Thursday, August 17, 2017


     While citizens of the Prozac Nation spent the better part of the week rampaging through public parks and killing each other over statues, the US Justice Department was on the job. Attorney-General Sessions announced today the expansion of the Tribal Access Program, designed to address long-standing crime issues on American Indian Reservations. The program was the result of a project Sessions launched a few months to collect concerns of Indian leaders. Preoccupied with trying to incite a Race War, however, the Corporate Media ignored the story.

       Under the Era of the Deep State, TAP was handicapped by jurisdictional 'turf wars' between the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. After President Trump declared a State of Emergency relative to the Opioid Crisis, Sessions was empowered to deal directly with Tribal Law Enforcement; bypassing the BIA bureaucrats.

       The problem was so bad that Tribal Police didn't even have direct access to national crime information databases---something nearly every local police department has. In addition to fighting narcotics abuse, TAP will expand to cover crimes against children and sex trafficking. These latter two expansions were included at the request of American Indian leaders who stated that both are serious issues on the Reservations.

       What the new policy essentially does is to raise tribal police to a position of equality with other law enforcement agencies and open Federal resources to reservations on an equal level with other communities. So much for the supposed 'white supremacist tendencies' of the Trump Administration.

         Beginning yesterday, any federally-recognized tribe is eligible to join TAP, Joint federal conferences in Anchorage and Sacramento this month dealing with the Opioid Crisis on tribal lands. The Office of Victims of Crime (OVC) announced too the opening of three offices in Seattle, Albuquerque, and Chicago where they and tribal leaders will develop a plan to "provide American Indian victims of sex trafficking with culturally appropriate, comprehensive victim services." Again, something else the supposedly 'multi-cultural' Liberal Deep State never thought of doing. 

         Remember that these are the kinds of policies that the Corporate Media and the anti-Trump 'Resistance' (whom every day are becoming mutually indistinguishable) want to see stopped. Their continual opposition to effective law enforcement ought to raise questions about why they really desire its absence. It may be a coincidence, but it seems that every time that the Trump Administration strikes a heavy blow to organized crime, Liberal anti-Trump stridency goes up correspondingly. The reader can draw his own conclusions from that observation.


Wednesday, August 16, 2017


      Chris Cantwell has a colorful history among the Manosphere's Red Pill Cult. A former contributor at A Voice for Men and several other Manosphere sites; Cantwell more recently was involved with White Supremacist elements. As readers know, the Game/PUA movement has largely converged with racialist politics. Paul Ramsey, Steve Sailer, and Andrew Anglin are among many Manosphereans who used one movement as the gateway to the other.

      Cantwell went to Charlottesville, brandishing a pistol on video and boasting that he was "ready for violence." After the violence actually happened, Cantwell told interviewers that James Fields' car-attack was "justified." He also criticized President Trump and "the Jew Kushner" for condemning the Charlottesville violence.

       Today, Cantwell is a national laughing-stock after cracking up and bursting into hysterical tears on video claiming that he'd learned of an outstanding arrest warrant for him in connection with Charlottesville.

       "I dindu nuffin'!" Cantwell bellowed between sobs, "There's a State of Emergency and the National Guard is here! I don't think it would be wise for me to go outside!"

        Like every good Snowflake, Cantwell moaned some more about the injustice of it all: "I don't know what to do...I need guidance. I'm terrified! I think they're going to kill me!"

         I suppose that nobody should be surprised at hearing this kind of think from a Red Pill Manly Alpha Leader. After watching the shameless poltroonery of Vox Day, Mike Cernovich, Roosh Valizadeh and others this week; it's becoming painfully obvious to everyone that these characters are nothing but cowards, losers, and perverts---not leaders of men at all. They call us Cuckservatives and boast that they are "the Right who will fight." What a scam they've been running on vulnerable men.

         Cantwell wasn't through. A notorious troll himself, Cantwell was screeching about threats: "Our enemies will stop at nothing, they've been threatening us all over the place!" This is in response to a tweet from Bradley Manning.

         Ever the Red Pill cultist; Cantwell had to throw in the obligatory misogynist snort: "Somebody like Donald Trump, somebody who gives his daughter to a Jew: I don't think could feel the same way about race as I do and watch that Jew bastard Kushner walk around with that beautiful girl."

         The organizers of the Charlottesville Rally predicted that the event would be a 'turning- point for the movement.' It certainly has been---though not in the way they intended.

          Men who are vulnerable and feel slighted by society, take note. This movement is nothing but a cult; and their leaders are nothing but fakes. What to do? Work within the system. President Trump won a fair and free election that many thought impossible. It took work, time, and effort.

         There is no shortcut to success with work, women, or self-government. It's an old maxim but a true one: self-improvement is winning half the battle. Following charlatans like Cantwell is the road to ruin.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


   Well, we predicted this yesterday, but things happened more quickly than expected. The Daily Stormer---one of the worst of the fake-Right Red Pill Cult websites---has been ejected unceremoniously from most mainstream hosting sites. Google and Youtube made the announcement this morning; followed in rapid succession by Airbnb, Facebook, and Discord. More to follow, for certain.

     According to Tech news site The Verge, Andrew Anglin has moved his obnoxious site to the echo-chambers of the so-called 'Dark Web'. But the Free Market has spoken and these bans, along with the impending lawsuit over Anglin's actions in Whitefish, Montana, likely have relegated this tin-horn pipsqueak and his 'Alpha' minions to social obscurity.

      The final straw seems to have been Anglin's attack on the murder-victim in Charlottesville, though this was hardly the first time he'd done such things. Last December, Anglin praised an acid-attack on an Italian model and encouraged his minions to send insulting personal messages to her. Earlier this year, he praised the murder of an elderly, impoverished Black man in a brutal knife attack. He also applauded the murder of a Black ROTC cadet and defended the vicious stabbing attack on the Portland PDX. More recently, he lamented that Whites didn't treat race-mixing couples as a Wahhabi group recently did: butchering a 19 year-old woman in cold blood. Anglin is currently being sued by the Gersh family of Whitefish, Montana for instigating an online troll attack that terrorized the Gershes and the Jewish citizens of Whitefish for months.

        Anglin's downfall also has another important lesson. This dirtbag and his followers weren't stopped with "tough new laws" or with "a speech czar." This was accomplished by free citizens in a free market holding corporate CEOs and suppliers of Internet services accountable and demanding change. From the political end, speeches from the President and others may have encouraged action in the private sector; but this whole affair is an example of how the system is supposed to work. 

