Tuesday, January 16, 2018


    Vice-President and Mrs. Pence are regular churchgoers. This Sunday, they visited the Metropolitan Baptist Church but weren't prepared for what would happen next. 

     It seems that the pastor, one Maurice Watson, spotted the Vice-President in the congregation and suffered an attack of Trump Derangement Syndrome. As the shocked audience looked on, the Reverend Watson stopped in mid-sermon to fly into anti-Trump tirade. 

     Watson was nearly apoplectic; and for no reason. The source of his outrage over some alleged remarks Trump made at a meeting---which is now being exposed as a hoax. As for Pence: he wasn't even present at that meeting. But in the paroxysms of a TDS attack, nothing but blind rage---directed at any personal or even symbolic representative of Trump, motivates behavior. 

      There's no point in reciting here what Watson said: since they were based on fake news, his comments have no relevance to anything worthy of discussion. The Media Hyenas are of course applauding this outbreak of insanity and breach of ecclesiastical decorum. But the real story should have been Pence's dignified and classy reaction. He refused to leave the church and listened respectfully as befitting a Christian in the House of God. Although we have to go to the foreign press to read it; the Vice-President afterwards issued a statement to the effect that he wasn't embarrassed by it and that the man was entitled to his own opinion. 

        However, we don't think it amiss here to remark that if Pastor Watson is really concerned about degrading minorities, he should visit some of the nearby neighborhoods in Baltimore and Washington and ask himself why he isn't doing much to alleviate the degrading crime, poverty, and drugs rampant in his own backyard. 

        As of this writing, the Baptist Conventions have yet to issue a statement, but we predict that they soon will. Quite a few Baptists happen to be Trump supporters. 


Monday, January 15, 2018


     There's been a video going viral on the Manospherian sites lately about Soy-Boys. Apparently, the Red Pills have imbibed the notion that the decline in American masculinity is somehow connected to consuming too many soy products in childhood. Cultures which consume large quantities of soy never produce masculine men, right?

        Nonetheless, the Alpha-Boys have taken the idea and run with it. In a gushing review of Soy Boys, Red Pill Cultist Sfcton believes that he has hit upon a revelation. So he informs us that what separates Alphas from Soy-Boys is their capacity for violence. Because again, we all know that spoiled, soft, Snowflakes have no capacity to commit violent acts, right?

     The capacity for violence is inherent in men. Civilized men channel that capacity into constructive channels. What actually separates men from thugs is their capacity to control violence. That is, use it in only as a means of self or communal defense. And even then excessive violence---employing more than is necessary to incapacitate the enemy---is morally wrong. This doesn't mean compromising with evil, either. Harry Truman was one of our most devout Christian presidents; yet he had no qualms about using atomic weapons to force the unconditional surrender of Japan and end WW2. 

        Violence without morality is simply thuggery and terrorism. Sfcton apparently sensed this inconsistency and tries to weave Red Pill Gnosticism into his argument: "Same with turning the other cheek. You cannot turn the other cheek if you lack the capacity for retribution...the worst kinds of chumps church up their b----h status with religious edicts."

        This is wrong again. Christ taught his Church that turning the other cheek was an act of Faith---that God would judge. What he and other Red Pills don't understand that turning the other cheek doesn't refer to personal defense at all; but refers to attacks of any kind on the polity of the Church. The entire passage refers to Ecclesiastical Discipline. 

       In the comments section, Sfcton clarifies further to his applauding disciples: "Sheep always see Christ as the Lamb. Men see Christ as the Lion."

        Apparently including John the Baptist, who announced Christ by saying: "Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the world's sin!"  Or for that matter, Jesus Himself, who stated: "But because you are not My sheep, you refuse to listen. My sheep listen to My voice: I know them and they follow Me." (St. John x:26-27). 

         And the Apostle St. Peter had occasion to mention lions: "Your adversary, the Devil, is walking about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, and stand firm in your Faith; knowing that your brothers and sisters throughout the world are undergoing the same suffering." (I St. Pet. v:8-9). 

