Wednesday, December 6, 2017


    Since the demise of The Daily Stormer,  the Red Pill Cult has been looking for a new venue to discredit everything Conservatives and Christians. So a bunch of cast-offs from the old site, namely Weev, Voltar, and Zeiger have started a new podcast called Race Ghost. Aside from the silly title, the inaugural episode began with a beautiful paean expressing the Red Pill disciples' respect for women:

       "I think at this point every woman in the Western world needs to be raped. I definately think that we need White men to do it, but I do think that these skanks need proper beatings and rapes. Without the coercion of rape, women will always fall."

       Weev, whose real name is Andrew Auernheimer, went on to indulge in some Feminist Herstory Revisionism, explaining how the 'patriarchy' oppressed women up until recent times. Both Red Pills and Feminists believe this nonsense; the only difference is that the Red Pills believe that Feminist mythology is some desirable state of society. 

       Auernheimer, like many of the Game/PUA crowd, has a shady history. He was once sentenced to 41 months in the Federal penitentiary for hacking an AT&T database and releasing sensitive information on over 100,000 Americans. And like many others of this crowd, has a long track-record of bullying and abusing women.

       Weev often brags about his success with women, but this manly Alpha leader has launched vicious cyber-campaigns various women. One Kathy Sierra, a tech professional, was forced offline and forced into hiding because of Auernheimer's troll attacks and cyber-bullying. The attacks included things like publishing her address, Social Security Number, and instigating death threats. There were false accusations that she was a prostitute and the damage expanded as unwitting sex customers contacted her. It's strongly suspected that Auernheimer instigated last Christmas' vicious troll attack on Tanya Gersh. 

        Like his mentors Vox Day and Andrew Anglin, Auernheimer praises psychopathic thugs like Anders Breivik and Dylann Roof, but hates all Jews. He once said:

       "I think we should take all these vile Jews who produce pornography and the Jew bankers who fund them and line them up in the street and crucify them just like they crucified Christ." 

        He's also stated that Breivik had "a mandate from God" to commit the greatest mass-murder in Norway since the Nazi Occupation. 

        Auernheimer is another scumbag who falsely claims to speak for the political Right. The danger with such people---beside their obvious tendencies to commit violent crimes---is that the equally unbalanced provocateurs on the Left smear all Conservatives and Christians by equating extremists of this sort with the Right. That's why we need to hold those on the Right to a higher standard, and be the first to condemn and call out the phonies. 

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  1. Insanity knows no bounds.

    I am glad to see that somebody else sees the "red pills" for what they are - feminists.