Friday, September 22, 2017


     The Trump Administration is not only cleaning up Obama-Era scandals, it's cleaning up the environment too. Last month, crooked software engineers were jailed and Volkswagen ordered to pay millions in fines for cheating on the Clean Air Act. That scandal had dragged on for two years under Obama was wrapped up by Trump in six months.

      The Justice Department and the EPA announced recently that Starkist---one of the world's largest fisheries---had agreed to pay over $6 million in fines and invest in corrective anti-pollution measures stemming from 2014. EPA authorities found that Starkist's fish processing facility in American Samoa. Starkist is the world's largest supplier of canned tuna and once a great American company. Today, it is a subsidiary of a South Korean transnational agribusiness cartel, Dongwon Industries.

      In 2014, a wastewater pipeline break led to an investigation which revealed that Starkist was dumping pollutants into Pago Pago Harbor at high levels; and that they had actually also dumped unreported contaminants into the sea. There were large quantities of hazardous chemicals also illegally stored at the plant. The company thumbed its nose at Obama, and went on with business as usual.

      But now, in addition to fines, Starkist agreed to purchase $88,000 in equipment for Samoan hazardous-waste removal teams and upgrade wastewater treatment systems. The proposed new system will reduce pollution by 85%. 

      Interesting that the Corporate Media tells us that Trump is anti-environment. The Volkswagen and Starkist cases are the largest environmental settlements, but not the only ones by far. In addition, the Trump Administration has also cracked down on illegal importation of endangered-species products; just yesterday an international ivory-smuggler was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

       But a better question is how these big companies got away with these activities during the green rule of the Deep State. The mystery is cleared up when we note that Starkist is listed as a top donor to the Democrat Samoan Congressional representative. Last year, Starkist spent $400,000 on lobbyists and $190,000 this year alone. The lobbying firm Manatt, Phelps, and Phillips is retained by Starkist and two of Starkist's lobbyists are Revolving-Door former federal bureaucrats. Both are Democrats.

        Volkswagen, for its part, donated to the Tennessee DNC in 2012, where its corporate headquarters in America are located. Democrat Congressman Joseph Kennedy III, of Massachusetts, is one of Congress' leading shareholders of Volkswagen stock. Not coincidentally, Volkswagen is Kennedy's largest corporate contributor.

        Volkswagen spent over $1.5 million on lobbyists last year, with lobbying firm Akin Gump. Five of their six lobbyists are also former Federal bureaucrats.

       It's always been Conservatives who take meaningful measures to protect the environment. Liberals do things like banning woodstoves and toilets with large water-tanks. But they look the other way when their chums on Wall Street pollute harbors and create smog.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


      The Whacko Left-Wing has shown its spiritual bankruptcy on numerous occasions. CNN's former Religious Affairs correspondent partook of a cannibalistic ritual for example; and we recently read that Beltway society maven Sally Quinn promotes Satanic Black Magic.

      Then we have a contingent of these same kinds of degenerates who pose as Christians. Just as with cults, it's typically for agenda-driven radicals to win converts by pretending to have the authority of long-recognized religions behind them. Invariably that it's the mainstream religion that's in a state of apostasy while they alone have discovered long-hidden 'truths'.

       Thus a fake bishop in the United Methodist Church, one Karen Oliveto, has published an article on Facebook warning Christians not to 'idolize' (i.e. worship) Christ. Oliveto, a butch lesbian who is 'married' to a deaconess, says of Christ:

        "{He} was as human as you and me. Like you and me, He didn't have His life figured out. He was still growing, maturing, putting the pieces together about Who He was and what He was supposed to do. We might think of Christ as the Rock of Ages, but He was really more like a hunk of clay, forming and reforming Himself in relation to God."

       One of the biggest flaws in Leftist spiritual thinking is that they invariably reverse the natural order of things and assume that man makes God in his own image instead of the other way around. With their purely carnal instincts---not to mention their hyper-inflated egos---they can't imagine things like the Incarnation in any other than the literal, physical sense. The passage quoted above shows that, so far from modernism, that Oliveto's conception of God is primitive anthropomorphism. St. John makes it clear though that Christ was more than a man; His Incarnation was an emanation of Divine Will. In John's story of the Feeding of the Five Thousand, for example, he notes that Christ tested His disciples by asking for advice when He knew already what He would do. Christ never had any need to figure anything out.

