Wednesday, June 26, 2019


    Blogger Cynthia Bailey had a good article up today about an issue very important to many in our dysfunctional postmodern culture. She writes a supportive article about people who---from necessity---have been compelled to sever ties with blood relatives for their own self-preservation. 

   There has been a strain of thought in our culture over the last 50 years that unconditional love is an entitlement regardless of whether or not that love is deserved. The Left has been mired in this 'universal love' ethos since the 1960s; which, of course, they've always practiced hypocritically. This is reflected in their nihilistic amorality which preaches that we should tolerate every behavior so long as it isn't civilized behavior; because (according to them) the latter represents 'hate', 'intolerance', and 'privilege'---all of which need to be destroyed at all costs.

   On the other extreme, we saw rationalizations for abusive behavior emerge during the 1980s and 1990s, with so-called 'Toughlove'. The Red Pill Cult, as exemplified in teachings of Dalrock, Vox Day, Rollo Tomassi, and others, teaches an equally amoral philosophy that women and children have a moral duty to accept and tolerate abuse. Even to complain about abuse is, to them, considered sinful and wrong.

   Cynthia ties the roots of this abuse to narcissism. I agree with this to a point. Narcissists are almost always abusers; but I would add to her theory that Cultural Narcissism is endemic in our society. That, of course, is a broader topic that would have to be addressed in a longer article, but well worth keeping in mind. The most important parts of her article are what she says about spiritual arguments:

  "You have every right to protect yourself from abuse from anyone, including your own parent.  There is nothing Godly or holy about tolerating abuse.  Nothing."

   I agree completely with this statement. There is a vast difference between Biblical concepts like submission and humility and their secular distortions of subjugation and humiliation---which both Leftists and Alt-RINOs preach in their stead. Aquinas taught that the moral choices we face in this world are not always between purely good and purely evil actions. This isn't the same as Moral Relativism, but a fact of life in a world where the Devil sows such confusion. God is not the author of confusion, and the primary duty of mankind is preservation of Life and the Soul. Thus, tolerating and enduring abusive relationships is wrong, while the Will of God is to escape it if possible. 

   Some may argue: 'Wait...isn't leaving an abusive situation also a selfish act?' The answer is a qualified yes; but it is selfishness to a higher purpose whereas narcissistic selfishness is entirely self-serving. One cannot serve two masters, either free yourself to serve God or remain to serve the abuser. The choice, then, is obvious. It's sad that more Christians fail to recognize this necessity. 


Monday, June 24, 2019


   The Manospherian Red Pill Cult blogger Dalrock claims to be many things that he clearly is not. One is that he is an expert on male-female relationships; the other is that he has any expertise in Christian doctrine. His recent attack on Mrs. Bill Gates is evidence of both deficiencies in his thinking. 

   Melinda Gates recently wrote a book on the challenges that she faces as the wife of the world's richest man. Dalrock sneers at the idea that her position poses any challenges at all. In his worldview---which is driven by the false philosophy of 'Game'---women really have no role in a relationship other than as sex dolls and egg donors to their husbands. Like most Gamers, he takes Feminist stereotypes of men as fact and encourages men behave in those ways.

   Marriage is a challenge under normal circumstances; but extraordinary circumstances put extraordinary challenges in the way. Marriage to a wealthy and powerful man is not something that the majority of women ever have to face. It may seem easy on the surface---but how many average women could stand up to the daily routine of someone like Melania Trump? It takes a lot more work than it seems. So why do they do it? Because (contrary to what both Feminists and Red Pills believe) a relationship is not a zero-sum game. 

   Dalrock has been writing lately about some stupid Feminist who said that women shouldn't show gratitude for what their husbands do. With their purely carnal instincts, Dalrock and the other Gamers displayed their ignorance by not recognizing that gratitude is an inherent part of love: that lovers' actions are merely the outward expressions of their internal attitudes. A man-hating Feminist thus resents offering gratitude to a man; a woman-hating Red Pill thinks himself entitled to it. Neither understand that gratitude is implicit in actions and not the consequence of such actions. Thus, Dalrock reasons on thi faulty logic that Melinda Gates should never feel challenged in her marriage simply because of the good material things that her husband provides for her. 

   And such defective logic leads to statements like this:

  "Complementarians are convinced that the solution to feminist discontentment is for husbands to do more.  If they work harder, do more housework, etc. wives will be content.  This isn’t a Christian perspective, but it is the Modern Christian perspective, and it is pure folly."

   First, Complimentarians don't do things for their spouses to cure 'Feminist discontentment." They do things for their spouses out of things like love, empathy, etc.---concepts of which the Red Pills are wholly ignorant. What he falsely describes as this 'solution' isn't the Modern Christian Perspective either. His whole statement in the above paragraph is a false dichotomy. 

  The Christian solution to Feminist discontentment is Christianity itself. When women reject Feminism and embrace their femininity, they realize their true God-given power. But that power compliments its masculine counterpart. And that spiritual component is what brings contentment more than any other issue in a marriage.