         The Internet feels like a much cleaner place today. And on the anniversary of the end of WW2, no less.


Monday, August 14, 2017


    Red Pill cultists Vox Day and Roosh Valizadeh are again leading the Charlottesville charge: this time in a different direction. Joined by a growing number of traitors---among them Ramzpaul, Mike Cernovich, PA, and various others---the Dark Triad corner of the Internet is swelling with the chorus: "I dindu nuffin!"

    Even the chumps at Vanguard America, are denying that James Fields---suspect in the Charlottesville murder---was ever a member. Yeah, sure.

     What's brought this all about is a looming and long-overdue crackdown signaled today by President Trump and during the weekend by Vice-President Pence and Attorney-General Sessions. Apparently the FBI has taken over the investigation into Charlottesville and the FAA is looking into the rather suspicious police helicopter crash shortly afterwards. Senator Cruz has been calling for a Congressional Inquest.

     In the private sector, webhost GoDaddy has terminated hosting The Daily Stormer. The pathetic Andrew Anglin tried to make it look like a hacking, though most experts suspect this to have been a hoax. There are rumors flying about that a lot of these trolls are about to kicked off of forums like Youtube, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

     Vox, Roosh, and their disciples can run but they can't hide. And there's a lesson here for lost and confused men who are flirting with these radical movements: For all their blather about 'brotherhoods' and 'manly Alpha leadership', when the irons are actually in the fire these guys are going to throw you under the bus and save their own skins. And that's true for Leftist radicals too. Remember the Inauguration Day riots last January? Hundreds of Antifa and associated types are still sitting in the pokey while those who egged them on are giving paid interviews in the MSM.

      Another good example is Welch, the Pizzagate shooter. Welch realized he'd been lied to too late. He'll be in the Pen for until early next decade---a sadder but wiser man. The point though being that none of the Pizzagate proponents---many of whom profited off the story---were ever punished. But Welch, who acted on their theories, was.

     What's going happen from Charlottesville? There may be some prosecutions if the FBI can prove Conspiracy, or the helicopter crash turns out not to have been an accident. Most likely though the main reaction is going to come from public and political pressure to drive this bunch out of the mainstream. As we've said for a long time, it's going to take leaders from the Conservative movement to start denouncing these groups and we're starting to see it now with high-ranking Republicans like Senators Cruz and Hatch and Paul Ryan speaking out. Let's hope that this trend has a trickle-down effect.



Sunday, August 13, 2017


     In the wake of yesterday's disaster in Charlottesville, there's been criticism of the Alt-Right and the Red Pill Cult cutting a wide swath across the political spectrum. From Conservatives to Neocons to Liberals to Leftists, the sentiment has been more or less universal.

      It's somewhat amazing that these extremists are so repugnant that they actually manage to effect rare instances of national unity just by opening their mouths. But these jugheads never learn; and every outpouring of mass indignation seems only to reinforce their Superiority Complexes.

     And thus The Daily Stormer---one of the prime agitators for the Charlottesville rally---ran a headline today about yesterday's vehicular attack. It reads: "Heather Heyer; Woman Killed in Road Rage Incident was a Fat, Childless, 32 year-old Slut".

     Andrew Anglin, the author of article and Daily Stormer editor, actually wonders why people consider things like this offensive. The text of the article is even worse than the headline and, as a public service, we'll simply not quote from it here.

       This kind of gutter-level writing has no place in civilized political discourse. That should go without saying. But worse still, we've yet to see even one of these Alt-Right or Red Pill leaders express even the slightest remorse or shame over what happened in Charlottesville. It's no argument to say that 'Liberals do it too!' We're not Leftists and behaving like them is no credit to anyone.

       The fact of the matter is that Heather Heyer was an American citizen murdered in cold blood by a thug. Several others may be permanently injured from the attack; and the Courts should give the attacker a scheduled meeting with the hangman.

        Senator Ted Cruz said after the murder: "Violence, brutality, and murder have no place in a civilized society. The Nazis, KKK, a white supremacists are repulsive and evil, and all of us have a moral obligation to speak out against the lies, bigotry, and hatred that they propagate."

         Can other Conservatives do any less? It's past time for Christian and Conservative leaders to support our political officials and begin denouncing these extremists.



    Details are slowly trickling in surrounding Saturday's horrific events in Charlottesville. Attorney-General Sessions issued a statement promising Federal help in investigating today's crimes. The car-attacker who mowed down demonstrators ISIS-style has been identified but few details have been released about him; and the cause of the police helicopter 'accident' is still under investigation.

     The biggest issue with Charlottesville is the so-called Alt-Right's complicity in this violence. As we've stressed repeatedly, those who call themselves politically Right must be held to higher standards of conduct and political discourse. We expect this kind of thuggish behavior because they have no logically defensible positions nor moral justifications for them---hence, they can only resort to force.

      Anyone who employs the same tactics and rhetorical devices as the Left, yet claims to be part of the Right is inherently being dishonest. Senator Orrin Hatch today recalled how his older brother was killed in action during WW2 and expressed his revulsion that those carrying Nazi flags claim to represent the true America. Those of us who had grandparents in WW2---grandparents who used to tell us stories about their grandparents in the Civil War---feel roughly the same about seeing Confederate flags employed for the same purpose. My great-great grandfather, for example, lost a thumb at Chickamauga and his brother came out of Andersonville permanently crippled from Dysentery. Though I understand the whole 'Southern Heritage' thing I can gather very little sympathy for Neo-Confederates.

     Although Saturday's events are still being analyzed, several Alt-Right and Red Pill bloggers are doubling-down. Here are some of their own words from today---illustrating even better than we could why Conservatives need to kick these punks back to the fringes and stand with Trump and Sessions in condemning them.

     A few of these worthies found humor in the situation. Some of their comedic talents are about on par with Stephen Colbert and Kathy Griffin.

     Social Extinction has a still photograph of the Dodge Challenger running down the crowd. He comments: "Good American steel. Make Dodge Great Again!"

     Aeoli Pera noted: "I am literally crying now. Tears of joy. The world has one less Communist in it".

      Those rib-splitting jokesters aside, others took a more serious stance:

     Daniel Friberg, a Swedish national and major financial sponsor of these Alt-Right cults was at the rally and tweeted: "The Nordic Alt-Right was on location in Charlottesville. It escalated into total Civil War."

