Friday, January 20, 2017


    Anti-Democracy protesters in Seattle tonight converged on the University of Washington. Donning masks and hoods, and waving signs with slogans like Hate Harms Everyone and Stand Up Against Fascism; the crowd fought with police, threw bricks and bottles, set off explosives and started a few fires before critically shooting someone in the abdomen.

    The rioters were reacting to a speech being given in Kane Hall by Trump-supporting media figure, Milo Yiannopolous.

    Jessie Gamble, who is the leader of the UW College Republicans, arranged for the speech. Earlier this year, tolerant Seattle Leftists made her the target of a harassment campaign. Ironic, since Yiannopolous was banned from Twitter for alleged harassment. Almost as ironic: this was the second time since November that people have been shot at anti-Trump rallies in Seattle. The UW is of course a gun-free zone in a city that has banned gun shows, classified advertising for firearms, and driven all the gun stores out of town. There has been a massive campaign all month to ban Yiannopolous from speaking.

    Seattle is well-known nationally for its violent riots and its political intolerance. It's an especially nasty example of the fruits of Leftist governance: the national leader in drug-addiction, homosexual population, and attempted suicides; one of the highest crime-rates on the West Coast, and one of the highest per capita cities of welfare recipients, homelessness, and poverty. 

     Yiannopolous wasn't hurt during the fracas, and finished his speech, although police locked down Kane Hall and prevented people from leaving until the Anarchists could be brought under some sort of control. The shooting victim was taken to Harborview Medical Center after police cleared protesters blocking the ambulance's path. Some others were also reportedly injured from bricks and other projectiles.

Intelligent-looking Seattle Leftists off to Protest Milo




    Inauguration Day, like Christmas, has come and gone. It's time for men and women of goodwill to spend a relaxing weekend curled up in front of a warm fireplace together, catching a good movie. Besides, those not of goodwill are making the streets unsafe,  in tolerant Liberal urban areas.

     So while the Leftist protesters are busy getting dragged off to jail tonight, we can enjoy a fun feature film---incidentally starred in by a Trump supporter---from 1978, titled Good Guys Wear Black; starring the legendary Chuck Norris.

     Good Guys Wear Black is a fitting choice. Filmed shortly after Watergate and the Vietnam War, it's the original 'Drain the Swamp' film. (No spoilers, but it even ends in a swamp). This is actually one of Norris' best films. There's plenty of Norris-type action involved, but the storyline is very well-developed. In many ways, it somewhat echoes back to some of the suspense-thrillers of the 1950s.

     Norris plays Major John T. Booker, commander of the Black Tigers, a special-ops unit in Vietnam. At the end of the war, his CIA officer and the US ambassador arrange for a mission to liberate American POWs from camp. The mission goes wrong, and Booker escapes with only a half-dozen survivors of his team.

     A few years later, Booker is back in civilian life when he is approached by a mysterious and beautiful reporter, Margaret (played by Anne Archer), who knows all about the botched mission although it was classified top-secret. Booker contacts his old CIA boss Murray Saunders (played by Lloyd Haines) who discovers that details of the mission have been officially scrubbed from the records; and that he, Booker, and the rest of the team are on a covert hit-list. Two have already been murdered; and this somehow coincides with the Senate hearings on the ambassador---who ordered the mission---being appointed Secretary of State. Booker and Margaret must race against the clock to save the remaining veterans and get to the ambassador before these unknown forces carry out their unknown designs. They soon find a web of political intrigue connected with the failed mission.

     But who was behind it and why? The answer may surprise you.

     Like John Wayne in the WW2 generation, Chuck Norris became something of a cultural icon representing American values to the Vietnam and post-Vietnam era generations. Though not his first film, Good Guys Wear Black was the feature that really elevated Norris to that status. The underlying message of the film counters the postmodernist maxim that the personal is political and emphasizes that 'good guys' stand for right against wrong regardless of political consequences. There's even a scene in the film where Booker and a politician have a fairly profound debate (with no fisticuffs) about political expediency vs. moral choice. Filmed as it was during another politically-charged era, Good Guys Wear Black comes across as a very relevant story.

     Sit back with some popcorn and a significant other tonight and ignore the Anarchists while watching an American hero cleaning house on the enemies of freedom. What could be a better way to spend the weekend?

     Good Guys Wear Black is probably best obtained on DVD, though occasionally available on the free sites.