Sunday, June 23, 2019


     Last April, Louisiana police apprehended a local loser named Holden Matthews in connection with a 10-day string of arson fires which destroyed three historic Baptist churches. The story generated a little interest from the Corporate Media at the time; since the churches were predominantly racially minority congregations and Matthews happened to be White. But the story has since dropped off the Media's radar screen altogether as details have emerged that Matthews' actions were targeting Christians. 

   Matthews' name came up again this Thursday, after the US Justice Department indicted him for violating the Church Arson Prevention Act, which has been law since 1996, but rarely enforced until the Trump Administration actually began enforcing laws protecting Christians again. 

   “Attacks against an individual or group because of their religious beliefs will not be tolerated in the Western District of Louisiana,” U.S. Attorney David C. Joseph stated. “Churches are vital places of worship and fellowship for our citizens and bind us together as a community.  Our freedom to safely congregate in these churches and exercise our religious beliefs must be jealously guarded. Today we are one step closer to justice for the parishioners of these churches and the St. Landry Parish communities affected by these acts. My office will continue to work diligently with our law enforcement partners to investigate and prosecute any type of hate crime.”

    Matthews was a member of a so-called Black Metal band, named Pagan Carnage. This genre of music originated in Europe during the 1990s, and is notoriously anti-Christian. Matthews himself produced songs about burning churches "in the name of Odin" (one of the Norse pagan deities). Federal Prosecutors found photographs that Matthews had taken of the fires with his own image in Black Metal attire superimposed over the scenes.

   "I want them to be scared."  Matthews commented on the photos. On an April 6th Facebook post, he stated that:  “ I can’t stand all these Baptists around here, bunch of brainwashed people trying to find happiness in a religion that was forced on their ancestors just as it was on mine. I wish more blacks people would look into ancient beliefs of pre-Christian Africa.”

   The Leftist Media Establishment---which had been blathering about the 'historically Black" churches being targeted---slipped away in silent shame after discovering that Matthews' views were fairly close to their own PC perspectives. 

   The point in this story that the Media completely missed is this: Attacks on Christian Churches are attacks on all Christians---regardless of their congregations' ethnicity. We are told by the Apostle John that we are 'one in Christ' and St. John makes it clear that this oneness is not in any way connected to our heredity. This is the same point that both the Media and the Obama Administration missed in the Dylan Roof Case. But the Trump Administration understands it.

  If convicted, Matthews could face up to 60 years in prison.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


   Apologies to readers for all of the recent long delays between posts. We have been relocating to a new Base of Operations within the boundaries of good Red-State Trump Country. So new and improved services are on the horizon.

   Like our previous secret location, we are still on the scenic Pacific Coast:

 And still keeping up with stories of interest to broadcast far and wide:

  So stay tuned and we'll be back shortly...(just because we're in Trump Country now doesn't make the Internet service faster, unfortunately...)

Wednesday, June 5, 2019


   Internet bully and Manosphere Alpha-crank Vox Day has been having a rough time of it lately. The European Union torpedoed his attempt to infiltrate social networking in less than a week. His frivolous lawsuits against Gab and Indiegogo have stalled as well. Now, after expanding in vlogging, Vox has drawn the attention of a new batch of critics.

    Several vloggers, among them 'Revenge of the CIS',  'Nightwave Radio', and a programmer called '3DAL' have been giving Vox a substantial dose of his own medicine---exposing his crimes with a heavy dose of often risque humor. They've collectively created a meme for Vox which has gone viral: Teddy Spaghetti. 

   The nickname is a play on the title of some unsuccessful video game that Vox Day and his shill, Markku Koponen concocted called Hot Dish. The meme has caught such fire in the videosphere that Vox shut down comments on his Darkstream podcast and has sworn to ban anyone using references to spaghetti in the comments. Even Rational Wiki is listing 'Teddy Spaghetti' as one of Vox' aliases; and some colorful character on has a petition going to make the change legal. 

    Vox has been trying to pretend that none of this is effecting him or his cultish media empire, but the negative attention is putting a bite on the Supreme Dark Lord. And Vox' usual attempts to intimidate and threaten his critics is recoiling on him in a way that we haven't seen before. A good example happened in May, when Vox issued a veiled threat against Return of the CIS by relating a story of how he had "a handicapped man in Massachusetts dragged out of his grandmother's basement by the police and read the Riot Act," over alleged trolling. The contrast between Vox' posturing as a manly Alpha leader and such a despicable act of poltroonery didn't escape notice. That story went just about as viral as the Teddy Spaghetti meme. 

    There is considerable skepticism as to whether or not Vox' story is true. We don't doubt that he doxxed and tried to sic the police on a critic (it's the kind of thuggish tactic he's been known to do); but if the police in Massachusetts are anything like they are in California, Vox would have been put on a 'kook list' and any future reports from him handled accordingly. We did here search through various sources from Massachusetts but found nothing to corroborate Vox' story. Inventing falsehoods to inflate his own ego is also a standard Vox Day tactic. 

