to police sources, Professor Clanton is charged with three counts of Assault with a Deadly Weapon and one count of Assault with Injury.

     Clanton was seen on video and social media as a masked Antifa thug wielding a home-made sap and hitting Trump supporters during the riot. The police say that Clanton was behind "several violent attacks" that left three people injured.

     If there ever was a poster-boy for draining the swamp that is American Academia, Professor Eric Clanton is him. Diablo Valley College takes tuition at $1200 a head (in-state) and rakes in millions in taxpayer largesse so that Anarchist thugs like Clanton can teach "Ethics, Critical Thinking, and Comparative Philosophy" and generate new radicals like himself.

       As for Diablo Valley College itself; Californians may well remember another scandal in which this institution of higher learning was involved. In 2007, the school was nearly shut down after 84 people there were arrested in connection with a grade-fixing scandal. Personnel inside the Admissions Office were caught altering transcripts in exchange for cash and sex. However, in spite of over 400 known false transcripts produced during a six-year period and 49 students and bureaucrats sent to jail, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges ruled that none of this was a sufficient level of corruption to cause DVC to lose accreditation.

      The question that should be being asked is: what purpose does an institution like DVC actually serve? Aside from a former congressman who graduated in the 1960s, DVC hasn't produced any alumni of any distinction in a field outside sports or celebrity venues.

      What we really need in the United States is a system for colleges and universities like the base-closure system in the military. There are a number of schools---like Diablo Valley College---that ought to be closed down for no other reason than that they are waste of taxpayer resources. The money wasted on a cesspool like this could be applied to much more deserving causes---and California has plenty such causes right now.

       As for Clanton himself, he is a product of UC-Bakersfield and San Francisco State: two other 'schools' that we might be better off without. Some Conservative activists claim that Clanton was also present during a 2016 Sacramento riot where seven people were stabbed.

         There's no hope for Making America Great Again without an educated public; and that will be impossible with scum like Clanton educating them. We need collectively to reform this system before it's too late.


Thursday, May 25, 2017


    So polls are closing in a Montana Special Election to replace Ryan Zinke, who became US Secretary of the Interior in March. The Corporate Media is supporting the Democrat, of course: an aging hippie named Rob Quist who recently did a photo-op with Senator Sanders. The Media has been framing this election as 'a referendum on Trump'; but the election is actually rather meaningless in the overall scheme of things. Montana voters typically vote the man rather than the party.

     Also, the Republican candidate is Greg Gianforte, a RINO who was a 'Never-Trumper' in 2016, but has picked up a few of Trump's memes and sound-bites to repackage himself. About the only thing this election really means for 2018 is which party will lose the seat that year.

     But things turned interesting yesterday when Gianforte lost it in front of the press and beat a reporter from the British press, one Ben Jacobs of The Guardian. Alicia Acuna, of Fox News witnessed the outburst and stated that Gianforte began screaming at Jacobs, took him by the neck, threw him to the ground; punching and kicking as well. Shamefully, Jacobs did nothing to defend himself (the British Press just isn't what it used to be).

     Gianforte claims that the incident was blown out of proportion; and that he was being set up by the Liberal Media---although Alicia Acuna is hardly a Liberal and the Gallatin County Sheriff, who donated to Gianforte's campaign, saw enough evidence to file assault charges. The altercation probably won't change the outcome of the election, since Montana has early voting and about 70% of votes were cast before this happened. Quist has always trailed in the polls by significant margins.

       The whole affair speaks very ill of Gianforte's character, especially his attitude towards a free press. It is one thing for President Trump to choose alternative means of informing the public and physically attacking or intimidating reporters. Trump's way still respects  Freedom of the Press, Gianforte's does not. In fact, Gianforte has had a history of this kind of hostility. In withdrawing its endorsement of Gianforte, The Helena Independent Record noted:

       "In the past he has encouraged his supporters to boycott certain newspapers, singled out a certain reporter in a room to intimidate him, and even made a joke about choking a news writer. These are not things that we can continue to brush off."

       Our Founding Fathers had issues with the Media in their own day, but President Thomas Jefferson once famously said that "newspapers without government are preferable to a government without newspapers." We don't want to live in any kind of society where the press fears the government. The problem with our Corporate Media in recent years has been its servility to the Deep State, not its fear of challenging it. Thus we can't criticize Trump for identifying the press as part of the problem; Trump's issue with the Media is that it lacks freedom and objectivity.

       But as to Gianforte, The Billings Gazette said it best: "We hope that this incident will cause us all to look in the mirror and take a few deep breaths. This incident is not Montana. It is not America. It's not who we are and attacking---literally---those with whom we disagree cannot be justified nor explained away."

       Exactly. But the Republican Party has a bigger problem of its own with kooks on its fringes who are applauding Gianforte. Vox Day, for example, praised the beating and denounced Republicans who criticized it as Cuckservatives.

      "We're not Conservatives. We're not Republicans," Vox said truthfully for a change, "We are the Alt-Right and both the Left and the Cucks are terrified of us, because unlike the Cucks and Cons, we are trash that not only punches back, but punches back twice as hard."

      Trash Culture defines Greg Gianforte and Vox Day perfectly. What a future the Far Right and the Radical Left offer: the privilege of being kicked with the left or right jackboot while pretending that getting to choose makes us free.

