Monday, November 20, 2017


     Despite his claims of immortality, arch-criminal and cult leader Charles Manson died today at the age of 83 after an unspecified illness. Manson was sentenced to the gas chamber in 1971, but California Liberals repealed the Death Penalty before justice could be carried out. He stayed in prison, though, where he became something of a celebrity. (Readers would actually have to have lived in California to make sense of that, but it's true.)

        Manson and his cult murdered Hollywood starlet and model Sharon Tate.

      Sharon had recently married and was 8 months pregnant at the time of the murder. In the days before murdering unborn babies was renamed A Woman's Right to Choose by the same Liberals who spared Manson's life; this atrocity counted as a double-murder. Four other people who were visiting Sharon at the time were stabbed to death as well.

       The Cult then murdered Mr. and Mrs. Leno LaBianca, a socially prominent family of Beverley Hills. Manson's followers planted false evidence at both killings to implicate the Black Panthers. His purported goal was to start a race war and rule America in the aftermath as king. The supposedly racist LAPD, however, refused to take the bait and implicated Manson instead. Since then, the Manson Family rose to the apex of America's then-nascent Trash Culture: their exploits generating dozens of books and films. 

        David Wilson of Birmingham City University in England---one of the world's leading criminologists---believes that Manson's ongoing cult appeal relates to the fact that his career and crimes exposes vulnerabilities in American culture. We noted the same in relation to American obsession with Lee Harvey Oswald and other presidential assassins. The fact that a complete loser from the bottom of dregs can strike at any moment against our social elites is very unsettling to many of us. Like Oswald, Manson was the polar opposite of those he attacked (note the similarity, the traitor Oswald kills the war-hero Kennedy; Manson the social outcast targeted a glamorous and well-liked celebrity). 

         Wilson, along with Manson's prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, also speak of Manson's personal charisma. The reality though is that men like Manson become a symbolic figure for disaffected and disillusioned people. Hitler was probably the most prominent historical personage of this type; and Manson was admirer of the Nazi Fuehrer. These types are people who rise from social obscurity to wreak incredible acts of destruction on the existing social order and thus gain notoriety. This really explains most of their so-called 'charisma'. 

        To such admirers of Manson one can best recall Bugliosi's parting words to him after the death sentence had been pronounced. Manson began boasting that he almost succeeded in his insane plan to rule America. Bugliosi replied: "No, Manson. You never even came close. You took a bunch of sad kids and played your prison-games with their minds. You're not even important anymore."

      True enough: Manson has only been as important as people have made him ever since. In 1974, one of his disciples attempted to assassinate President Ford, but since then his cult has died out and become nothing but a Cult of Personality among society's bottom-feeders. With Manson's death, hopefully that will die out too.





Sunday, November 19, 2017


      President Trump's Cabinet appointees for the most part have been doing a good job at reforming the Beltway Culture and restoring public confidence by making public service their highest goals. Most have---but not all of them. As far as the Pentagon goes, the 2016 Election may has well not have happened. RINO Defense Secretary James Mattis has done absolutely nothing different from when he served under President Obama unless he's been forced to by Trump.

         Mattis has left a number of corrupt and incompetent commanders in the same positions as Obama appointed them. The recent scandals at West Point are a prime example of how nothing has changed under Mattis. There have been a number of foreign policy blunders committed by our officers too---now comes yet another out of NATO.

        NATO was conducting joint military exercises in Norway this week; and had a war-games map depicting enemy countries and leaders as potential targets. One of these countries was Turkey along with President Erdogan and a picture of Turkey's founding-father Kemel Ataturk. 

       The problem is that Turkey is a NATO member and had troops of their own in the war games. We say 'had' because President Erdogan withdrew them in protest. The blunderer responsible for this---who ought to be withdrawn by Trump---is General Curtis Scaparrotti, American NATO Commander who was appointed by Obama in 2016. 

         Granted, Scaparrotti is probably an improvement over his predecessor General Breedlove, but this isn't saying much. While it's true that Obama-appointed commanders often attack the wrong targets, they at least do it in countries or regions presumed to be hostile. Attacking one's own allies because our commanders don't even know who they are is inexcusable. 

         Scaparrotti was a favorite of Obama and of the Swamp RINOs for his fanatical anti-Russia paranoia. He recently testified before Congress dishing out a ludicrous theory to the effect that Russia was responsible for US military failures in Afghanistan.

                                                       Scaparrotti with his pal, Obama. 

          He also was favored for his slavish devotion to the social engineering in the Military by the PC Left---very much true of most of our current commanders, including the RINO Mattis himself.

