Saturday, March 30, 2024


   So yesterday, Tucker Carlson---who has been edging closer and closer to embracing Alt-Right thugs like Douglas Mackey, Andrew Tate, and Gonzalo Lira---has finally launched himself completely off the rails with a fawning review of Steve Sailer's new book Noticing. On the Elon Musk-owned site, X, Carlson wrote“If the meritocracy were real, Steve Sailer would be one of the most famous writers in the world. Someday historians will revere him. In the meantime, read this book.”

For those unfamiliar with Steve Sailer, he is a long-standing figure on the Alt-Right, particularly revered by the likes of Vox Day, homosexual male-supremacist Jack Donovan, and neo-Nazi Richard Spencer. Sailer promotes Evolutionary Psychology, White Supremacy, and Eugenics. Like Vox Day, he was an apologist for Anders Breveik. He is also a writer for the Moonie Cult-owned UPI, among other very shady organizations.

Yes: yet another outstanding specimen of humanity who are chosen by the New Right as a profound intellectual and role model for young men. Among Sailer's brilliant intellectual insights is that Legal Abortion is necessary to reduce crime. After the 2004 debacle of Hurricane Katrina, Sailer wrote that “What you won’t hear, except from me, is that ‘Let the good times roll’ is an especially risky message for African-Americans. The plain fact is that they tend to possess poorer native judgment than members of better-educated groups. Thus they need stricter moral guidance from society.”

   Jeremy Carl, an apparatchik at the Claremont Institute---an organization teeming with Neocons and so-called 'Christian Nationalists'---was also slobbering all over Sailer's works on Controlled Opposition Conservative websites. Throughout his entire article, Carl wove various Alt-Right propaganda themes with Neoconservative positions and tries hard to make them sound mainstream. For example, he says:

   "If you’ve heard phrases like magic dirt, elect a new people, affordable family formation, coalition of the fringes, invade the world invite the world, Human Biodiversity (HBD), World War T, the flight from white, or hate hoax, you’ve absorbed Sailerisms even if you weren’t aware of it:" all of which are a bunch of garbage-memes spread throughout the Internet by Alt-Right crackpots. Very discreetly, Carl doesn't delve into the deeper meanings of any of them. Most decent people would be shocked if they saw what these catch-phrases mean in their actual context. Most are just reactionary re-phrasings of concepts embodied in Neocon New World Order philosophy as well as the objectives of the Great Reset. 

   Like multitudes of others in the Alt-Right, Sailer claims credit for Trump's electoral victory in 2016: such assertions have been cannon-fodder for the Whacko Left, but Carl jumps on this as some great truth. "Trump won the Presidency in 2016 using what Sailer himself referred to as the Sailer Strategy," Carl pontificates, despite it being a complete lie, "which appears here in essay form and which Sailer had first written about more than fifteen years before. Looking carefully at where actual swing votes were rather than what pundits were saying, Sailer suggested that the GOP should focus on white working-class voters, heterodox economics, and strict immigration policies."

  As an example of where all of this is leading, Carl also praises as "a prominent dissident author," Mencius Moldbug, a Transhumanist Alt-Right loudmouth from Silicon Valley who ideas were idolized by Roissy at the now-defunct Chateau Heartiste blog. Moldbug, whose real name is Curtis Yarvin once stated that what Americans needs is “a national CEO [or] what’s called a dictator. If Americans want to change their government, they’re going to have to get over their dictator phobia." Yarvin is most notorious for having coined the Alt-Right terms 'Neoreactionary' and the 'Dark Enlightenment.' Yarvin has elsewhere referred to Chattel Slavery as “a natural human relationship akin to that of patron and client.”

    At a certain point, someone on the Right needs to start calling a Spade a Spade. What Tucker Carlson, Jeremy Carl, Steve Sailer, and Curtis Yarvin are promoting is not Conservatism: it is Techno-Fascism. It is the Great Reset re-packaged with an 'R' after its name. The Great Reset posits a New Aristocracy of billionaire Tech Lords---and in case nobody's noticed, plenty of old Royal Families also support it. What the Neocons and their Alt-Right hangers-on are doing is what they're best at: promoting cost-effectiveness as more efficient way to run the same tyranny.

    Thirty or so years ago, the kinds of people spouting this kind of rhetoric were on the fringes of the Right: people like David Duke, Lyndon LaRouche, Tom Metzger, etc. They were kooks then and they are kooks now. The difference is that back then we could laugh at them; today people of the same stripe are pundits, academics, pastors, and political leaders. Make no mistake about this: they are promoted by the same interests who promote the 'woke' Left. The Oligarchy fuels extremism because extremism prevents unified resistance. The Oligarchs are not ideologues; they back whatever faction keeps them in power. White Supremacist Christian Nationalists serve their purposes just as well as Rainbow-hued Democratic Socialists. 

   Like the Manosphere's Game/PUA Movement, the Alt-Right is the creation of people with backgrounds in salesmanship and marketing. Not surprisingly, Steve Sailer's educational background was in Marketing before he became an 'expert' on Race and Geopolitics. Sailer's endeavors are heavily financed by Unz Review, which was founded by billionaire Neoconservative Tech Lords and Hollywood tycoons. Unz' second-in-command is a CIA operative. Among other 'research fellows' at  Carl's Claremont Institute, is prominent Alt-Right figure, former Naval Intel Officer, and suspected Deep-State spook, Jack Posobiec. The Institute heavily promotes so-called 'Christian Nationalism.' In 2021, Claremont's Glenn Ellers wrote that “Most people living in the United States today — certainly more than half — are not Americans in any meaningful sense of the term, They do not believe in, live by, or even like the principles, traditions, and ideals that until recently defined America as a nation and as a people. It is not obvious what we should call these citizen-aliens, these non-American Americans; but they are something else.”

    How is this position materially different from the crackpots on the Left who were saying at the same time Truth and Reconciliation inquisitions for Trump supporters? The answer is that there is no difference. One group wants some of us frozen out of society while the other simply wants to freeze out somebody else. Anybody who doesn't march in lockstep with either agenda had better invest in thermal underwear because they're going into the freezer---and that could easily include anybody reading this article. 

