Wednesday, June 14, 2017


      The parents of a pair of Millennial-generation nitwits are speaking out to the media and playing the victim cards on their offsprings' behalves. America's 'Lost Generation' is mostly the result of bad parenting, and the cases of these two are fine examples.

      First we have Otto Warmbier, a student at a university so extremist that it made national news last year after students held a petition to ban Christmas. At 21, young Otto went on his third vacation to North Korea. Otto was arrested this time---according to the Corporate Media for stealing a 'propaganda poster' on a dare. What the Media leaves out of the story is that Warmbier knowingly entered a Restricted Area and began vandalizing government property before being subdued after a struggle with the North Korean police. While this out-of-control behavior is acceptable at places like the University of Virginia, it carries a 15-year prison sentence in North Korea.

      The North Koreans sent Warmbier back to the US today because of a medical condition. Rainbow Rex Tillerson made the announcement today, confirming that Warmbier is in a coma. The North Koreans state that Warmbier overdosed on narcotics---which given his bizarre behavior leading to his arrest is not totally implausible.


      Warmbier testified during his trial that he was offered an absurd sum of money for taking the poster. It's hardly a smart policy for an American to tell North Koreans that he entered a restricted area because he was being paid by people back in Arlington, Virginia (you know, where the CIA headquarters is).

      Warmbier's parents, Fred & Cindy, told the Corporate Media angrily that "We want the world to know how our we and our son has been brutalized and terrorized by this pariah regime." So say the same knotheads who had no problem with paying for their son to go over there. On Otto's last trip, he was part of 'Young Pioneers Tours' which advertise "destinations your mother would want you to stay away from!" We blame North Korea for producing this guy. The Warmbiers own this one all by themselves.

       The second Snowflake in the news is named Reality Winner. Ms. Reality is a 25 year-old product of dysfunctional US public schools and the equally dysfunctional US Military.

      Ms. Reality passed classified data to the Media which was the subject of an ongoing Congressional investigation. An obvious case of American institutional radicalization, Ms. Reality was given a series of promotions in both the USAF and NSA because of both her gender and her commitment to Left-Wing ideologies. Her actions illustrate that she was taught to value Cultural Marxism over the good of the Nation. Her mother's statement to the press gives us an indication of where this girl went off-track.

      Her mother, a character named Billie Winner-Davis told the Corporate Media: "It will be difficult for her to get a fair trial if her case becomes this big deal about how 'we're not going to tolerate leakers.' I think they're going to try to make an example out of her because of the political climate right now."

     Isn't it interesting that both the Warmbiers and the Winners made political statements about their children's plights the first time they opened their mouths? It does give us some pause to wonder what kind of moral training these two young people received. But I think that we can draw our own conclusions about that.


  1. Can you point me to the sources for the extra details you have of the Warmbier story? I'm in a debate with some people who accept the "harmless prank" spin and I'm at a loss to find something more. The official story doesn't make sense, but I've got nothing but intuition supporting that.

    1. Thank you---Yes, here is where I first read it:

      The author of this article is a globally recognized authority on Korean issues.

    2. Thank you so much. I really enjoy reading your blog. I get so frustrated with that feeling "something isn't quite right with this narrative" and not being able to find the truth of the matter.

    3. You're welcome! A lot of things that the Corporate Media says 'doesn't sound right'. That's why the biggest foes of the First Amendment these days are the MSM themselves!