Sunday, January 19, 2020


  Things have been stirring up in Virginia this weekend. January 20th is a day known in that State as Lobby Day; when citizens gather near the State Capitol to hear political speeches on various issues. This year, a group called the Virginia Citizens' Defense League is holding a rally some stupid new gun laws backed by the Democrat Governor. Ordinarily, few people in the other 49 states would even have known about this event; but this week, the FBI brought down a trio of based and Red Pilled knotheads who were plotting some mayhem at the event. 

   The FBI alerted Virginia authorities; but instead of beefing up security as most governors would do, Governor Ralph Northam had a panic attack. Aping his illustrious predecessor in Richmond--- Jefferson Davis--- Northam has practically put Richmond under martial law. He's asked the FAA for flight restrictions, imposed gun-carry regulations, declared a State Emergency and said and done all kinds of strange things. 

    Now the DNC never lets a good crisis go to waste and their trained seals in the MSM have jumped on the story. Along with their usual anti-gun propaganda, they've been promoting and fanning some of the most ridiculous Conspiracy Theories in hopes of starting  fear of a 'Second Charlottesville'. 

   For the DNC, it's a propaganda win either way. If violence happens, they can exploit it to bash Trump and the 2nd Amendment. If nothing happens then they can praise Northam's draconian policies as 'getting tough on gun nuts.' In reality, it's just another Media Circus that likely will be forgotten as the next Fake News Cycle pops up. 

   I rather doubt that much of anything noteworthy will happen tomorrow---unless some Liberal whacko can't buy any drugs and has a TDS attack. Early estimates are that over 10,000 pro-2nd Amendment demonstrators will show up---that number will far exceed the number of anti-gun counter-protesters. The Media's no doubt hoping that fears will keep numbers down. Northam and his Rainbow-Pride Attorney-General have been urging people not to show up at the rally. 

   There are others online too who believe that a False-Flag incident may happen tomorrow. While I don't doubt that they are amoral enough to do something like that, Northam and his confederates don't seem to have the intelligence to pull off anything that complicated. 

    Tomorrow's a federal holiday; so if you have the day off, go do something fun. 


Friday, January 17, 2020


   Cult leader Owen Benjamin apparently is being tormented day and night trying to figure who sent the police on their recent visit to his compound. Readers might recall that the Kitsap County Sheriff dropped by for a welfare check after Owen started spazzing out and making threats on his livestream. Likely, posting pics of his wife with a black eye hasn't helped matters.

   Between spouting some really goofy Conspiracy Theories, Owen has recently been emphasizing "I dindu nuffin'" on his podcasts. He even assured his followers that his belief in a Flat Earth means he's more emotionally stable; and the fact that he breast-fed until the age of seven gave him superior health and intelligence. 

 Despite all of this, his obsession with the police visit came to the fore yesterday. Now he thinks he knows who called on him---Gamma Trolls, of course. Owen was boasting on-stream that he had secret method for catching Gammas. According to him, a Gamma can't resist bragging, so they go to places like Reddit and take credit for doing it. 

   "On their stupid little chats---and we've got VFM and Bears everywhere---guys, you think that on your little Discords and your little Reddits that we don't have people reading that stuff? That's how you catch people, you idiots!"

   Apparently they haven't been very attentive lately, because today their Grand Pooh-Bah Vox Day was beside himself with rage over some e-mails he'd received mocking his recent screw-ups. Vox posted two of them, holding them up as examples of 'Gamma Behavior'. What the Supreme Dark Lord completely missed was that the whole thing was a gag. How do we know this? Because it's been openly announced on Reddit for the last week!

   It seems like all of those cultists who have eyes everywhere were really asleep at the switch on this one. Vox and his VFM really got stung on this one. They're still over on Vox Populi raging through the comments like it was a serious story. I guess that shouldn't be surprising considering the kinds of cornballs who actively promote this Alpha-Gamma nonsense:

    Believe it or not, this is what's being sold to people as an alternative to Liberalism and Feminism. This same bunch laughs at 'Cuckservatives' and 'Churchians' as ineffective. So far, they haven't been effective at much but making fools of themselves and getting hooted off the Internet. But that's not a bad thing; it leaves the door open for real Conservatives to do the job that needs to be done. 