    There are a few Americans still living today who faced the threat of Fascism from without; today we face it from within. The question is, what are we going to do about it? Hold our noses and vote them into power, or are we going to start calling a Spade a Spade and call these people out and expose them for what they are? 


Thursday, March 28, 2024


      It's always refreshing to find an article online where an author ignores the official narratives and approved counter-narratives of the Uniparty and focuses upon issues that actually are occurring behind the Media smokescreens. It was written by Colin Todhunter whom, in the interests of full disclosure, I know little about; and is titled, Net Zero, The Digital Panopticon, and the Future of Food. The author gives us a good summary of the progress towards the Great Reset---which, despite discreetly being ignored by both Republicans and Democrats---is still ongoing and being put into operation. 

    The World Economic Forum, is the de facto Government of the so-called 'Democratic West.' The Great Reset, their grand plan for tyranny, was unveiled in 2020. The WEF and the Great Reset in general are scoffed at and hooted down by the experts in the Western Media despite having published their intentions clearly and their positions being adopted by nearly every Western Government. The WEF's Board of Trustees is comprised of some of the world's most powerful central economic institutions, political leadership, and major corporations. The WEF's Strategic Partners---now expanded to 120 members---includes the West's most powerful Corporations, banks, and NGOs. The organization is based in Switzerland, the home of various cut-outs and networks of international intrigue. 

  "The food transition, the energy transition, net-zero ideology, programmable central bank digital currencies, the censorship of free speech and clampdowns on protest. What’s it all about? To understand these processes, we need to first locate what is essentially a social and economic reset within the context of a collapsing financial system." Todhunter begins, and goes on to explain the ongoing economic contraction in the West as part of an overall concentration of power.  

   The standard talking-point from American Conservatives---who, like the Marxists they oppose, are economic determinists---is that nebulous market forces lead invariably to an 'economic correction.' The problem with their thinking is that their theories were formulated before the Industrial Revolution when it literally was impossible to create monopolies and concentrations of wealth without centralized government authority. When technology made mass-production possible, it became possible for private entities to control entire economic sectors in much the same way that, in our Founding Fathers era, were only possible with Royal Charters and other special grants from kings. 

   This situation changed in the Western countries about a century ago with initiatives to bring the power of popular governments to regulate economies and ensure that free-market competition could continue. These policies fell into disfavor in the late 20th Century, and we see the results of abandoning them all around us today. As Todhunter notes, the average profit-margin of businesses has fallen from 43% in 1970 to about 17% today. We could add to this that, in 1970, the United States produced over half of the world's GDP whereas in 2024. it is around 15%. 

   Deregulation brought with it Regulatory Capture, turning over the duties of elected governments to unaccountable private contractors, and massive concentrations of economic power in the hands of fewer and fewer entities. The doctrinaire Laissez-Faire theories promulgated by postmodern Conservatives naturally leads them to conclude that we are headed for an 'economic crash.' Nothing could be further from the truth. What we are witnessing economically is something more akin to a controlled demolition. What the Robber Barons---who already hold most of the national wealth---aim to achieve is a switch to Central Bank Digital Currency which they, of course, will control. 

   CBDC is already being introduced by Tienanmen Trudeau in Canada with ties to a 'social credit score.' Trudeau's Vice-Premier, incidentally, is on the WEF Board of Trustees. Despite Corporate Media guffaws about CBDC being a tin-foil hat Conspiracy Theories one of their own mouthpieces recently reported that the SWIFT banking system---which has a virtual monopoly on currency transactions between banks both in the US and abroad---is about to launch such a program (after the US Elections, of course). The overall plan originated in the shady WEF-affiliated Bank of International Settlements during the Scamdemic a few months after the Great Reset was announced. In October 2020, BIS' CEO Agustin Carstens stated:

   "We intend to establish the equivalence with cash and there is a huge difference there, for example in cash we don't know who is using a $100 bill today...the key difference with CBDC is that the Central Bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use regarding that expression of Central Bank liability (note: meaning what $100 can and can't purchase) and also have the technology to enforce that." 

   In 2022, Bo Li, an official at the International Monetary Fund whose CEO is on the WEF Board of Trustees stated: "CBDC can allow government agencies and private sector players {nota bene} to program, to create smart policy contracts to allow targeted policy functions {nota bene}...By programming CBDC these programs can be precisely targeted for what kind of people can own and for what these monies can be utilized." {nota bene}

  Christine Lagarde, CEO of the European Central Bank and WEF Board of Trustees Member said last year: “[...] you know the digital euro is going to have a limited amount of control. There will be control, you're right, you're completely right. We are considering whether for very small amounts, you know, anything that is around 300, 400 Euros, we could have a mechanism where there is zero control. But that could be dangerous, the terrorist attacks on France, uh back, uh 10 years ago, were entirely financed by those very small anonymous credit cards that you can recharge in total anonymity.”

   This week, financial octopus BlackRock whose CEO is also a WEF Board of Trustees member, announced a digital platform for its money-market accounts. So it goes; and lest anyone believes that a Red Wave in November will stop all of this, be advised that the Republican Party is wholly on board with it all

   Todhunter goes on to explain how climate hysteria (on the Left) and National Security paranoia (on the Right) are being utilized to drive this agenda. Once the Global Oligarchs have control of the currency to this degree, they will control both production and consumption and our Constitutional Rights will be more of a dead letter than they already are. This is why it is important for us today to build strong networks of our own because we'll need Parallel Economies in the future. The idea must be gaining some traction because the Whacko Left has noticed such things arising, but our freedoms will depend largely on how much we can disconnect from the System itself. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2024


       With the two permitted American political parties spending an Election Year by clogging our already broken-down legal system suing and investigating each other, we haven't given much discussion here to these soap operas. It's important to focus instead upon the internal forces which have already seized the social, economic, and political power in the United States. None of these people are up for any kind of election or subject to the popular will in any way. 

      The abuse of the Legal System aimed at President Trump since he was removed in a putsch four winters ago is fairly typical of how the US Deep State mobilizes to destroy its enemies. Trump has proven a tougher challenge than most because of his popularity. The problem---which Trump seems unwilling to believe---is that his base is a paper tiger. The 73 million people who voted for him in 2020 slunk back into the shadows and did nothing while he was removed from power. In fact, 2020 in general showed us all what the American Right was really made of. 