           The Trump Administration has been trying to restore good relations with Turkey; but this isn't even the first time that Scaparrotti has incited tensions between the two countries. He publicly condemned Turkey's military purges after a failed coup, and accused Erdogan of being a dictator. This was in December, 2016---obviously a move designed to complicate matters for the incoming Trump Administration. Besides which, he has no authority whatsoever, as a military leader, to comment on diplomatic matters.

         If we are really committed to restoring American greatness, we are going to have to institute some major military reforms. Mattis is showing that he is either unwilling or unable to do this by leaving these Obama-Era dolts in power. It's past time for real change at the Pentagon. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017


       So it's official now: one of the Red Pill Cult's most notorious sites, The Incel Subreddit has joined The Daily Stormer and gone defunct. Reddit suspended the site about a week ago and has now made the ban permanent. The Subreddit had about 41,000 subscribers. 

       The statement from Reddit basically sums it up: "This subreddit was banned due to violations of our content policy; specifically our site-wide rules against violent content." Yes, to say the least. This particular gang of cultists considered the Isla Vista mass-shooter, Eliot Roger as a hero, calling him "St. Eliot" and even making iconic memes of him. The posts and commentary there more or less reflected others of Eliot Roger's mindset.

       The term Incel is internet shorthand for Involuntarily Celibate. In the earlier days of the Manosphere, Incels were mostly concerned with solving relationship issues---specifically men who had problems getting girlfriends, etc. Involuntarily Celibacy is an actual problem in most of the Anglosphere; but since it affects men society really doesn't care too much about it. The main reasons for Involuntary Celibacy are: 1) there is a huge surplus of single men in the English-speaking world; and 2) misandryist social policies have limited male opportunities to interact with women. 

       Basically, men who are sexually deprived and not taken seriously because of it are ripe candidates for radicalization; and this is what happened to the Incel Movement. The Incel segments of the Red Pill Cult today are not only rabidly misogynistic, they advocate violence against women---including rape and murder---as justifiable. This is a long, long way from their origins that stressed making romantic encounters easier. 

         The whole idolatry of Eliot Roger shows how far off the rails they went. Roger was probably a latent homosexual. He had social and economic opportunities and lived in a part of the US known for attractive women---advantages that most men never had. His erratic behavior and arrogant attitude was probably a subconscious defense-mechanism because, in reality, he was sexually repelled by women. His entire Manifesto is interlarded with his simultaneous contempt for heterosexuality and his envy of heterosexuals. That fits the pathological profile of the homosexual male perfectly. 

       The way to get rid of the Incel problem is not by advocating or committing violence against women. The way to solve it is to advocate more sex-positive and less anti-male attitudes in our culture. And there are plenty of cultures which don't have demographic gender imbalance as ours. With those two considerations in mind, it can be seen that misogyny and racism can only make the Incel problem worse. 

        The downfall of The Incel Subreddit should actually make easier for sincere men with relationship issues to start from scratch and work on positive solutions. 




Friday, November 17, 2017


   While the Liberal Media and the Swamp RINOs have been busy accusing each other of behaving like heterosexuals, the US Department of Justice essentially stripped the entire Federal bureaucracy of its power to rule the American people by decree. 

     It's true, many will say, that the Bureaucracy never had the legal authority to do so anyway. That was exactly what Attorney-General Jeff Sessions said today when announcing the termination of the policy. 

      The repealed policy worked like this: Whenever a certain Law or Executive Order is enacted, it falls under the jurisdiction of a relevant Federal agency, which in turn issues Guidelines to the State and Local jurisdictions responsible for its implementation and enforcement. The last three administrations had the practice of adding de facto regulations by amending these guidelines "to evade required rule-making processes," in the words of the Attorney-General.

       Many, if not most, of the onerous and intrusive federal regulations imposed upon the American public during the last three decades were enacted in this way. Agencies regulating the environment, the energy sector, and the public schools were among the worst offenders. Although Sessions' policy is within the Department of Justice alone, it effectively strips all Federal agencies of this abuse of power since the DOJ is responsible for enforcing Federal regulations. 

       "Guidance Documents can be used to explain existing law, but they must not be used to change the law or impose new standards to determine compliance with the law." Sessions stated. "The Justice Department will not use Guidance Documents to circumvent the law and we will proactively work to rescind existing Guidance Documents that go too far... Effective immediately, Department components may not issue Guidance Documents that purport to create rights or obligations binding on persons or entities outside of the Executive Branch." 

        Yes! We have a government now that actually rescinds illegally-imposed regulations! That is some of the best news going into the Holiday Season in a long time. Certainly more deserving of headlines than salacious and titillating soft-core stories about so-and-so kissing or touching some female---as if men never did anything like this in all of human history. Women once knew that long, manicured fingernails and high-heeled shoes not only were pretty, but could be converted into weapons to deter creeps at a moment's notice. Watching girls use them on cads was a lot more fun than listening to them complain to the Press. 