Thursday, January 16, 2020


   Antonio Brown, another notorious piece of NFL flotsam, was in the news (again) recently after a viral video of himself acting like ghetto trash near his Hollywood home. Basically, he threw one of his 'baby-mommas' out of the house and smart-mouthed the police, calling them 'little man' and 'fish head' and throwing penis-shaped candies at them. Prior to this incident, he tweeted as a New Year's Resolution that he "was swearing off White Women" ----much to the benefit of half the American gene pool. 

  But this is what the NFL considers high-quality talent. This jughead is a graduate by the way of Central Michigan University---unbelievable as it seems, he was even too dumb to get into Florida State and that's really saying a lot. At any rate, this multimillionaire celebrity learned well there. During the confrontation and after he howled about how there was no justice for the Black Man in America today. 

  Needless to say, this isn't the only incident in which Brown has been conspicuous. Today the Miami Police severed their public-relations ties with Brown though it took three domestic violence reports before they finally did. His agent and his attorney both quit too. Brown responded with this tweet:

   Brown's lawyer was representing him after what the Miami Herald rather tepidly termed "a string outlandish behavior." This included a "2018 lawsuit filed in Miami-Dade County that alleges Brown caused $15,000 worth of damages to a Sunny Isles Beach condominium." The media lives out the little detail that---in this case---Brown destroyed furniture and hurled it down from 14 stories at a woman with an infant. "It seems these days as if Antonio Brown can't catch a break," the Herald's sportswriter lamented. 

   Brown's latest antics, along with the dozen or so NFL thugs jailed so far this season reminded me that the new XFL is opening in just a few weeks. For those of us who've really missed football because it disgusts us too much these days, the XFL looks very promising. Kickoff is at 11 AM Saturday, February 8th and will be televised on ABC and Fox affiliates. 


   This new league is the brainchild of veteran sports promoter Vince McMahon. Conservatives here might remember that McMahon's wife Linda---to whom he's been faithfully married for 54 years---was a GOP Senate contender and former head of the US Small Business Administration under President Trump. In 2019, she resigned to work full-time on the Trump 2020 Campaign.

   The XFL is basically a modernized, high-tech version of traditional fan/community centered football. It appeals both to older fans who miss what the game once was; and to younger fans for its innovation and sheer fun. An interesting innovation of McMahon's was to cap ticket prices to make going to games affordable and family-friendly. Most of all, it's going to make football fun again---something we haven't had in a long time.


Wednesday, January 15, 2020


   Many people are under the impression that when Liberals take over a government, they drive away businesses and discourage entrepreneurship. We know from experience here on the West Coast that such an assumption is not necessarily the case. While some industries leave or go out of business; the door is opened for new, more progressive enterprises. Industries like marijuana growing; prescription drug manufacturing; gay bars; diversity enforcement agencies; trial lawyers and bail bondsmen all have seen explosive growth rates under Liberalism.

   Our once-great neighbor to the North---Canada---went down the tubes a long time ago. The country is a really big reason why we in America really need to upgrade our military and strengthen our borders; Canada's become so hopelessly weak that it's a sitting-duck for any power that desires to take it down. If they actually had anything worth taking anymore, it probably would have happened by now. 

  Now, Canada is already a significant exporter of narcotics, white slavery, and even terrorists to the United States. But one company in Calgary has come up with an exciting new development---they're now renting sex dolls. And the company---Natrl Dolls---has been doing so well that they're expanding to Vancouver where they're sure to tap into the massive market of perverts inhabiting America's Pacific Northwest. 

   For readers who don't regularly read Manosphere/Red Pill blogs, an explanation might be necessary. While technology---especially in plastics---has improved the umm...'quality' of sex dolls considerably, the cost is still prohibitive to many of these would-be Alphas; especially considering that most of them don't have actual jobs. The State-run Canadian Media pointed out that renting these ersatz ladies costs about 1/10 as much as buying one. It's even cheaper than conventional prostitution. It's actually quite the perfect set-up for most Red Pills: they can simultaneously use a woman for sex while never having to come in contact with an actual female! And best of all (from their perspective) it's cheap. 