       Beginning with her flawed premises, Oliveto goes on to preach a homily which grossly misinterprets an encounter between Jesus and a Canaanite woman, as related in the 15th Chapter of St. Matthew's Gospel. In that story, Christ is again testing the faith of those around him; but Oliveto makes it appear as though Jesus had some politically-correct insight into the nature of bigotry and thus changed His mind:

      "This is the heart of the story. This is what offers us hope. If Jesus can change, if He can give up His bigotries and prejudices, if He can realize that He made His own life too small, and if in this realization, He grew closer to others and to God, then so can we."

      Aside from the metaphysical absurdities in this passage, there are some facts which need to be made clear: Christianity does not, and never has, taught bigotry and prejudice as a doctrine.

        1. The Bible teaches that all humans are descended from a single pair of divinely-created humans:

          2. Israel was established as a nation of priests to convert all other peoples;

           3. The fact that Old Testament prophets spoke to non-Jews indicates that there were Gentile believers even then;

            4. The New Testament makes it clear that Christ's Advent was to fulfill the Old Covenant (point 2).

           What Christian Doctrine teaches is sin is to oppose the Will of God; thus racism excludes conversion to certain groups; therefore it is sin. It's also opposing the Will of God to teach false doctrines and to subvert His Will in marriage and gender relations, as Bishop Oliveto is doing. Thus they reinterpret Scripture to make their sins virtues of necessity.

         Not being a follower of Methodism, we're not familiar with the current state of that denomination as a whole; but it certainly is past time their congregations did some serious soul-searching.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017


     Alaska became the third state today to be snared in a Food Stamp fraud investigation and agreed to pay back to the Federal Government $2.5 million in ill-gotten funds. Earlier this Summer, Wisconsin and Virginia bureaucrats had to fork over $7 million each for the same violations.

       The Food Stamp Program---now known as SNAP---is jointly funded by State governments and the US Department of Agriculture. The USDA funds administrative expenses for the states, including quality and eligibility controls. States are rated by the USDA and paid bonuses to states who report the lowest error rates.

       Since the States do the reporting themselves, there is ample opportunity for cheating; as apparently the Deep State never bothered performing any audits. All three states were found to have been in violation variously every year during the entire Obama Administration, for example.

       The three States outsourced quality-control to Osnes Consulting, a shady enterprise run by Revolving-Door, former welfare bureaucrat, Julie Osnes. Federal investigators found that Osnes used a test that was purposely skewed to show quality and eligibility improvements falsely. Thus states received performance bonuses to which they were not entitled.

      The State bureaucrats are blaming all this on Osnes, but the Federal complaints show that they were well aware of what was happening. In the Virginia settlement last April, Virginia Department of Social Services admitted in Court:

      "Some VDSS quality control workers objected to the methods used by Osnes Consulting because they believed that their methods lacked integrity, injected bias into the quality control process, and violated USDA requirements. They communicated these concerns to their supervisors. VDSS admits that the former VDSS Quality Control Manager pressured and intimidated these employees to force them to adopt these methods including threatening termination, providing negative performance reviews, taking away teleworking and flexible scheduling privileges, and engaging in other forms of retaliation and harassment."

       Just remember when we see the Corporate Media and the so-called 'Resistance' out squawking against Trump: that this is the kind of government they want to see in America again.

        US Attorney Joseph Harrington's remarks after the Alaska settlement summarize the new Administration's attitude: "While I am deeply troubled that these actions happened within a state agency entrusted with assisting vulnerable and needy residents, I am heartened that Alaska has resolved its liability and cooperated with our investigation. Together with our partners in the Civil Division and the USDA, we will continue to hold accountable all entities---including government entities---that misuse and wrongfully obtain SNAP funding."

