Tuesday, June 27, 2017


     During the last few months, the ringleaders of the Alt-Right Red Pill Cult have been attacking Conservatism and Christianity with as much vigor as the Radical Left. These guys have denounced Buckleyites, The National Review, Red State, the Vatican, and the Southern Baptist Convention as "SJW converged" that is, co-opted by the Left.

    So now Vox Day has decided that Oath Keepers is not sufficiently ideologically pure. Oath Keepers are something like an updated version of the old Posse Comitatus groups of the 1960s and 1970s; except that Oath Keepers' membership is more or less restricted to current and former military and police-related personnel. The Oath Keepers get their name from a vow each member takes upon joining requiring them to disobey any unconstitutional order given them by a superior. The group has about 30,000 members and is fairly intersectional as to its demographics. They often network with other activist groups which have similar goals.

      Vox has been having an online tantrum all day after an Oath Keeper posted a great story about how his 12 year-old adopted son chased away a gang of adult Red Pill bullies. The commentary following was supportive of the family; denouncing the Red Pills for the punks that they are; and saying negative things about anti-Semites and Supremacists in general. The Oath Keepers understand that the Constitution exists to protect everyone; not just those special interests on the political fringes.

     Predictably, Vox turned his minions and trolls loose on the Oath Keeper who posted this story; sneering about 'Oathcucks' and complaining that the moderators are actually trying to keep civil debate on their own forum.

     "The Oath Keepers are intellectual, moral and physical cowards." Vox boasts, "Frightened little b-----s who can't stand up to debate and criticism, let alone open derision. And these cowardly losers are going to stand up to the might of the US government when it orders them around?"

     So says a cowardly loser who hides behind a keyboard in Europe and tells Americans how to behave. Vox, though, accuses the Oath Keepers of cowardice---as he previously did the Southern Baptists---because "they are afraid that someone will call them Racists."

     This is how the convoluted logic of the Red Pill fanatic works, To these people, their cult simply is. Nobody can oppose or even disagree with them as a matter of principle; they must have evil motives.

     Here is a part of the story that appeared on the Oath Keepers' site. Judge for yourselves who the real cowards are:

     "We had stopped at a Dairy Queen for a Blizzard after church. I saw a trio of burly young men in Trump Hats at a corner table...To cut a long story short, these ruffians rapidly took an unwelcome interest in me and my son, nudging each other, looking in our direction, and whispering among themselves. I should note that my son is Eritrean; we adopted him through our church.

      "Then these miscreants began making hooting noises and laughing!...I turned to them and said, 'Do you gentlemen have a problem?'  'Yeah,' replied one in a Pepe-the-Frog shirt, 'We don't want your kind in here! Take your kid back home to Iraq; we hate race-traitors like you! This is Trump country now.'"

      It was at this point that the man's son suddenly spoke up and had the manhood to assert his rights. The Red Pills were forced to slink away in shame under the jeers and derision of the DQ patrons and staff. Wouldn't any father be proud of a son like that?


Monday, June 26, 2017


    The US Corporate Media has become one enormous Troll Factory. They will go out of their ways to spread lies and distractions to the point that they are better ignored than taken seriously about anything.

     This weekend, between their adulations over Homo Pride displays, the Corporate Media indignantly attacked President Trump for not celebrating a Ramadan feast at the White House. It was quite a commentary on the state of our society: a bunch of angry non-Moslems complaining that a non-Moslem president didn't celebrate a Moslem holiday; but this is what passes for an important national issue in the Prozac Nation.

      The fake-news outlets, however, spun the story two different ways. According to one lie, Trump broke a 200 year-old tradition; the more discreet Media liars simply called it "a decades-old tradition." Now for the facts.

      Lie #1 is based on an obscure incident that happened in 1805. President Thomas Jefferson had a Ramadan meal prepared at the White House so as not to offend a visiting Arab prince. Jefferson and the Prince were negotiating an important Anti-Piracy Treaty that had led to actual armed conflict between the US and some North African principalities. This was a one-time event and hardly a 'tradition'. Common sense alone tells us that some of our more devout Christian presidents never celebrated Ramadan.

      Lie #2 is more like a strong prevarication---one thing that the Media is especially good at doing. Trump technically did "break a decades-long tradition". Two decades, to be exact. The jolly duo of Bill and Hilary Clinton, with Al Gore in tow, started up this inclusive initiative shortly after the 1996 Election. The RINOs in the Bush Administration kept it going as a cynical public-relations ploy to dispel rumors that they hated Moslems. Obama, naturally, was eager to keep the 'tradition' alive.

      So much for another Media myth. Actually what Trump did was restore a tradition of not celebrating Islamic holidays in the White House. Isn't it interesting that the same Media who howls about public Christian displays are offended by the lack of Moslem ones? But this is what one would expect from people whose spiritual guides do things like portraying Christ as a homosexual  and practicing cannibalism. If "by the fruits ye shall know them", I think that we're all safer following President Trump.

Sunday, June 25, 2017


     The American Pacific Coast is experiencing a heat wave that began around Thursday and is expected to last until Wednesday. It isn't as though the Coast hasn't gotten hot during the Summer before; but in recent years, weather anomalies are causes for mass hysteria.

     Today in the Prozac Nation, Americans feel entitled to good weather. It isn't fair that it sometimes rains during parades; it's too hot or cold outside; or it snows and freezes where it shouldn't. And as paranoia generally goes hand-in-hand with an Entitlement Mentality, (and drug abuse) someone has to be held accountable for bad weather.

     There are two main conspiracy theories for weather-victims. One theory holds that climate change is caused by industrialization. Proof of this is that the polar regions have been going through a prolonged warm spell. The other holds that the Elites are causing climate change through weather-modification technologies. Proof of this is that jet aircraft have been observed in the skies leaving condensation trails shortly before a weather event.

      (Note: the proper name for this aerial phenomenon is contrail; not chemtrail as is in popular culture. Contrail is old Air Force slang for hot jet fuel exhaust meeting cold atmosphere temperatures and condensing into a cloud. Chemtrail is a neologism coined by those who hold that these trails are chemicals being dispersed from aircraft).

       This obsession Americans have with the weather is a fairly recent phenomenon, in spite of the fact that earlier cultures were much more affected by weather changes than we are. In the past, though, instead of playing the victim card, Americans thought up inventions to cope with adverse environmental conditions. In the days before American schoolchildren were taught to despise dead white males, we were taught that Benjamin Franklin saved untold millions in lives and property by inventing the lightning-rod. We used to build dams, canals, and levees to control floods and droughts; technologies helped us control wildfires and new safety features protected us from storms and blizzards.