    I wonder if these things are made in China? 😒 

    The owner of the rental service---who apparently was too ashamed to give his name to the press and spoke to the CBC on condition of anonymity---explained "The company will show up in a discreet car with a box that looks like it holds musical equipment. The staff follow the instructions left for them on the booking website — whether that includes dropping off the box for you to set up or setting the scene for you. They will put on makeup and spritz a bit of perfume tailored to each doll's personality."

   Yes---lest anyone think that those who rent these dolls are simply shallow, these things have umm...'personalities' too. 

  "Beyond just the physical features, like different bodies and hair and even elf ears, each doll comes with its own story and personality." Anonymous Owner explained, "Ariana, for example, is a 26-year-old bikini model from Venezuela, while Bella comes from an Icelandic clan of mushroom forest elves where women are forbidden from refusing sex to their lovers."

   And mostly importantly of all, Natrl Dolls shares Canada's commitment to diversity:
"Cameron, the sole male of the bunch, is pretty much up for anything, and while he's not as popular as the women,  he's been kept pretty busy."

   Is it just me, or does it seem like Trump wants to build a wall on the wrong border? 

  Anyway, these jokers can keep their plastic bananas. The real thing is good enough for me 

Tuesday, January 14, 2020


   In a move apparently designed to deflect growing disaffection from among the cultists---over promises which never got delivered--- Vox Day recently blew the dust off a dormant project and unveiled what he called Social Galactic 2.0. The first incarnation of this "alternative" to Twitter didn't survive a week before the European Union shut it down. The new platform was in violation of an EU law designed to protect user privacy from harvested and doxxed by the platform owners. The law has both advantages and disadvantages: but it does keep psycho cultists like Coddington Bear from putting people on 'watch lists.'  

   Vox and Co. responded by moving operations from EU Finland to Non-EU Switzerland behind a front company called Infogalactic. Readers may recall that this company bears the same name as Vox' semi-defunct 'Wikipedia Alternative.' It also is the front company for the shady Unauthorized TV. According to the Swiss Business Registry, Infogalactic AG was formed in 2017; about a year after Vox' Wikipedia-clone was unveiled. Their purpose is defined as "providing services in the field of online software and trade in related products." It seems a bit of a stretch from that to running social media services and vlogging: especially considering that the latter take subscriptions for services.

   An even more interesting stretch is that Infogalactic AG was formerly a company named Mevico AG, which seems to have been involved in questionable offshore financial activities.  The new CEO is a man named Gilbert Jeiziner. For being appointed to such an awesome responsibility as running Infogalactic, SG2.0 and Unauthorized TV, Jeiziner doesn't seem to have much background in business. In fact, there's very little information about him on the Web anywhere. Business Directories list his name and affiliation to Infogalactic AG; but practically nothing else; not even e-mail addresses. That's a bit unusual for CEOs, who typically flood their pages with information. 

   The typical shadiness around a Vox Day project aside; Social Galactic was conceived after Vox and other cultists got kicked off Twitter for repeatedly violating rules against doxxing and spamming. They migrated over to Gab. That worked out alright until Vox' poltroonery in the wake of the Charlottesville debacle. Several dissenters began criticizing him; and Vox flew into a rage threatening to sue Gab CEO Andrew Torba in Australia unless Torba turned over names of people allegedly defaming him. Sound familiar? Torba basically told Vox to go take a walk. 

Andrew TorbaPRO · @a
If our registrar requires us to remove something again we will publish it here and let everyone know that you whined to them because someone hurt your feelings with mean words on the internet.


   After months of blustering and chest-thumping, the Supreme Dark Lord rather ingloriously threw up the sponge.  And so, the Manly Alpha Leaders finally have their Safe Space---or so they think. This clip from SG 2.0 just turned up on Reddit: 

    Well, hunting down the mole ought to keep Jeiziner and the other spergs busy for awhile. Meanwhile, us 'Gammas and Beta Chumps' will be doing productive things.