     Now, voting is one of the few freedoms that the Elites have allowed the American people to retain---they tolerate it because it maintains the illusion that people actually participate in the government while distracting the public so that they don't start asking questions about who actually runs things. Nonetheless, Trump poses a problem for them; but Trump is only one man, so question becomes how to deal with him. The Oligarchy isn't concerned about his supporters---the Elites have learned from experience that the American Right is too vitiated to fight much harder than complaining online.

    This sad state of affairs has presented a golden opportunity for the vested interests to the control of the Republican Party that they enjoyed during the Bush years. Leaders of High Finance and Commercial Cartels seem to be warming to Trump and today we learned that a trio of billionaires; namely John Paulson and Harold Hamm along with an unnamed third party have raised money to cover the extortionate bond imposed on Trump by a  New York judge

    If the names of Paulson and Hamm sound familiar; it's because we had occasion to profile these two shining examples of humanity less than a week ago. That these two creatures are circling the Trump Campaign like a pair of vultures (their bird-droppings coming in the form of seven-figure donations) ought to give us all pause for concern. Unfortunately, it probably won't concern anybody too much: a Conservative Movement that doesn't mind having  LGBTQs, pro-abortion activists, and WEF Young Global Leaders in their ranks so long as such people are based and Red Pilled isn't going to fret about Corporate Robber Barons getting on board too. 

   The reasons that this should be concerning is that what these money-men obviously are up to is buying influence; specifically putting their own men in key positions in a potential Trump Administration---especially that of Vice-President. 'Rainbow Rex' Tillerson and Steve Mnuchin were examples of the kinds of people whom they installed in the last Trump Administration. Given Trump's advanced age, who could take his place is their overriding interest.

    Despite the fact that the Republican Party undermined Trump as much as they could during his tenure in office; did nothing to stop the Democrats from hijacking both Congress and the White House; haven't lifted a finger to push back on the legal challenges to Trump (in fact, openly participated in them) doesn't factor into the average Conservative's thinking. Like the 'Red Waves' in 1994 and 2010, the 2022 Congress has done little more than rubber-stamp all of the Democrat Administration's policies---that doesn't factor into their thinking either. That's what the purpose of elections are today: to put on a show, to keep up the illusion of popular sovereignty, and most importantly of all---to maintain the status quo. The American people fall for it, too. 

    Nothing is actually going to change until and unless Americans start forgetting about Party Politics and start focusing on the unelected Corporate hierarchies and bureaucracies who really are, in fact, the Government. The chances of that happening though are not high. Decades of neglect and apathy have sapped America's collective will to resist and, in the end, the 2024 Elections aren't going to accomplish anything except to give one group or another to push the Great Reset forward.



Monday, March 25, 2024


     A pair of major incidents in the United States and Russia this weekend provide us with an interesting contrast between Governments that function and ones that don't. In Russia, President Vladimir Putin recently won a sixth term with 88% of the vote, higher numbers than both Biden's and Trump's approval ratings combined. February polling shows that public approval for the US Congress---upon whom the GOP is relying for this year's Red Wave---is hovering around 12%. Those numbers themselves are about 75% lower than Biden's much-ballyhooed historically low approval ratings. Americans don't care much for the Ruling Elite, but they seem to like bullies and poseurs even less. 

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott---an obvious neurotic---has grabbed headlines among the Controlled Opposition as symbolic of the Alpha, tough-guy that America supposedly needs. Abbott has made xenophobia Border Security a centerpiece of his administration's policies even though the Border is entirely out his jurisdiction and Texas has many other problems which are being ignored while Abbott diverts resources to focus on his personal phobias. His rump-parliament passed a law which is being debated in the Courts expanding Police State and Surveillance powers allegedly to combat the invasion of America. 

    Abbott seized Border checkpoints a few months ago, claiming (falsely) that the Biden/Harris Junta was doing nothing to stop illegal immigration. His goons in the Texas National Guard put up razor-wire, brandished their weapons, while being widely photographed in the Controlled Opposition Media. Stand With Texas signs were going up everywhere; even an armed group calling itself God's Army showed up to help out. 

    Well, as it happened this weekend, Abbott's forces faced its first migrant surge. Apparently unintimidated by Texas' tough new laws, thousands crashed across the Border, cutting down the razor wire and destroying barricades. What did the Texas National Guard and 'God's Army' do? They did what our brave xhes in uniform always do when faced with a real fight: they fled. The supposedly impotent Border Patrol---which had been banned from the area---moved in and eventually restored order. Predictably, this was a Border Surge that the Conservative echo-chambers discreetly decided not to publicize too much.

      In contrast to this rather disgraceful display, Russia was really attacked by actual armed foreign criminals and Russians really did lose their lives in the incident. However, instead of rushing to the podium within 3 minutes for a photo-op like American presidents and governors do, President Putin waited until he had facts and spoke reassuringly to the Russian people. Putin stressed that the attack was an attack upon all Russians. Likewise, there were no immediate calls for tough new laws; instead the Russian Government urged the people to help the victims. Instead of being locked-down in their homes hiding under their beds, there were long lines at area hospitals with blood donors and others bringing food and water to the rescue workers.

    Tellingly, too, the Russian people weren't bombarded with endless press conferences from Affirmative-Action hired local police chiefs---in Russia, the police were actually out doing their jobs and captured 11 of the responsible parties so far. Two of the actual assassins were captured the next day by police who stopped them escaping in their car. The other two fled into the forest, where, according to some reports, they were captured by local farmers who held them at bay with pitchforks until the authorities arrived. 

    Reading the Russian Media coverage of this tragedy has been a refreshing change from how these events are handled in the United States. It's been remarkable for its lack of grandstanding, sensationalism, and fanning of mass-hysteria that accompanies far less drastic things that happen here. The focus in Russia has been to appeal to people's better natures: concentrating on helping the victims, identifying the responsible parties, and taking appropriate action: not focusing on selling media stories or capitalizing on the tragedy for political gain. 

    The lesson here speaks for itself. This is why Putin and his Party win by landslides while characters like Abbott are international laughing-stocks. The best that American politicians can offer is "hold your nose and vote for me because I'm not as bad as the other guy." The Russian people expect---and get---better. 

