Tuesday, March 28, 2017


    Shortly after Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer jokingly brushed off the murder of a Black man committed by one of his disciples, the 'Manly Alpha Leaders' at that blog threw a verbal party of sorts over the murder of a young Irish woman in Goa, India. The article was titled Leftist Whore Murdered by Indian Boyfriend.

     Danielle McLaughlin was visiting Goa; a former Portuguese colony now administered by India, and popular European tourist destination. Goa is a cosmopolitan city somewhat like Hong Kong or Singapore, but typically attracts a younger crowd. Danielle was assaulted, raped and strangled; and a suspect well-known to local police was indicted for the crime. He seems by all accounts to have been a casual acquaintance of Danielle's---not a 'boyfriend' as Anglin states.

       For these Red Pill MGTOW types, the thought that attractive women might be having romantic episodes with men other than themselves sends them into paroxysms of jealous rage. This especially true when non-White men are involved. Now in reality tragic cases like Danielle McLaughlin's---a girl away from home stalked and killed by a thug---is not something that only happens in India. But not letting a good crisis go to waste, Anglin says:

      "For young White women in Goa, aside from the hazard of being ankle-deep in human feces, the prospect of being raped and killed is alarmingly high."

       This shows that Anglin doesn't live in San Francisco, where women can also stand in human crap and actually have a better chance of being raped and murdered than in Goa. But that detail aside, the Red Pills note that such tragedies are women's own fault:

        "Obviously rape and murder are detestable crimes, but so is being a rootless anti-White feminist." (as a side note, I've seen no evidence anywhere that Danielle was either a Liberal or a Feminist or anti-White) "In a sense I don't blame some of these Indians for being angry at some trust-fund babies coming to their country to fetishize it and turn their country into a novelty for virtue-signaling about what non-racist global citizens they are. If you don't want to get raped and killed, don't get drunk and high around non-White men."

         And, predictably, International Jewry is to blame too:

      "According to E. Michael Jones (an anti-Jewish ideologue) the explosion in cellphone-streamed Jewish pornography to India has caused the national rate of sexual violence to skyrocket. This is especially true when they see White women like the ones in their movies, which turns them feral."

       Actually what is turning young men feral---men like Dylann Roof and James Jackson---are false teachers like Anglin who incite them to unnatural acts of violence and hatred. Then, the Red Pill leaders throw such men under the bus and laugh up their sleeves, gaining profit and notoriety from the actions of other men who are sacrificed for it.

       This isn't even the first time we've seen such behavior from Anglin. In December, he not only applauded a woman getting attacked with acid, he doxxed her and encouraged his trolls to attack her too.

       As disgusting and dangerous as Anglin is, we don't need censorship of such sites as some are suggesting. What we need are leaders among Conservatives to stand up and expose them for what they are.


     Prosecutors in New York City indicted James Jackson on terrorism charges after last week's murder of a 66 year-old Black man. Jackson was interviewed at Riker's Island by a reporter from The New York Daily News. What we learn that Jackson was a subscriber to the Red Pill Philosophy---like Dylann Roof, George Sodini, Eliot Roger and various others radicalized to violent behavior.

      Jackson stabbed his victim with a gladiator-type sword and told interviewers that he hoped that the incident would "deter White women from dating Black men." He told interviewers that he was a regular reader of MGTOW blogger Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer; and authorities have since revealed that Jackson subscribed to other Red Pill videos on Youtube such as Stephen Molyneaux and various names common around the Manosphere.

       "I didn't know he was elderly" Jackson informed the reporter, "I'd rather have killed a young thug or a successful older Black man with blondes...like you see in Manhattan. These younger guys are the ones who put White girls on the wrong path."

        And what of women who reject the Red Pill Philosophy? "They're part of the problem." Jackson replied.

        Now where have we heard sentiments like these before? Just about regularly on Red Pill sites like The Daily Stormer; Chateau Heartiste; Vox Populi; The Rational Male; Return of Kings; Dalrock, etc. Some excerpts from Jackson's interview are sufficient to reveal their sources. Jackson even admits to voting for Obama to keep women (i.e. Sarah Palin) away from power.

