Wednesday, June 14, 2017


     As we've all heard, a 66 year-old Anarchist attempted this morning to assassinate the Republican Congressional leadership. Republican Congressmen and Senators were gathered at a local ball-field organizing a baseball team for an annual bipartisan charity game when they were viciously attacked. Federal Police responded quickly although several were wounded, including the House Majority Whip, Rep. Steve Scalise. The police sent the gunman, James Hodgkinson, to Tartarus under a hail of gunfire.

     Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords---a survivor of a 2011 assassination attempt--- sent a message of support. Nancy Pelosi issued a statement calling for unity; and Melania Trump praised the Federal Police for their heroism. But the national dialogue more-or-less took a turn for the worse after that.

      In fact, throughout much of the day, the Corporate Media seems to have brushed the story aside in favor of the usual fare of fake-news and distraction. The suspect in this case had a notable criminal history and a notable career as an Anarchist in more recent times. He supported Senator Sanders in 2016---whose supporters were known for violent and aggressive tactics. It appears also that Hodgkinson was a great admirer of The Resistance especially Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann. He also was a follower of the Whacko Left's anti-Russia conspiracy theories, and made several comments alluding to President Trump as 'a traitor'. Hence the Corporate Media---which has been trolling for just such an event to happen---would rather that the public didn't start connecting dots.

      President Trump addressed the Nation announcing that the suspect was dead, and that the shooting was under investigation. In a radical departure from previous administrations, the FBI and BATF are tracing Hodgkinson's connections to determine whether or not others may have been involved. Trump's speech was denounced immediately by the fake Conservatives on the Alt-Right. Talk-show host Michael Savage, for example, called it a "milquetoast speech" with the "kind of vanilla language that Romney might have used." Savage went on to lament that Trump lacked the "kind of fortitude" that led the Alt-Right to support him and cursed his "RNC advisers."

       Savage went on to advocate what his interpretation of a Conservative would do. Arrest Maddow and Olbermann; seize media venues like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube that don't censor speech sufficiently; ban anti-Trump protests; and so forth. A lot of so-called Conservatives are calling for the same thing.

       But these are the tactics of the Left. Real Conservatives are above shutting down speech and seizing or controlling businesses engaging in free enterprise who don't toe the PC party-line. The Alt-Right/Red Pill cultists are merely the Far Left with a different set of Commisars.

       President Trump handled the situation like a grown-up. If Hodgkinson had co-conspirators, there's no doubt that Sessions will ferret them out and take appropriate action. Lashing out in all directions simply for the sake of action is what Leftists like James Hodgkinson do. But it's not our way of doing things.  

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