Saturday, March 23, 2024


       Yesterday, there was a horrific terrorist attack in Russia, which got some passing mention by the American Government-Media Complex in between stories about the British Princess of Wales, a missing frat-brother in Nashville, and the Women's College Basketball Championships. The Official Narrative coming from our various government spokesxhes and media 'experts' are about as believable as Official Narratives typically are. We'll certainly have more to say about this in the upcoming days as we get more reliable information from the Russian authorities. In the meantime, one can check out InsanityBytes' post on Invermectin study cover-ups and Pacific Pundit's article on some of the hidden gems that Congress gave us in the new $1.3 trillion Spending Bill, for some specimens of the Official Narrative's reliability. 

     Just as a reminder, the studies about Ivermectin began under Operation Warp Speed in 2020 through a task-force headed by Mike Pence, Alex Azar, Mark Esper, Jared Kushner and several other of the unsavories in the Trump Administration who later sold Trump out. Nothing in the Budget Deal though about investigating all of these mysterious sudden deaths among those Americans who took the Loyalty Vaxx. Another little detail about the Budget Deal is that---not only does it subsidize many woke projects and initiatives that Conservatives are supposedly against---the funding for it is largely being underwritten by WEF Top 100 Strategic Partner, the very 'woke' financial octopus, BlackRock. A Red Wave in November no doubt will change all of this, at least according to the Official Counter-Narrative. 

     President Trump overall did a good job when he was making executive decisions and intervening in policy, but his main defect clearly is that he is a terrible judge of character. This is evident from the kinds of advisors and officials he had, who often led him into one blunder and betrayal after another. These advisors often connived to force out of positions the very people whom Trump should have relied upon the most. From what I've seen so far of his 2024 Campaign, this tendency hasn't changed: in fact, it may have gotten worse. In 2016, the Deep State miscalculated Trump's chances of being elected: this time, they're more carefully planting their operatives in his inner circle in case he does win in November. Trump is 77 years old, and accidents can happen to man that age---if they do, the Machine is in place with the charismatic populist leader gone. 

     To underscore the Republicans' wholehearted commitment to the working man and their complete disinterest in Corporate dollars and machine politics, the President-in-Exile was invited to attend a gala fundraiser in Florida on April 6th. According to the Financial Times, the production is being orchestrated by "billionaire hedge fund boss John Paulson, co-chaired with real estate “investor” Robert Bigelow, previously the biggest donor to the abortive presidential campaign of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Shale gas and oil billionaire Harold Hamm, a previous opponent of a Trump reelection bid, has also agreed to co-chair." Just coincidentally, about the same time that this event was announced, GOP voters picked Ron DeSantis as Trump's preferred choice for Vice-President, while WEF Young Global Leader and billionaire Vivek Ramaswamy finished second. DeSantis (for now) says he isn't interested, but organizing this event in Florida with three of DeSantis' richest friends doesn't look especially promising. 

   Florida is a state completely under the thumb of the Bush Machine. John Paulson made billions under the Bush bailout programs in 2007 and backed Mitt Romney, Bigelow is a complete fruitcake who broke with DeSantis and switched to Trump because he thought the rather tepid Abortion restrictions that DeSantis promoted in Florida were too mean. Harold Hamm is the sole owner of oil conglomerate Continental Resources who backed WEF Young Global Leader Nikki Haley in the Republican Primaries. Continental Resources has its own Beltway PAC, conspicuous for donating to numerous RINOs

     Another prominent donor is Floridian Jose Fanjul, owner of Domino Foods, which has a de facto monopoly on American sugar. Johan Norberg, an author who wholly supports the Free Market said of Domino in 2023: "
Among the most successful American welfare queens are the brothers Alfonso and José Fanjul in Florida, who receive around $65 million in subsidies for their sugar empire annually. They use part of that money to buy political support for a continued stream of subsidies in their direction. The best that can be said about them is that they don't contribute to political polarization. During the irreconcilable presidential election campaign in 2016, the Fanjul brothers protected themselves by holding one fundraiser for Trump and one for Clinton."

   A list of other worthies involved in the set-up can be found at The Financial Times, for those who are interested. It costs $814,600 to dine at the same table with the President-in-Exile (I'm not sure why this odd number was chosen); and a quarter-million to attend the event at all. 

  Yet our side complains that the Democrats are the only ones bowing to woke Corporatism and are the only ones dominated by a moneyed, out-of-touch Elite. 

  It is fairly clear---or should be by now---that the Oligarchy couldn't break Trump or his popularity so they've resorted to doing what they are best at doing: they're subverting it. As that old philosopher of Realpolitik Joseph Stalin used to say when given a complex of problems by his functionaries, "One man, one problem. Get rid of the man, problem solved." If these hoodlums succeed in planting one of their own as Trump's running-mate, the die will have been cast, and the 2024 Elections will be even more irrelevant to America's future course than they are now. It's no argument to claim, as many Conservatives do, that Trump has learned from his mistakes: it may so; but so has the Deep State. The Deep State intends to win and push the Great Reset forward, the rest is just show for public consumption.  


Thursday, March 21, 2024


       With the genocide in Gaza now in its sixth month, and breaking news emerged about a Zionist attack on one of the Palestinians' last remaining hospitals---resulting in a massacre of about 100 people in cold blood---Arch-Neocon Dennis Prager has penned another article portraying the Zionists as something like the heroic Defenders of the Alamo. Like any good Liberal, Prager plays the Victim Card, even going so far as to criticize Chuck Schumer of all people for even questioning Netanyahu's ability to lead Israel. The Corporate Oligarchs who run both the Israeli Government and ours wouldn't allow Schumer an independent thought: the reality is that they are frustrated with Netanyahu's management, not his policies. 