         For his part, Anglin published a satirical piece warning of a 'backlash' against Whites, calling White Supremacy 'a religion of peace' and offering a 'safe space' hastag for Neo-Nazis who feel threatened. The same day, Anglin also published an article exulting over a "Leftist White whore" who was murdered by her Indian boyfriend. Such are the sentiments of this warped man who is praised by most Red Pills as a Christian thinker.

         More importantly, though, when are real Christian and Conservative leaders going to recognize the serious problem of radicalization of American men?



Monday, March 27, 2017


     It seems that every few months or so, the effete American Elites and the Rainbow Mafia feel a need to pool their resources and attack the Church with some stupid media or pseudo-artistic display. They get accolades for pulling these publicity stunts from other degenerates who think that sophistication means appreciating and celebrating the kind of gutter-level productions that were once considered beneath even pornographers to publish.

      So the latest controversy surrounds a play titled The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told which has the ingenious storyline of portraying the Garden of Eden story with two homosexual men and featuring the Virgin Mary as a lesbian.

    "I wanted the Garden of Eden in Central Park and the Virgin Mary as a lesbian mother," the author Paul Rudnicks chortled to the fake-news outlet, The New York Times, "It would certainly help me comprehend the Immaculate Conception!"

     I suppose in a Media climate where homosexuals make out in children's Disney cartoons, this might make some sense. But to a normal, drug-free mind it just sounds stupid.

     The play is produced and marketed by the Out Front Theater Company based in Atlanta. The CEO of this enterprise is Kerri Sauer, one of the fruitcakes behind the so-called 'Women's March'. Its founder and producer is Paul Conroy, a self-described "liberal atheist vegetarian" who told the local media in 2016, "People have blinders on to what is appropriate and what is not...I hate the term 'family-friendly.'"

     On an official press release at Patch.com, Out Front actually refers to the play as 'alternative Biblical history':

     "Inspired by the fundamentalist remark that 'God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve', 'The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told' is another version of Biblical history. Act 1 recounts the major episodes of the Old Testament, only with a twist---instead of Adam and Eve, our main characters are Adam and Steve; along with Jane and Mabel, a lesbian couple with whom they decide to start civilization. Procreation proves to be a provocative challenge!"

      This is sophisticated, deeply-intellectual material?

      Once again, we get a glimpse into the warped psychological state of the American Cultural Elite. And a reminder of what kind of swamp these 'community leaders' have created during the last three decades.

        There's an online petition to encourage local theaters to boycott this garbage, for those interested.




     Vice-President Mike Pence gave the opening speech at this year's American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The speech was well received by world leaders, despite attempts by violent Anarchists to disrupt the proceedings outside.

     Pence reaffirmed President Trump's commitment to Israel's security, calling it 'non-negotiable.' He likewise stated that Trump's proposal to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital was still on the table. This marks a radical departure from previous Administration's policies relative to Israel; and Trump is clearly serious. Pence noted that this week he would certify David Friedman as Israeli Ambassador---a man long committed to Israeli nationalism.

      Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital would essentially end any hopes of anti-Zionist movements in the Middle East, but is not without its geopolitical risks. The move will not be popular in the Islamic World; but Pence pledged to resist any international attempts to oppose it. However, it may in the long run prove a prudent decision.

       Israel and Syria share a common border and Russia is committed to Syrian sovereignty. A similar American commitment to Israel would give both superpowers a base and ally for combatting Wahhabi terrorism. The problem is going to be the reaction in Iran and Turkey; who are in hegemonic competition in the region. Iran is a Russian ally and Turkey an American ally by treaty. Neither country is especially stable, although Iran has been consistent fighting the scourge of Jihadi movements. China is also invested in both Israel and Syria economically.

