Friday, June 2, 2017


       Obamacare still hasn't been repealed, but May was another outstanding month for the much-maligned US Department of Health and Human Services, including one case that knocked out a half-billion dollar swindle perpetrated by a government official. The Corporate Media is utterly silent on HHS Swamp-Draining. Let's look at some of the highlights from the HHS website from May:

   Providence: Poplar Health Care agrees to pay $900,000 in restitution for filing false claims.

   Birmingham: a pharmaceutical sales broker jailed in a $13 million insurance fraud scheme.

    Los Angeles: a radiation therapy center fined $3 million in restitution for submitting bills for services never provided.

    Portland: a social worker arrested and jailed for scamming $800,000 from an 'at-risk youth' facility.

     New York City: Care Core National, an Obamacare provider, went out of business after a $54 million judgment for fraud. The company was bought by another provider, who agreed to pay the fine as part of the acquisition deal.

    Baton Rouge: A former executive of All-Star Medical Supply sentenced to prison for health care fraud.

    Springfield, Mo.: St. John's Regional Health Center and Clinic pay $34 million in fines for 'improper financial relationships with referring physicians'.

    Houston: a psychiatrist was arrested and exposed as the head of a Medicare fraud ring that took in $158 million in false claims.

    Tampa: Freedom Health, Inc. agreed to pay $32.5 million in restitution for a fraud scheme and the Chief Operating Officer was put in jail.

    Boston: eClinicalWorks, one of Big Pharma's and Obamacare's software medical records providers agreed in Federal Court to pay out a whopping $155 million in fines for fraud. Some ECW executives are also under investigation for alleged kickbacks and bribery.

     The Big One: We saved the best for last:

          "May 12th, 2017: a former administrative law judge for the Social Security Administration pled guilty today in a Federal Court for his role in a scheme to obtain by fraud more than $550 million in federal disability payments from the SSA for thousands of claimants."

      This is the system that the denizens of the Deep State want defended. These worthies, and all the others whom HHS has mopped up since February would still be going strong had Hilary Clinton been elected.



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