      But today, our infrastructure is in a state of collapse. It's a lot easier for politicians to 'fight global warming' by raising taxes and funneling the cash into bogus front-groups than it is to do useful things like improving infrastructure. Today, China, Israel, and Germany have been the leaders in infrastructure technologies. American infrastructure technology is centered on LGBTQ-friendly toilets and producing better strains of marijuana.

       All this weather-hysteria is distraction: designed to profit interest groups while diverting Ameroboob attention from demanding solutions to weather-phenomenon that actually work. The interest-groups riot in the loot and laugh up their sleeves while other countries deal with the problems. But such is our Enlightened Exceptionalism that we pay no attention to any of this, because our culture rewards victims; scientists, not so much.



Saturday, June 24, 2017


     Male Supremacy is a central teaching of the Red Pill Cult. Like the Radical Feminists, they deny gender polarity---the fact that men and women are equal in the sense that they are complimentary to one another. To support these theories, the Red Pills extract various verses of Scripture to give plausible authority to their blasphemies. They reject any contrary opinions as heresy.

      Dalrock, one of the ringleaders of the cult, holds the extremist position that women are denied any authority in spiritual guidance to the point where counseling women in domestic violence situations is forbidden. In his most recent article, Dalrock ridicules some other pastors who've tried to solve a particular conundrum: how do a few bits of Scripture that argue against female spirituality balance against so much of the Bible that depicts very spiritual women---many of whom were teachers?

      The answer, as always, is context. There is no contradiction in Scripture; only in how it is interpreted. One of Dalrock's favorite verses is from St. Paul's 1st Epistle to the Corinthians, which reads (in the original Greek): "In your assemblies, let the women be silent; for it is not allowed for them to speak, but to be in subjection as the {Mosaic} Law also says. But if they wish to learn anything, let them ask their own husbands at home, for it is a shame to let women speak in the assembly." (xiv:34-35)

      If we examine the passages immediately preceding and those following these verses, we see that St. Paul was discussing the spiritual Gift of Prophesy, and abuses of it going on in the Corinthian Church. He was asking that the women not interfere with the proceedings but to clarify their questions in private, so not as to disrupt the assembly. The entire text of the Epistle deals with a Church where authority has broken down, and the passage must be understood in that light.

     Dalrock's second favorite obsession is with a verse from the First Epistle to St. Timothy. Here St. Paul explains that women are not allowed to teach, but to be in subjection to male authority. The point that Dalrock misses is that St. Paul and St. Timothy were both bishops and that this passage had to do with the ecclesiastical hierarchy. Women were not allowed to hold positions of 'teaching'---that is, in this case, fulfilling the functions of priest, bishop, cardinal, pope, etc.

      An Anonymous writer expressed it beautifully this way: "The absolute difference between the genders is in the giving of Life. By natural law, only women can give physical life by serving as mothers. By supernatural law, only men can give spiritual life to the faithful by serving as priests...Mary displayed the fullest extent of maternal calling by becoming the Mother of Christ, who is God, while Christ displayed the highest extent of priestly calling by becoming our High Priest before the Father."

       What a contrast to the repulsive teachings of the Red Pills, who instead bend Scriptures to fit the 'Game' philosophy, wherein force and fraud rule over all. They reject any notions of Complimentarianism---although the Scriptures clearly teach that instead of their heathenish idolatry of the Alpha Uebermensch.

       The 2nd Epistle of St. John and various passages from the Acts of the Apostles make it clear that convents, and female teaching orders existed in Apostolic times---by the very men who learned from Christ Himself. When in 1st Timothy, St. Paul mentions that "women will be saved in childbearing" this includes things like teaching and nurturing children. Mother Teresa for example, 'bore children' not literally, but spiritually.

        So once again, Dalrock and his disciples make fools of themselves, because any of the stereotypical nuns with a twelve-inch ruler understand women's roles in the Church far better than any of the Gamers do.

Friday, June 23, 2017


    For those few readers who still remember Pizzagate, the suspect in the only act of violence that grew out of that short-lived hysteria was sentenced to four years in prison today. Edgar Welch faced 35 years maximum for a botched vigilante raid on the Comet Pizzeria in Washington, DC. During the trial, Welch ended up pleading guilty and the general consensus of the Court seemed to be that he was nothing but a dupe; hence the judge issued the mandatory minimum sentence and a near $6,000 fine to pay for damages to the pizzeria. So Welch fades into history---a sadder but wiser man.

       Pizzagate was really one of the strangest Conspiracy Theories that ever gripped the Prozac Nation. The theory alleged that high-profile members of the Deep State were operating a child sex-trafficking ring out of the Comet Pizzeria in Washington, DC. This was based on some e-mails released by Wiki Leaks which referenced DNC staffers ordering pizza. Pizzagate proponents bypassed several actually incriminating e-mails to imagine that these e-mails were coded messages related to sex trafficking.

       As we noted at the time, it's actually not that uncommon for political campaigns to communicate in codes---especially when dealing with campaign strategies or dealing with false allegations. Given the number of insider leaks, it's actually a prudent policy. It's something that's always gone on in American politics; one can find among Thomas Jefferson's letters coded campaign messages. There's even a decoding machine which Jefferson himself invented on display at Monticello.

       That aside, Pizzagate was remarkable for having not one piece of tangible evidence to support it. Unlike other Conspiracy Theories, there was never anything like video footage, recorded tapes, eyewitness testimony---nothing beyond speculation. The theory that holds Sandy Hook as a hoax has ex-law enforcement and criminologists who question the official narrative, Pizzagate never even had that.

      In fact, common sense alone would tell one that the Comet Pizzeria would be one of the worst possible locations for a large-scale criminal enterprise---especially one involved in human trafficking. President Obama used to eat there and the FBI Headquarters are less than 10 miles away. We're talking about a restaurant that was likely frequented by police, military, security, and intelligence operatives on a daily basis. When Welch attacked the Comet Pizzeria, the entire block was surrounded by police in less than five minutes.

      Welch's actions led to the ongoing national debate about censoring so-called 'fake news'. Theories like Pizzagate themselves aren't especially dangerous; the problem is that they are fanned by people with national platforms who intentionally are trolling to incite actual violence and harm to others. What Welch's case really shows us is that the demagogues and trolls aren't the ones who get punished for acting on their advice. Their tools are the ones who end up dead or in prison while the demagogues sell books and go on radio shows and rake in the loot.

       Don't be an Edgar Welch. Question what you hear and don't be afraid to discuss it; but don't go shooting up pizza parlors for no reason. If there's any truth to these stories, there are legal venues for addressing them.