Thursday, January 19, 2017


    The World Economic Forum has been going on this week in Davos, Switzerland. The US had very little presence there due to the transition in Administrations. Obama---who was humiliated by China at the G-20, ASEAN, and APEC meetings declined to attend this year and sent the hapless Joe Biden in his place.

    Like Obama at the previous conferences, Biden too was essentially snubbed by the over 3,000 international dignitaries in attendance. As if to put the final exclamation point on Obama's failed foreign policy, Chinese President Xi Jinping emerged as the clear world economic leader at the WEF.

    President Xi gave the keynote address at Davos, stressing the successes of China's New Silk Road Initiative, and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Most importantly for  the incoming American Administration, Xi encouraged Trump not to replicate Obama's blunders and instead seek a path of cooperation with China.

    "China will always keep the door open to trade," Xi stressed, "There will be no winners in a trade war. There is no point in blaming economic globalization for the world's problems. The root causes of the sluggish global economy stem from a lack of initiative, poor management, and uneven rates of development."

     Xi announced that during the coming 5 years, China expects to import a massive $8 trillion in goods; attract $600 billion in new investments in China; and garner $750 billion in foreign investment.

      The future of US-Sino relations is an open question at this point. Trump has appointed a very capable ambassador to China, but much of his rhetoric on China has raised concerns of a trade war. It is to be hoped that Trump will not take a hardline policy with China---that approach completely failed for Obama. The trap that Trump needs to avoid is falling for the Neocon illusion that Obama failed because he wasn't tough enough with China.

     Trump should take the same position with China that he's taken with Russia. Xi Jinping, like Trump, is basically a businessman and negotiator by nature. By the standards of recent Chinese leaders, Xi is something of a moderate who prefers diplomacy and trade to conflict. It could very well be, as some have speculated, that what we're really hearing from Trump is The Art of the Deal. His rhetoric is calculated to bring China to the negotiating table and trade concessions in the mutual interest of both countries. This would be the wisest approach. America actually stands to gain more from a reconciliation with China than with Russia.

      The basic problem with a trade war with China is that Protectionist policies do not build native industry---they only work when there's something to protect. China could, paradoxically, help revive American industry and infrastructure if we were cooperating more closely economically.

     This is another area where Trump can really demonstrate his leadership abilities: not as adversary with China, but a US-China Economic Partnership would be the greatest business deal of his life. The reason that China is dominating these recent economic conferences is because China comes to the table ready to make deals while America's under Bush/Clinton/ Obama has been coming to the table to dictate terms.

     Almost as if to underscore symbolically the new global paradigm: on the same day that Obama was boasting that his greatest legacy was so-called 'marriage equality'; Chinese First Lady Peng Liyuan was awarded by the World Health Organization for her humanitarian efforts in fighting HIV/AIDS. China solves problems; recent US Administrations exacerbate them.

     Time will determine what Trump's China Policy will be; but we have eight years of examples of what does not work. A fresh approach in this direction would be a welcome change.


Wednesday, January 18, 2017


    As we've been predicting, the hours leading up to the Inauguration would see a spike in strange and violent incidents involving anti-Government extremists. This trend will continue at least through the weekend. The incoming Administration is going to have vividly displayed the urgent national need for curtailing drug proliferation and for expanding mental healthcare programs.

     An example today happened in front of the DC branch of Trump Tower, when an unidentified Anarchist went berserk and immolated himself on the front steps. First responders---who are numerous around Trump Towers these days---quickly put out the fire and the man was taken to the hospital and treated for burns.

    A US media outlet---appropriately named The Blaze---covered the story with several eyewitness accounts. They quote an NBC reporter on the scene who spoke briefly with the man as he was loaded into an ambulance. When asked to explain his action, he screamed: "Because we have a dictator who has been elected! I was trying to light myself on fire as an act of protest! An act of protest! Protesting the fact that we have elected somebody who is incapable of respecting the Constitution of the United States!"

    The Blaze also cites a British reporter on the scene who stated that the man was shouting Trump's name as he was engulfed in flames.

     I wonder where he would have gotten ideas like these? It all sounds suspiciously similar the hysterical media rants coming out of various celebrities and being fanned by the Corporate Media. It goes back again to what Pope Francis recently said about journalistic responsibility and the tongue as a weapon. There are elements in our society who, fed on a steady diet of that kind of rhetoric, will respond in violent ways.

