Friday, March 24, 2017


    In our last article about the most recent Red Pill implosion, blogger Insanity Bytes commented about the passive-aggressive nature of these self-styled Manly Alpha Leaders. Less than 48 hours later, Vox Day is already in trouble again with Amazon Books, this time for doxxing negative reviewers. 

    The Manosphereans doxxing people and trolling reviews and comments sections? Who would have imagined it...

    There have been some complaints appearing at Sci-Fi sites that those who've panned Vox' latest smear-attempt on writer John Scalzi have received threatening phone calls and communications from Vox' front-group Castalia House Publishing. Now those of us who've taken on the Red Pill Cult before know that this is not at all out of character for this group.  It has to be borne in mind always that these people are fanatics and capable of just about anything that fanatics are wont to do.

    Vox tried at first to disguise these activities by claiming---of all things---that this behavior is Quality Customer Service, following up on dissatisfied customers. OK---no reputable business ever does this. Customer Service Departments send out satisfaction surveys to customers and analyze the data. As further proof of Vox' dishonesty, he then began accusing his critics of planting 'fake reviews'. He even claims that Castalia House has identified fakes---of course, all of these alleged fakes were negative reviews.

    Realizing now that his proverbial butt is in a wringer, Vox is desperately trying to play the victim now and pretend that these are all part of some orchestrated scheme against him and that everybody other than himself is in violation of Amazon rules. All of his denials might impress his deluded disciples but he's been reported to Amazon again; let's hope they put their foot down this time.

     On a side note, while reading through various blogs today, we came across this article on David Futrelle's blog. Apparently, Futrelle got spammed by some Manosphere doofus calling himself 'Red Pill Guard'. Futrelle is a Male Feminist and anti-Trump activist. And there's the whole point.

      Judging by the comments at Amazon, various sci-fi sites, and Futrelle's blog, the only thing that Red Pills like Vox Day and Red Pill Guard are accomplishing is driving people as far away from traditionalism, conservatism, and Christianity as much as possible. With both their disgusting activities and their false representations of the Political Right, they are reinforcing every negative stereotype in the popular mind that the Cultural Marxists portray us. That's why they need to be called out and exposed by Conservative leaders.

     And for male readers, again we repeat: Don't Be That Guy. The Red Pills are a caricature of masculinity; Vox' behavior during this whole micro-scandal is illustrative of how a real man does not behave. Don't end up like Vox and Red Pill Guard: they aren't leaders and aren't respected; but only a couple of punks making things harder for everyone.


  1. Well said.

    I can't abide doxxing, cyberbulling, or anything of the sort and the red pills are notorious for it. Myself, I'm likely to just send you my real name and the number for the local police dept and tell you to go for it, but I know others who have been really hurt. Teen age girls, guys with mental health issues. When you're bullying someone anonymously, you have no idea who is on the other side of the keyboard. Could be a suicidal young girl or some guy with disabilities.

    Vox is especially insidious and cowardly, because he just kind of puts a cyber hit out on people and then leaves his anonymous minions to do the dirty work for him. So VD really has no idea what kind of psycho he has gone and radicalized, nor does he really care. It gives him cover, a kind of plausible deniability. He never actually got his own hands dirty so it's not his problem. That also leaves his dread ilk or his minions or whatever, holding the bag. So they hero worship VD and then he exploits them, uses them as pawns in his power tripping games. They trip over themselves trying to please him.

    I'm always concerned because VD has no real idea who his minions are, who is idolizing him and acting on his behalf. One of these days he just might appeal to some guy who is mentally and morally unstable and the end result is going to be something much more tragic then the silly pizza gate shooter.

    1. Good comment---and it's actually already happened. Dylann Roof and George Sodini definitely, and Eliot Roger probably, were all guys who to whom the Red Pill Philosophy was at least familiar. Also, the suspect in the recent Ricin scare in Georgia is a disciple of a MGTOW-related cult. There are probably others whose plans have never come to fruition.

    2. An update on the 'Pizzagate Shooter' happened today: he plead guilty to two charges and confessed to the judge that he had been misled by false rumors. There are some sources who allege that he was a regular reader of Mike Cernovich's Manosphere blog, based on some things he told investigators.

  2. Dammit, Vox. I can respect the effort to make a publishing company, that's not an easy effort and I've like some of John C Wright's stuff there but this kind of thing is just scummy!

    1. Yes, it is scummy behavior. If Vox would put a fraction of the energy into producing something worthwhile that he does trying to undermine others, he might be more respected. Look how well Chris Kennedy's done with fewer resources: he qualified for a Dragon Award in 4/7 categories.

    2. Interesting. Thx for the recommendation, I'll check Chris Kennedy out.