     Despite these humiliations, Vox was beating his chest again last week; denouncing his critics as 'Gammas' and boasting about surviving previous 'attacks'---most of which were also of his own making. And his followers were slavishly nodding their heads in full agreement, with one dork even comparing Vox' ordeals with the Passion of Christ!

       And yet they will still say that the Red Pill isn't a cult. Other comments reflected the real spirit of the Red Pills:


    This attitude is the logical conclusion of the false philosophy of Game, upon which the Red Pill Cult is based. Those who follow that path always end up becoming what they despise. 

     The Red Pill is a barbaric ideology and barbarians can only destroy, not build anything constructive. Vox' attempts to hijack livestream will fail; as all his previous infiltration attempts have. 


Monday, June 3, 2019


   Regular readers know that---outside of Middle East policy---we rarely disagree with the Trump Administration's positions on most issues. But on Saturday, the President issued a Proclamation which deserves open criticism. It's brief, so here it is in its totality:

    "As we celebrate LGBT Pride Month and recognize the outstanding contributions that LGBT people have made to our great Nation, let us also stand in solidarity with the many LGBT people who live in dozens of countries worldwide that punish, imprison, or even execute individuals on the basis of their sexual orientation. My Administration has launched a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality and invites all nations to join us in this effort!"

   Part of me wants to believe that this was written by some Neocon rat lurking around the White House who duped the President to sign it for some supposed political gain. Regardless of how it came about, this is not what we elected Trump to do. In the first place, so-called 'Pride Month' is a media creation. They chose June because three years ago this month homosexual 'marriage' was illegally imposed on the nation by the Supreme Court. The Court that session was short one member after Justice Scalia died under mysterious circumstances only a few months before. The decision was made over the objections of a majority of US States---which had already codified heterosexual marriage exclusively as legal. 

   On top of that, there's nothing in this lifestyle embodying 'pride' any more than it has to do with anything 'gay.' These people redefined our language along with the laws of the nations and of nature. 

   The President says that we "recognize the outstanding contributions that LGBT people have made to our great Nation." To which we would ask: what contributions? Within our lifetimes, homosexuality was illegal in most American jurisdictions and considered a treatable mental condition. What could 'LGBT's' possibly have contributed? The overall contributions that homosexuals make to society is overwhelmingly negative. 

    The President that we should "stand in solidarity" with homosexuals living in countries with more enlightened laws than ours in dealing with this social problem. Trump adds 'execution' into the equation: although the countries that actually impose the death penalty are countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, with whom we shouldn't be allied anyway. Yet this Administration supports both regimes. 

   Regardless, this statement by Trump goes against his campaign pledges not to interfere in the internal politics of sovereign nations. 

   The President states that he hopes to decriminalize homosexuality worldwide. This is a mistake. It's a reversion back to Deep State policies of forcing warped American social policy on countries too weak to resist. And actually, we should be working actively to re-criminalize such behavior in our own country, as it should be. 

    We don't scenes like the one pictured above in our own neighborhoods. Can we blame the citizens of foreign countries who don't want it in theirs? Imposing this kind of social degeneracy on other countries is exactly what enflamed so much Anti-American sentiment worldwide from the 1990's onwards.

    Republican Party activists need to stand up and denounce Trump's Proclamation. It clearly was not a very well thought-out move by the President, and any tendencies the White House may have in this direction should be nipped in the bud.    

Sunday, June 2, 2019


    It occasionally happens during our time on this earth that someone of note passes away; a person whom we admired in our youth. All of us living today have grown up in a culture of mass-media wherein celebrity-status attaches itself to any prominent public figure. Our ancestors typically chose role-models early in their lives from the panorama of history. We tend to choose them from the present today. Thus, the passing of a famous person becomes for many of us both personal and generational. 

    I can recall three previous times when this happened personally. The earliest was in 1979 when actor John Wayne died. I was still a kid then, but had been weaned on his films. I recall staying up late on Saturday Night to watch John Wayne Theater. The second happened in 1993 when novelist Leslie Charteris died. I devoured his novels during my teen years and they also shaped many of my own attitudes. And then Ronald Reagan passed away in 2004. I grew up mostly during the Reagan Administration and he too influenced me greatly. 

    Now, this weekend, funeral services were held quietly in Birmingham, Alabama for a fourth: a man who was also a role model from the world of sports: Bart Starr. Starr passed away at the age of 85, of a heart condition, during Memorial Day weekend. His wife of 65 years survived him, as did several children and grand-children. 

     Bart Starr had retired from football and become a coach by the time I was old enough to feel his influence; but I'd read about many of his exploits on the field. As a player, Bart Starr played for 15 seasons. During that time, he'd won 5 NFL Championships and 2 Super Bowls; been selected as an All-Pro five times; was NFL passing leader four times and finished in the Top 5 another four times. He was voted the NFL's Most Valuable Player three times and was voted the Super Bowl MVP after both of his appearances there. In 1977, Starr was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame and nominated to be part of HOF's 'All 1960's Team.' And this was back in a day and age where a man actually had to perform to be a sports hero. 