       I had thought about writing a refutation of Prager's absurdities and blatant hypocrisies, but the question came into my mind: why do Christians even listen to this guy? Prager is a Jew, not a Christian, and his whole enterprise is funded by a Texas megachurch headed by a billionaire. The Church itself is an Adventist Cult that holds, it's own words: "the true religion is Jewish, not a Gentile religion," and observes Jewish laws and festivals in contradiction to the teachings of the New Testament and centuries of Christian theology. Though on his third marriage, Prager is considered by many Christians an expert on family and relationship issues and has even written a commentary on the Torah and various Jewish festivals as moral guides for Christians. Quite tellingly, Prager highlights his favorite passage from the Pentateuch on his website:

     Which does seem to contradict certain things that Jesus said at The Sermon on the Mount. Most of what Prager writes contradicts Christianity and Reason in general; which again begs the question---why is this guy taken seriously by Christians? When we hear an alleged Conservative saying things like "f
ew non-Jews have a clue how much the Holocaust has affected Jews—including those born after the Holocaust and those Jews who lost no relatives in the greatest genocide in modern history. Most Jews suffer from a form of collective PTSD" ---a statement that's just a variation of the 'systemic racism' and 'collective trauma from slavery' nonsense that Black Militants push---one has to wonder.

     Prager's popularity probably has a lot to do with the fact that Prager has an excellent marketing machine with a patron wealthy enough to fuel it. Jeremy Boreing, one of the ringleaders of media group funding Prager is a product of Hollywood---where, sadly, most Christians today seem to derive both their theology and their moral value systems. Prager U is actually still produced in Hollywood, at a studio there. Echoing Vox Day, Boreing refers to his position as that of god-king, which doesn't sound especially appropriate for Christian. Even some Old Testament prophets like Samuel and Hosea didn't seem to have very high opinion of either false gods or kings.

     Part of the problem too is a failure of American Christian leadership to call out such characters. The reason for this failure is because many pastors---for wholly political reasons---see these Megachurches as allies against the Churchianity on the Left and overlook many of the Megachurches' glaring flaws. Another problem is that, like much of American society in general, the churches have become corporatized: seeing Big Business models as the operating procedure for everything. Megachurches have scores of thousands of communicants, a major media presence, unlimited wealth, celebrity preachers---wealth, power, and success are believed by most Americans today to be a measure of human morality. The average local pastor or parish priest probably sees himself in relation to the Megachurch in much the same way as a local grocery store stands in relation to Amazon or Wal-Mart. 

    Christians ought to reflect that America grew largely from immigrants who were escaping the grip of Megachurches which---like their modern counterparts---had a very close relationship with the political and economic establishments in the countries from which they fled. Our Founding Fathers separated Church and State for this very reason. I would never support someone like Prager being censored; but I have serious doubts that if he, or his followers, came to power that I would get the same consideration. That is where the danger of such people lies: not in what they say, but their power for subversion. If we actually an independent press and investigative journalists any more, such characters would be exposed like they were in the 1980s when none of them were too big to fail. But like Prager himself says, "You vote for the guy who votes the way you would—character is secondary," and, thus today, so as long as they say the right things, these charlatans get a free pass.




Wednesday, March 20, 2024


      We've documented here many times the ongoing collusion between the Democrat and Republican Political Establishments and their abject subservience to the Corporate Deep State ongoing behind the scenes in 2024's most important election of our lifetime which will decide the future of America. I can't recall a single election in the US that wasn't billed exactly the same way; although I somewhat recall the elections of the mid-20th Century when actual Liberals and actual Conservatives were still campaigning over actual issues and the US Government still had some actual power of enforcing laws. Probably 1984 was the last such election, meaning that now a whole generation has grown up in this poisoned political atmosphere and don't remember anything but today's conditions as normative. 


     Some recent Supreme Court decisions have highlighted this type of collusion, although the Controlled Opposition wing of the Corporate Media discreetly has been passing over them in silence---focusing instead on the political-legal persecutions of President-in-Exile Trump and his supporters while the Republican leadership is making absolutely no effort to stop any of it. The Court recently ruled against States excluding Trump from the ballot---a policy which we've noted was wholly instigated by Republican operatives. Immigration---one of the few issues that the GOP actually has left in its campaign---has also been discussed, though it's noteworthy that the Republicans not only have blocked any attempt to secure the Border; some of their members are actively encouraging illegal immigration

   A case regarding censorship also came up before the Court. We regularly hear complaints in the Controlled Opposition about public officials censoring opposing viewpoints. Any guesses as to who was on the pro-censorship side? "The Biden administration and a bipartisan group of 17 states and National Republican Senatorial Committee sided with officials, arguing in favor of their blocks."

   What a surprise---just as we learned this week that a consortium headed by GOP operative Steve Mnuchin is planning to cash in if the State-sponsored seizure of Tik-Tok becomes law. Mnuchin was one of the continual revolving-door personnel from WEF Top 100 Strategic Partner Goldman-Sachs, which effectually has captured the US Treasury Department. Mnuchin attended the 2019 and 2020 World Economic Forum meetings where the Great Reset was devised; and was one of a group of Trump Cabinet officials to abandon the President during the Electoral dispute that year. Mnuchin hasn't disclosed his partners, but I think that we can guess about what they'll look like. 

    It's not just time for cashing in on domestic issues: foreign policy is a ripe field for investment, according to former White House top advisor Jared Kushner. Kushner sees tremendous real estate development potential in Gaza once it's ethnically cleansed. "The thing that I would try to do if I was Israel right now is I would just bulldoze something in the Negev. I would try to move people in there. I know that won’t be the popular thing to do, but I think that’s a better option to do so you can go in and finish the job… Gaza’s waterfront property could be very valuable," Kushner remarked recently. The Zionist Government---which has a full monopoly on real estate throughout Palestine---already has been angling to sell off the prime properties. Kushner is a real estate mogul in his own right, who married into the Trump family. He took over the company from his father who was sentenced to the Penitentiary on 18 counts of corruption in connection with illegal donations to the Democratic Party

    Ukraine, too, is coming back as a potential cash-cow. After some grandstanding, the GOP-controlled Congress is relenting on continuing propping up Zelensky's Regime. This isn't surprising considering the fat donations that Republican Senators rake in from the Ukraine lobby while Congress frets over Hunter Biden's dealings with that country. Another top GOP operative, Mike Pompeo, recently grabbed a share of Ukraine's telecom industry; hence it's important to keep those arms sales up in exchange for these kinds of Corporate perks; not to mention all that cash up for grabs if the Republicans succeed in seizing frozen Russian assets. One of the new heroes of the West's War for Existence, WEF Young Global Leader and French strongman Emmanuel Macron, has been inciting tensions by suggesting direct involvement of NATO troops in Ukraine. Macron has become a hero to the New Right despite his recent despotic moves against protests and the enshrinement of Abortion as a constitutional right. Macron has been increasingly dictatorial under the influence of his new President, homosexual activist Gabriel Attal who, in turn, appointed his non-binary lover to be Foreign Minister.  