    Johnny Depp, another of what passes for talent in Hollywood these days, carried off a successful publicity stunt in Glastonbury, England yesterday by joking about assassinating President Trump. This comes while Congressman Steve Scalise is still in the hospital after another Left-Wing Anarchist attempted to mass-murder the GOP leadership only a few days ago.

     While peddling a 13 year-old film of his in Glastonbury, Depp guffawed "When was the last time an actor assassinated a president? I want to qualify that I am not an actor. I lie for a living. However it has been awhile and maybe it is time."

      Now it is true that Depp has no acting talent and is a pathological liar; but the bobble-headed Liberal audience didn't applaud his confession but burst into peals of laughter at the thought of Depp as the new Wilkes Booth. The fact that Booth defended an undemocratic government of slaveholders whose monuments and flags are being removed by Liberals like Depp never occurred to them. Instead, they believe that President Trump deserves to die; because he is a wealthy white male with 'offensive' attitudes about women. Unlike Depp, of course: a white male with a quarter-billion dollar net worth who is also a known wife-beater.

      In spite of the relative Corporate Media blackout of the assassination attempt, the Left is becoming less and less able to conceal their disappointment that the attempt failed. At least three prominent commentators have practically said so. A theatre troupe refused to cancel an assassination-themed play and the DNC chief of New Jersey has launched a 'Hunt Republicans' campaign which is clearly trolling for violent action. Leftist hatred for Trump has reached such a level of blind irrationality that it is bordering upon actual mental illness. Normal, well-adjusted human beings simply don't fantasize obsessively about murdering heads of state for ill-defined reasons.

      The issue with people like this is reflected in Depp's statement: "I lie for a living." The Left holds power by lying and hypocrisy and they bitterly resent Trump's popularity because it is based on Trump's genuineness. The President simply is what he is; a flawed human being like all of us, but he doesn't pretend to be what he is not. The Left rarely ever succeeds by doing anything honestly; therefore they envy those who do.

      Johnny Depp is a case in point. During Hollywood's 'Golden Age', he probably never would have been more than a supporting actor or stunt double in B-Studio productions. Or a part-time bouncer on Skid Row bars. Deep inside, he knows that he is nothing but a fake and fears that the public will realize it. That's why people like Trump who aren't fakes are such a psychological threat to Leftist egos. They are aware of the comparison and fear that others will see it too.





Thursday, June 22, 2017


     UNESCO, the UN body which oversees global historical and cultural landmarks confirmed today that the historic Al-Nuri Mosque in Mosul, Iraq had been completely destroyed. Allied forces were converging on ISIS positions near the Mosque when the edifice exploded. ISIS officials claimed that the Mosque was bombed by the USAF, which the Pentagon denied.

      Iraqi Lt. General Abdul Yarallah reported from the Front that Iraqi regulars and auxiliaries of an Iraqi Christian Militia were about 60 yards from the ISIS perimeter when the explosion occurred and that no aircraft were present. Video footage also shows tthat the explosions took place at ground level. It's fairly obvious that ISIS destroyed the shrine intentionally.

      ISIS' actions here should put to rest the argument that's spread about by Western pundits that the Jihadists represent 'real Islam'. The Wahhabi and Salafist sects that preach this doctrine are regarded as cults by both Shiite and Sunni leaders. This isn't even the first instance of ISIS desecrating buildings or other artifacts considered sacred by Moslems. Iraqi sappers have found and displayed copies of the Koran which were rigged with booby-traps designed to kill unsuspecting worshippers. The destruction of the Mosque also occurred during the Islamic holy season of Ramadan.

      When Syrian President Assad offered an amnesty last year, several ISIS soldiers deserted to the Syrian Army. The stories these men told were familiar to those of us in Western countries who've dealt with cults and extremist groups. The ex-soldiers stated that they were recruited by the Jihadists with promises of becoming a hero and warrior in the cause of saving Islam; only to find that they were being used by their leaders who were mostly a gang of criminals, cowards, and perverts. Some who'd served behind the ISIS lines recounted that the ISIS commanders privately sneered at traditional Islam and freely engaged in the most impious acts. Some pointed out that ISIS leaders regularly had drunken orgies with female (and sometimes young male) prisoners whom they raped; and to escape detection, these officers committed these acts inside of Mosques. One soldier stated that he denounced some of these offenses to his superior and was threatened with punishment unless he kept quiet. The cultish patterns displayed here are quite evident.

        The Al-Nuri Mosque was constructed in 1172 and was famous for its leaning minaret.

            Local superstition held that the angel of the Prophet Mohammad once hovered over the minaret and the structure bowed to him, causing it to lean permanently. The above photograph is from 1932, the year when Iraq gained its independence and became a popular tourist destination. Thanks to ISIS, the scene now looks like this:

       Such is the sort of 'progress' which fanaticism and extremism produces in any culture.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017


    There are some positive signs on the horizon that Conservative and Christians are finally beginning to address the growing problem of sociopolitical radicalization of Western youth. Shortly after the monumental decision by the Southern Baptist Convention to disavow the Red Pill/Alt-Right as an anti-Christian cult; the US Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a resolution for the upcoming Synod on Youth.

     The US Bishops agreed that the most important problem facing American youth is Alienation. Cardinal Tobin of the Newark Archdiocese stated that "the clearly increasing numbers of disconnected Millennials is certainly a concern for us, as is the decline and delay of traditional marriage among the young." 

      "Many young people are struggling with Racism prevalent in society," Bishop Soto added in a statement to the press, "They feel angry and disconnected from the political process. The Church needs to consider how to engage these disaffected youth who feel disowned by traditional institutions."

       Bishop Soto is from Sacramento and has no doubt witnessed the results of this alienation first-hand. North-Central California has been the scene of some of the most violent politically-motivated demonstrations executed by elements of both the Far Left and the Alt-Right. Last year in Sacramento, an riot over the 2016 Elections between Antifa and Nazi Skinheads resulted in seven people being stabbed on the steps of the State Capitol.

      Bishop Barron of Los Angeles---another hotbed of youth violence---stated that the Church's Message seemed 'opaque' to many youth, who are susceptible to the wiles of radical sophistry. The Bishop proposed a 'new apologetics' that connects the Truth of Faith with science as a way of clearing intellectual confusion. As we are all well aware, pseudoscience is a huge recruiting tool for radicals: Marxist socioeconomic theories and the Red Pill Movement being outstanding examples.

       "The Church cannot, nor does she wish to, abandon young people to the isolation and exclusion to which the world exposes them." Archbishop Chaput wrote. And again, as we've noted, radicals prey on those who feel isolated and excluded. The central issue therefore is to devise a way to appeal to youth by involving them in a greater purpose. Many of the Bishops noted that a hopeful sign among young people is a thirst for greater spiritual connection; particularly through what the Church terms, the Divine Mysteries.