         The Red Pills make the same theological error as some Pacifist Christian sects, who proscribe violence under any circumstances. They go to the opposite extreme, though, and make violence a Holy Act of Obligation. The moral approach to violence is a medium between the two, as St. Augustine taught. Thus Sfcton is wrong again when he says: "If you're the kind of guy who has to call 9-1-1 when someone is kicking in your door, you're a b---h." The reason civilized societies have armies and police forces is because (in theory) they are acting under the moral authority of a lawful government. In instances where individuals have to use force independently, there is always an official inquest for the same reason. What you do if someone is kicking in your door is call 9-1-1 first; then prepare yourself to take action only if you have to. 

         It doesn't make one more of a man to drive a nail with a sledgehammer and then sneer at men who (appropriately) use a tack-hammer. It's the same with violence---it's how and when it's used that makes a man. 


Sunday, January 14, 2018


     Despite a denial from the White House and various Senators, the Corporate Media is still pretending that the President actually made derogatory remarks about conditions in Third World countries. Left-Wing politicians have joined in the booing chorus, because, as we residents of the West Coast all know, Leftist-run cities in no way resemble the Third World. Right? Let's look at a few of these Socialist Workers' Paradises:

Seattle: 'America's Greenest City' ranks tops in rats, roaches, and bedbugs, according to HUD. Wouldn't you like to be shopping here:

Or Portland. Another 'compassionate' Liberal city where nearly a dozen people froze to death on the streets last Winter:

And 'progressive' cities like Sacramento, where you don't find dangerous narco-gangs like the Third World, right?


And then there's Oakland, the crime and drug-capital of the West Coast:

San Francisco takes the 's---hole' meme literally. The city actually has to close streets to pedestrians because the human feces and drug paraphernalia have made them impassible. BART escalators routinely break down because they are jammed with human excrement:

Then we come to Santa Barbara, 'The American Riviera'. Home to some of the most aggressive street-bums in the country. Such beautiful beach-fronts:

Los Angeles boasts a district known as 'Murder Alley' in South Central. Parts of this home to the Liberal Hollywood glitterati look indistinguishable from Latin American barrios: 

And San Diego, likewise:

And last but not least, Honolulu, which, well, is another pit:

And this is just the West Coast. According to UN statistics, the US ranks 8th in homicides, higher than Pakistan and Colombia. We have the worst drug addiction rates bar none; our abortion and out-of-wedlock birth rates are higher than South American or African nations. Our infant mortality rate is about the same as Cuba and Malaysia---the absolute worst in the developed world.

America's combined rate of functional and complete illiteracy is 43%; unofficial unemployment rates during Obama's second term was estimated at 24%. A higher percentage of Americans live in poverty than citizens of Morocco and Albania do; by the US government's own statistics.  

That's the country that the Deep State left for the Trump Administration to clean up. It wouldn't hurt us in the least if the Left-Wing media started worrying a little bit more about the s---holes in our own backyard than they are about making up fake news stories. 

Saturday, January 13, 2018


     So out in the sunny Pacific today, residents of the Hawaiian Islands spent the morning in near panic. While mass-hysteria isn't uncommon in the deep-blue states of the West, this outbreak actually had an underlying reason. 

    An Emergency Alert was issued around 8 A.M. Hawaiian time which read: "Ballistic Missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill."

    This turned out to be a false alarm. But in the fallout (no pun intended) of the whole incident, one question is going unasked:

     If this were a real ICBM attack---is that the type of warning that should be considered appropriate? There's no information as to what type of missile to which this referred. They tell us to seek shelter without telling us where to go. Since the great 'progressive' President Carter eliminated Civil Defense programs (except for the state-of-the-art shelter in Washington DC protecting the 'Elites), most Americans have no idea what to do in the event of an atomic attack. 

      There was a viral video, for example, of some ignoramus hustling his family into a storm-drain. Those underground vaults are death-traps in a real bombing. Not only do they cave in, but high-voltage wires break and so do water mains. Some will also flood with inflammable gas when the gas lines break; or deadly toxic sewer lines break. Never go to a place like that in an emergency---and basements are no better, by the way. 

      So clearly, we need to rethink emergency responses. Russia, China, Iran, and many other countries have clearly established and upgraded concentration zones for this very problem. 