     This isn't even the first time some Anarchist crackpot has attempted suicide as a form of protest. Barely two weeks after the election, another one in Akron lost it and burned himself alive with gasoline in a park in front of innocent children.

     There is no way to stop crazies from acting out; but we can lessen their presence by calling for and advocating media responsibility. The Far Left and the Far Right have both been guilty of baiting these types of people with irresponsible rhetoric. That's exactly the kind of thing that Pope Francis was referring to. Our words are always, in a way, a form of advocacy. We have to understand that some people are more susceptible to influence of words than others.


   All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, California has eliminated speaking the President's name in upcoming prayer services. In many traditional churches, it is customary to pray for national leaders by name; but the Reverend Mike Kinman has decided that publically breathing the word 'Trump' might traumatize his flock.

    "There are indeed people in our congregation for whom the anticipation of praying for Donald Trump by name in a worship service is legitimately triggering trauma and compromising the safety of the worship space." Pastor Kinman wrote, "I am speaking of the clinical definition of trauma; and not just 'I don't like it' or 'It's really hard for me.'"

    Pasadena is only a few miles from Hollywood; one would think that Pastor Kinman might address something like, say, the number of celebrities who've been forced out of attending Trump's Inauguration because of death threats and such. But actually, according to the church's website, next Sunday's sermon is titled "The Call to Sacred Resistance." Prior to the sermon, the church announces: "At 10:15 AM, we will offer the first in a series of Intersectional Resistance Forums focused this week on Reproductive Justice. Join us for a conversation with Planned Parenthood's Sheri Bonner and Susan Russell."

     So praying for the President in a church is emotionally traumatizing to these people, but supporting the murder of babies for profit, is not.

     American Christianity is in sad shape if this is what passes for Christian leadership. During the last few years we've read about Syrian Christians having churches burned down over their heads; mass graves of Iraqi Christians whose organs had been harvested; Libyan and Yemeni Christians put in corrals and massacred; terrorist attacks on Christians in Egypt and Ethiopia. Maybe Pastor Kinman would do more good preaching about these things---since his congregation is in obvious need of exhortation to Christian fortitude and courage.

      But, sadly, that is unlikely to happen. All Saints Church, though, does list a number of causes its parishioners can take up: among them are 'The Affordable Care Act', 'Climate Change', 'Gun Violence Prevention', and 'Marriage Equality.'

     It's also somewhat sad to reflect that All Saints Church hasn't always been like this. The building is a lovely Gothic Cathedral built in 1924. The Church was formerly a real community leader in Pasadena---now it's become a symbol of Postmodernist degeneracy.

     Pastor Mike Kinman himself is a recent arrival to Pasadena, taking over at All Saints last year. He was for seven years previously the pastor of Christ Church Cathedral in St. Louis. There, according to his official biography, he had "a particular interest in the Cathedral's role in dismantling systemic misogyny and homophobia and promoting racial and economic reconciliation in St. Louis---and with Christ Church Cathedral was active in the new civil rights movement that was ignited in 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri."

    So there is Rev. Kinman's idea of Christian values in action: the Anarchist reign of terror in Ferguson. In light of this, his argument that mention of Trump in church could trigger people and 'threaten the safety of the worship space' makes sense. The mention of Trump's name in audience like that would be like waving a red flag in front of a bull.

    But it's not exactly a Christian approach. For all his Ivy-League degrees in Theology, Pastor Kinman and his congregation would be better served by going back and reading the New Testament.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


    In Portland, Oregon---one of America's most effete and 'Progressive' cities---people are literally freezing to death in the streets. The compassionate Left, who are always ready to collect money for the downtrodden without ever actually doing anything to help them, is blaming everybody but themselves for the crisis.

    In fact, quite a lot of money is available to hire people to protest Trump over issues like these. Instead of providing humanitarian aid to Portland's suffering 'poor', groups like San Francisco's Demand Protest is running ads in 20 major cities hiring people at up to $2500 per month to foment headline-grabbing photo-ops at anti-Trump rallies. Not bad pay, actually. At least Portland anti-Trump activists can afford to watch news coverage of themselves on the big-screen TVs in Hookah lounges after a hard day's work complaining about Republicans' lack of commitment to Social Justice.