        Dr. John Cavadini, a theology professor at Notre Dame, praised the Bishop's Resolution and offered that encouraging the young to reflect on the Sacraments and Mysteries bring them closer to Christ through cultivating spiritual discernment.

       "Meditating on the Mystery of the Church is not thinking about it as a charter or a constitution of some club. Rather, it is about meditating on the Wounds of Christ from which His Most Precious Blood flowed, which is the real birth of the Church. Meditating on one's dwelling within, or even near, the Wounds of Christ brings about an intimacy of Love to which one's only response can be thankfulness to God.

        "The one who loves the Church loves the Love Who had no contempt for anybody human, but did not spare Himself. He didn't back away from that solidarity, even when the penalty was death. Rather, He received the blow and so transfigured the whole of human solidarity from solidarity in sin to solidarity in His Love. The Church is the Sacrament of that solidarity in the world; a solidarity which the world cannot give itself, which does not come from the world, yet is for the world."

         Cavadini is correct; and therein lies the power of the Church---its ability to unite in love rather than divide in hate, as the extremists wish to do. The Left may sneer at the Church as 'an opiate' and the Right may sneer that the Church is 'cucked'; the fact is that neither can bring solidarity or contribute to human progress because their premises never rise higher than the immediate, material world. Consequently, neither does their morality; thus the extremists on both sides have to keep their followers embroiled in a perpetual state of anger and fear to motivate them. For example, one Red Pill blogger today proclaimed that the SBC resolution would "lead to dead Conservatives" while yesterday a Left-Wing blogger announced that Trump's policies "were tantamount to Genocide." It's obvious that people like these have no interest in peace.

         The Synod is scheduled for 2018 in Vatican City.



    Military engineers today began the long-awaited project to construct the nearly 1,500 mile high-security border fence, officials confirmed. The project will be undertaken in two separate phases: the mountainous terrain will be constructed first, finishing up at the plain along the river.

      A spokesman for the Army Corps of Engineers stated that the new border fence is equipped with sensors with military outposts at intervals enabling Security Forces to respond quickly to illegal entry. Despite protests against the project, the spokesman stated that the Fence is necessary to control infiltrations of terrorists, criminal gangs, and narcotics traffic. It is projected that the fence will be completed sometime during 2018.

     This isn't fake news; but before American readers get their hopes up, we aren't talking about the US-Mexico Border. The Fence is being constructed by the Pakistani Government along their border with Afghanistan. But there is the point.

     RINOs in the Congress and the Administration claim that a 1,900-mile security fence would be too expensive to construct on our Southern Border. What do we suppose that Pakistan's budget is for a fence only 400 miles shorter?

     These same RINOs also claim that surveillance of such a border would be impossible. What is Pakistan's surveillance capabilities relative to the United States?

      The Whacko Left claims that a security fence is racist against Moslems. So why does a country of over 150,000,000 Moslems believe that vetting other Moslems is necessary?

       Food for thought on a Wednesday Morning...


Tuesday, June 20, 2017


    Keith Barry, a former commander of the Navy SEALs, was released from prison this week after a signed confession from a former admiral re-opened the investigation into his case. Barry was given a Dishonorable Discharge and sentenced to three years in prison in 2014 on a sexual assault charge.

     The San Diego Tribune reported that former Rear-Admiral Patrick Lorge, the presiding officer at Barry's trial, presented a signed confession to Barry's lawyers admitting that he believed Barry to be innocent and the Court-Martial conviction was obtained under pressure from Obama Administration officials. Lorge names former Judge Advocate General Nanette DeRenzi and the current JAG Commander, Vice-Admiral James Crawford as those responsible for tampering with the Court-Martial. Both were Obama appointees.

     According to Lorge's Affidavit, then 'Vice-Admiral' DeRenzi told him that "sexual assault convictions were needed under pressure from Congress and President Obama." Lorge further stated that DeRenzi "stressed that every few months military commanders were making decisions in sexual assault cases which were openly being questioned by members of the Congress and the President...and just how tenuous a commander's position in such cases was."

      Vice-Admiral Crawford, then Deputy JAG, told Lorge that Barry's acquittal "would mean the end of Lorge's career."

      Since Lorge's confession was made public, another former Naval Officer who served on Barry's Court-Martial submitted a formal Testimony corroborating Lorge's statements.

       Nanette DeRenzi retired from the Navy in 2015 and now works for Jefferson Solutions, a government contractor. Crawford was appointed by Obama to succeed her as Judge Advocate General, and still holds that post. Though Defense Secretary Mattis worked for the Department of the Navy and must be aware of these things, he has taken no steps whatsoever to remove Admiral Crawford nor to punish him in any way.

        According to the Testimony, Lorge decided to come forward as an act of conscience and admitted his own guilt.

        "I would ask you all to forgive my failure in leadership and right the wrong that I committed against Senior Chief Barry" he stated to the press, "We must now allow Justice to prevail and declare this man innocent."

       Barry is the second innocent serviceman in the last month freed from prison after Pentagon misconduct was exposed. In light of these two cases, a full investigation ought to be opened into politically-motivated courts-martial during the Obama Administration. But this is unlikely as long as James Mattis---who was, and still is, part of that system controls the levers of power.


    After months of talk and little action, President Putin has finally stood up to the Pentagon Deep State for its crimes against the people of Syria. The Allies have declared a de facto no-fly zone in Syria west of the Euphrates River and cut military co-operation with the treacherous Coalition.

     According to a statement issued by the Russian Ministry of Defense, "any flying objects of the Coalition including manned or unmanned aerial vehicles discovered west of the Euphrates River will be followed by Russian ground and air forces as hostile targets."

     Russia's actions comes after a cowardly and intentional attack on a Syrian fighter-bomber by a US F-18 outside of Raqqa this weekend; the fifth savage attack on Syrian regulars and the fourth since President Trump took office. However, Trump has clearly lost control of the Deep State Obama/Clinton satraps in the Pentagon. Putin---as he has always done---is resisting the aggressor and doing what American leadership is unable or unwilling to do.

      The two greatest threats to Civilization at this point in history are the Jihadi Cult and Western Cultural Marxism. Russia has recognized the need to fight the first; and that it is time to fight the second as well. Under Putin's leadership, the anti-Jihad Alliance came into being; as did unprecedented humanitarian aid to countries suffering under the economic jackboot of heartless Western Liberals. Putin rescued the people of Crimea, Donbas, Ossetia, Chechnya, and now Syria from seeing their countries exploited and ruined---or turned into Beltway/Wall Street vassalages. It's to be hoped that the no-fly zone will soon be implemented over the rest of sovereign Syria as well.

