Thursday, June 29, 2017


    This morning, while the Corporate Media and denizens of the Deep State were busily foaming and frothing because Trump actually replied to one of their repeated insults, American farmers were celebrating. The US Department of Agriculture and the Department of Commerce announced that they had reached an agreement with Mexico; ending a long-standing stalemate on sugar import regulations.

    Mexico's sugar industry is heavily subsidized and protected by the Mexican Government. Under NAFTA regulations, imported sugar prices were fixed at rates competitive with US production. Shady contractors on both sides of the border, however, were selling Mexican surpluses in violation of the agreement. The prices undercut American refineries in particular and cost US producers an estimated $4 billion per year.

     The Mexican Government agreed to a price increase of 1/2 cent per pound, but most significantly agreed to limit its exports of refined sugar to 30% of the total shipped abroad. They also agreed to greater latitude in American regulation of import quotas. The illegal trade in sugar has also harmed Mexico, keeping the prices artificially high and causing the introduction of High Fructose Corn Syrup (for many years banned in Mexico) into their markets. Mexican health and agricultural officials would like to see HFCS replaced by sugar again.

       In the US, sugar-beets account for 55% of production and cane and sorghum making up the remainder. Sugar farmers and producers are optimistic that the Trump Administration will bring about a badly-needed revival of the US Sugar Industry. Phillip Hayes of the American Sugar Alliance said that the Trump Administration is "100% committed to ending the job loss and injury caused by predatory trade practices."

      The howls of anger predictably came from the Agribusiness Cartels, who have been buying foreign refined sugar at the cheapest possible price then gouging consumers for as much as the market could bear. The hypocrites even accused Trump officials of practicing 'crony capitalism'. It should be noted, however, that the Obama Administration was aware of the problem since 2013 and did nothing; while the Trump Administration resolved the issue in America's favor in less than 6 months.



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