     Few people know that Bart Starr was chosen by the Green Bay Packers in 1956 on the 17th Draft Round---and then as a Defensive Back and 4th-String quarterback.  In college football during the 1950's, players actually played a full 60 minutes, both offense and defense. Starr beat out three prominent veterans, Lamar McHan, Babe Parelli, and Zeke Bratkowski for the starting QB role. Bratkowski became one of Starr's closest friends and an Assistant Coach during Starr's 9-year tenure as Packers' Head Coach. 

     Starr's term as Head Coach was not an easy one. He wasn't popular with the Media nor with many players. The reason for this was because Starr held fast to the traditional NFL values of professionalism, sportsmanship, and excellence in age during which the League was rapidly slouching towards becoming the Disaster Area that it is today. Starr threw even popular players off the team if he caught them using drugs and disciplined players who behaved unprofessionally. This didn't set well in an atmosphere where publicity stunts, the 'win-at-all-costs' mentality, and dirty play in general were becoming the norm. 

     The Media and the Corporate Elites also despised Starr because he was, throughout his whole life, a devout and sincere Christian. During an interview, he once said the following:

     "Growing up in a strong Christian environment provided me with many valuable lessons about family, school, athletics; and most importantly about God. Like most kids, I idolized sports figures, but Jesus was the ultimate role model for me. In my efforts to succeed as a football player, I went through some difficult times, but my experiences paled in comparison to what Jesus endured during His life: torture, humiliation, and death. Through it all, His attitude never wavered. His example inspired me to approach life's trials in a similar fashion. Jesus was able to sustain such a positive attitude because of His unfailing love for everyone around Him. It transformed the lives of everyone with whom he came in contact, even His persecutors. Jesus continues to have the same transforming effect upon people today. Regardless of the successes that I have experienced, if my life does not exhibit God's love, it becomes less meaningful." 

     And putting that philosophy into practice, Starr's post-NFL career was just about as impressive. Starr went on to work for a realty firm and---according to the company's website ---was personally responsible for building over two dozen hospitals. Starr also briefly returned to Green Bay and built Rawhide Ranch, a Christian-themed youth facility for at-risk boys. Starr founded the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation: named for the coach who'd been his mentor. Later, he expanded the organization to include the Starr Children's Fund to provide pediatric care for cancer-stricken children. 

    All things considered, Bart Starr is certainly a greater role model for young men than NPC jugheads who think they're heroes for boycotting the National Anthem. Or who take drugs, beat women, and get thrown in jail. Bart Starr represented what it truly meant to be a hero; and we can all hope that that type of man will someday become normative in the sports world again.

Sunday, May 26, 2019


    On Friday, President Trump issued a proclamation, the likes of which haven't been seen in the U.S. now for far too long. Here's the relevant portion of it, although the full text of his remarks are on the White House website. 

    President Trump has brought back a law which became effective during the Truman Administration. As far as I know to the contrary, it hasn't been observed since Truman left office. I can't remember any president during my teen years onward who's ordered a National Day of Prayer on Memorial Day.

     It's truly astounding that since the Trump Administration took office, Americans are learning that it's OK to pray again. One of the monumental achievements of this Administration has been overhauling the DOJ Guidelines so that Christians are no longer persecuted by anti-religious bigots and their pals in Big Government. It's been noticeable that the tear-down-the-crosses gangs have been remarkably silent during the last few Christmas and Easter Seasons. 

     On a related note, the President will be in Japan during Memorial Day on a state visit. I hope that he reminds Akihito and his camarilla of just how many thousands of American men are specifically being honored on Memorial Day for giving their lives in a conflict which the honorable fathers of the Japanese leadership were responsible for starting. It would be nice if the Japs formally apologized for a few war crimes committed against the United States too.

    I have a feeling though that the President is sending a more subtle message to the Imperial Cabinet simply by appearing in Tokyo during the holiday. The old militarism has been making a comeback in Japan and Trump needs to remind them that such things won't be tolerated. His rapprochement with North Korea and the new paradigm in US-South Korean relations dealt a severe blow to Japanese designs on the Peninsula. 

    But it's not only Japan who was thwarted, but the interests of the supposedly 'peace-loving' American Liberals were likewise frustrated. Remember where Obama's 'Pivot to Asia' got us only three years ago.  And it's also not widely known; but had Hillary been elected, the DNC had already decided to arm the B-2 bombers which Obama had recently deployed to Korea with atomic bombs. Although I disagree with much of Trump's policy in the Middle East, he has been far less aggressive than his immediate predecessors. The Trump Administration has been a relatively peaceful one. 

     So overall we're making Memorial Day Weekend great again. If you live on the West Coast or some other enclave infested with uptight Liberals have a good barbecue and a moment of prayer this weekend.  

Friday, May 17, 2019


    If there's one type of creature in the Political Swamp more detestable than any other, it's a fake Conservative. Liberals can be defeated with Reason as we saw in 2016. But fake Conservatives do damage because they undermine Conservatism by portraying it in a negative light---and the Liberal Media and Academia take full advantage of that portrayal. Fake Conservatives typically come in two varieties. One is the familiar Neocon/RINO type. That class is usually found in entrenched Republican districts and only pay lip-service to Conservative issues. In reality, they are moderate Liberals and will switch sides when they're forced to take a stand.