      Now the other issue is determining how this false alert happened. The White House stated that it appeared to be a problem at the State level. Michael Kucharek of NORAD stated that his agency was investigating, as did FCC Chair Ajit Pai.  Naturally, the Whacko Left-Wing were spreading 'false flag' rumors and media saps like 'comedian' Jim Carrey couldn't wait to bash Trump:

       "If we allow this one-man Gomorrah and his corrupt Republican Congress to continue alienating the entire world, we are all headed for suffering beyond all imagination." Carrey pontificated, apparently oblivious to the incalculable damage that Hollywood has done to America's global image. 

       Some on the Right have speculated that it was really a Deep-State ploy to embarrass Trump. That's certainly a more a plausible theory; but if it's true, the Federal investigation had better hold some people accountable. 

       As usual, it's best to draw objective lessons from the mishap and not jump into finger-pointing until NORAD and the FCC have determined exactly where the fingers need be pointed. 

Friday, January 12, 2018


       On a Friday that's seen some actual newsworthy events, the US Corporate Media has been engaging in collective arm-flapping over some allegedly inflammatory remarks the President made during a Senate Conference. With the Fire and Fury expose going the way of the Golden Shower Hoax, the denizens of the Deep State are prowling about like a pack of hyenas looking for some other non-issue to distract public attention from the Administration's achievements. 

        So going outside the US Media, we note the headlines in the Chinese outlet, The Global Times and read the following: "Trump Denies S------e Countries Remark." That really should be about all we need to hear unless credible sources say otherwise. The Global Times goes to tell us about their sources (emphasis ours):

       "Trump made the remarks, people briefed on the meeting told the Washington Post."


       "The New York Times later reported the same story, citing sources with direct knowledge of the meeting."

       Like Michael Wolff's interviewees, the women whom Trump allegedly groped, the unnamed sources privy to Trump's dealings with Russia; etc.: these are the products of somebody's imagination whispered in some yellow-journalist's ear and palmed off on the public as truth. 

        The only actual named source to any of this is Senator Richard Durbin, who's no stranger to making bigoted remarks himself and is a notorious liar. Nothing this man ever says should be accepted at face value. 

        In fact, Durbin's quotes sound suspiciously like they were copied from another Catholic-hating xenophobic bigot like Michael Savage, who references Third World countries in the same language regularly. It wouldn't be surprising in the least if Durbin were secretly a regular listener to the Savage Nation. Savage has the same dislike for immigrants from Catholic countries as Durbin has. He's accused Latin American and Caribbean countries of sending immigrants "to fill Church pews" and "give the Priests more alter-boys to molest." When Melania and Ivanka attended Mass at the Vatican, Savage called the Ceremony "mumbo-jumbo and incense." Durbin---like most 'tolerant' Liberals---feels about the same way. His constituency in Illinois is made up of old-school George Wallace-type Democrats: the types who, during the Civil War, supported the Confederacy because they were keeping Blacks from migrating North. 

         The bottom line here is: Trump is innocent until proven guilty of said remarks. And he probably never will be proven guilty because he never said them. And as for the Corporate Media: the world's biggest public latrines are their own newsrooms---where the excrement seems to flow and where they wallow on a daily basis. 

Thursday, January 11, 2018


    Paul Carter, a 47 year-old resident of Milwaukee was sentenced to 21 years in jail today after confessing guilt to multiple counts of sex trafficking and forced labor. President Trump announced earlier this month a crackdown on this type of crime. 

     Sex trafficking as a crime is widely misunderstood. Radical Feminists have widely exaggerated the extent of the crime; on the other hand Manosphere Red Pills practically deny its existence. Both sides are wrong. While sex trafficking isn't as widespread as the media implies; it causes considerable collateral damage to both the victims, their families, and the community at large. 

       Some in the Manosphere hold that sex trafficking is mostly a victimless crime. To that, we can take Paul Carter at his own words, because here is what he confessed to doing, from an FBI Press Release:

      "After recruiting young women to dance at exotic nightclubs with false promises of more money and a better life, Carter used a combination of physical violence, isolation, emotional manipulation, and threats to harm the victims' families to exert control over the victims and compel them to perform commercial sex acts."