      Here is an example of someone who needs his passport revoked and banned from entry into the country. This wouldn't be without precedent either---Friberg is close to being banned from Hungary and various other parts of Europe. We don't need foreigners here inciting civil wars, for certain.

       And then, barely two weeks after accusing the ADL of libel for labeling him part of the Alt-Right, Matt Forney wrote a long piece of fake news on Return of Kings. Citing such unimpeachable sources as Richard Spencer, David Duke, Jason Kessler and Tim 'Baked Alaska' Treadstone to the effect that the police were responsible for the violence. "A car drove through a crowd of Antifas, injuring several and killing at least one." he boldly states.

      But the crowd hit in fact was not Antifa, but a peaceful demonstration. Look at the video and see that none of the marchers are wearing Antifa colors nor committing any violent deeds.

      The aforementioned Mr. Alaska---recently banned from GoFundMe for trying to raise money for Charlottesville in violation of that website's policies, got pepper-sprayed by police during the riot. As with his account ban, he dindu nuffin' to deserve that sort of treatment. But according to Pax Dickinson, as reported to Vox Day, Dickinson, Baked Alaska, Richard Spencer, and Nathan Damigo were gassed after blockading police trying to disperse the crowd.

     Of course, Vox Day was whipping on the violence as much as possible too---from the safety of his Italian villa. He's giddy with hope that more men will be radicalized by today's events.

     "As always, people know nothing about PR, nothing about the media, and will cuck at the drop of a hat." He says this of Conservative critics. "Gamers are not dead, neither is the Alt-Right brand...the historical trends will sweep all of this before it. Diversity + Proximity= War."

     Cail Corbishev agrees: "I assume that those who think this was a disaster for the Alt-Right also think Kent State was a massive disaster for the Left."

     "No one here cares about you Conservatives." Michael Maier says, among Vox' comments. "You are pathetic cucks. You had better pray for a peaceful solution to the evil that satisfies us. Otherwise, the Alt-Right is going to prevail and you little b-----s will be crying and begging for mercy. It will not be forthcoming."

       Now why would anybody imagine that these guys weren't only seeking peaceful dialogue?

       And, last but not least, The Daily Stormer has such headlines as:

       "Car Rams into Counter-Protestors in Self-Defense"

       "Evil Cops Who Attacked Us Can't Fly a F----g Helicopter! 2 Dead in Crash"

        "Car Crasher Identified: Called a Terrorist by a Bunch of Republicans"

         Ever the pragmatist, though, Andrew Anglin tells his disciples in Charlottesville: "Go out and enjoy yourselves. If you're at a bar in a group, random girls will want to have sex with you. Because you're the bad boys; the ultimate enemy of the state. Every girl on the planet wants your d--k now."

         Who in their right mind would want jugheads like these even remotely near any cause they believed in? No, it's time---past time---for Conservative leaders to start putting their foot down on these kooks. Giving them a platform hasn't helped our side one iota.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


       President Trump issued a statement this morning saying, "We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides. It has been going on for a long time...there is no place for it in America." 

          The President's statement represents the real Conservative position. For weeks now, Red Pill cultists; among the loudest Vox Day, Andrew Anglin, and Richard Spencer, have been inciting their disciples to "make Charlottesville the turning-point in the Alt-Right movement." Sort of like the Beer-Hall Putsch of 1923. Of course, Anglin and Vox stayed far away the scene themselves although Spencer, David Duke, Nathan Damigo and several other notorious fanatics were there.

         The President also spoke with Governor McAuliffe who has ordered the Virginia National Guard to the scene. The extent of today's violence is unknown as of this writing. One person was killed and several injured after what appeared to be a vehicular attack on a relatively peaceful group of anti-Trump. Two policemen were killed when a helicopter crashed---for reasons as of now unknown.

           The ostensible purpose of this rally, dubbed Unite the Right by its promoters, was to radicalize the Conservative movement. Demonstrators marched on Lee Park carrying the flags of the Confederacy and the Third Reich---both states which fought wars against America. And so the 'counter-protestors' brandishing Anarchist and Black Lives Matter banners. Some very early Tweets from the Leftist gangs state that they were attacked with torches and many suffered burns. This hasn't been verified; but it's very likely true.

         But President Trump is right; it's not especially important which side started this disaster. Both sides came to Charlottesville eager for a fight. Now three people are dead and many others injured---and for what? Here's the answer:

          People like Vox Day, Andrew Anglin, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow are always instigating these acts of violence, but are never around when the fighting actually starts. No, instead they sit in their studios sipping cocktails and laughing in their sleeves. Charlottesville is going to mean book deals, interviews, and speaking fees for these people, while their minions rot in jail or lie in hospital beds. As the legendary Texas Ranger 'Lone Wolf' Gonzalez used to tell suspects, "The Penitentiary is full of people who are there because 'somebody told them to'".

         Our Constitution is set up to change government leaders and policies through peaceful means. Again, President Trump is right. There is no place in America for this; although it has been going on for a long time. What is different today is the pointlessness of the violence. Earlier political violence was still wrong, but those acts had ostensible motives: tax polices, abolition, labor unrest, civil rights, the military draft, etc. The political violence of recent years---including Jihadist attacks in America---seem to have no other purpose than to take action for the sake of taking action. Both sides want a Civil War and neither has the slightest idea what they'd do if they actually won.

         There will be more discussion of today's upcoming as more details are made known. But on a note of optimism, the real winner in today's battle was neither the Far Left nor the Alt-Right; but the forces of Law and Order. The Charlottesville Police, the Virginia National Guard, and the US Government came out on top---and that's how these events are bound to end. Despite all the revolutionist rhetoric from both sides, they learned the hard way that our Government is a long, long way from being overthrown. If the revolutionaries couldn't take over Charlottesville, we can assume that the rest of the country is pretty safe.


     The US Justice Department announced that a Senior Manager of Volkswagen USA pled guilty in Federal Court today to charges of Criminal Conspiracy against the US Government; Wire Fraud; and Violations of the Clean Air Act. Five other VW executives are on trial in absentia for roughly the same offenses; but are believed to have fled to Germany.

       Oliver Schmidt, a German national, was arrested earlier this year after investigators discovered that Volkswagen diesel engines were being equipped with an emissions detection software that also detected emissions testing equipment and falsified the results. The investigation that Schmidt was behind this scheme and that knowingly misrepresented VW engines to Federal and State regulators. The DOJ estimated that unwitting consumers lost around $150 million.