    The other class are what we term Alt-RINOs, a loud and vocal group made of various crackpots who claim to be part of the Far (or 'Alternative') Right. In reality, these are the reactionary Liberals. They're in basic agreement with all of Liberalism's methods, but represent interest groups marginalized by the Left. The Red Pill Cult is a good example of this kind of organized reaction. Thus, they advocate things like Affirmative Action (but only for Whites to the exclusion of other races) and Gender Identity Politics (but in which male supremacy replaces radical feminism). In this convoluted mindset, things like Racism and Misogyny become virtuous; just like under Liberalism reverse-discrimination and misandry are standard policies. 

    Jimmy Weidmann, blogger of the now-defunct Chateau Heartiste, was one of the masterminds behind radicalizing both the Men's Rights Movement and the Alternative Right. He also was responsible for formulating the cultish creed behind the Red Pill Philosophy of 'Game' which justified the use of psychological manipulation and other immoral tactics by which the Red-Pilled 'Alpha' asserted his superiority over others. Weidmann also taught his disciples that the hideous Dark Triad  is natural behavior for the Alpha Male to exert over women. So what did this Manly Alpha Leader do after Wordpress banned him? Played the Victim Card and blamed everyone else for his downfall. The first one he blamed was, apparently, President Trump.

     Can it be any clearer that the Red Pill is nothing but Reactionary Liberalism? Yes, we need Tulsi Gabbard because the last Liberal Democrat from Hawaii worked out so well as President...

      The idea of breaking up large companies is a decidedly Left-Wing position. Here's Weidmann---freely posting away on Gab---complaining that other social media giants need to be broken up because they won't tolerate his disgusting behavior. Antifa argues the same thing.

     And, of course, it's also the fault of this motley group who targeted him:

     'Deplorables' in other words. Now for his consummate conclusion:

     Translation: he'd been warned before and continued violating Wordpress' rules anyway. They finally had enough (after three years of patience, if Weidmann is to be believed) and pulled the plug. On top of that, his explanation is ridiculous. If this were really the work of some SJW cabal to stop Roosh Valizadeh's speaking tour---why wasn't Roosh's website taken down instead? And also, Weidmann and Valizadeh have been 'associated' for years. The heresy sniffers didn't notice this association until last week? 

     The last couple days' worth of posts is mostly Weidmann reposting his followers' paeans of praises to himself. If any discouraged young men are reading this and considering 'taking the Red Pill' just remember that Weidmann's present could easily become your future.

      And here---for public consumption---are a few specimens of what other Red Pills are saying about Weidmann. Judge for yourself why we call the Red Pill a cult:


        So much for the downfall of another fake Conservative. At bottom, the fakes are usually exposed in the end for the frauds and fanatics that they really are. 

Monday, May 13, 2019


   So this morning, while checking out the news and tracking enemies of freedom, faith, and civilization; I checked through some of the Red Pill blogs and saw this:

   Yes---the execrable Chateau Heartiste is no more; joining The Daily Stormer, Alpha Game Plan, Return of Kings, and The Red Pill and INCEL Subreddits into long-overdue and well-deserved oblivion. The Chateau Heartiste probably did more damage, however, to the cause of men's rights than the aforementioned ones combined. 

   The Chateau was the brainchild of a NGO bureaucrat living inside the Beltway named Jim Weidmann. It's undergone many name-changes over the past 12 years or so, but the message was the same. Weidmann is a rabid White Supremacist, anti-Semite and anti-Christian, latent homosexual, and sleazy Pick-up Artist. He was a major force in co-opting the Manosphere and infecting the Alt-Right with his venom. Such Red Pill cultists and extremists as Dalrock, Vox Day, Roosh V, Andrew Anglin, Ricky Vaughn, Rollo Tomassi, and Matt Forney were all Chateau readers. Even Alex Jones penned a tribute to him. 

    A pair of Weidmann's imitators---bloggers Aeoli Pera and Captain Capitalism---announced that they are taking 'vacations' after the Heartiste ban. Just a coincidence, surely. 

    Wordpress hasn't issued any explanation for the ban, but this hasn't stopped anyone from claiming 'censorship' is at play here. I'm not sure why Conservatives miss this important point; but Wordpress and other similar companies happen to be private entities. They are not obligated to follow a Strict-Constructionist interpretation of the 1st Amendment. The Bill of Rights applies to government; private institutions set their own policies. When one reads the User Guidelines at Wordpress, we see that they are not especially onerous. Basically, they prohibit criminal activities, incitement to violence, doxxing---but that's about it. As in many other recent cases, Weidmann didn't get suspended for what he said, but for what he did. Weidmann actually has another Wordpress site called Goodbye, America. Weidmann hasn't posted there in about six weeks, but the blog is still up and comments are published there. So much for 'censorship'. 