          But not only does this new policy repeal regulations, it prohibits agencies from creating rights---that is, imposing unequal favoritism for special interests as part of the regulation (if not part of the original law). This was another widely-abused practice of the Deep State to impose Political Correctness or benefit vested financial interests. 

          Anybody still sorry that Hillary Clinton lost last November? Imagine another four years of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch-style administration at DOJ instead of Jeff Sessions. There are probably plenty of fired bureaucrats, jailed Obamacare fraudsters, fined financial crooks, imprisoned gang-leaders and drug-pushers who'd rather have had Hillary. But most of the rest of us hope that the Sessions Steamroller keeps running for a long time. 



     Recent Swamp-draining efforts inside the Beltway have hit the US Department of Veterans' Affairs yet again. Last Summer, over a hundred VA employees were arrested for stealing Opioids and selling them on the Black Market. The level of thefts was so high that authorities discovered it when veterans legitimately prescribed the drugs couldn't get prescriptions filled because the supplies had run out. 

       In 2007, the VA appointed Glenn Pearson---a Massachusetts police sergeant---as a Fiduciary for disabled veterans. Pearson also ran a tax preparation firm and acted in this capacity for eight veterans. In some cases, Fiduciaries are appointed for persons unable to manage their finances. 

         The IRS and FBI have jointly charged Pearson with robbing these veterans of nearly $250,000. Under the VA program, Pearson set up trusts for these clients, but took VA funds for himself illegally by fraudulently assigning them to other expenses. The IRS discovered the crime during an audit of Pearson's company also revealed that he was taking bribes to prepare false tax returns for customers. 

         Might we suggest that the VA has a definite problem in screening the people whom they put in positions of authority? This is a Swamp which really needs drained. And another Swamp Rat got taken in the VA this week as well.

         Russell Ware, a VA official, was taken into custody after being caught diverting veterans' benefits into his own bank account. Investigations revealed that Ware also had accomplices to whom he sent veterans' benefits (although they weren't veterans at all) who sent Ware a kickback for the thefts.

         Last and arguably least: Secret Service Special Agent Shaun Bridges was jailed for money laundering in connection with Operation Silk Road, an Obama-Era sting operation targeting Black Market activities online. This was the sting that caught California gangster "Dread Pirate" Roberts. As part of the sting, the Secret Service set up a Bitcoin account as a front. Bridges was in charge of that account, but siphoned off over $10 million for himself and tried to throw the blame on Roberts. It didn't work, though, and Bridges will be joining Roberts in the Federal Pen---for the next 8 years, anyway. 

         Over the last several years, Americans have lost confidence in their government; and that is because of government employees and contractors like the ones above. One of the most important contributions of the Trump Administration is making government work again---and work for the people instead of for the Deep State.



Wednesday, November 15, 2017


         Our dysfunctional postmodern culture has expressed hatred of traditional masculinity and male heterosexuality in particular since the 1990s. In an era when Bill Clinton and Al Gore were held up as male role models and frauds like the Tailhook Scandal were widely publicized, things were bound to get worse. 

          Thus, Gentleman's Quarterly---once a widely-read and followed men's magazine---hit its nadir by naming disgraced ex-NFL thug Colin Kaepernick as its 'Citizen of the Year' (formerly known as The Man of the Year Award). GQ is also the same media outlet which hosts the neurotic Keith Olbermann on television. We've spoken before about GQ's parent-company and its ties to the DNC.  

             GQ also named foul-mouthed 'comedian' Steven Colbert as its Bad Hombre of the Year, whatever that means. Like Kaepernick, Colbert is another multimillionaire who makes a living spouting profanity against Trump and blasphemy against Christians. Most of his monologues sound about like the rantings of some drunken barfly after taking about a quart of rum, but Liberals pretend to themselves that he makes sense.

          Kaepernick, as we remember, pushed the NFL into its further descent as a theater of political protest by refusing to honor the National Anthem. What's conveniently forgotten by the Media Elites is that Kaepernick turned to these demonstrations after his career had taken a turn for the worse. In his last two seasons, his record as a starting quarterback was a dismal three wins and sixteen losses. He's currently suing the NFL saying that no team will hire him because of his political beliefs: not because he alienates fans, can't win games, and doesn't work well with his teammates. 

           Kaepernick, Olbermann, and Colbert: wouldn't any father be proud of having three sons like these? 

