Friday, December 8, 2017


        Yesterday, while President Trump recognized the sacrifices of patriotic men who served at the Battle of Pearl Harbor, NFL dorks at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in CNN's hometown of Atlanta were protesting the National Anthem for the 14th straight week. We can gauge popular opinion of the NFL's Atlanta Falcons from a photo of crowd attendance:

       Thus another humiliating blow to NFL arrogance as this match between the Falcons and the New Orleans Saints not only had playoff implications, but was aggressively hyped by the Corporate Media. To no avail, though, this was reportedly the first game since the 1987 Players' Strike that no-shows outnumbered attendees. 

        To make matters worse, the degenerate NFL owners actually voted to extend League Commissioner Roger Goodell's contract. Granted, the NFL really hasn't had a decent commissioner since the 1960s, and this is, of course, a danger with all monopolies. The underlings typically want incompetent management because, for various reasons, they prefer a lack of oversight and accountability for what they do. 

         The owners of both the Falcons and Saints are perfect examples of the kinds of schmucks who want 'leadership' like Goodell's. The Saints are owned by Tom Benson, a 90-year old who recently disinherited his family and whose poltroonery during Hurricane Katrina in 2004 caused considerable controversy. Benson made his fortune as a used-car dealer and is best known for dancing like a primate on the Saints' sidelines.

       Benson is very much a specimen of the kind of Trash Culture which has taken over the NFL. Falcons' owner Arthur Blank isn't much of an improvement. Blank was one of the first NFL owners to lash out at President Trump for criticizing the Anthem Protests. It's easy to guess from here that Blank is a solid Liberal Democrat. At least his record of political donations suggest so. The Arthur M. Blank Group is listed as top donor to pro-impeachment Congressman John Lewis. Blank has also given thousands to DNC affiliates and various Democratic legislators. 

        It's interesting that both of these teams play in stadiums bearing the name of the same foreign-owned corporation, Mercedes-Benz. Most fans already disliked the re-naming of sports-fields to those of corporate sponsors anyway, but there is something especially grating about foreign companies doing it. Especially a foreign corporation which is under investigation by the US Department of Justice

         It's also an amazing coincidence that Arthur Blank's successor as CEO of Home Depot, Robert Nardelli, later became the CEO of Chrysler Motors and engineered the sale of Daimler's (the parent-company of Mercedes) shares in the bankrupt company as part of the Obama Bailout. And Mercedes went on to fund two NFL stadiums for two teams: one owned by an auto dealer and the other owned by a partner of an executive who bailed them out. Just a coincidence, we're sure. 

        If things continue at this rate, it will be the NFL who needs the next bailout. At least the NFL's CEOs have plenty of experience will bailouts and subsidies. 


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