       Whatever objections many may have with the EPA, CARB, and the Clean Air Act in general, it certainly doesn't justify foreign corporations coming here and violating laws that American corporations have to follow. Schmidt's actions were obviously designed to gain unfair competitive advantages over domestic producers.

       For its part, Volkswagen is employing the leverage of its considerable US advertising clout to keep the Corporate Media from reporting the scandal. The Justice Department, however, has issued a warrant for a manager of Audi, and believe that VW, Audi, and Porsche were all equipping diesel vehicles with the same illegal software. Giovanni Pamio of Audi was arrested in Munich and is awaiting extradition to the US on the same charges as Schmidt. The official narrative is, however, is that this was the handiwork of "a few rogue engineers."  Yet, behind the scenes, VW has agreed to pay over $4 billion in federal fines.

        Hopefully this will lead to import bans against these companies. The EU countries rarely ever face any consequences for these kinds of behaviors and it is time for that to change. While the Deep State was swift to impose embargoes and sanctions on other countries, EU offenders are usually given a fine and the whole affair swept under the rug.

        This policy seems to be changing under Trump. European media pundits are genuinely shocked that the US is throwing their executives in jail and Volkswagen's official reports to European stock exchanges indicate that they didn't expect much more than a slap on the wrist. No wonder the Elites over there hate Trump. They don't get the wink and a nod that they've gotten under previous administrations.

           The clear message that Trump and Sessions are sending here is that if Corporate CEOs want to play in the 'swamp', they're going to get drained along with the rest.






Friday, August 11, 2017


     David Binkle, formerly Food Services Director for the Los Angeles Unified School District was indicted this week after the California OIG concluded that he had embezzled at least $65,000 in federal school lunch program funds. According to The Los Angeles Times, Binkle funneled the cash into his private business and personal bank account. He is charged with 15 counts of Embezzlement, Conflict of Interest, Misappropriation of Public Funds, Forgery, and Perjury.

       Such a sterling role model for American youth. Fairly typical of modern Academia, though.

       In 2014, Binkle was invited to the White House to help Michele Obama craft a proposal for new Federal School Lunch guidelines. The shameless hypocrite actually wrote an article on the former First Lady's website complaining of the supposed economic disparity "between the elites and the majority of students whom I serve."

       Beside his association with the Obamas, Binkle was also considered an expert on the school lunch program by the Corporate Media. He was regularly interviewed on CNN, PBS, ABC, NBC, and CBS. Here is an example of his culinary innovation in his own words: "Today we no longer serve items like flavored milk, chicken nuggets, corn-dogs, pizza, and nachos. Today what we do serve are atypical 'kid-friendly' items: edamame, jicama sticks, teriyaki chicken bowls, turkey and vegetarian burgers..." No wonder LAUSD has such a problem with truancy.

        Regardless of the quality of the food, the Federal School Lunch Program has a long-standing reputation for corruption. School districts typically farm out the contracts to shady food distribution rackets which buy inferior quality foods for pennies on the dollar; then gouging the taxpayers for the full market price. These politically-correct allegedly healthy regimens promoted by Obama and Binkle are the biggest scams of all since the market price for these exotic foods is much higher than hot dogs and potatoes.

       Obama's and Binkle's excuse for killing the taste-buds of a whole generation of schoolchildren is that American children are suffering from an epidemic of obesity. While the obesity epidemic is real, blaming school lunches is a lie. Obesity among schoolchildren is a direct result of Politically-Correct academic bureaucrats ending the mandatory physical fitness requirements that President Kennedy introduced in 1961. It seems only logical that children who don't exercise end up getting fat. While meals like Binkle introduced do kill one's appetite, it's not enough to stop an after-school rush to the nearest Burger King. 

       Another good idea might be that parents could start preparing lunches again and send kids to school with lunchboxes. That way, the parents would actually have some control over what their children consumed. But that would defeat the purpose of Modern Academia which is bitterly opposed to teaching self-reliance.

          Binkle's case is illustrative though of the kind of swamp-draining that public schools need---and need desperately.




      Yesterday, we spoke of attempts by fringe elements to incite a Second US Civil War. Now there's been a lot of tocsin-beating---mostly from the same group---who want to fight the Korean War all over again. The difference is that in this case, they want to fight with atomic weapons.

       Another difference is that RINO James Mattis and his Pentagon merry-men seem to be itching for such a conflict too. Mattis---who hasn't replaced a single Obama appointee or changed even one Obama-era policy---hopes to justify his value to the Deep State by sacrificing a few million Koreans. Soros and Podesta, etc. have long had their eyes on North Korea. They need a base of operations in East Asia for their criminal activities and there will be lucrative contracts involved in rebuilding after a nuclear war.

      But for rank-and-file provocateurs the prospect of obliterating a country the size of Pennsylvania is thrilling enough in its own right. It's not even a question with such people whether the war is morally justified or not. What justifies it in their minds is that might makes right. We've been living for too long in a culture where bullies are regarded as supermen. And they resent the fact that a small nation would dare defend itself against an international bully like Obama was, and Mattis is.

      Let's cut through the bloodthirsty rhetoric and look scientifically at just what these people are advocating.

      To "turn North Korea into glass" as these pundits gleeful fantasize about would require probably a dozen or so atom-bombs. So one dropped on Pyongyang---because after all we want regime change---would target about 3 million people. Within one mile of Ground Zero, nothing would survive. A 1-megaton bomb exploding in the atmosphere would generate a shockwave and a nearly 500 MPH hurricane with temperatures not unlike those produced by a microwave oven. Structures would be leveled. In city the size of Pyongyang, this would occasion about a million casualties. Men, women, and children. Nor would that be the end.

      Three miles from the blast radius, the flaming winds hit at about 300 MPH. At this range, wind does more damage than the blast; collapsing structures and blowing debris (including human bodies) into other objects. Men, women and children again: bombs don't discriminate. At 5 miles, the winds are reduced to 180 MPH---the size of a Category 5 hurricane. Military and other reinforced buildings would be severely damaged; most houses would be destroyed and people in the open probably killed. The damage gradually decreases out to a range of 12 miles. Probable loss of life in Pyongyang, about 2 million from the initial blast alone.