     I would suspect that Weidmann was suspended over the 'incitement to violence' clause. He was endlessly writing about the supposed 'necessity' of a race-war. It's also interesting to note that the perpetrators of our two most recent synagogue shootings were admitted readers of Chateau Heartiste. Whatever the reason for the ban, the disappearance of that site is no great loss to the world. 



Sunday, May 12, 2019


    A little more than 20 years ago, a pair of Christian-hating homosexuals named Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris---two losers who shouldn't even have been in the school in the first place---committed the worst school massacre since the Bath Township School was bombed in 1927. This week, another duo of Christian-hating homosexuals attempted a repeat of the murders just a few miles from Columbine where Klebold and Harris rampaged right under school officials' noses. And schools at all levels have been targeted between then and now. 

     Since Columbine, the Whacko Left has responded with gun control and anti-bullying laws. This has been their policy since the 1990s and obviously hasn't had any effect on stopping would-be mass-murderers. And among the Alt-RINOs, Dalrockian Red Pill blogger Captain Capitalism suggests that abolishing public schools and requiring homeschooling would stop school shootings. It's about as fanciful an idea as gun control. 

    While we certainly support homeschooling, it's unrealistic to believe that we could ever make it universal. People like Captain Capitalism naively assume that the same parents and communities who let our public schools deteriorate in the first place would miraculously become proficient educators if left to their own devices. True, many parents would like to homeschool but cannot for various reasons. Abolishing public schools wouldn't make them any better able to homeschool than they are now. 

     Our public schools haven't turned into disaster areas because of access to guns, or school bullies, or because of government control. For many years now, our public schools have been dominated administratively by the political Left. And that is the real cause of public education's decline. As proof of this, let us examine what Liberals have accomplished running some of our once great cities. These communities were once meccas for families and businesses. Under Liberal rule, families and businesses have fled; the cost of living has skyrocketed; the government can't provide even basic services efficiently; the cities are ridden with crime, drugs, perverts, and violence. Similarly, our public schools have seen the best families leave for private schools; the cost of education has become scandalous while teachers can't even get basic supplies. Obviously security is underfunded---and our schools are basically nothing but cesspools of all manner of crime and vice. Everywhere Liberalism reigns, civilization collapses. 

     The Corporate Media tries in vain to hide the fact that most mass-shootings (and school violence in general) is occurring in Liberal-run school districts. And odds are that most overpaid and underqualified administrators have better security in their country-clubs and gated residential communities than any of their schools have. Changing the culture in our school administrations is the key to curbing these crimes---as well as offering decent educations for once and drastically cutting the costs both economically and in human tolls. 

Monday, May 6, 2019


    Vox Day and his Red Pill Cult camp-followers are at it again. Since about Easter or so, they've joined hands with the Radical Left in denouncing the concept of our 'Judeo-Christian Heritage': attacking Conservatives who think otherwise as Churchians and Cuckservatives. Presumably, this includes President Trump,  who's referenced it many times. 

   Both the Red Pills and the Radical Left fumble by confounding the differences between Jewish and Christian religious beliefs with the fact that both cultures share similar social beliefs. In the Red Pills' case, this mythology is augmented by deeply rooted Anti-Semitism. Vox makes it a particular point to attack Jewish Conservatives like Ben Shapiro and Dennis Praeger. These pundits are simply literary proxies for Vox to attack Jews in general. 

   Thus Vox says: 

   This is Gnosticism, not Christianity. And note how, with a rhetorical sleight-of-hand, Vox slips in the old libel of Jewish leaders having interactions with the Devil. Here again, he brings in another old mythology:

   In this case, the libel that Jews are behind anti-Christian activities. It's very typical of cults like the Red Pills to sow social division like this. Not only do groups like the Jews serve as scapegoats for the Red Pills' social failures; marginalizing such groups further isolate the cults from the mainstream. Cults build cohesion by duping their followers into believing that the world is ruled by spiritual evil; thus blunting any appeal to Faith and Reason that come from outside the cults' echo-chambers.

    And such tactics seem to be having the desired effect. It wasn't long before a Red Pill whacko from Washington State ended up in jail last week  after sending death threats both to Ben Shapiro and to President Trump's Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner. And did Vox have to say about that?

   But the Red Pills never advocate violence, right?

  The Anglosphere has had a strong affinity with Christianity's Jewish roots ever since the Protestant Reformation. In America, the Pilgrims were inspired by the stories of the Exodus and often turned to the Mosaic Law in drafting civil laws for their own new Promised Land. In Britain itself, such tendencies asserted themselves about a century later following aggressive Methodist, Baptist, and Quaker evangelism. A Judeo-Christian social heritage has been implied in Anglo-American culture and policy since the early 17th Century.

   In modern times, the earliest contemporary reference we could find to the term occurred in 1939 in a review written by British author George Orwell. It caught hold in public sentiment, apparently to distinguish Christianity from the anti-Semitic ersatz 'Christianity' promoted by the Nazis and Fascist regimes in Europe. In America, The National Conference of Christians and Jews was founded in 1938. The earliest American reference to Judeo-Christian Tradition' that we could uncover was in 1944: in a dissertation published by the President of Howard University, Dr. William Nelson.  