Monday, September 18, 2017


     For those who haven't been following the meltdown of the Red Pill Cult, it's still going on and getting even more ridiculous by the day. The Manosphereans are fighting among themselves again, with Vox Day---who famously said that "your skin color is your uniform"---suddenly denying that he had anything to do with instigating the kinds of behaviors at Charlottesville last month. Andrew Anglin, of the disgraced The Daily Stormer, considers Vox a traitor to the Alt-RINO movement. Anglin, for once, probably has a legitimate point.

      But both of these two manly Alpha leaders have been sneering at Conservatives as Cuckservatives and using (((anti-Semitic))) echo quotes on mainstream Jewish Conservatives. They especially dislike the Buckleyite and Reaganite Conservatives who insist on holding political discourse to high standards. And, in full accordance with that principle, Anglin's trolls have changed Vox' name to Vox Gay while Vox' Alpha Minions have taken to calling Anglin's disciples Stormpoopers.

     Keep it up, guys. No Conservative with a mental age over 10 is impressed by any of this.

     Really the only issue of any importance that's come out of any of this are some of the debates on the limits of Free Speech. Both these guys have been learning the hard way the realities of this issue.

      Vox, for example, is almost a cyber-world legend for his ability to violate even the most lenient corporate Terms of Use policies and then call 'censorship' when he's banned (typically after repeated warnings). Vox managed to get kicked out of the Science Fiction Writers Association for using their internet account to harass other members. He started Infogalactic after being blacklisted on Wikipedia as a troublemaker. And the list goes on. Vox was supportive of Gab, an alternative to Twitter, which suspended Vox' accounts on several occasions.

      Vox promoted Gab because of its loose protections on speech---now he's complaining because Anglin's trolls have been spreading allegations of Vox' sexual perversions. Vox claims these are all libelous lies; but Gab has refused his demands to remove them on the grounds that they don't violate any company policies.

       Free Speech Lesson #1: Terms of Use Policies are geared to protecting the majority of an internet company's consumers from the very thing that Vox is complaining about. Most people don't use Twitter, Facebook, or other social networking sites to be spammed, doxxed, and harassed. The term social networking ought to be one's first clue that the purpose of such businesses is to connect people of like-minded interests.

      As for Andrew Anglin: since The Daily Stormer was booted off the mainstream internet, he's been busy trying to find a webhost willing to put the publication back into circulation again. Contrary to common talk, Anglin wasn't dropped for what he said about the Charlottesville murder. He's said things like that before. Anglin was dropped because his online activities had reached a point where civil lawsuits were being filed against him. When things reach that level, companies that host sites like his start seeing the shadows of trial lawyers and negative publicity looming on their doorsteps. And usually their decision is to cut their losses before matters get worse.

      While The Daily Stormer was in existence, Anglin was continually complaining about the 'Jew Media' enforcing political correctness against him and his followers; though as we've pointed out, he wasn't stopped from publishing anything. And certainly not by the Government, even under Obama's rather elastic free-speech policies.

      So now, Anglin has been bouncing from one European country to another, finding out:

       Free Speech Lesson #2: In America, free speech is a right; in nearly every other country, it is a privilege. For all his squawking about American media control, Anglin is learning that many European countries actually have laws against writing the kinds of things he does. We don't have laws like that. And if thinks that Europe is bad, wait until he gets frustrated enough to try the laws in Asia.

       It's always been amazing listening to conspiratorial types like Anglin on radio and internet telling us "what they don't want you to know".  It should be obvious that anything they really didn't want us to know wouldn't be publically broadcast in the first place.

       So in spite of the fact that our system isn't perfect, it's still better than most.


Sunday, September 17, 2017


      The Alt-RINOs are at it again. A month after Charlottesville, they're still playing the Victim Cards. It's been amusing to watch two of the manly Alpha leaders of the Red Pill Cult---namely Vox Day and Andrew Anglin---screeching over which is the biggest victim and accusing each other of messing things up. Really, they look more like two monkeys chattering in the treetops, throwing coconuts at each other and then beating their chests and proclaiming victory.

