Thursday, February 29, 2024


     It's a rare thing these days when a Conservative scores a victory for Liberty over the Reactionary Republicans. On Thursday, Federal Judge David Ezra---who was appointed to the Federal Bench by Ronald Reagan---blocked a Texas law scheduled to go into effect next week which drastically would have expanded Police State powers under the pretext of fighting illegal immigration. If the law had gone into effect, it would have authorized any and all law enforcement to arrest, and judges to order removed, anyone merely suspected of having entered Texas without presenting identification papers. 

     "I fear that the United States could become a confederation of states enforcing their own immigration laws. That is the same thing the Civil War said you can’t do," Ezra told the State's attorneys.


     A similar law attempted by so-called 'Conservatives' in Arizona was struck down in 2012. Similar laws to Texas' were being proposed by other Neocon thugs in Florida, North Carolina, and Louisiana. What ought to shame American Conservatives is that an Attorney for the Texas ACLU had more of a Conservative statement than they have:

     “The federal court’s decision confirms over a century of Supreme Court precedent, affirming that immigration enforcement is squarely within the federal government’s authority. S.B. 4 is a blatantly unconstitutional attempt to bypass federal law."

    Not only is it not a Conservative value to usurp the United States Constitution whenever it's convenient: it's also hardly a Conservative position to authorize police forces to stop and detain anyone at will and demand they present identification papers. Unfortunately, today, we don't have anything like an actual Conservative party anymore: since the first Bush Administration, Conservatives have felt totally at ease with expanding the Police/Surveillance State whenever one of their gauleiters declare "a national emergency." We saw it again and again: during the Drug War; post-9/11; the Scamdemic---today it's "an immigrant invasion" which is just about as fake a pretext as the others were. 

   The Neocons and their Alpha Alt-Right confederates believe (so they say) in smaller government, so naturally all of these tight new immigration laws they have planned will be farmed out to private prison and security industries, which give this party a lot of financial support. Some of the policies that they've been yakking about during the 2024 campaign would involve a massive expansion of the Police State; including mandatory identification papers, detention camps, criminalizing religious and charitable institutions, and likely facilitate the shift to digital currency "to combat workplaces hiring illegals," of course. 

    A real Conservative position would be to enact sensible immigration laws, with amnesty for those already here and contributing, a stronger presence at our borders, and shutting down swine like George Soros and his Neocon pals who are creating Border surges. But that wouldn't be Alpha enough for our new breed of realistic Republicans: as we saw in our last post, they are just as committed to destroying democracy as the Left is---provided that they get to destroy it and be the power-brokers themselves instead. 




Monday, February 26, 2024


     So the Controlled Opposition today is brimming with excitement because the President-in-Exile won the South Carolina Primary, although again by a less wide margin than experts had predicted. WEF Young Global Leader Nikki Haley is staying in the race; and her WEF cohort, Vivek Ramaswamy finished at the top of a CPAC poll for potential Vice-Presidents. Trump is also being pressured to celebrate diversity and Tim Scott---one of the biggest grifters in the Senate---was suggested; as was WEF Young Global Leader Tulsi Gabbard and Sarah Palin clone, Kristi Noem. It seems as though the Deep State is hedging its bets here again; they realize that they can't stop Trump from being nominated: so after failing to get a replacement, they're focusing on his successor. In the unlikely event that Trump actually wins the 2024 Election, recall that he is 77 years old and that accidents can happen to people of that age. 

    For whatever their words are worth, the pollsters at Quinnepac released a poll showing that the SC Primary didn't help much: for the first time in a while Biden is leading Trump by a narrow margin. This might not mean much, but the little detail that everyone is ignoring is that the same poll showed Biden losing by a more substantial margin if he was matched against Nikki Haley. 

   Those poll results show that things really aren't boding well for a 'Red Wave' in November, because what it really highlights is something that we've been warning about since 2021: the GOP's shift to the Far Right is not going to win them support. To underscore this point, consider that the Republican-controlled Congress' approval ratings are barely into double-digits; and while Biden's approval ratings are nothing to brag about, they are about 300% higher than what the GOP 'leadership' has been able to muster. 

   In their headlong rush to self-destruction, the Republican Party took a decisive turn to the hard Right at the CPAC convention over the weekend. Shady provocateur Jack Posobiec opened the proceedings by stating: "Welcome to the end of democracy. We are here to overthrow it completely. We did not get there all the way on Jan 6, but we will endeavor to get rid of it." This got a round of applause from the crowd. 