      The arrogant Pentagon is pretending not to be intimidated; but their confederates in Australia have already fled back to the safety of Down Under.

        In a related bit of good news, after two days as an MIA, Syrian commandoes rescued the pilot of the downed plane, unharmed, after a daring mission behind ISIS lines. Capt. Ali Fahd is reportedly recovering and reunited with his family.

Monday, June 19, 2017


     So yesterday, while the West celebrated Fathers' Day and Moslems celebrated Ramadan, a British father-of-four launched a suicide attack on a crowded Mosque. That whole scenario really is a definitive picture of our collective societal decline in many, many ways.

     The attacker, an alcoholic loser in a rented van, was dragged out of the vehicle screaming words to the effect that he was some great hero saving Jolly Old England while the Moslems he attacked held him down and waited for police. This was actually a brave deed on their part; considering that the van could have been packed with explosives for all anybody knew. That scenario should give us some hope in the face of societal decline.

     Not surprisingly, though, extremists on the Alt-Right/Red Pill side were quick to side with the attacker. Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer called the act one of "self-defense" and opined that "there is no White man on the planet who isn't at least a little bit sympathetic here." And commenters on other Red Pill blogs echoed more or less the same sentiments.

      But not every White man is sympathetic here; far from it. Murdering political opponents; disrupting speeches and performances; beating up people at protests; harassing and trolling people---these are all the tactics of the Whacko Left. In fact, doing things like this is what makes them whackos in the first place. Nobody would accept the Radical Left's ideals unless they were imposed by force and fraud.

      This is why Conservatives need to operate on a higher plane. We don't need to resort to extralegal (i.e. criminal) means. Conservatives win because our ideals actually work. This is because our ideals are rooted in moral---that is, eternal---truths. Liberal and other innovative policies always fail because they work against the Laws of God and Nature, rather than with them. Conservatives operate on a higher plane simply because our principles are derived from a higher plane than the mere Letter of the Law.

       As an example note that Christianity is the fast-growing religion in the Middle East. It's not because Christians imitated ISIS; it's because the examples of Christian fortitude, charity, and patriotism have impressed Arabs who've become disgusted with the atrocities committed in the name of Islam. That's how we win a war of ideas; and the Middle East is embroiled in a Culture War far more intense than ours.

      Frank Gardner, a correspondent at the BBC, understood it best. He wrote today that "Extremism breeds extremism. The one thing that Far-Right anti-Moslems and violent Jihadists have in common is the belief that peaceful co-existence between Moslem and non-Moslem is impossible. The unified prayers and solidarity across communities which have followed recent terrorist attacks are anathema to them. Extremists of both types want instead to divide society and will keep trying to bring this about by criminal acts of provocation such as these."

       Very true; and we should add that power and profit are typically the motives behind attempts to divide society. Always bear in mind that the Christian principles upon which Conservatism is derived is about unity and brotherhood, not division and strife.



Sunday, June 18, 2017


     The out-of-control Deep State in the Pentagon committed yet another Act of War in Syria by downing a Syrian fighter-jet today. Capt. Jeff Davis, Pentagon spokesman and Obama appointee, confirmed that the Syrian aircraft was shot down by a USAF coward after  the Syrians bombed the Deep State's terrorist friends. The Syrian pilot---an actual soldier---is reported Missing in Action as of this writing.

       It is time now either for Trump to intervene or confess that he supports the Deep State's activities in Syria. As Harry Truman said of the US Presidency: "The buck stops here." The President needs to fire the inept Mattis and relieve his subordinates immediately. We saw yesterday how Admiral Harris---the Pacific Forces Commander---caused seven American deaths and the loss of the USS Fitzgerald through his ongoing negligence and stupidity. CENTCOM commander Joseph Votel is on the razor's edge of plunging the Middle East into WW3 with these incessant and pointless crimes against the Syrian people.  

     Trump needs to understand that a military uniform doesn't automatically make the person wearing it a hero (a fallacy that too many Conservatives share). Mattis, McMaster, Votel, Harris, and others are Obama loyalists and following Obama's policies to the letter. Their policy is---and always has been---to facilitate the criminal activities of the Deep State abroad through ISIS and other surrogates. The Pentagon is essentially in the same position globally as a corrupt police department is locally---protecting the gang for a piece of the action while pretending to fight it.

     There is no excuse for continuing Obama's Syrian policy. There are no US interests in Syria other than the criminal enterprises of the Deep State. That ISIS has been trafficking in human slavery, weapons, narcotics and other contraband via Turkey and Qatar with the full assistance and knowledge of the Clinton Machine is well-documented. The Podesta Group, the Gephardt Group, and George Soros are openly operating in Turkey and pulling the levers on most of these criminal activities. This is the Obama/Clinton/Mattis/Tillerson 'policy' in the Middle East in a nutshell.

      Thus, for the Trump Administration it's time to act or allow the Deep State to drag us into another war. Fire Mattis; normalize relations with Damascus; atone for Deep State War Crimes; and withdraw US forces from sovereign Syrian soil, airspace, and territorial waters. It's time to drain the swamp before it's too late.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


    There is really very little good that can be said about American Theatre these days. Like many of our cultural institutions, Theatre has gone completely into the hands of incompetents putting on cheap, gutter-level performances for effete degenerates who think profanity-laden vulgarities hurled at Conservatives and Christians are sophisticated social statements.

     Two such performances were in the news this week. One occurred in New York: a rather thinly-veiled fantasy about assassinating President Trump disguised as a Shakespeare play. The play is called Julius Caesar---which, probably purposely, has a historical connection to the Lincoln Assassination in 1865. The perverts who staged this play did so only a few days after an attempted mass-murder of Republican Party congressional leaders. But this is typical behavior for the Leftist pseudo-Elites. Just recall the vulgarity of these theatrical leeches towards Vice-President Pence during a showing of Hamilton last February.

     Julius Caesar likely would have faded into well-deserved oblivion except that a trio of Alt-Right hotheads instigated a public disruption of the play. An Canadian national named Laura Loomer rushed the stage (and ended up in jail) while Red Pills Mike Cernovich and Mike Posobiec---who instigated the disturbance---egged things on from the sidelines.

      No doubt that the play was disgusting but, again, this is what we expect of the Left. Conservatives should operate on a higher plane. Consider how useless an act like this really was. Did any Leftist Elites walk away from the performance ashamed of themselves for applauding its message? Of course not. Julius Caesar had already lost corporate sponsors and there was some debate in the New York media about whether it should run in light of recent political violence. Conservatives already had the momentum---not by sinking to the level of the Left; but by appealing to public decency.