       Eric Striker, a writer for the semi-defunct The Daily Stormer, has launched a new podcast called Fascism Now!. He kicked off things with angry denunciation against President Trump for signing the recent Senate Resolution condemning Right-Wing extremist groups. His next step was to interview Emily Youcis, a self-described Red Pill Girl, to talk about Charlottesville.

       Emily Youcis is from Philadelphia, and used to be known quite charmingly as The Pistachio Girl, because she was a snack vendor in the stands during Philadelphia Phillies baseball games. She lost this job late last year after the stadium concessions contractor found out that she'd attended the infamous Richard Spencer NPI forum that led to an earlier Trump denunciation. Subsequent investigations found that she'd been involved in some violent protests as well as trolling on Twitter (she's since been banned there as well).

        Regarding Charlottesville, Ms. Emily advanced the novel theory that Heather Heyer wasn't murdered at the rally at all; but instead died of a heart attack because she was fat. This is sort of a variation of Anglin's opinion that Heyer was responsible for her own death because she was too fat to get out of the way of the speeding car.

         "Yes, it is confirmed that she died of a heart attack from being fat." Emily pontificated " And her fat-ass mom rallying around for sympathy points is the real murderer. Heather's mother stuffed her daughter from a year old with soda, chips, poison; overfed that little girl---she could have been a beautiful White girl if that hadn't happened---and she murdered her."

         A rather paradoxical conclusion from a former baseball-park snack-food vendor. At any rate, Heather Heyer was 32 years old when she died; so if she was fat that can hardly be blamed on her mother. As for being a Feminist, that typically stems from hatred of men; again an attitude that usually isn't developed in girlhood.

         An interesting question is what social dynamics produce women like Emily Youcis. There is a growing number of females attracted to the Red Pill Cult which isn't exactly known for being female-friendly. Now, InsanityBytes, a blogger who occasionally comments here, wrote recently that Red Pill Women tend to have two predominant characteristics: self-loathing and vengefulness.

         I think there are some grounds for this, generally speaking. When we examine the backgrounds of many of these Alt-RINO women, we find that they were remarkable for their ill-treatment of men before they were 'red-pilled'. Some of them have been married more than once; and many admit to having being red-hot viragoes in their youths. But instead of repentance in the Christian sense, they convert to hateful Red Pill doctrines and seek to retaliate against all women as atonement for their own sins.

        Just as Red Pill men invert and appropriate radical Feminist doctrines, their female counterparts invert and appropriate Feminist attitudes. Feminists hate all men and want to punish them; Red Pill women hate their own gender and want to punish other women.

       Another noteworthy characteristic that Feminists and Red Pill women share is their overt unladylike behaviors. Emily Youcis not only acts up at violent political rallies; she's a graphic artist who produces some very vulgar material. Reading her writings and listening to her speeches shows that she's also quite the little potty-mouth; not exactly a quality most men find appealing.

        Women like Emily Youcis are poles apart from really traditional/MAWGA women---as far away as radical Feminists are. They aren't role models for young women any more than Red Pill Alphas are for young men.

Saturday, September 16, 2017


     While Anarchist jugheads are busy burning down St. Louis this weekend, the Trump Administration is concluding a successful week of boosting the US economy. Trump scored three significant trade deals this week---all in East Asia. The Corporate Media meanwhile is squawking about such far more pressing matters like a few Alt-RINOs burning Trump hats on the Internet.

      Earlier this week, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak visited the White House on the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Razak is a leader not dissimilar in character to Trump. Under his Administration, Razak has been strengthening Malaysian culture---famously standing up to Disney over their anti-family, pro-homosexual agenda. Though a predominantly Moslem country, Razak has extended liberty to Christian and other religious minorities while being an ardent foe of Jihadist groups. To the latter end, Malaysia has brought in and resettled thousands of Syrian refugees while donating millions to reconstructing Iraqi towns destroyed by ISIS.