     It sounds like Carter 'knew Game'. That description sounds much like what most Red Pills recommend to curb the Sins of Eve and Female Hypergamy. 

     Among things Carter confessed to doing was branding women with hot irons; kicking a girl's teeth out; throwing another out of a two-story window; locking them in closets; sticking guns down their throats, etc. And he carried out these activities for 12 years.

      Of course, some Red Pills will snort that the women didn't resist and probably enjoyed this type of submission. Suffice it to say, they would have a much different opinion were the genders reversed. 

       People aren't always in a position where escape is possible. During WW2, Korea, and Vietnam, for example, POWs were told that a successful escape would result in the summary execution of comrades left behind. In Fascist and Communist regimes, innocent family members are killed for one's non-compliance. And of course, torture can be quite persuasive. Carter was really no different in his approach. 

       When societies abandon the idea that men are the providers and protectors of women, creatures like Carter and the Red Pills are the inevitable result. Feminism has created a worse atmosphere of objectification than existed before. Trying to value women and men by the same standards inevitably turns women into sexual commodities, bought and sold like livestock.


Tuesday, January 9, 2018


     Along with his many other vices, Red Pill Cultist Vox Day is also a notorious cyber-bully. On the Vox Populi site, he and his disciples are hooting an internal e-mail from Google that one of his sympathizers leaked to him. It is from one Colin McMillan who, judging by the context, appears to be some sort of cybersecurity technician. McMillan writes:

     "The specific part I'm concerned with the leaks to Vox Day is: that it was done by a Googler. [i.e. a Google employee] Said Googler knows that Vox Day and his followers have a history of doxxing various 'SJWs' whom they dislike. Whoever leaked this knew full well what they were doing, and that it would put specific Googlers' lives in potential danger; and leaked confidential communications intentionally, knowing these things. And thinking that Vox Day is on their side, otherwise why would they have leaked to him in particular? Whoever did this should not only be fired, but arrested for reckless endangerment of human life." 

      It sounds as though McMillan has fairly good grasp of Vox and his disciples' characters. Vox even displayed this e-mail for the public ridicule of his Alpha-Minions who have been exhausting their puny imaginations thinking up fiendish ways to exploit this intelligence. Vox himself boasted of his infiltrators and how 'SJWs' like McMillan were just cowards and engaging in a witch hunt. 

      Vox accuses Google of censorship and being 'SJW converged'. Besides encouraging leaks within Google; encouraging doxxing and harassing its employees; Vox has also praised the infamous Google Manifesto; and encourages his disciples to use other search engines. Yet, it is interesting that both Vox Populi and Alpha Game Plan are hosted on Blogger---which is owned by Google. 

      Some censorship. And if one does a Google Search for 'Vox Day', he's not exactly buried several pages deep. Really the only Red Pill site Google ever 'censored' was The Daily Stormer---and even that was for legal liability reasons and not for blog content. 

      Despite Vox' mockery, McMillan and Google have good reasons for ferreting out leakers and considering their lives in danger. As he indicated in the leaked e-mail, McMillan is well aware that he's dealing with fanatics who are capable of nearly anything. It's simply common sense that whoever is feeding Vox these leaks puts his loyalty to his cult-leader above even his own job security. And these people are also correct in that Vox has had a long track-record of cyberbullying both real and perceived enemies---and encouraging his disciples to go even further. 

      Recall that this is a guy who admires mass-murderers like Mullah Omar and Anders Breivik; and thus McMillan is prudent enough to understand that all it will take is one kook wanting to be a hero in Vox' eyes to flip out and put Google employees in imminent danger. 

       Also, consider that it is not simply a matter of employees at Google but users of Google products who could be put at risk as well. There is no indication that that has happened; but it certainly could happen unless Google management puts its foot down; and puts it down hard on the leakers. We're not talking here about a transparency issue such as with whistleblowers like Julian Assange or Edward Snowden. The leakers inside Google are not exposing internal corruption or violations of law; they are targeting opponents of a cult within the organization so that they can be intimidated and harassed by the cultists. 

       As for Google and free speech; just consider that they put up with this kind of treachery out of Vox and others like him and still afford him a platform. It doesn't take much discernment here to see who the good guys and bad guys are in this little melodrama.