       The Corporate Media, of course, scoffed at Pence's speech---especially laughing over the frequent references Pence made to shared Judeo-Christian traditions. Yet this, too, maybe a common ground for Middle East peace. While Syrian President Assad is not especially friendly to Israel, he is very supportive of Arab Christians and has stated on many occasions that the future of the Middle East must include Christian participation.

       Egypt is also poised to become a key player in such a new paradigm. Cairo is more closely allied with Russia, but President Sisi is a personal friend of Trump. Since coming to power, Sisi has stabilized Egypt and joined the Allies in Syria against the Jihad.

       Trump's new approach to Israel has exactly what previous administrations lacked; and that is decisiveness. Moving the embassy to Jerusalem and declaring Israeli sovereignty non-negotiable is the strongest position that the US has taken in Israel since the Eisenhower Administration. It's a position of either peace or war that Israel's enemies must now take. If they are prudent, they will choose the former.

      Pence also praised President Trump's commitment to stamp out anti-Semitism in the US and recent successful joint FBI/Israel Police efforts to those ends.

       Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is scheduled to speak via satellite on Monday morning.




Sunday, March 26, 2017


     The American Left has had a rather tough weekend, despite a temporary setback in Trump's plan to reform healthcare. If Conservatives are feeling a little discouraged now, there's always some good news.


       Anarchist thugs made the mistake of trying to a attack a pro-Trump rally in Huntington Beach. This was an especially bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, because the black-masked bullies tried usual violent tactics against a group that outnumbered them by as much as 100-1, according to some estimates. Six Anarchists were jailed; some witnesses have reported that they begged the police to save them from the crowd.



         An obvious typical Liberal voter, this unfortunate thug was caught trying to break into Miles Elementary School---for who knows what purpose. Chased by authorities, he tried unsuccessfully to hurdle a spiked security fence. So far, he's been charged with Unlawful Entry---no word on whether Indecent Exposure will be added.


        We can go back to Starbuck's again; and hopefully save some American jobs. Starbuck's has announced that it's vile CEO, Howard Schultz, has been given the Pink Slip and is out on his butt effective next Sunday. No doubt the Liberal Seattle Establishment will employ him somewhere where he continue to be a menace to liberty; but at least he's out of the private sector.

         So it hasn't been a bad weekend after all...

Saturday, March 25, 2017


    John Sopko, Special Inspector-General for Afghan Reconstruction, announced in a speech on Thursday that his office has broken up over $1 billion worth of Pentagon scams since President Trump took office. And about $1 billion more are under investigation.

    Sopko also noted that 144 indictments have already been handed down---thus far 109 convictions have resulted. The last case involved rounding a dozen of our so-called 'Elite Special Forces' at Fort Bragg on charges of bribery, conspiracy, theft of government property, and smuggling. What our brave men and women in uniform were doing was submitting false fuel requisitions, then selling the government-supplied oil on the Black Market.

    SIGAR, incidentally, only investigates corruption related to US Occupation in Afghanistan. As we've noted many times, the Military is a vast swamp in serious need of serious draining. Thirty years of Liberal/Neocon policies have turned Reagan's World-Class fighting forces into a morass of political correctness and criminality. As if to underscore the crisis within the Pentagon, a former Afghan War 'hero' was arrested in New York after going berserk and killing a poor, 66 year-old Black man because he "hated niggers."

    Dumbing-down and politically-correcting our recruiting standards---combined with the blind hero-worship most Americans pay the Military---has led to this problem. Trump has an even bigger problem than Reagan faced in 1981. In Reagan's case it was mostly a leadership issue: restoring flagging morale and restoring public confidence in the Military during the post-Vietnam Era. Trump has inherited a Military that has rotted from the inside-out.

     The US has an advantage in that our military technology is still pretty good, though it is falling behind Russian, Chinese, and Indian technology rapidly. The Trump Administration has taken some positive steps in this direction already by cutting wasteful projects and funding upgrades and seeking out new suppliers.