             As for myself, I'd chose a real man for a son like another former NFL quarterback, Warren Moon. Moon has been critical of Kaepernick; especially regarding the pending lawsuit. But let's look at Warren Moon's history. Moon was born in a poor part of Los Angeles as the only son in a family of seven. His father died, leaving 7 year-old Warren as the 'man of the family.' Because he had to help work, he only played one sport in school: football; and he became proficient through practice and hard work. He played for a small local college on an athletic scholarship and his performance won him another scholarship with the NCAA powerhouse, the Washington Huskies. 

            Moon wasn't drafted into the NFL, but he wouldn't quit. He went to Canada and played six seasons in the Canadian Football League. He did so well that the NFL and CFL engaged in a bidding war. At the age of 28---a year younger than Kaepernick is now---Moon signed with the NFL's now-defunct Houston Oilers and starred there for 10 seasons. 

           At 38, Moon was released by the Oilers as too old, but he signed with the Minnesota Vikings where he started for three more seasons---in two of which he was selected as an NFL All-Pro. At the age of 41, he was signed by the Seattle Seahawks where he played two seasons and was the NFL passing leader one year. In total, Moon played 16 years in the NFL; 6 years in the CFL; and now lives in Seattle and works as a sportscaster. In 2006, he was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. 

            Like all of us, Moon's personal life wasn't always perfect; but he married his high-school sweetheart and raised a family and well as supporting his mother. But most of all; Moon deserves a Man of the Year Award because his entire life is that of a real man who achieved the pinnacle of success because he wouldn't quit. The story related above shows several points where most men would have stopped. Moon set his eyes on his goals both in football and his marriage and keeps on going.

          Contrary to GQ, that is what real men do. Flapping their arms and playing the Victim Card is not. 


Tuesday, November 14, 2017


       The 2018 Electoral Cycle is just getting underway and we have our first Media-fabricated scandal over Alabama US Senatorial candidate, Roy Moore. Essentially a woman who worked for the Clinton Campaign is accusing Moore of acting like a heterosexual male back when the 'accuser' was a young nubile. 

        Are these allegations true? Answer: who cares?

       First of all, consider that the US Mainstream Media---a collection of neurotics, drug-addicts, perverts, and cultists---are the ones who are pushing the story. These is the same group who attacked Moore when he was a judge for refusing to take down a monument displaying the Ten Commandments. They are the same group who think nothing at all is wrong with interjecting homosexual scenes in children's Disney cartoons or depicting lurid sex and violence on prime-time television. It's no accident that cities with the highest per capita number of homosexuals and drug-addicts are also major media centers. 

       This whole obsession with older men and younger women as being somehow morally wrong is a completely recent innovation: inspired by Radical Feminists and other anti-heterosexual groups. Though hardly a senior citizen, I well recall married women and mothers in my high-school graduating class. Just looking back at the Night Wind Family Tree, male ancestors were taking brides of 15-19 for six generations going back to the year of immigration.

         But some will say---have we ever leaders in the US who've had relationships with teenagers or much younger women? Well, yes there were. Let's start with the only man who won two non-consecutive terms as President:

      Grover Cleveland was engaged to his ward, Frances Folsom, when she was 14. She wanted to finish school before marriage, and the two were wed when she was 19 and the President was 49. Theirs is still the only marriage ceremony that has taken place in the White House.

       The President who escaped an assassination attempt and held the country together in the wake of the Civil War; sacrificing his own political career for the good of the country:

      President Andrew Johnson married 17 year-old Eliza McCardle in 1827. She was an educated woman, incidentally, and Johnson was an autodidact. So much for a man 'taking advantage'of a younger female. 

     Former Governor of California, general, and the first Republican candidate for the Presidency:

        John C. Fremont was engaged to Jessie Benton---daughter of a US Senator---when she was 15. They married shortly after her 16th birthday. 

         Civil War Cavalry hero, Commander-in-Chief of the US Army; founder of Yellowstone National Park and former president of the NRA:

          Phil Sheridan married at 44 to Irene Rucker, 18, daughter of another general. 

       America's greatest inventor, a leading businessman, and the man who made electricity and mass communication possible:

          Thomas Alva Edison married Mary Stilwell when she was 16. The couple had three children. Mary later died of an illness, and Edison's second wife was 20 years his junior.

           On the subject of great inventors and great American patriots:

          Benjamin Franklin proposed to Deborah Read when she was 15. She lived as Franklin's common-law wife from her mid-teens despite being later forced into an arranged marriage with another man. She continued to live with Franklin as a wife until her death. They had three children. 

          The point of this being that a man's tastes in women is absolutely no reflection on either his abilities or his character. As President Cleveland used to say of critics during one election: "If my choice of a wife costs me an election, so be it. I wouldn't want to be the leader of any people who choose their leaders on that kind of basis."

           Our modern political system could stand a few more like Cleveland.