Monday, January 13, 2020


   Readers might remember that when the illustrious Barack Obama was on the throne; he and his henchmen set in motion various schemes to emasculate (or finish emasculating) the US Military. Sadly, President Trump hasn't made significant progress (so far) in rooting out the Obama trash from the Pentagon. But there is something that we can do to help. 

   Back in the Summer of 2016, when our pre-Trump culture had hit just about its lowest ebb; Obama and his cronies decided to build a new Destroyer and name it after San Francisco politician Harvey Milk---a thug and a homosexual rapist who was assassinated in office. The new Destroyer is coming online shortly and John Horvat of Return to Order is urging us to petition the Administration to stop the Navy nitwits from shaming our forces even more, and to choose another name. 

   Horvat's petition-drives have been successful in the past. This one is currently about 2,500 signatures short of its 20,000 goal. So feel free to share with others online. 

Sunday, January 12, 2020


   For those who've tired of hearing endless Orange Man Bad propaganda lately, the US Justice Department published an encouraging article on Friday. The DOJ's Civil Division published the results of 2019's enforcement of the False Claims Act. The results? Over $3 billion in fraud saved to the taxpayers. The False Claims Act was passed under our last Conservative President, Ronald Reagan. The Trump Administration is actually enforcing it again.

   About 87% of these frauds were Obamacare abuses. However, other crooked government contractors got caught as well. Early 2019 was a busy time for me personally; blogging slowed down a lot and I found a couple of stories in the article that I'd missed (and it wasn't like the MSM would report them or anything). 

   Duke University: home of the infamous Lacrosse Sexual Assault scandal that turned out to be nothing but a giant hoax. Four innocent men were held up to public humiliation---sacrificed on the Altar of Political Correctness. Well, it seems that back in March, Duke was caught in another scandal: this one cost the university a fat $112 million. 

  It seems that "between 2006 and 2018, Duke knowingly submitted and caused to be submitted claims to the NIH and to the EPA that contained falsified or fabricated data or statements in thirty (30) grants, causing the NIH and EPA to pay out grants funds they otherwise would not have.  Specifically, the United States contends that the results of certain research related to mice conducted by a Duke research technician in its Airway Physiology Laboratory, as well as statements based on those research results, were falsified and/or fabricated. Duke knowingly falsified data to claim millions of grant dollars from the National Institutes of Health,” 

  NPR actually wrote an article containing the text of the Judgment, which is an enlightening read in and of itself about how the Academic Mafia pressures its researchers to fake results and then throw these same stooges under the bus when they get caught. In one part of the testimony, a researcher describes financially-interested parties actually coming to the lab with complete test results and instructing them to make sure that their experiments matched those results. At least three dozen of these fake studies too got published in Academic 'peer-reviewed' journals. These researches could lead to product patents; and we all know how much Corporate America donates to universities. Seriously, what a scam. And it's doubtful that Duke is the only institution of higher learning doing things like this. 
  Frankly speaking, I would have cut off all of Duke's federal funding. But part of the agreement is that all future funding is going to be subject to monitoring and audits. 
  The second story, from last April, should also have been a major news story. Over the last several years, NASA has been an international laughingstock for the number of rocket crashes and missile failures occasioned under its programs. Since Trump began his Swamp Draining initiatives, some investigators within NASA were emboldened to look into the problem. They discovered that several of these failures occurred because aluminum extrusions failed; and that these same extrusions tested at lower tensile strength than required by NASA specifications. The contractor supplying them, it later came out, had been falsifying tensile strength tests since 1996. 
   The contractor has since gone under and several of its corporate leaders are in jail. The successor trust agreed to pay $46 million in damages. The money here isn't the important part of the story: the damage that these nitwits did to the prestige of the American Aerospace programs is incalculable. It should be noted here that these same faulty extrusions were also built into anti-ballistic missiles purchased by the US military. These are the missiles designed to shoot down incoming warheads onto American soil. The Pentagon estimates about $15 million in repair costs; but having ABMs fail at the critical moment would have been a real disaster. 
   Thank goodness that Trump was elected or much of this never would have come to light. Here's hoping that 2020 (and the following fours years) will see more Swamp Draining.