     This are examples of what we're told on a regular basis are better than the Democrats, and that our survival as a nation depends upon giving them more power. Anyone who believes this seriously is either not well-informed or is deceiving themselves. We certainly don't need any more of the Democrats, but I've yet to hear a solid reason as to why the Republicans are suitable replacements. 


Sunday, March 17, 2024


       The self-appointed 'expert' class of American pundits and academics are dining on crow again this weekend. Beginning two years ago, and up until just recently, the smart boys were assuring us all of the imminent Russian economic collapse and the downfall of President Putin. With the polls nearly closed in Russia, Putin routed his opponents and currently has around 88% of the popular vote (contrary to popular belief, Russia actually does have multi-party elections). The results were no surprise to anyone reading Media outside the influence of the US Corporate Deep State. Polls in Russia were showing Putin's approval ratings at between 81 and 89 percent: higher than both Biden and Trump combined. 

     I'm anticipating listening to Putin's victory speech tonight. Putin is one of the few world politicians who actually talks to, rather than down to, the people and understands the issues. That's why he wins by landslides while the best our candidates can do is to pose as the least objectionable alternative.

    The jackals in the Media are flummoxed by these developments, but not so much because they were exposed as complete fools yet again. The Corporate Media can spin the narrative to the polar opposite of what they promoted only days before, and the public buys into it. In our last presidential 'election' for example, the Media cracked down upon and dismissed anyone who questioned the results only a few days after they were hyping Congressional hearings and producing documentaries about the alleged 'Election Steal' in 2016. The Media's main problem is diverting attention from the Russian Elections in case people start questioning why Putin is so popular and what his Party is doing for Russia that keeps winning elections by wide margins. 

    Thus, the Media this weekend seized up some remarks made by President-in-Exile Trump during a campaign speech in Vandalia, Ohio. Trump referenced a "bloodbath" if Biden were re-elected, and vowed to save the US auto industry from China. 

   “He wants another January 6, but the American people are going to give him another electoral defeat this November because they continue to reject his extremism, his affection for violence, and his thirst for revenge!" proclaimed a spokesxhe for the Junta---as if they wouldn't turn Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs loose on the public again if Trump wins. Trump's team responded on CNN by saying "Crooked Joe Biden and his campaign are engaging in deceptively out-of-context editing,” which is true, but context deserves some consideration here. 

   The strange context to my mind was Trump's apparent beliefs that American Elections are actually fair; and that America actually still has an auto industry. The Controlled Opposition would prefer us all to forget that previous Republican politicians allowed their corporate masters to sell off the auto manufacturing industry to countries like China. Nearly all auto parts are manufactured abroad and merely assembled here in the US, Canada, and Mexico since Bush, Clinton, and GOP Congresses gave us NAFTA, GATT, fast-tracked China into the WTO, busted unions, and repealed laws that protected American jobs and industries. As an interesting contrast here, but one of Putin's campaign themes was that Russia had become more economically self-reliant after the imposition of sanctions.

   Vandalia, where the speech occurred, has seen its population growth crash since the 1980s, and its population steadily aging. Its major auto component plant, Delphi Automotive, was sold off to German industrial conglomerate Mahle GmbH about a decade ago. Among auto manufacturers still with brand names, Ford motors is owned about 8% by WEF linchpin BlackRock, which also owns about 10% of General Motors. Chrysler is not even owned by Americans any longer

    Trump vowed during his speech to bring back manufacturing jobs, although where the skilled workers or needed infrastructure to accomplish this are going to come from hasn't been explained. It seems much like Congress' recent grandstanding about Chinese-made cranes, which was supposed to be about bringing back American jobs but ended up benefiting foreign consortia instead

   Talking about rebuilding America's manufacturing base sounds good and plays into the fantasies of the Electorate, but it isn't simply a matter of re-imposing protectionism and hoping that industries will sprout up again out of thin air. 40 years ago, we still had schools producing engineers and managers, a trained workforce, factories and facilities, and a modern industrial and transportation infrastructure. We lost all of things too when the Robber Barons on Wall Street sold industrial workers out and the Media told us how to learn to code.

   It is possible to bring an industrial base back, as Russia has done. But it will take decades of investment and determination which, unlike the Russians, Americans are unwilling to do. The whole point of American politics today is to sell illusions and not disturb the public too much with hard facts---and certainly not to impress upon them the necessity of hard work for the benefit of the Nation as a whole. That's why Russia will continue to triumph on the global stage as world leaders, while we sink further into the clutches of the Corporate Deep State. 


    Things haven't been going especially well these days for the Deep State and their overlords on Wall Street in the continent of Africa. Our brave xhes in uniform have failed ignominiously trying to defend their commercial and smuggling efforts in the Red Sea. Sanctions leveled against various countries have borne no effect; in fact, popular efforts to boycott Western-owned commercial cartels have intensified. The African churches are revolting against the 'woke' edicts coming out of the Vatican and elsewhere. Egypt and Ethiopia became members of the BRICS coalition in January.

    Frustrated by these developments, the Pentagon's head of US Africa Command, Michael Langley fumed last week to our equally impotent Congress that "Russia was actively seeking to broaden its influence in African nations, with several countries nearing a critical juncture where they could come under its sway." Obediently, the House appropriated an additional $332 million to counter this 'threat,' although they never seem to find available funds for issues in the United States. Nobody really knows where any of this money is actually going to go; or even why we have a 'US Africa Command' in the first place since we have no territory on that continent. These days, however, the phrase national security operates like an open sesame to the US taxpayers' wallets. 

