Saturday, June 10, 2017


    Defense Secretary James Mattis---Commandant of the USMC under Obama---announced a new politically-correct appointment on Friday. 'Lt. Col.' Megan Brodgen will become the first female commander of a US Special Forces' Unit.

    'Colonel' Brodgen will assume command of the 3rd Special Forces Support Group (yes, they actually call them support groups these days), stationed at the all-inclusive Fort Bragg. Col. Bradley Moses of Fort Bragg---all giddy with glee over the appointment claimed that 'Colonel' Brodgen was chosen for her leadership abilities and not her gender. It should be noted though that Ms. Megan spent her entire career in the Quartermaster Corps, a purely non-combat position.

      In 2016, though, Mattis' former boss Obama officially allowed women to serve in combat positions, shortly after he eliminated restrictions on homosexuals in the Military. These changes also brought a lowering of standards to qualify for Special Forces. Attrition in these units remains high, as is finding quality replacements. No one in the effete Beltway Culture can figure out why top-quality fighting men don't wish to take orders from women, camp out with homosexuals or act as nursemaids for foreign militias.

       During the nearly six months that Mattis has run the Defense Department, not one of these Obama-Era policies has been changed. In fact, Mattis hasn't even replaced any commanders from Obama's term: even the Pentagon's Official Spokesman is a holdover. The only swamp-draining or changes of any note have come from outside the Pentagon. Crackdowns on corruption have mostly initiated from the Justice Department. The Military Courts have overruled a few policies. Loosening the Rules of Engagement and increased readiness testing have come on the orders of President Trump.

       One of Trump's campaign promises was to revitalize the US Military. It's becoming more and more clear though that these changes will not happen under 'Mad Dog' Mattis. Mattis' ties to the Deep State, via his connections to Obama and to his financial connections with shady defense contractors like General Dynamics indicate that reform and the national interest are not his top priorities. His appointment of 'Colonel' Brodgen and his unwillingness to de-feminize the Military shows that he is ideologically in sync with the previous failed presidential administrations, which he served faithfully.

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