     Another vile play that's gotten less media attention is called The Testament of Mary. As its title suggests, it's another in a long series of anti-Christian blasphemies palmed off on the public as deep social criticism. This play has surfaced before: it depicts nude scenes involving the Blessed Virgin and other trashy cheap shots at the Church. Now plays like this have been stopped successfully by some groups; in fact, readers can join in the efforts to stop this one. And it doesn't involve making a public nuisance of oneself.

      Some of these types of plays actually have been stopped through socially acceptable and legal means. It's about exercising our Constitutional right to petition; to assemble---and in these cases, assembling community leaders who address the moral sensibilities of the public. These playwrights too have a right to free speech; but they also must respect the sentiments of their audiences and their sponsors if they wish to remain in business. One thing that the Postmodern Theatre seems to have forgotten is that good performances on worthwhile topics gains better audience ratings than going for cheap controversy and publicity stunts.

        And that's a lesson that Conservatives should learn too. We don't fight the Left by behaving more outrageously than they do. We defeat them by showing that our way is better; and that the traditions and laws which we uphold really do work.

Friday, June 16, 2017


    The Red Pill Cult; a major component of the anti-Christian and anti-Conservative 'Alt-Right' has finally taken the plunge and become a full-fledged Cult. The impetus behind this recent move was fairly obviously connected to the decision of the Southern Baptist Convention---America's largest Christian denomination---to denounce the hatred and false theology of the Red Pills earlier this week.

      Vox Day, one of the ringleaders of the Red Pill Cult announced shortly after the SBC decision that the Red Pills "are at war" with the traditional church. He's actually simply stating what has been his policy all along: to tear down Christianity and rebuild it in his own image. And his own image is much closer to Beelzebub than to Christ.

      Roosh Valizdeh of the Red Pill Return of Kings blog now has unveiled Alt-Christianity. The idea was floated by one of Roosh's disciples around the time the SBC resolution introduced---complete with '21 Theses' to make it sound quite spiritual and impressive. Just as the Alt-Right has its roots in Pick-up Artistry and Game, so does Alt-Christianity. Point 3 in their blasphemous code stresses "biological and psychological facts about human nature"; Point 7 refers to "Red Pill knowledge" as a foundational Christian concept; and Point 20 states that "Christ is not followed because He allowed Himself to die; but because He was the ultimate Alpha male who conquered death."

       "Alt-Christianity values personal strength, intellectual boldness, masculinity, and the Christ who overturned tables." states the thesis. Such things sound good on the surface, but real Christianity values Faith, the Love of God, and the complete character of Christ. Point 18 of their creed, however, notes that, while Christianity is 'true', Alt-Christianity "sees truth and value in other religions." 

      Alt-Christianity is essentially a political religion, because their entire focus is about promoting White Supremacy (several points in their creed stress segregation and other identitarian concepts). There is nothing in this doctrine even remotely similar to the Apostles' Creed, or the Creed of Athanasius, or the Nicene Creed, or any of the others we recite in actual churches. The most obvious difference is its utter lack of eternal, spiritual truths and its exclusive focus on contemporary Western sociopolitical movements. 

       If anyone is interested, they can find the text here.  This is the type of thing that the Baptists have kept out of their movement. Hopefully, other denominations will follow their example.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


    In the aftermath of yesterday's assassination attempt on the GOP Congressional Leadership, the Corporate Media and Academic Mafia have been venting their frustrations that the scheme did not succeed. Jesse Benn, a Deep-State dirtbag who writes for The Huffington Post, was quite unapologetic about the spirit of the attack; it was the method with which he disagreed:

      "For violent resistance to work, it would need to be organized" he expounds, "Individual acts can be understandable, but likely counterproductive or ineffective."

      This sounds suspiciously similar to the very sort of thing that Right-Wing extremists like Vox Day and Andrew Anglin say after some Red Pill flips out and attacks innocent people. In fact, Anglin has said on many occasions: "We don't endorse violence---it's bad propaganda."

       Jesse Benn is a doctoral student in Journalism at the University of Wisconsin who had previously written articles claiming that violence is an appropriate response to the Trump agenda (June, 2016) and that Whites should be collectively 'wounded' (August, 2015) for the US to understand racism, or something.

       And on the subject of wounds, Benn also said this about yesterday's shooting:

       "What's more harmful? Putting millions already on the margins at risk via draconian policies, or shooting a racist lawmaker in the hip? F--- Steve Scalise...the world would be a better place without him."

       It should be noted that Rep. Scalise was shot while donating his time for an event designed to raise money for charities. Scalise is a married father of two; a Catholic who has been a foe of the abortion racketeers and the Gay Mafia. He also is a member of Italian-American community groups and has volunteered at youth camps during Congressional recesses. Can Benn say as much?

      Jesse Benn is another example of why the American Corporate Media should be shunned by everyone. Unfortunately, trolls like Jesse Benn are read and followed by other losers like James Hodgkinson who eagerly act upon their suggestions. Benn even has a header on his website of President Trump hung in effigy. This is the type of person he is: and the type of person whom the Corporate Media and the UW School of Journalism welcomes into their inner circle as one of the 'Elite.'


Wednesday, June 14, 2017


     As we've all heard, a 66 year-old Anarchist attempted this morning to assassinate the Republican Congressional leadership. Republican Congressmen and Senators were gathered at a local ball-field organizing a baseball team for an annual bipartisan charity game when they were viciously attacked. Federal Police responded quickly although several were wounded, including the House Majority Whip, Rep. Steve Scalise. The police sent the gunman, James Hodgkinson, to Tartarus under a hail of gunfire.

     Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords---a survivor of a 2011 assassination attempt--- sent a message of support. Nancy Pelosi issued a statement calling for unity; and Melania Trump praised the Federal Police for their heroism. But the national dialogue more-or-less took a turn for the worse after that.

      In fact, throughout much of the day, the Corporate Media seems to have brushed the story aside in favor of the usual fare of fake-news and distraction. The suspect in this case had a notable criminal history and a notable career as an Anarchist in more recent times. He supported Senator Sanders in 2016---whose supporters were known for violent and aggressive tactics. It appears also that Hodgkinson was a great admirer of The Resistance especially Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann. He also was a follower of the Whacko Left's anti-Russia conspiracy theories, and made several comments alluding to President Trump as 'a traitor'. Hence the Corporate Media---which has been trolling for just such an event to happen---would rather that the public didn't start connecting dots.

