Tuesday, June 20, 2017


    Keith Barry, a former commander of the Navy SEALs, was released from prison this week after a signed confession from a former admiral re-opened the investigation into his case. Barry was given a Dishonorable Discharge and sentenced to three years in prison in 2014 on a sexual assault charge.

     The San Diego Tribune reported that former Rear-Admiral Patrick Lorge, the presiding officer at Barry's trial, presented a signed confession to Barry's lawyers admitting that he believed Barry to be innocent and the Court-Martial conviction was obtained under pressure from Obama Administration officials. Lorge names former Judge Advocate General Nanette DeRenzi and the current JAG Commander, Vice-Admiral James Crawford as those responsible for tampering with the Court-Martial. Both were Obama appointees.

     According to Lorge's Affidavit, then 'Vice-Admiral' DeRenzi told him that "sexual assault convictions were needed under pressure from Congress and President Obama." Lorge further stated that DeRenzi "stressed that every few months military commanders were making decisions in sexual assault cases which were openly being questioned by members of the Congress and the President...and just how tenuous a commander's position in such cases was."

      Vice-Admiral Crawford, then Deputy JAG, told Lorge that Barry's acquittal "would mean the end of Lorge's career."

      Since Lorge's confession was made public, another former Naval Officer who served on Barry's Court-Martial submitted a formal Testimony corroborating Lorge's statements.

       Nanette DeRenzi retired from the Navy in 2015 and now works for Jefferson Solutions, a government contractor. Crawford was appointed by Obama to succeed her as Judge Advocate General, and still holds that post. Though Defense Secretary Mattis worked for the Department of the Navy and must be aware of these things, he has taken no steps whatsoever to remove Admiral Crawford nor to punish him in any way.

        According to the Testimony, Lorge decided to come forward as an act of conscience and admitted his own guilt.

        "I would ask you all to forgive my failure in leadership and right the wrong that I committed against Senior Chief Barry" he stated to the press, "We must now allow Justice to prevail and declare this man innocent."

       Barry is the second innocent serviceman in the last month freed from prison after Pentagon misconduct was exposed. In light of these two cases, a full investigation ought to be opened into politically-motivated courts-martial during the Obama Administration. But this is unlikely as long as James Mattis---who was, and still is, part of that system controls the levers of power.

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