    In a 1952 speech, President Eisenhower declared: “our form of government has no sense unless it is founded in a deeply felt religious faith, and I don’t care what it is. With us, of course, it is the Judeo-Christian concept.” 

     But Vox doesn't believe Ike any more than he believes Trump:

   To which we would respond: those appeals to the teachings of false 'alt-history' revisionisms rather than historical truth are the certain signs of the cult. It's better to be on the side of history than pretending that history doesn't exist.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019


    The Corporate Media lost another local member recently after Anna Conkey, a producer at NBC-7 in San Diego was jailed following a bizarre incident at a local church on Easter. Conkey was captured at the scene by a parishioner, but her name was only released recently.

    According to Pastor Benjamin Wisan, Conkey emerged through the back of a stage at the Mount Everest Academy holding an infant, brandishing a handgun, and screaming hysterically about blowing up the church. Rev. Wisan was able to keep is head and distracted the crazed journalist until the congregation could be evacuated safely and police arrived.

       We got the baby away from her. A few minutes after that, the cops came in. She was trying to run away or something so a cop tackled her through a row of chairs. They arrested her and pulled another gun out of her bra.”  Wisan noted. God divinely protected everyone and then we were able to get the gun away and the baby away and the police came and we were all good."

     Conkey is currently being held on $1 million bond and facing multiple charges; although these are pending the outcome of psychological evaluations. Like several others involved in these kinds of incidents, Conkey is a product of the Clinton-Bush-Obama-Era military. Social media excerpts indicate that Conkey believes that Christ is actually a demon and that since the Trump Era, America has fallen under curses outlined in the Mosaic Law. 

     Pastor Wisan said that Conkey had to be removed from the church before for disruptive behavior. He tried to contact her and discuss her issues with the church.  But,  "she explained that, in her view, the curses set out in the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy have come to pass today. She said that because human beings have stopped being obedient to God’s will, they’ve been cursed with fevers, short lives, and even sun burns."

     Interesting, when we contrast that to what's written on her profile at KPBS where she also once worked: “Anna is interested in writing about women’s rights, military and veteran issues, and education and hopes to work as an investigative journalist, feature writer, or military correspondent.”

      Yes---there we have it again. Another specimen of the class of people comprising the American media. Just think about the fact that ideas like hers rested at the back of 'news' stories that she produced and wrote. 

Monday, April 29, 2019


    In the San Diego area yesterday, another radicalized Red Pill loser named John Earnest shot up a synagogue during worship services. Earnest also claimed to have been behind the unsolved arson at a local mosque committed in March. The Red Pill gurus are mostly pretending that they did nothing to instigate or encourage this kind of crime. 

     One exception this time is Brett Stevens, author of the blog Amerika. Like most Alphas, Stevens believes himself a great genius though what he typically writes is laughably absurd. However, it's not so humorous this time. Stevens has a unique take on solving religious violence in article titled "John Earnest Shoots Up Southern California Synagogue," in which he argues that, ---well, we'll let him explain:

"This action seems misplaced to me for two reasons: 1. Identifies the wrong enemy. Maybe Jews are as horrible as some of you say, but our problem began when we accepted equality/individualism as our new god, culture, and purpose. We have been hijacked by a mental virus that comes to us in symbols that sound good, but are reality replacements. If Jews are a problem, they only arrived after this virus weakened us and made us crazy. Removing Jews will not fix our problem; we made a bad choice and we need to un-do it. 2. Shoots the wrong people. If I were going to go out there and slaughter anyone, I would start totaling white Leftists. They are the ones who act affirmatively to perpetuate and promulgate the virus of equality/individualism, and their removal is effective. Anders Breivik and Tim McVeigh had the right idea; Robert Bowers and John T. Earnest took the wrong approach; Brenton Tarrant, who shot Muslims, is somewhere in the middle but would have been more effective shooting white Leftists. We do not want them in our gene pool anyway, and they will do nothing but subvert us in a class, resource, ethnic/racial, or political war."

      What a scumbag Stevens is. This is whole passage is typically Red Pill arrogance. They think their supposed superiority entitles them to dispose of human life in this cavalier fashion. This makes them no better than the Communists: even though their social goals differ their means of implementing these goals are identical. 

     Also characteristic of Red Pills, Stevens is a big advocate of the 'Civil War 2.0' nonsense. Beginning with Pat Buchanan at the 1992 GOP Convention, Conservative pundits and leaders have spoken frequently of a Cultural Civil War. But they are referring to a 'war of ideas;' that battle we're fighting against the Left is spiritual and ideological. The Red Pills mean a literal war. "As the West spirals down into oblivion," reads the first line of Stevens' article. 

    "We are fighting an invisible, intangible, and infectious enemy. Blacks, Jews, and Muslims are just some of its many tools."