    Demand Protest itself seems to be a rather shady organization that has either recently changed its name or come out from the shadows. It is not listed, for example, as a registered California company and its domain name was registered within a month after the election (though it boasts a proven track-record). The company's website makes a point of confidentiality and secrecy---not unrealistic given the number of exposures of such organizations during the recent elections.

     What is interesting to note, though, is while the situation in Portland is worsening for displaced persons, poorer countries in harsher climates have actually shown that emergencies like these can be dealt with. Last August, Typhoon Lionrock struck the Northeastern coast of North Korea, displacing thousands of families and killing hundreds. It was the worst storm recorded since North Korea became independent in 1945. And, as anyone familiar with the Korean War knows, winters in North Korea are notoriously bad.

      The North Korean government, though, mobilized its slender resources and in a phenomenal feat of its own, reconstructed shelters for nearly 12,000 families by November's end. Contrast this to Obama's 2010 boast that his Administration would end homelessness in America, while homeless people die on the streets of Portland---a city that voted 75% for Hilary Clinton and has been the national epicenter of anti-Election riots. According even to CBS News, homelessness rates have gone up 39% in the US since 2010.

      American Liberals should feel ashamed that North Korea is actually doing a better job of providing housing for the displaced than Portland, Oregon. Even more shameful is the fact that these same Liberals are constantly bashing Russia---which has given North Korea over a billion tons of fuel oil to keep the typhoon victims from freezing. The compassionate Democrats in the Obama Administration, meanwhile, reacted to the North Korean disaster by imposing tougher sanctions on the country and spending billions to deploy additional military resources to the Korean Peninsula.

     But American Leftists are---and always have been---about nothing but power and control. They have proven over and over again that they could care less about the poor and see the impoverished only as means to ends in their drive for power.


Monday, January 16, 2017


    The Manosphere's Red Pill Cult, many of whom work hand-in-glove with the Far Left to foment racial hatred have come up with an 'alternative' holiday to MLK Day. The new meme is to honor Confederate General Robert E. Lee instead. Blogger Vox Day, an expat living in Italy, apparently came up with the idea. He writes as follows at Vox Populi:

    "This would actually make a potentially effective meme next year. Instead of celebrating the sacred martyr of an alien tribe, celebrate a true American and a hero of Virginia and of the South."

    There are three things that Vox seems to have overlooked here. First is that the alien tribe didn't immigrate to the United States of its own free will. Secondly, General Lee actually fought for a system that kept Blacks here, whether they wanted to stay or not. Third, it's difficult to comprehend how a man who led a rebellion against the US Government qualifies as a true American.

     Martin Luther King, in contrast, was a Christian minister who advocated civil rights through peaceful means. His entire message essentially was that the Constitution not be overthrown, but enforced. Blacks, he claimed, should demand that their rights as Americans be respected; and that discrimination was de facto, illegal. Which the Supreme Court agreed with in several cases heard during the middle 20th Century.

     Robert E. Lee, a son of the privileged Southern Aristocracy, lifted up his hand against the Constitution and joined the Secessionists who---much like the Whacko Left today---refused to recognize the legitimacy of the 1860 Election. The Confederate leaders were the 'not-my-president' types of their day. They adopted numerous illegal means to subvert the government, including setting up rump-state legislatures in Border States where they couldn't obtain Secessionist support. The most notable example was Texas: where a real American hero, Sam Houston was governor and stood firm for the Union. Houston was ousted from office by a sham convention, which demanded he take an oath to the Confederacy. Houston said:

    "Let me tell you what is coming. After the sacrifice of countless millions of treasure and hundreds of thousands of lives, you may win Southern Independence if God be not against you, but I doubt it."

Sam Houston, Patriot
      And just as Leftists today do; the Secessionists harassed Houston with everything including death-threats; and he died in virtual obscurity in 1863. The illegitimate government that Lee served was guilty of numerous Crimes Against Humanity. The brutal POW camps like Andersonville and Salisbury; illegal executions of Union soldiers; property confiscations; press censorship; forced labor---these were the characteristics of the Noble Cause that Lee supported. And it is no doubt the type of Regime that the Red Pill Cultists would support.

      Granted, we believe that other notable Americans besides the Reverend Dr. King should be honored with holidays as well. But it is absurd to argue, as these Red Pills do, that King is not a true American patriot and hero; while Confederate officials should be venerated instead. King's Christian vision for the future was one where we are all Americans; under one God, one Flag, and one Constitution.