Thursday, June 1, 2017


     As we've probably heard by now, President Trump unilaterally withdrew the US today from the Paris Accord on Climate Change. The denizens of the Deep State---led by former President Obama and former Vice-President Gore---have gone ballistic over this decision and are spreading hysteria over the future of the planet. Tom Steyer, Wall Street billionaire and DNC shill even called the decision "a traitorous act of war against the American people." Steyer, of course, is projecting quite a bit here.

     The Paris Accord really did very little other than line the pockets of several vested financial interests. China was spearheading the initiative, and stood to profit more than other country---with the European Union a close second. The Accord basically is a global Carbon Tax, prorated on national energy consumption. Obama agreed that the proceeds of these taxes would be used to promote so-called 'Green Energy' in developing countries.

    Now it just so happens that China and the EU are most heavily-invested in green technologies throughout the developing world. In other words, what Obama agreed to was a backhanded US subsidy for these already-wealthy nations to protect their investments in these underdeveloped regions. 

     If these phony environmentalists really believed in the need for this kind of program, the US could have done it unilaterally anyway through agencies like USAID. But if the US did this as a matter of national policy, the taxpayer funds would be traceable. Under the Paris Accord, money goes out, and where it goes nobody knows. These kinds of landmark agreements are not only good political photo-ops; they're excellent money-laundering fronts as well.

     The fact is that the United States doesn't need any global bureaucracy telling us what to do on environmental issues. Our country has a good history of being a leader in ecological policy all by itself. Granted, we've let things slide during the last three decades. But that doesn't mean we've given up that lead. Practically all of the environmental policies in the developed world were initiated in the United States. Americans don't recall that as recently as the 1970s, air pollution was so bad in some cities that people wore gas masks outside. Water pollution was so bad that Lake Erie actually caught fire. Public swimming pools started in some cities because swimming in the local ponds and rivers could cause dysentery, cholera, or typhoid fever if the water was ingested. Now people fish in Lake Erie again. In the 1970s it was a federal crime to kill a buffalo because they were so close to extinction. Today, one can get buffalo meat in some restaurants and buffalo hunting is allowed in some localities.

     The world is not going to come to an end because of the Paris Accord's downfall. If anything, it will free up innovation in America again to make new and better technologies that are friendly to the environment. Recycling, wastewater treatment, biofuels, air filtration, anti-pollution devices: these are all technologies that originated in the US. It's really been since the environmentally friendly administrations of Clinton, Bush, and Obama that we've lost our leadership edge.

     Trump's decision was the right one. Let's reinvest these funds into American environmental technologies and let the rest of the world follow, as before.

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