      In the first place, the West is not 'spiraling into oblivion.' With the advent of the Trump Administration, BREXIT, and other popular movements, we're seeing pushback against Cultural Marxism. Even institutions infested with Radical Left ideology, like Academia, are becoming more emboldened to fight back.  It will take time, but we're winning without firing a shot. The Deep State never rebuilt the Twin Towers; President Macron has vowed that Notre Dame will be rebuilt within five years. 

     In second place, Stevens and other Alphas are so blinded by their own hubris that they fail to see the enormous contributions that American Blacks, Jews, and Moslems are making to the Conservative Movement. 

   "The important thing to remember: we need to destroy the policy of diversity, and send everyone home, instead of killing them. This requires that we abolish civil rights, affirmative action, human rights, equality, and other egalitarianism/individualism based programs. It may require that we shoot a bunch of Leftists, but only after we have tried everything else."

    No---the important thing to remember is that being an American means being committed to the ideals embodied in the Constitution. American does not refer to a specific race or tribe. A common Red Pill meme is that "Diversity + Proximity= War." Nothing could be further from the truth. In a free society, diversity contributes to things like Free Enterprise and freedom of expression. 

     But the Red Pills fear Freedom just as much as the Left---and for the same reasons. They are failures and losers who need scapegoats so that they can play the Victim Card. Understanding that is the real way to curb radical violence. Once dissatisfied and disillusioned men realize what kinds of yahoos are really trying to lead them, they'll turn their backs upon them and work on improving themselves. 

Monday, April 22, 2019


    Yesterday, we celebrated Easter, commemorating Christ's bodily Resurrection and conquest of death. And, by UN decree, today is also Earth Day---a day to reflect upon environmental concerns. Meanwhile, over at the White House, Mrs. Trump is leading the traditional Easter Egg Roll; while the President reaffirmed America's commitment to protecting the environment. He began the Earth Day Proclamation by noting that "On this day, we reaffirm our responsibility to protect God’s wondrous creation for future generations."

    So what did the Whackos in the Washington State Legislature do? They sent to the creepy Governor Inslee a Bill which would make Washington the first state to promote turning human remains into fertilizer since the Third Reich. 

     I suppose that this was inevitable in Washington---a state which actively promotes abortion, euthanasia, homosexual 'marriages' and recreational narcotics abuse has no especial respect for the sanctity of the living human body. They certainly aren't going to have any regard for a dead one. In fact, like many policies originating in these West Coast Liberal cesspools, this one seems deliberately aimed against Christians; judging by what various pinheads have had to say in support of this law.

    The same Bronze Age bigots who buried or cremated their dead knew nothing according to the mental midgets of Postmodern America. In fact, among our ancient forefathers, leaving the dead unburied was considered an insult. Maybe they also vaguely understood what science understands: that dead human organisms have the capacity to contaminate live human beings---as multiple studies have shown. But we can't expect a culture of scientific illiterates to understand this. They don't even officially believe in Washington State that gender has a basis in biology or psychology.

     Supposedly a university in Washington did a study on six carcasses which 'proved' that human compost is safe. We would answer by pointing out that Washington State has almost no credibility when it comes to such studies. They told us that bans on conventional trapping could lead to controlling pests the Green Way more efficiently. The Seattle area now has the worst rat infestation in the US; and pollution from wild geese have made city lakes and streams unusable in places. They told us that the Seattle ban on plastic bags would save the environment---instead reusable bags have contributed to some of the highest national rates of Salmonella and E. Coli contamination.

     They claimed that higher taxes on tobacco and sugar would lead to better health; and the area today has around the highest per capita Medicare rolls in the nation. They told us that legal marijuana would be the 'cash crop of the future' without even considering that the farmlands of Eastern Washington have neither a long enough growing season nor the proper soil composition for growing hemp sustainably. They also 'proved' that marijuana cultivation would be environmentally friendly and have ended up polluting waterways to the extent that salmon farms have been condemned by the USDA because the fish are unfit for human consumption. They claimed that legalization would curb abuse of other drugs: today Washington has one of the worst Opioid and Methamphetamine problems in the nation. They cited studies 'proving' that legal marijuana would not cause psychological damage, and today Washington leads the nation in consuming prescription psychiatric drugs. The same studies showed that crime would decrease: marijuana-related traffic fatalities have instead doubled.

       This is the same state which 'proved' by studies that building a highway tunnel on a backfilled Seattle waterfront could be done in stable ground. The project was stalled for a year after the tunnel flooded and the boring machine was stuck in a sandbar. This also undermined the stability of surrounding streets, bridges, and structures. Only a few years ago, the village of Oso, Washington was wiped out in a mudslide because the environmental 'experts' in the state saw no need for a retaining wall. Hundreds lost their lives in that 3rd-World like disaster.

       Sure, we'll take their word that human composting is safe. 

      It stands to reason that if human remains were safe as a fertilizer that cemeteries would be prime farmland. Instead, farmers historically avoid such places and the World Health Organization has explained in great detail why they should. 

      But try and explain any of this to the whackos on the Left and you'll be met with either a blank stare or with an outburst of outrage. In this day and age, whatever self-styled experts say is always the final argument to everything.