       Conservatives are not weak because they don't beat up opponents. That's for our enemies to do. Take a lesson from Trump and just say 'no' to the Corporate Media. Who looks stronger? Trump, who doesn't fear standing up to the Media, or Gianforte, who jumps on a guy half his size and beats him while he's down? If people can't see the difference, we've lost our way as a culture for certain.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


    President Trump and his family arrived in the Vatican today for some much-needed spiritual refreshment after a week in the sewers of Riyadh and Tel Aviv. Melania again shone, wowing the European Press. The First Lady was truly in her element here---as a daughter of Europe she related to the public well. Pope Francis was so charmed that he had the Vatican chefs prepare a traditional dinner from Melania's native Slovenia and presented her with a specially-blessed Rosary. Melania also made a pilgrimage to the Vatican's most famous children's hospital.

     The meeting between President and Pope went well. Francis released a press communique afterwards stating that the Pope felt "satisfied that good, bilateral relations exist between the Holy See and the United States of America; and that we have a joint commitment in favor of life, and freedom of worship and conscience." The exact nature of the discussions were not revealed, but in an especially poignant moment, the President shook hands with Francis while departing and was overheard saying, "Thank you, and thank you again. I shall never forget what you said."

      It was really a picture of how many of us have longed to see the White House again. But then the Reality struck. The fake Conservatives and Red Pill Cultists on the Alt-Right showed their true colors again; and were as busy as termites undermining the values for which the Holy See and America stand.

      First, there was this.  Red Pill Cultist Vox Day writing paeans of praise to Anders Breivik; and inciting (from the safety of his villa in Italy) his disciples to commit violence on American streets in a similar fashion. Then there was this. The day before Trump's meeting and the day after the Manchester bombing, the Red Pill Cults commemorated the anniversary of the Isla Vista Mass Murders; blasphemously calling Elliot Roger a saint and a martyr.

      The commenters had some salient remarks about the Manchester Bombing. These are typical of the sentiments of the fringe-Right whom Conservative and Christian leaders prefer to deny exist.

      The Red Pill blog The Daily Stormer had a headline lamenting "Trump Meets the Evil Pope Queer." Catholic-hating radio host John B. Wells repeated slanders against the Church in general; accusing them of idolatry and inability to assimilate into American Culture.

      Our enemies are not all on the Left. One real Conservative Christian leader knows this and addressed this subject last week at a graduation ceremony for prospective priests at St. Charles Borremeo Seminary. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito told seminarians:

      "What should we then do? My faith gives me an answer. It would be terrible to think that life has no meaning, that we are going nowhere, and that what we do until we die is a matter of indifference. That is what tortures so many today.

       "Faith is instilled by the family, and there is nothing more important to us than families. Religious freedom is one of the most fundamental rights in the United States. Our Founding Fathers saw a vital connection between faith and the character needed for republican self-government. What the Founders understood more than 200 years ago is just as true today; though there is much cause for concern at the present time."

      The Neo-Pagan, New-Age cultish Alt-Right denies faith, family, and freedom and makes heroes out of common street-thugs and mass-killers. Justice Alito is right: without the values that the Far Right seeks to destroy, we become no better than a Leftist, atheistic society without any meaning other than destruction for its own sake.



Tuesday, May 23, 2017


     Rex Tillerson and H.R. McMaster---the duo responsible for flooding both the Boy Scouts and US Military with homos---are feathering the nests of the terrorist Bahraini regime with taxpayer dollars. In March, Rainbow Rex waived an arms embargo and released billions of military hardware to the regime. Today, the Pentagon announced a $90 million upgrade to the US Naval base on the island, awarded to shady defense contractor Kellogg, Brown, and Root.

      Bahrain is an oil-rich island in the Persian Gulf which was once an exotic tourist destination. The country gained its independence about the time the US did, in the 1770s. It's been ruled by the Al-Khalifa Dynasty ever since. The Al-Khalifa are Sunni Moslems and the majority of Bahrainis are Shiites, but the two co-existed peacefully until the Bush Junior Administration established a major naval base there. Under Saudi, Emirati, and Qatari pressure, the Al-Khalifa came to embrace the radical Wahhabi Cult. The Wahhabis regard Shiites as heretics and Bahrain's human-rights record went from one of the better Middle Eastern states to one of the world's worst in a very short period of time.

       During the Arab Spring, Bahraini Shiites began demanding reform, and Hillary Clinton responded by turning her back as the Al-Khalifa imported Wahhabi mercenaries to butcher the opposition. The situation has gone from bad to worse since 2011; and by 2016 had gotten so bad that the Obama Administration was forced to put a temporary weapons embargo on Bahrain. DNC polls actually showed that Clinton was losing Moslem votes because of her support for the Al-Khalifa Regime.

       That was the embargo that Tillerson recently lifted, and the grateful Bahraini government responded by putting the city of Diraz under martial law. They dispersed Shiites holding a vigil with riot shotguns and armored vehicles, killing at least one person and critically wounding several others. Troops have laid siege to the home of Ayatollah Qassem, Bahrain's top Shiite cleric.

      The sad part of this story is that the Bahraini people actually welcomed Trump's election. Despite their naturally affinity to Iran, the Bahrainis are not inherently anti-American. They saw Trump's victory as a potential change from the treacherous Obama Administration and looked to America with hope of liberation. Trump's victory emboldened the Shiite Opposition which has led indirectly to the current crackdown. Thanks to Trump's Neocon advisors, the Bahrainis' hopes were dashed.

      The Al-Khalifa Regime---which represents profit to oil barons like Tillerson---supports ISIS and other militants. Their rule is just about as brutal as any other Wahhabi-run area. Like other Wahhabi governments they traffic in white slavery, narcotics, and other criminal enterprises.

       This is not the kind of policy we elected Trump to perform. Trump needs to abandon these evil advisors and conduct foreign policy as he does on domestic issues---doing what he thinks is right.