       Many more however will die from fires spread by the explosion and within 10 days about 1/3 of those survivors will have died from radiation poisoning. Many others will die of starvation, untreated injuries, exposure, and other problems related to the aftermath of the blast. Multiply these scenarios by about 12 and you get an idea of what these hawks actually hope to accomplish.

        Atomic weapons have their place in modern military strategy, but they obviously are not things to be thrown at anybody simply to show off. Unwillingness by nuclear powers to use these weapons are not signs of weakness; there has always been a tacit understanding that a country launching the 'First Strike' is automatically going to be considered a rogue regime that will be opposed by whatever means necessary. This is not where we want to go as a people.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


    Brooks Jennings, an official in the Chester County Pennsylvania Republican Party was gunned down at his home late Monday night by a neighbor, one Clayton Carter. Reports say that the Jennings family was harassed and threatened by Carter on numerous previous occasions---as were other neighbors. Jennings is survived by a wife and son.

     ABC-6 News reported that Carter's yard is "crowded with handmade anti-Trump signs."  Police say that he had a history of neighborhood disputes and there are some indications that he may have participated in some of the violent anti-Trump rallies in the Philadelphia Metro Area.

      The Media and local authorities have been downplaying the obvious political motivation in this murder. They want to deny the existence of another festering social problem in the United States. We've seen since the 2016 Elections onward---and a few even before---of politically-based violence. Last month's attempted mass-murder of the Congressional Republican leadership should have been a national wake-up call. Instead, the story was buried under a morass of anti-Trump propaganda and pop-culture fluff; as were stories of violent anti-Trump riots, assaults and threats against Republican officials, ambushes and murders of policemen, etc.

      There's been a measure of Far-Right violence too, much of it racially as well as politically charged. There's been some discussions around the Internet lately in so-called Alt-Right circles about a "coming Civil War." Anti-Catholic bigot Michael Savage recently spoke of such a possibility on his radio show recently. Such talk though has been floating around on extremist blogs for some time; most notably Chateau Heartiste, Vox Populi, The Daily Stormer, and Return of Kings.

      Despite many people's concerns, it is very unlikely that we will have anything like a Civil War in the United States. If we look at the bigger picture, the denizens of the Deep State are on the defensive---although the MSM tries to cultivate the opposite impression. Trump is not going to be brought down, nor are there any imminent coups, though there's plenty of political intrigue and internal sabotage going on. What Conservative activists need to do is stop worrying about another Fort Sumter and start getting behind the President and backing candidates who support his policies.

      The larger social problem is though that there's a bloodthirsty element on both the Far Left and Far Right that desires political violence from a variety of motives. On the Left there are people like Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow; on the Right people like Michael Savage and Vox Day---all of them putting out hysterical rhetoric that's designed only for one purpose. Their goal is to reach those teetering on the brink on mental breakdown like Clayton Carter and goad them into action. Then when violence happens, they wash their hands like Pontius Pilate and declare "I am innocent of the blood of this man."

       There needs to be a serious debate in this country about re-elevating the level of political discourse. Pope Francis so far has been the only world leader who's really made an issue of it. We don't need new laws, but what we do need are more leaders and writers willing to condemn these kinds of inflammatory words and behaviors. Society needs to push them back to the fringes where they belong and our legal system needs to make examples of people like Carter.   


Tuesday, August 8, 2017


    Andrew Anglin, a self-described MGTOW and hero of the Alt-Right Manosphere has written an article both denouncing 'cuckservative' views on gender relations and explaining to his disciples why---despite being manly Alpha leaders---some White Girls prefer dating men of other races rather than the likes of them. It isn't because the Red Pills encourage men to treat women like this:

     Or run and hide like cowardly little sneaks when they're sued for harassing women and their kids like this:

      Anglin explains that the real reason is instead:

       "Women are stupid. They have the brains of children, if the children were possessed by some demonic desire to destroy everything around them. They are not something that should be treated as 'people' but should be treated as property."

        Men like Anglin are the reason why handgun sales and gun permits are being issued to women in record numbers. If a female relative's boyfriend ever said something like that to a red-blooded father, brother, or even grandfather, he'd be fortunate to escape without a beating. But Anglin explains the rationality of his position (which he presumes is self-evident):

       "The good girl/bad girl dichotomy is absolutely valueless in any discussion of women or women's rights and obfuscates the fact that every woman, if fully 'liberated' will behave in the exact same way, which is the most destructive way possible: which involves a lot of sex with Brown people, making all sorts of outrageous demands, tearing down everything that white men have built, etc."

     "The Alt-Right agenda is not simply about reclaiming our land" Anglin continues, "It is about reclaiming every aspect of our civilization, an important component of which is our women. Women are the possession of their fathers, who should be given away to men whom the father believes would be good caretakers...This is because women are incapable of regulating their own behavior in any sphere at all---not simply in the sexual sphere."

       This is quite a statement coming from a guy whose readership has been connected to 13 murders and hundreds of harassment complaints. If we're talking about people's inability to regulate their own behavior, the Red Pill/Alt-Right really can't argue from the moral high ground. But back to the original point: The reason that White women are dating men of other races is because they mentally equate White men with creeps like Anglin. The same reason that many Liberals are afraid of Conservatism and Christianity: people like Anglin are the face of the 'Right' that they see.

      The way to 'Make American Women Great Again' might be to give them gentlemen as role models again.

       But gentlemanly behavior is against the principles of the Red Pill Cult. Anglin tells his followers that sadly, minority males' behavior is "more violent and aggressive than the now neutered and sissified White man; and that White women in particular have a fixation with violent and aggressive men." So his solution therefore is that the Alpha Boys should become more aggressive bullies than they already are; and engage in things like publically harassing mixed-race couples. "We must acknowledge that the behavior of women is the biggest and most immediate threat to Western Civilization" he solemnly concludes, "Because women are the Jews' foot-soldiers in the War against White Men."

       We've quoted some long extracts from Anglin's article; mostly because the ignorance and stupidity displayed in his own words are illustrative of why real Conservatives need to distance our movement from these kooks. And women will learn nothing about the real nature of masculinity from reading their absurdities.