      During the meeting, President Trump lifted some Obama-era obstructions, enabling Malaysia to purchase eight new Boeing jetliners with a purchase option on eight more. This is about a $4 billion interjection into the US Aviation industry. The two leaders also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (an agreement contingent upon Legislative approval) to sell Malaysia about $60 million in military equipment.

       A very significant development was Razak's approval of employing American contractors in the proposed Kuala Lampur-Singapore Railway project. All international business pundits had expected the contract to go to China; this is the first foreign high-speed rail project awarded to America in years. While not a significant economic boon to the US as a whole; it is symbolically important that foreign countries are welcoming American technology again.

       Other agreements reached were mutual cooperation in fighting the Jihad, criminal activities in cybercrime, and smuggling. The two countries agreed to further economic meetings to address the US-Malaysian trade imbalance. The US has been running trade deficits with Malaysia for over 30 straight years.

        In other trade-related news USDA Secretary Perdue announced that South Korea had agreed on a conditional basis to lift restrictions on US poultry and egg imports, imposed in 2014 over Avian Flu concerns. The major agricultural victory this week was Japan's agreement to lift an 11-year long embargo of American potatoes (produced in the Pacific Northwest). Idaho, Washington, and Oregon had an infestation of a type of parasite but Deep State phony environmentalism crippled attempts to eradicate the pest. These restrictions were lifted by Trump---the infestation has been suppressed, and Japan is buying again. This is an enormous boost to the nation's largest potato-producing region, which has been struggling lately. Trump has definitely proven himself the friend of farmers.

       So next week, American railroad engineers, aircraft machinists, and potato farmers can head back to work with a renewed confidence in the future. Meanwhile, the chumps in St. Louis will likely be heading to work on a rockpile, attired in striped suits.


Thursday, September 14, 2017


     Sally Quinn, one of the deepest of Deep-State denizens still haunting the Beltway Swamp, has published a new book in which she admits to practicing Satanic Black Magic and "feeling nauseated" in the presence of Sacraments. The book is titled Finding Magic: a Spiritual Memoir. In portions of it, she describes killing three people through use of Satanist maledictions and jokingly told sympathetic media fools that she's considered killing President Trump in this fashion.

     "You can't imagine the number of people who have asked me to put a hex on Donald Trump." she boasted, "I mean, I have friends lined up."

      Oh, really? Well, that statement certainly implies that a number of people in Quinn's circle of friends must share her Satanic beliefs. And more troubling is that Quinn is considered the queen of DC social life. In other words, the Deep State elites are, by Quinn's own admission, a veritable coven of warlocks and witches.

      Quinn incidentally is also the Spiritual Affairs Editor at the fake-news factory, The Washington Post. Once again, we see kinds of people whom the Corporate Media chooses as its spiritual and moral leaders.

       Few people are aware of the extent to which dangerous cults have infiltrated so-called 'Elite Society'. This isn't conjecture: it's often---as in Quinn's case---by their own admission. The Scientology Cult boasts about prominent public figures within its ranks. Any search engine quest for 'Famous Scientologists' will turn up a surprising list of well-known names. The Moonie Cult and its various affiliates and fronts own several media outlets outright and have sat on policy-making boards in the UN and both the American and South Korean governments. The Satanists are little more shady and more difficult to define; but we've seen similar allusions to Quinn's released by WikiLeaks in the Podesta Files. False neo-Christian cultists turn up in publications like The Huffington Post preaching the 'Queer Christ' and other blasphemies. It was also well known that several officials connected to the Obama Administration were at least in sympathy with the Wahhabi and Salafist Cults which have deviated from mainstream Islam.

       Liberals who have read this far are probably rolling their eyes, but we challenge you to stop and think: How do you, as part of an atheistic and 'progressive' movement really feel about your own leaders running around bowing to Satan and working Black Magic? You might answer: "Well, those things don't exist, in my opinion." Fair enough: but doesn't it bother you that your so-called Freedom from Religion is being orchestrated by people who pray to the Prince of Darkness?

        It seems to our minds that any honest Liberal would have to admit that he gets a fairer deal with Conservative Christians. At least we claim Saints and Angels; the other side thinks it's doing the bidding of demons.