    Langley, however, did not meet with the same success in Africa on Saturday when he and an entourage of Beltway bureaucrats stormed into Niger---without even bothering to inform the local authorities---to negotiate US presence at an obscure fort in the Sahara Desert which the Nigerien Government intends to close. The President of Niger snubbed the Junta's henchmen, sending them home empty-handed. Today, their official spokesman announced that all previous military agreements between Niger and the United States were cancelled. Apparently, Nigerien politicians have a little more self-respect than their American counterparts and don't simply jump when ordered. 

  "The government of Niger therefore strongly denounces the condescending attitude combined with the threat of reprisals by the head of the American delegation against the government and the people of Niger,"  Col. Amadou Abdramane said, in an official statement yesterday. The Beltway bullies apparently even accused such officials who met with them of making a secret deal to supply uranium to Iran. A fabricated story about Nigerien uranium was employed as pretext for invading Iraq by the Bush Administration in 2003.

      Incidents like these typically have the Controlled Opposition lamenting that other countries don't fear the International Bully as obediently as American citizens do; and that just proves that the Democrats are weak. The truth is, that this wave of anti-American sentiment currently sweeping Africa would have happened no matter which faction of the Uniparty occupied the White House. Other peoples haven't had decades of cultural erosion imposed upon them like Americans have; consequently they still insist upon being treated like human beings instead of human capital for the so-called Elites to manage like so much livestock. Eventually, people who still retain a degree of character feel they have nothing to lose by fighting back, and they take action. The situation in Niger---like Ukraine and Palestine---was bound to occur once Corporate Deep State hubris and Cultural Imperialism had reached a saturation-point. 

    As we've seen throughout the 21st Century, Americans long ago lost any will to assert their rights, and the tactical mistake that our Establishment makes in Foreign Policy is assuming that other peoples are as dispirited and deflated as their domestic subjects are. Langley's failure in Niger was a perfect example of this attitude in action. Anyone in a position of authority in America never need concern themselves with things like asking permission from those they consider their inferiors and feel at perfect liberty to impose on them without consequence. The Elites have proven time and again that, here, they can order people to accept the most degrading humiliations and insults to their intelligence. Accustomed as they are to dealing with such people, they are completely stunned when they encounter even the smallest show of self-respect from anyone abroad.

    They then make the mistake that all bullies and thugs invariably do: they double-down and behave even more forcefully and arrogantly. As recently as December, the Biden/Harris Junta announced that "withdrawal from Niger was not an option," apparently without much concern for what the Nigerien people actually want to do. 

    Contrary to what the would-be Alphas among the Controlled Opposition say, it is not perceived weakness that is driving this trend. This trend of resistance is coming from the abuse of power and resorting to force with no regard to the interests or desires of the other parties concerned. Rule by fear is the policy of terrorists---the very thing that the Pentagon is supposedly in Niger to prevent. We've spoken here before of the blessings of American Exceptionalism which drove Niger to revolt against its Western masters in the first place. Niger was the sort of place that the Great Reset crowd and the Beltway Deep State would like to bring to everybody. 

   Ultimately, the Junta probably will slink away quietly from Niger and their media parrots will go on to new distractions. However, the inevitable loss of any American influence in Africa will go on; and given the current state of affairs in the US, that is probably the best outcome for the African people. 


Saturday, March 16, 2024


    One of the most common misconceptions about the degenerate Postmodern American culture is that we are a sexually libertine people. The reverse is actually the case: the United States is probably one of the most sexually repressive cultures (and consequently the most sex-obsessed) on the planet. That, of course, only applies to heterosexual behavior---anything that the Rainbow Crowd wants to engage in is fair game. 

    Americans are also obsessed with real-life courtroom dramas---we have more lawyers per capita than any other country and are by far the most litigious of all the human race. Americans hold their black-robed courtroom kingpins presiding over these performances in the most reverential awe: despite the fact that both the intelligence and character of most American judges is beneath those of the people over whom they pass judgment. Being able to read and behaving with arrogant, condescending contempt towards the common herd are about all of the qualifications one needs today to be a judge at any level. Thus, whenever a legal case and that nebulous formula of sexual impropriety can be combined, it is a bonanza for the Infotainment Industry, which has supplanted both our once great legal system and our once highly professional news media. 

The Media Circuses and Courtroom Extravaganzas surrounding the President-in-Exile have been paying high dividends for the Media and Legal Establishments, although accomplishing very little else. Since Americans today have little interest in anything deemed newsworthy unless it involves sex, these performances have to be interlarded with as many lurid allegations as possible. One trial somewhere accuses Trump of having had an affair and paying his mistress to keep quiet about it---something we're sure that no American businessman has ever done before---and that, naturally, to the Liberal Hive-Mind is worse than anything they accuse Trump of doing (e.g. trying to overthrow the government). The Controlled Opposition has responded in kind, by accusing the District Attorney and Prosecutor in another case of having an affair---that, naturally, to the Conservative Hive-Mind is worse than anything that they accuse the Left of doing (e.g. weaponizing the Legal System for political gain). 

    This latter incident, which happened in Georgia, caused a diversion during the legal proceedings and the local District Attorney and County Prosecutor were obliged to go through the same humiliation ritual that the former President endured in New York: much to the satisfaction of the media slime hyping such national embarrassments for higher ratings. What was troubling was the ruling in the Georgia---not because it was a ridiculously stupid sham to begin with---but because His Honor the judge played along with cultural hysteria and made a ruling at all instead of throwing out the case and sanctioning the people who brought it up as he should have. 

    Judge Scott McAfee arrogantly fumed “As the case moves forward, reasonable members of the public could easily be left to wonder whether the financial exchanges have continued, resulting in some form of benefit to the District Attorney, or even whether the romantic relationship has resumed. Put differently, an outsider could reasonably think that the District Attorney is not exercising her independent professional judgment totally free of any compromising influences. As long as Wade remains on the case, this unnecessary perception will persist.”

   His ruling didn't disqualify the District Attorney, but only on the condition that the prosecutor (Wade) not remain on the case. The question here is: where do these pompous judges get the authority to dictate to anybody what they do in their private lives?

       It's bad enough in our society that we have Corporate and Academic HR Departments issuing encyclicals about what it is and isn't 'appropriate' behavior between persons of the opposite sex; not to mention the informal militias of various trolls snooping into every corner of people's private lives without judges intervening too and issuing decrees. There are plenty of cases in the United States where people lose their jobs, are exposed to public shame, and even charged criminally and jailed for things like this, no matter how consensual the relationship is. 