        The two genders are designed to be complementary, so it's absurd for either Feminists or Red Pills to speak of 'liberation' like they do. Neither sex can wholly be 'free' of the other. Laws don't change biology. The cultures of arranged marriages which Anglin praises were rife with adultery; as anyone with a knowledge of Classical Greco-Roman Literature will attest. Adultery and divorce were remarkably low in the US until a few decades ago. This is because our society always accorded women a measure of freedom in choosing their marriage partners. Marriage today is breaking down because the Trash Culture promoted by Media and Academia encourages sexual anarchism. It's the culture that needs to improve; not freedom being restricted.  





Monday, August 7, 2017


     There's been some considerable arm-flapping this week in the Prozac Nation over the fate of a Harvard and MIT-educated software engineer named James Damore. Damore was fired from Google today after being exposed as the author of a 10-page Manifesto that was circulated first through Google as an unauthorized and anonymous corporate memo; then later leaked to the Internet at large. Most of the manifesto, which bore the title Google's Ideological Echo Chamber has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with say, designing software.

      Instead, this memo was really an exercise in trolling. Not surprisingly, the whackos on the fake Right---with Vox Day and Jack Posobiec at their head---are screaming about censorship. And of course they agree with Damore's premise: that women are unsuited for tech fields. Carly Fiorina and other Conservatives might disagree, however.

      Before taking sides in this non-debate, let us examine only a few simple, basic facts:

      1. Google is a huge corporation with thousands of employees; and their success as a company rests upon getting these thousands of people to work as a team.

       2. An employee circulates an unauthorized memo that causes a disruption in the corporate environment---wholly unrelated to Google's purpose as a Technology company.

       3. Someone---probably the same employee---leaks the text of this memo to the press, causing damage to Google's image. It should be noted that Google is currently also involved in a controversy with the US Labor Department over alleged wage disparities between genders.

         4. The same memo openly accuses Google management and executives of sabotaging the corporate good and arrogantly makes demands upon them to change.

       So what does one suppose that any corporation would do with an employee like that? Give him a medal for speaking out? No, they would fire him, as they did Damore. The bottom line here is that Google is a business. Software engineers don't dictate company policy to CEOs; and they especially don't disrupt the entire organization from within and without. They design software: that's what they're paid to do. As an employee, Damore's actions were completely unacceptable.

        And that is really the issue here. This not a censorship or free-speech issue because Damore was fired for his actions, not his words. Vox Day, in his usual dishonest way, ran a poll on Twitter asking whether or not respondents thought there was an problem with Google's diversity policy. That's not even a relevant question to what Damore did.

        It's time to get a grip on reality. Damore is no martyr; he did something stupid and got fired for it. Think of this: did Damore face losing his job before he published this manifesto? Of course not. Google didn't care about his opinions as long as he produced software---nor should they have cared. But Damore used his opinions to harm the company and that's another matter.

      Anarchists and Communists believe in Labor overthrowing company leadership from within: Conservatives do not.



Sunday, August 6, 2017


     Jeff Sessions is on the hunt once again. A pair of communiques from DOJ and HHS officials (again ignored by the Corporate Media) announced that their joint task force wiped out a major drug-trafficking ring in Central California.

     Seven clinics were raided and shut down and twelve of the ringleaders of the network were taken into custody---including the top man, Encino gangster 'Maserati Mike' Matosyan.

     Matosyan was running a particularly brazen scam. He hired corrupt doctors to operate clinics he controlled and write fake Opioid prescriptions to drug dealers. Obamacare got billed and furnished the dope that Matosyan's henchmen turned and sold for a profit on the streets.

     As a bonus to this good news, Matosyan's high-priced defense attorney, Fred Minassian of Glendale was also among those arrested. According to the indictment, "After a load of Vicodin was seized from one of the conspiracy's major customers, Matosyan allegedly oversaw the creation of fake paperwork in an effort to make it appear that the drugs were legitimately prescribed. Intercepted conversations between Matosyan and Minassian revealed that they strategized on how to deceive law enforcement, which included a plan to bribe a doctor to lie to investigators."

     If there ever was a news story that illustrated the need for swamp-draining this is it. Frederick Manning---a Santa Ana drug-pusher caught in the dragnet---was buying a 1,000 pills a week at taxpayer expense. The gang seems to have operated mostly in the Los Angeles Metro Area. Los Angeles County Supervisors met last week to initiate a new program to deal with the Opioid Crisis. According to testimony given at the meeting, drug overdoses are the 4th leading cause of premature death in Los Angeles County.

       Incidentally, public records show that Minassian was a donor to Democrat candidates in 2016. Surprise, surprise.


Saturday, August 5, 2017


      One of the characteristics of all cults is that they try to isolate their followers from as much interaction with 'outsiders' as possible. They especially target one's connections to  religious institutions. Personal faith is a person's last defense against false teachings.

      Blogger InsanityBytes had an interesting article today concerning some Manosphere Red Pill cultists and their project to recruit unsuspecting Christian couples into their perverted philosophy. They do this---as many other cults do---by camouflaging their organizations, literature and so forth behind a veneer of being mainstream. But cutting off their disciples from the cultural mainstream is their ultimate intention.

       Several bloggers on the political Left have noticed this same trend, though their Leftist outlook leaves them unable to understand the full ramifications of these trends among the Red Pill leaders. It's not simply a matter of converting from one belief to another. As the author of the project that InsanityBytes says: "There's pretty much zero literature out there now on the Truth about the natures of men and women from the Bible. Dalrock has pretty much exposed every pastor for pandering to and pedestalizing wives in marriage." In other words, they hold that all other churches are in some way corrupted, or converged, to use their terminology.

         The point is that this cultish isolationism doesn't stop with organized religion. The Red Pill cultists have been kicked out of nearly every social venue on the Internet: Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Youtube, Patreon, and many others. Now of course they claim this is censorship by these organizations (or by the Jews) who fear the 'truth' being revealed. The reality is that they've gotten themselves banned for continual violations of Terms of Use. Often this includes things like doxxing, spamming, harassment, etc.

         In the most recent flap, Tim Treadstone, an especially obnoxious Red Pill troll who writes under the name Baked Alaska, was banned from Go Fund Me for trying to raise funds to organize a White Supremacist rally. Treadstone was quite indignant that the website owners should object to their resource being employed for such purposes. So Mr. Alaska was running around denouncing them and encouraging his disciples to boycott Go Fund Me in favor of WeSearchr, a Red Pill Cult front posing as a crowdsourcing site.

