Tuesday, June 27, 2017


     During the last few months, the ringleaders of the Alt-Right Red Pill Cult have been attacking Conservatism and Christianity with as much vigor as the Radical Left. These guys have denounced Buckleyites, The National Review, Red State, the Vatican, and the Southern Baptist Convention as "SJW converged" that is, co-opted by the Left.

    So now Vox Day has decided that Oath Keepers is not sufficiently ideologically pure. Oath Keepers are something like an updated version of the old Posse Comitatus groups of the 1960s and 1970s; except that Oath Keepers' membership is more or less restricted to current and former military and police-related personnel. The Oath Keepers get their name from a vow each member takes upon joining requiring them to disobey any unconstitutional order given them by a superior. The group has about 30,000 members and is fairly intersectional as to its demographics. They often network with other activist groups which have similar goals.

      Vox has been having an online tantrum all day after an Oath Keeper posted a great story about how his 12 year-old adopted son chased away a gang of adult Red Pill bullies. The commentary following was supportive of the family; denouncing the Red Pills for the punks that they are; and saying negative things about anti-Semites and Supremacists in general. The Oath Keepers understand that the Constitution exists to protect everyone; not just those special interests on the political fringes.

     Predictably, Vox turned his minions and trolls loose on the Oath Keeper who posted this story; sneering about 'Oathcucks' and complaining that the moderators are actually trying to keep civil debate on their own forum.

     "The Oath Keepers are intellectual, moral and physical cowards." Vox boasts, "Frightened little b-----s who can't stand up to debate and criticism, let alone open derision. And these cowardly losers are going to stand up to the might of the US government when it orders them around?"

     So says a cowardly loser who hides behind a keyboard in Europe and tells Americans how to behave. Vox, though, accuses the Oath Keepers of cowardice---as he previously did the Southern Baptists---because "they are afraid that someone will call them Racists."

     This is how the convoluted logic of the Red Pill fanatic works, To these people, their cult simply is. Nobody can oppose or even disagree with them as a matter of principle; they must have evil motives.

     Here is a part of the story that appeared on the Oath Keepers' site. Judge for yourselves who the real cowards are:

     "We had stopped at a Dairy Queen for a Blizzard after church. I saw a trio of burly young men in Trump Hats at a corner table...To cut a long story short, these ruffians rapidly took an unwelcome interest in me and my son, nudging each other, looking in our direction, and whispering among themselves. I should note that my son is Eritrean; we adopted him through our church.

      "Then these miscreants began making hooting noises and laughing!...I turned to them and said, 'Do you gentlemen have a problem?'  'Yeah,' replied one in a Pepe-the-Frog shirt, 'We don't want your kind in here! Take your kid back home to Iraq; we hate race-traitors like you! This is Trump country now.'"

      It was at this point that the man's son suddenly spoke up and had the manhood to assert his rights. The Red Pills were forced to slink away in shame under the jeers and derision of the DQ patrons and staff. Wouldn't any father be proud of a son like that?


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