      President Trump addressed the Nation announcing that the suspect was dead, and that the shooting was under investigation. In a radical departure from previous administrations, the FBI and BATF are tracing Hodgkinson's connections to determine whether or not others may have been involved. Trump's speech was denounced immediately by the fake Conservatives on the Alt-Right. Talk-show host Michael Savage, for example, called it a "milquetoast speech" with the "kind of vanilla language that Romney might have used." Savage went on to lament that Trump lacked the "kind of fortitude" that led the Alt-Right to support him and cursed his "RNC advisers."

       Savage went on to advocate what his interpretation of a Conservative would do. Arrest Maddow and Olbermann; seize media venues like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube that don't censor speech sufficiently; ban anti-Trump protests; and so forth. A lot of so-called Conservatives are calling for the same thing.

       But these are the tactics of the Left. Real Conservatives are above shutting down speech and seizing or controlling businesses engaging in free enterprise who don't toe the PC party-line. The Alt-Right/Red Pill cultists are merely the Far Left with a different set of Commisars.

       President Trump handled the situation like a grown-up. If Hodgkinson had co-conspirators, there's no doubt that Sessions will ferret them out and take appropriate action. Lashing out in all directions simply for the sake of action is what Leftists like James Hodgkinson do. But it's not our way of doing things.  


      The parents of a pair of Millennial-generation nitwits are speaking out to the media and playing the victim cards on their offsprings' behalves. America's 'Lost Generation' is mostly the result of bad parenting, and the cases of these two are fine examples.

      First we have Otto Warmbier, a student at a university so extremist that it made national news last year after students held a petition to ban Christmas. At 21, young Otto went on his third vacation to North Korea. Otto was arrested this time---according to the Corporate Media for stealing a 'propaganda poster' on a dare. What the Media leaves out of the story is that Warmbier knowingly entered a Restricted Area and began vandalizing government property before being subdued after a struggle with the North Korean police. While this out-of-control behavior is acceptable at places like the University of Virginia, it carries a 15-year prison sentence in North Korea.

      The North Koreans sent Warmbier back to the US today because of a medical condition. Rainbow Rex Tillerson made the announcement today, confirming that Warmbier is in a coma. The North Koreans state that Warmbier overdosed on narcotics---which given his bizarre behavior leading to his arrest is not totally implausible.


      Warmbier testified during his trial that he was offered an absurd sum of money for taking the poster. It's hardly a smart policy for an American to tell North Koreans that he entered a restricted area because he was being paid by people back in Arlington, Virginia (you know, where the CIA headquarters is).

      Warmbier's parents, Fred & Cindy, told the Corporate Media angrily that "We want the world to know how our we and our son has been brutalized and terrorized by this pariah regime." So say the same knotheads who had no problem with paying for their son to go over there. On Otto's last trip, he was part of 'Young Pioneers Tours' which advertise "destinations your mother would want you to stay away from!" We blame North Korea for producing this guy. The Warmbiers own this one all by themselves.

       The second Snowflake in the news is named Reality Winner. Ms. Reality is a 25 year-old product of dysfunctional US public schools and the equally dysfunctional US Military.

      Ms. Reality passed classified data to the Media which was the subject of an ongoing Congressional investigation. An obvious case of American institutional radicalization, Ms. Reality was given a series of promotions in both the USAF and NSA because of both her gender and her commitment to Left-Wing ideologies. Her actions illustrate that she was taught to value Cultural Marxism over the good of the Nation. Her mother's statement to the press gives us an indication of where this girl went off-track.

      Her mother, a character named Billie Winner-Davis told the Corporate Media: "It will be difficult for her to get a fair trial if her case becomes this big deal about how 'we're not going to tolerate leakers.' I think they're going to try to make an example out of her because of the political climate right now."

     Isn't it interesting that both the Warmbiers and the Winners made political statements about their children's plights the first time they opened their mouths? It does give us some pause to wonder what kind of moral training these two young people received. But I think that we can draw our own conclusions about that.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


    There have been a plethora of new discussions popping up in the Prozac Nation lately, all of which have some relevance to the Bill of Rights. Megan Kelly, a celebrity newswoman, interviewed Alex Jones, a Sandy Hook denier. This has the Prozac Nation up-in-arms, because the interview happened near Fathers' Day. One would think that Americans would be a lot more outraged at the decline in men becoming fathers and the way American fathers are treated; but that's swept under the rug. The debate has, though, reignited attacks on the 2nd Amendment such as happened during Sandy Hook in 2012.

    And as we wrote in our last article, the Southern Baptist Convention is due to vote on an historic resolution condemning extremism from the so-called Alt-Right. This has generated a lot of discussion on the Internet relating to Freedom of Speech. This follows on the heels of a weekend that saw riots in 33 cities over something to do with American Moslems. Neither side seemed exactly clear on what they were fighting for or against; but the incidents brought into question some questions about Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Assembly, etc.

    The debate between personal liberty and collective responsibility is almost wholly a modern phenomenon in Western democracies. The issue emanates out of World War 2 primarily, although the seeds were being planted during WW1. Technologies which grew out of those wars demonstrated that, for the first, human capability of reaching masses of people. Prior to 1945, there were no weapons capable of destroying entire cities. There were no missiles capable of reaching other continents until 1954 and nothing capable of reaching Outer Space until 1957. The same is true of mass-communications. Radio became popular during the 1920s, but the experience the world saw with the Nazi Propaganda Ministry led to regulations in the post-war period. Television grew during the same period and from the 1990s onward, Internet technology has connected the world.

      Some pundits of the 1950s and 1960s began to address this problem; and it is one that cannot be dismissed lightly. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms allows us access to weapons capable of self-defense against an entire violent street gang; but those same weapons can annihilate a church or school full of people. The Right of Free Speech and its ancillaries protect even opinions considered offensive; but the with the technology of today, those opinions can reach audiences of scores of millions of people. The old dilemma of the Sword and the Pen have given way to the ICBM and the Twitter Feed. 

       What has actually happened---as the older generations of Sociologists realized---technology has evolved at a faster pace than civilization. And it cannot be stressed enough here that we are speaking of the moral aspect of our Civilization. Mankind is not really more violent or uncivil than before; those tendencies always existed but technological developments can bring them to the fore in times of social unrest. But it can also bring many good things---advanced weaponry can make war too costly and encourage peaceful solutions. This is true incidentally in self-defense situations: a would-be rapist is less likely to attack a girl defended with a machinegun than one defended with a nail-file. And the remarkable humanitarian effort in Syria was made possible only by high-speed communications.

       The Silver Lining to this cloud is to understand that these debates we're currently having ---unpleasant as they may be---are actually very necessary steps in Social Evolution. The Gun Rights' advocates have done a great job in the wake of mass-shootings of increasing education and promoting responsible gun ownership. The 1st Amendment advocates have much catching up to do; but there are positive signs on the horizon. Our Founding Fathers understood that in an atmosphere of Liberty, things will rectify themselves so long as we follow the Spirit of the Law, rather than its Letter. And education, as always, is key.