       This is part of the cultish isolationist trend. More and more the Red Pill cultists are not only steering their followers away from Church and Family, but encouraging them to cut off social networking contacts as well. Gab, Hatreon, VOAT, RootBocks, are some of the other front-groups where cultists can interact among themselves; sort of a 'safe space' where 'unbelievers' don't challenge the Red Pill leaders' antisocial beliefs.

         They have other front-groups as well: Castalia House and Infogalactic; both projects of Vox Day's to circumvent legitimate publishers. And no doubt many other such schemes are in the works.

         Some may argue: yes, but in a free market, haven't the cultists as much right to compete for audiences as everybody else? The answer is: they have, but we have just as great a right---and a responsibility---to expose their scams for what they really are.

         The whole flaw in the Red Pill's approach is what they call controlling the narrative. Many Conservatives erroneously believe this is a correct approach as well. The truth is that the 'narrative' is a myth. It's an idea imported from Cultural Marxism and based on their theory that facts are relative concepts. There are facts and there are falsehoods, and the truth doesn't need to be 'redefined' or 'spun'. Facts simply are facts and misinformation is not countered with contrary misinformation. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" is a proverb that rarely works out in actual practice.


Thursday, August 3, 2017


     Few Americans are familiar with the African nation of Malawi. A landlocked country of 16 million people in subtropical Africa, the country rarely gets much international press. The reason for this is that the Corporate Media only focuses on negative news and not much of this comes from Malawi. The country actually attracts a decent number of tourists; safari hunters and tropical explorers, mostly. Malawi also has beautiful beaches along freshwater Lake Nyasa which is filled with exotic tropical fish.

      The news story from that country today has to do with this very issue. Recently, Catholic media began expanding into the country and earlier this week Information Minister Nicholas Dausi visited one of the highest-rated radio studios where he praised Catholic media efforts and pledged continued government support.

      Dausi spoke to a crowd at St. Mary's Parish in Karonga. He thanked the local bishops for their efforts to elevate cultural standards and challenged the crowd not to "sink to being brought down by continual negativity" such as the Western Media imports into the nation. Bishop Mtumbuka held a Mass that afternoon, which Dausi attended. During his sermon the Bishop stated that

        "I would like to challenge media outlets and those working within them to be more professional. We thank God for the gift of all communication tools. However, we are challenging ourselves to use them more effectively. We can do much better than we are doing with our media. Let us offer the message of Faith for the Glory of God and the development of our nation."

       Visiting Bishop George Tambala also spoke at the Mass. "Pope Francis challenges us all to break the vicious cycle of anxiety and stem the spiral of fear that results from a constant focus on bad news such as war, terrorism, scandals, and all sorts of human failures. Francis' recent message challenges that all media practitioners should search for an open and creative style of communication that never seeks to glorify evil. Instead, we should concentrate on solutions and seek to inspire a positive and responsible response on the part of media recipients."

         ETWN reported this story but---for obvious reasons---the US Mainstream Media mostly slunk away from it in disgraced shame. And this isn't even the first time that Malawi's cultural elites have made ours look like complete chumps. The difference is simply that Malawi is striving to put the Christian social ideal into actual practice; something that our society used to do. It should be noted that Malawi's crime rate is actually lower than the US, as is their divorce rate. They also have such a insignificant drug abuse problem that WHO doesn't even list Malawi as an 'at-risk' country, unlike the US. This in spite of the fact that their GDP is far lower than ours.

        Maybe there's actually something to this whole idea of 'faith-based' government after all.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


     In the recent (and evidently ongoing) controversy between Manosophere Red Pill Cult writer Dalrock and Protestant minister and apologist Doug Wilson, it has been enlightening to read the commentaries following each exchange. There is an unbelievable amount of spiritual confusion among the various writers over issues that shouldn't be of any controversy at all.

      Whom Pastor Wilson terms the Dalrockians,---though Dalrock actually represents a wider cult and its teachings---should not be taken as spiritual authorities on anything. Their doctrines are deeply Gnostic and anti-Christian. Now in the current controversy, which has to do with Biblical gender roles, the Red Pills make their position clear. Dalrock himself has written that a husband's 'obligation' to love his wife involves neither faith nor the heart. He has also written that the cruel tactics of PUA/Game should be employed by husbands to enforce submission. He has also written that wives must submit even to the will of sinful husbands.

        The problem here is that Dalrock and the other Red Pills have taken on the Feminist position of 'gender roles' whereas what the Church actually teaches is Gender Polarity. Feminine submission is a not a negative thing in Christianity---it's part of complimentary system of equals. As Pope John Paul II taught: "Aquinas offers a very simple yet profound truth: we humans, who need fulfillment simply because we are limited, needy, deficient in our very being can find fulfillment only with that which is other than ourselves. And that union can come in only one way: through a very special kind of Love which is based in self-giving."

         John Paul's words are completely repugnant to those who fetishize the 'Alpha' male and who define gender relations strictly upon physical sexuality. The 'Dalrockian' position can lead only to abuse: and many of these Red Pills have sunk to such depths of blasphemy that they've begun speaking of White Sharia as Christian social policy. Not only is it a grave error to import Islamic theology into Christianity, the Red Pills' writings on the subject seem to draw heavily on teachings of the Wahhabi and Salafist cults who are considered heretics, or Takfiri, by Islamic religious leaders.

        Andrew Anglin, of The Daily Stormer---whom I believed actually coined the 'White Sharia' term wrote a piece recently illustrating the depths to which Dalrockian Theology will sink if drawn to its logical conclusions. Anglin is considered a Christian by these types, yet he praises the vicious murder of Celine Dookrhan, an Indian woman killed in Britain by Arab immigrants for dating an Arab man.

       "The men who did it were defending their race, and as extreme and as gross as the act was you have to feel some respect for them." Anglin expounds, "So I'm just going to throw this out there: Imagine if White men cared this much about their own women race-mixing."

       Celine Dookrhan, aged 19, was literally butchered by these two thugs. Anglin fantasizes that Christian men should demonstrate the same level of barbarity.

         "I'm certainly not implying that White men should be kidnapping White female race-mixers, raping them and chopping them up and shoving them in freezers for f------g Niggers. Although, honestly, I wouldn't feel bad if that happened, it is more than our women would require to get back in line."