     This is truly a sick society. Once upon a time, if an individual whose attitudes towards human sexuality were anything like what's now considered the new normal, he'd be sent to a psychiatrist for treatment. I strongly suspect that a major reason that the Homo Agenda is received with such tolerance in America directly comes from our collective horror and loathing of heterosexuality. This horror, I also believe, ultimately is rooted in envy. Today's culture is essentially a narcissistic and predatory one; and under such circumstances a mutually satisfactory heterosexual relationship is bound to excite nothing other than jealousy and contempt. The suppressed libido involved in this degree of sexual jealously drives us collectively to a fanatical degree of open malice driving us to destroy any 'appearance of impropriety' and expose any 'bad errors in judgement' as the judicial swine Scott McAfee expressed it.

    The Judge's ruling sums up the state of our social attitudes towards sexuality and relationships: it's inappropriate and an error in judgement. It's a matter that, when it occurs, is something to be dragged out as a spectacle for the public to gawk at and make salacious gossip about; and ideally even brought before judicial hearings. It isn't any wonder that younger Americans are turning to homosexual perversions or dropping out of pursuing normal relationships altogether. They've been educated in a culture where acting upon such natural inclinations is considered dirty, shameful, and subject to exposure, humiliation, and ridicule. 

    A Dead White Male whom I had occasion to re-read this week said: "Civilizations sometimes perish because they are forcibly broken up by the armed attack of enemies without or revolutionaries within; but never from this cause alone. Such attacks never succeed unless the thing that is attacked is weakened by doubt as to whether the end which it sets before itself, the form of life which it sets to realize, is worth achieving. On the other hand, this doubt is quite capable of destroying a civilization without any help whatever. If the people who share a civilization are no longer on a whole convinced that the form of life which it tries to realize is worth realizing, nothing can save it."

    American Culture was built on a culturally ideal foundation expressed in mainstream Christianity by St. Paul as Faith, Hope, and Love. All three of these things imply complimentary social relationships---obviously the opposite of the narcissistic and exploitative social values which prevail universally throughout American Culture today; and for that reason our Culture is effectively doomed so long as we collectively hold to such values. This is why the Political Right's abandonment of social issues has been such a crucial failure, and their attempts at superficial top-down solutions are only going to lead to further tyranny unless they address the responsibility of the public in acting upon such beliefs. As it is, the Right wants to have it both ways: they want values legislated without having to practice them in their own lives. Such a position is only the antipode of the Left, which seeks to legislate tolerance and force everyone else to accept it. Hence, our schizophrenic attitudes towards human sexuality where some activities are above criticism while others are brutally suppressed and micromanaged---and, of course, that little detail about a Right to Privacy is not even a factor open to consideration or debate. 

    The absurdity of all of this is reflected to a shameful degree in our current electoral-year theatrics. We have two candidates accusing each other of being dirty old men while their respective partisans are digging up scandal-sheet gutter-level allegations on each other; and the main topics of discussion are about immigrants raping White Women and banning Tik-Tok because some men might be viewing women whom legislative fiat has declared 'minors.' In better times, these kinds of things would be beneath the notice of anyone with any degree of self-respect, but today they are regarded as serious national issues while the real facing us go on blissfully ignored. 





Thursday, March 14, 2024


      Robert Kennedy's organization, Children's Health Defense Network, which previously exposed the potential harmful chemicals being pushed by the Corporate Oligarchs with no Government oversight, has published the results of another study which shows that many products consumed by Americans is laced heavily with the chemical compound, Sodium Aluminum Phosphate. This particular compound is allegedly used as a leaving agent and stabilizer in baked goods and is used widely as well in processed cheese. It has been linked to reproductive damage in both males and females. 

    "The prevalence of sodium aluminum phosphate in school lunches and fast food items, such as pizza dough and hamburger buns, is concerning," Dr. Naomi Wolf said. "This is what your child is eating. This is what you are putting inside your body when you eat muffins, fast food, hamburger buns, frozen pizza, cereals and almost any kind of processed baked good.”

    Of course, the typical American parent of today is a lot more concerned with new and more potent strains of recreational marijuana than about whatever his kids might be eating at school. Despite the fact that another recent study showed that nearly one-third of American girls in their teens and twenties consider themselves bisexual, and studies showing that the average 20-year old male today has lower testosterone levels than 70-year old men had as recently as the 1980s, or that even the UN has warned our health agencies about our declining fertility rates, or that we've hit rock-bottom among Developed Nations in infant mortality, nobody seems to have noticed that maybe our young people are in trouble. Just because gender dysphoria is running rampant and over half of young adult men are living at home and not even seeking a relationship, it doesn't seem to have occurred to anybody that something may be wrong.

   Fertility issues and our looming demographic crisis are not even on the radar-screen of any major politicians this year, which is unsurprising. The Corporate Oligarchs are pursuing a depopulation agenda, and the USDA---which should be regulating food supplies---is wholly captured by interests connected with the Great Reset, and has been for some time. As is with the current moral philosophy of the United States, most parents want a top-down solution, because, after all it takes a village; and so far the Controlled Opposition has responded by banning and clamping down on social media outlets (so younger people have even fewer opportunities to meet); and restricting immigration because that, supposedly, is tainting our national blood---which doesn't seem especially healthy to begin with

     Sodium Aluminum Phosphate was last reviewed by the FDA in 1977, which is roughly how long it's been since the US has had an Agricultural Department not controlled by Big Ag or Big Pharma. It's use has been banned in several other countries, most notably Scandinavia. A Democrat Congresswoman from Illinois recently proposed a review of the chemical's use, which is unlikely to see the light of day given the Corporate stranglehold that Big Ag has over the GOP leadership, or the influence of woke NGOs seizing American farmlands have over the Democrats. 

    The important thing that we as individuals can do is be aware of these potentially harmful additives, what the objectives of the people promoting them are, and take appropriate precautions. No top-down solution is likely forthcoming; but sadly, most Americans will continue on blissful ignorance while our young people sink further into degeneracy and decay.