Sunday, June 11, 2017


   The Southern Baptist Convention is meeting this week in Phoenix. A Baptist leader named Dwight McKissic has introduced a Resolution to their congress, which is truly monumental in scope. If adopted, this will be one of the first communal denunciations of the New-Age Far Right as exemplified by the so-called Alt-Right and the Red Pill Cult.

    "Resolved, that the Southern Baptist Convention denounces every form of 'nationalism' which violates Biblical teachings with respect to race, justice, and ordered liberty; and be it further resolved that we reject the retrograde ideologies, xenophobic biases, and racial bigotries of the so-called 'Alt-Right' who seek to subvert our Government, destabilize society, and infect our political system; and be it finally resolved that we earnestly pray both for those who lead and advocate this movement along who those who are thereby deceived, that they may see their error through the Light of the Gospel, repent of their perverse nationalism, and come to know the peace and love of Christ through redeemed fellowship within the Kingdom of God, which is established from every tribe, nation, people, and tongue." concludes the proposed Resolution.

     The various Scriptural references and arguments for the proposal can be found here.  

     We have pointed out on many occasions elsewhere the heretical tendencies of this movement---especially regarding its cultish and openly anti-Christian positions. Its disciples have their own conversion process which they term taking the Red Pill. The Cult teaches the literal enslavement of women, racial supremacy, and denies multiple Christian Doctrines related to Salvation, the Divine Incarnation, Redemption and Original Sin. They are especially perverse in their teachings relating to gender relations; which often exceed in their grossness some of the worst behaviors of ancient Gnosticism.

       If the Baptists adopt this Resolution, it will be a major step forward for Conservative Christians---who especially need to address what McKissic rightly calls "a growing menace" that "affects the minds and actions of its violent disciples". As St. Clement spoke of the earlier Gnostics: "Their behavior causes the Name of Christ to be slandered throughout the Earth."

      Now Nationalism per se is not a negative thing. But America has always existed as a culture predicated on cultivating the best aspects of various cultures towards a systemic whole. It's interesting that the other major country with a similar cultural philosophy is Russia. The US and Russia have been the two global superpowers since the end of WW2. So far from weakness and division, what the Red Pills call a convergence of cultures actually is beneficial: and we also have the earlier Hellenist, Roman, British, and French Empires as examples of national strength and unity through cultural interaction. The reason for this is obvious: a mixed culture is by nature going to be more innovative and open to new strategies and ideas. As we've mentioned here before, if cultural isolation and homogeneity were national strengths then Saudi Arabia and North Korea should logically be the world's most progressive and enlightened cultures.

     But as Christians, we know from the Apostle John that we are "saved not by birth nor of the will of man" and St. Luke testifies that the Holy Spirit spoke in various tongues to the first converts. St. Philip, the first missionary, converted an Ethiopian ambassador and Christ appeared in a vision to St. Peter telling him, "What God has called clean, do not you call unclean." There is also a great diversity of cultures within Christianity itself---certainly we are not weakened by it at all.

     Of course, the Red Pills are incensed at this proposal; denouncing the Southern Baptists as 'Cuckservatives', 'Churchians', and 'SWJ Converged." Vox Day, both on his own blog and via one of his sock-puppet faux-Christian blogs Bravian Thought, have called for Dwight McKissic's impeachment. In fact, they've turned the argument around and accused McKissic of being a "Social Justice Warrior" who himself is trying to infiltrate the Baptists!

     "If the SBC makes this Resolution permanent" Vox/Bravian sternly warns, "that institution shall have fallen to the Prince of Lies. To prevent this, all members of the SBC should get a copy of 'SJWs Always Lie' (note: a book written by Vox Day himself; sort of the Dianetics of the Red Pill Cult) "and to clean up the Convention of any anti-Christian offenders, no matter how big they are, or how insignificant they may seem."

       The 'two' bloggers also cite an anecdote from a 'Christian'---who's been a convert less than a year---complaining that he can't find a Baptist Congregation that isn't 'SJW Converged'. The cultishness here is transparent. Vox is clearly setting up a false dichotomy to distinguish his 'true faith' from the 'apostate' Baptists and draw any SBC dissidents into his camp. 

      Any readers who follow the Baptist Denomination should support McKissic's proposal---and actually work to build on it, because it is a good start. But even if one has some legitimate issues with it; work within the Baptist Church to modify it in some constructive and Christ-like way---and don't be fooled by charlatans like Vox.

Saturday, June 10, 2017


    Defense Secretary James Mattis---Commandant of the USMC under Obama---announced a new politically-correct appointment on Friday. 'Lt. Col.' Megan Brodgen will become the first female commander of a US Special Forces' Unit.

    'Colonel' Brodgen will assume command of the 3rd Special Forces Support Group (yes, they actually call them support groups these days), stationed at the all-inclusive Fort Bragg. Col. Bradley Moses of Fort Bragg---all giddy with glee over the appointment claimed that 'Colonel' Brodgen was chosen for her leadership abilities and not her gender. It should be noted though that Ms. Megan spent her entire career in the Quartermaster Corps, a purely non-combat position.

      In 2016, though, Mattis' former boss Obama officially allowed women to serve in combat positions, shortly after he eliminated restrictions on homosexuals in the Military. These changes also brought a lowering of standards to qualify for Special Forces. Attrition in these units remains high, as is finding quality replacements. No one in the effete Beltway Culture can figure out why top-quality fighting men don't wish to take orders from women, camp out with homosexuals or act as nursemaids for foreign militias.

       During the nearly six months that Mattis has run the Defense Department, not one of these Obama-Era policies has been changed. In fact, Mattis hasn't even replaced any commanders from Obama's term: even the Pentagon's Official Spokesman is a holdover. The only swamp-draining or changes of any note have come from outside the Pentagon. Crackdowns on corruption have mostly initiated from the Justice Department. The Military Courts have overruled a few policies. Loosening the Rules of Engagement and increased readiness testing have come on the orders of President Trump.

       One of Trump's campaign promises was to revitalize the US Military. It's becoming more and more clear though that these changes will not happen under 'Mad Dog' Mattis. Mattis' ties to the Deep State, via his connections to Obama and to his financial connections with shady defense contractors like General Dynamics indicate that reform and the national interest are not his top priorities. His appointment of 'Colonel' Brodgen and his unwillingness to de-feminize the Military shows that he is ideologically in sync with the previous failed presidential administrations, which he served faithfully.