        Fine Christian stuff, this. No wonder at least three recent infamous murderers were readers of Anglin's blog. Anglin, though, says he doesn't recommend such violence, but does give specific advice to his disciples on "how to shame these whores in public." We'll spare our readers the details; but the point is that a Christian relationship without polarity is not a Biblical relationship at all. It can only lead to abuse---either domestically as Dalrock promotes or socially as Anglin does. Or more likely, both.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


     Six months have now elapsed since President Trump took office in late January. The US Media and the phony 'Resistance' has done its best to cloud as many issues as possible. But what about an objective assessment of things?

     For those of us who had some reservations about Trump's character during the Election, the Administration has turned out to be a pleasant surprise. In general, Trump has done exceptionally well on domestic and social issues. Economic issues are being stalled by RINOs in Congress, but are going in the right direction. Foreign policy has been problematic. Still, that's a 66% improvement over the last four Administrations combined.

      Even in Foreign Policy, it would be wrong to say that Trump has been a failure. Though he's made several mistakes, he seems to be learning from them. He won major trade agreements with Mexico and with China that will boost enormously US agriculture. Setting up the CED Summits with China was a diplomatic master-stroke. His greatest challenge in the future vis-à-vis other countries will come from the Neocons and Cultural Imperialists within his own party.

       On domestic issues, we've seen great strides, with several new commissions set up to address specific problems. At the beginning of last month, we wrote of an advisory board commissioned to advice on rebuilding our space program. We concluded with an article reviewing another commission's report on fighting the Opioid Epidemic. Those are two examples of national issues that our past leaders long ignored.

       'Swamp Draining' is making some definite progress. Except in the State Department, CIA, and Pentagon, the Administration has been sweeping out useless bureaucrats and jailing corrupt ones at a fairly respectable rate. And among the general public, criminal gangs have been getting ferreted out---especially foreign-run ones like MS-13 and Al-Qaeda. Medicare, VA, and Social Security fraud are facing crackdowns. Several shady NGOs---some funded by arch-criminal George Soros---have had their government subsidies and contracts  suspended.

        An area that still need some work is in Public Education. Betsey DeVos has some good ideas, but we've really seen little activity from the Department of Education.

         On economic issues, most of these like repealing Obamacare, tax reform, and rebuilding infrastructure are moving forward, but slowly. This isn't wholly the Administration's fault: the Congress controls spending and the RINOs have been blocking reform. One thing that Administration should be doing in the meantime is curbing inflation by strengthening the dollar. That's been happening to an extent, but the dollar needs to rise substantially and sustainably.

         The Pentagon is still a disaster-area. This is probably really going to take a new Defense Secretary who has the innovation and courage to reform the Military. The TG ban was a good start.

         The Trump Administration also deserves credit for raising public awareness on a number of issues---most notably exposing the true character of the Mainstream Media. He's also brought attention to issues like international Christian persecution, and the social crimes of euthanasia and abortion.

          It's difficult to gauge accurately the public mood because of Media bias. However, there has been a noticeable rise in confidence among working-class Americans, both blue and white collar. This is the group that really matters.

        Finally, a word should be said for MAWGA. Melania, Ivanka, and Tiffany have been making femininity chic again. The atmosphere around White House women is refreshing to see again---after years of having feminism and rainbow-flags shoved in our faces. Again, because of media bias, it's hard to gauge their influence. But Melania has gained a very large popular following in North America and Europe. Ivanka is very popular in Asia; especially in China where she's gained celebrity status among young Chinese women.

           Definitely, things have improved since 2016. The Elites, the permanent malcontents on the Far Left, and the four-flushers on the Whacko Right will continue to stir up problems. We're not out of the woods yet, by any means. But things are looking up for a change. We need to stay the course and keep pushing forward.

Monday, July 31, 2017


     Since its establishment last March, the White House Commission on the Opioid Crisis has been working on an official report which was sent to President Trump today. The findings were more severe than many originally believed: they were bad enough that the Commission's top recommendation is declare a National Health Emergency.

      Statics from 2016 found that Opioid overdoses kill an average of 91 Americans per day. The Commission found that this number is averaging 142 per day already for 2017. This is over 4,000 casualties per month; and if the current numbers hold, nearly as many Americans this year will die from Opioid Narcosis as were killed during the entirety of the Vietnam War.

      The report also didn't mince words about the culpability of Big Pharma in this epidemic. They noted that Opioid prescription rates and the rates of addiction are directly proportional. Two-thirds of Opioid deaths are from commercially manufactured narcotics--- Fentanyl, Percodan, and Oxycodone---along with the synthetic street-drug Heroin. "We have an enormous problem that is not beginning on street-corners; but often in the doctor's office and hospitals." the report read.

       In its natural state, Opium is not (relatively speaking) an especially dangerous substance. It has strong medicinal properties as a sedative, pain-killer, and curative for respiratory diseases. But when concentrated into these synthetic compounds, it is extremely dangerous.

         One of the reasons that Opioids are particularly prone to causing death by overdose is because they gradually build tolerance while not alleviating the addiction. For example, regular use of Heroin builds a need for stronger and stronger doses with continued use. Opioid addicts will literally go insane if deprived of the drug and will not stop even at murder to obtain it. Last week a doctor in Indiana was gunned down by an addict for refusing to write an Opioid prescription.

         Opioid addiction also causes long-term physical damage, especially to the respiratory and digestive organs. In the latter, internal hemorrhaging is not uncommon. Opioid overdose is not a pleasant way to die. It generally results in pulmonary-respiratory collapse wherein the victim literally suffocates from the inside out. The drug Naloxone is an antidote for Opioid poisoning, and the Commission recommended funding for all EMT units and police departments to have access to it in an emergency.

         The Commission called upon President Trump to declare a national emergency under the Public Health Service Act or the Stafford Act. The former of these was signed into law by President Roosevelt in 1944 and would give the Federal Government greater powers of coordination with states to fight the epidemic. The latter would extend Federal powers to states similar to those in disaster relief situations.

        This is an example of why we really needed to end the rule of the Deep State. Until Trump's Administration, government at every level was in complete denial about this problem. Now it's become a legitimate national crisis. The casualty rate is bad enough; but often what's not told in statistics are the numbers of collateral victims. Thefts and assaults committed to sustain the habit; families hurt by an addicted relative; the taxpayer cost in social welfare programs; diseases spread by addicts' lifestyles; and the general drain of community livability standards---none of this can be calculated.

         But Big Pharma does a lot of calculating---all the way to the bank. And the cash they flood into political campaigns will ensure that Congress will never act. Hence the need for Trump to follow the Commission's recommendation and declare a State of Emergency.