     But the most serious problem in the Pentagon today is a personnel issue. Lowered recruiting standards and dumbed-down schools---along with a lot of shady outsourcing---doesn't give the Trump Administration the same level of human capital that Reagan had to work with. Defense Secretary Mattis has yet to address these issues; which may be understandable for various political reasons.

     However, Mattis' moves to root out corruption may be a way effecting these needed changes quietly. What our Military needs is a long-term program training a new generation of both leaders and fighting men. Part of Reagan's strategy was restoring pride in the military by weeding out the drug-pushers and troublemakers who'd plagued our Military during Vietnam. They were replaced by men who took pride in what service and the uniform stood for.

     Another indication that things may be changing is last week's Pentagon announcement that nine Navy officials had been convicted in connection with the 'Fat Leonard' scandal. This is, commendably, the first time that the Pentagon has spoken about this case publically at all. Though the 'Fat Leonard' investigation began during the Obama Administration, the Pentagon, Media, and Clinton Machine were colluding in keeping the whole affair well out of public notice.

     Trump and Mattis are off to a good start; but it's going to take much more in the long run to reform the Pentagon than wiping out criminal enterprises and upgrading technology. We're going to have to elevate recruiting standards and rid the Military of its current crop of thugs, feminists, radical Jihadis, homosexuals, and social workers in uniform now infesting it. We've had past examples of leaders---Washington, Lincoln, FDR, and Reagan---who've had to rebuild militaries to counter threats. The difference is that the enemy is within this time; while Trump and Mattis can rebuild our Armed Forces, it is going to be a long, slow process.

We don't want a Military that looks like this


Friday, March 24, 2017


    In a week that's seen plenty of poltroonery from the Manosphere, hate-hoaxers, and the RINOs in Congress, this weekend would be a good time to restore our collective faith in masculinity. Our entertainment recommendation for the week, therefore, is going to be an industrial-strength dose of salutary manhood---and a really good film too.

     Our feature for this week is from 1966 and is titled Target for Killing. It stars the venerable Stuart Granger as FBI Special Agent James Vine.

     Vine, a mature, pipe-smoking gentleman with greying temples and an active mind is sent on a special assignment to Montenegro. His mission is locate a criminal mastermind called The Giant who is working on a brainwashing experiment. On the flight he meets and flirts with a lovely young girl, Sandra, (played by the beautiful Karen Dor). In the process, he sees the plane's crew bail out---and lands the plane with Sandra at his side.

      While looking for The Giant's hideout, somebody attempts to kill Sandra, so she seeks out Vine's help. As it turns out, she is about to inherit a fortune as soon as her next birthday. Vine realizes that the attempted airline sabotage was meant for Sandra. As the plot progresses, we learn that the attacks on Sandra and the Giant's activities are connected.

      Will Vine save Sandra and foil the Giant's plot? Check it out and see.

      Target for Killing is something of an underrated and relatively unknown film among the Crime/Espionage genre, mostly because the characters and plot don't exactly fit the standard 007 archetype. And that's not a bad thing at all. As bloggers like Bob Wallace have pointed out, the playboy-type faux-Alpha male of that genre was an overall negative role as far as its portrayals of the male nature. James Vine, in contrast, is a character one can actually admire. No special tricks; just good with his gun, his fists, and his wits. 

      There's also an atypical romantic angle in this story that is admirable. Vine is not an amoral player; he develops a real love for Sandra and wins her heart as well as saving her life. And he is always a gentleman. In one scene, The Giant cynically asks Vine if he is really in love with Sandra. He replies: "That's none of your business." Vine's character exudes a confidence and courage---borne of experience---that is genuinely likable. That's a point that the poseurs of the Manosphere completely miss. It's not manly to lead by force and fear but by attitude and action.

       Fighting an evil criminal organization alone while winning a pretty girl half his age and never losing his composure---what is there not to like about Agent James Vine? We're certain that our readers will agree; Target for Killing has a strong group of partisans among fans of Eurospy films. To all those feeling discouraged about how some males have behaved lately; this is a strong dose of brain-bleach.

       The film is available for free on Youtube; also for purchase on video outlets.