Sunday, June 4, 2017


     The Obama Administration was notorious for imposing degenerate Western Cultural Marxism on foreign nations. Among their policies was to exert diplomatic, economic, and sometimes covert operations to destabilize traditional societies by introducing militant homosexual movements. Recently, the Taiwanese state legalized homosexual so-called 'marriage'. Taiwan has one of the few remaining puppet-governments installed by Obama. Their legalization policy is designed to curry favor with the effete West to recognize its claims against China---whose government still recognizes the value of the family.

     Taiwan's decision has emboldened militant homosexuals in East Asia once again; and to combat the growing menace, the Malaysian Government devised a very innovative program. Recognizing that homosexual propaganda is especially aimed at the young, Malaysia initiated a contest for young entrepreneurs between 13 and 24 to produce Public Service Announcement videos outlining the dangers of sexual disorientation.

     Participants can win up to $1,000 for the best videos.

     The program is called "Value Yourself, Practice a Healthy Lifestyle" and is funded by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. Guidelines for the videos include "prevention, control, and how to seek help" for those suffering from gender identity disorders. Videos warning of Gay Mafia tactics like online grooming, pornography, and cyber-bullying are also listed among viable topics.

     The really ingenious part of this program is that it engages the very demographic targeted by the subversives to work for their own future with the civil authorities. And it rewards and encourages innovation besides.

      Needless to say, political activists worldwide are foaming with fury and demanding various actions against Malaysia, but the government is standing firm.

      This isn't the first time that Malaysia has stood up to Western decadence. Earlier this year, the government removed the infamous homosexual scene from imported copies of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. The outraged Disney moguls boycotted Malaysia in protest. This, in turn, led to start-up animation studios in Malaysia which have been gaining in popularity among young theatre-goers.  

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