  Since the Biden/Harris Junta has alienated American Moslems by their slavish support for Zionism, the Republicans decided to sabotage their (once) growing support among Latinos by advocating Zionist-style tactics against Hispanics' relatives at home and abroad. Alt-Right figure Stephen Miller said:

  "The immigration issue is extremely simple. The simple part is seal the border, deport all the illegals. You would establish large-scale staging grounds for removal flights. So you would grab illegal immigrants and then you move them to the staging grounds, and that’s where the planes are waiting for federal law enforcement to then move these illegals home… You deputize the National Guard to carry out immigration enforcement and then you also deploy the military to the southern border, not just with a mission to observe, but with an impedance and denial mission. In other words, you reassert the fundamental constitutional principle that you don’t have a right to enter into our sovereign territory to even request the asylum claim. The military has the right to establish a fortress position on the border, and to say, 'No one can cross here at all.'" (Except, of course, when other countries defend their borders, but we digress). 

   Tom Homan, former Commissar of the corrupt ICE agency said of a future GOP Administration:

   "He will abolish the criminal cartels in Mexico. He will take them on, because the country of Mexico is not doing a damn thing about the cartels who have killed more Americans than any terrorist organization. President Trump will declare them a terrorist organization, he will send a Hellfire rocket down there and he will take the cartels out… There has to be an historic deportation operation. It has to be that way, there is no other option. It’s the right thing to do." (We've all seen how well American missile barrages have worked in the Middle East, but we digress). 

   Bush Machine toady Congressman Dan Bishop of North Carolina chimed in: "The significance of what you just said Stephen, and all the things you just laid out, we got to have a president to do it, but you also cannot proceed in a way in which you are tentative and unsure. The idea that you deport everybody… that’s just cause. It’s obvious because that’s what has to occur. Our nation’s survival depends on that sort of aggressiveness in asserting ourselves."

    Along with effusive praise for Israeli strongman and WEF member Benjamin Netanyahu, Argentine President (and also a WEF member) Javier Milei made an appearance. Milei, a self-described anarcho-capitalist who wielded a chainsaw during his campaign last year to signal his plans to disembowel Argentina’s government and sell as much of the country off to Wall Street as humanly possible, was joined by Salvadoran strongman Nayib Bukele, who is a strong advocate for digital IDs and currency. 

     So let us analyze what we're being sold here. The Biden/Harris Junta is dangerous for the country, that is a fact. That the Junta is a figurehead for Globalist Corporate Cartels is also a fact. The antidote for this, we're told is:

    1. A more militarized Police and Surveillance State to combat the national emergency of illegal immigration (like the Left did during the Scamdemic).

   2. Setting up Federal Detention Camps (like the Left proposed to do the unvaxxed). 

   3. Holding up foreign dictators as role models (like the Left does with Ukraine and Canada).

   4. Unilaterally bombing other countries who don't kowtow to the Deep State's demands (like the Left does in the Middle East).

   5. Promoting WEF Young Global Leaders to positions of power (like the Left does across the board).

   6. Sealing the borders (like the Left did during the Scamdemic).

   7. Committing to overthrowing democracy (like the Left is also committed to doing).

   It should be obvious to anybody that we have no Conservative party in America at all any more: what we have are Neocons and Alt-Rightists who are exposing themselves for what they really are: the Reactionary Left. 

   In other words, all of this nonsense is only for show and the Oligarchy wins either way. Either they get an authoritarian government who does their bidding and calls it a 'popular mandate;' or the Republicans get wiped out again and the Junta goes forward with the Great Reset because they have a 'popular mandate.' Maintaining the illusion of a having a Popular Mandate for their schemes is the only reason that the Oligarchs permit us to have Elections any more in the first place. 


Friday, February 23, 2024


    So cranes are in the news now, yet another in the seemingly endless China Threat that the Government-Media Complex has been using recently to distract American attention from our multitudinous domestic and international failures. On Wednesday, the Biden/Harris Junta by Executive Order "announced a plan to invest billions in domestic manufacturing of cranes, citing concerns that Chinese-made cranes could pose a potential national-security risk." 

    At first, this sounded hopeful. With all of the hysteria about Chinese-owned farmland, I hoped that would mean that the production of Crane Potato Chips was coming back. They were my favorite during my childhood years (OK, unless readers are over 45 and grew up in the Midwest, you probably don't remember those 😇)

     Sadly, we learned that this Executive Order had to do with cargo cranes at American ports. “Every day malicious cyber actors attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Marine Transportation System’s control systems and networks,” thundered a White House spokesxhe, "the administration is highlighting a plan to invest over $20 billion over the next five years in port infrastructure including an effort to reestablish domestic crane manufacturing to end Chinese dominance in large cargo cranes."

     This latest round of hysteria originated in the Controlled Opposition media outlet, The Wall Street Journal about nine months ago. Though Murdoch's mouthpieces had nothing but praise two decades ago when the Bush Administration was fast-tracking Chinese inclusion into the World Trade Organization and couldn't seem to uproot and outsource American manufacturing communities to China fast enough, these days Chinese-manufactured cranes are a "Trojan Horse" and another of those nebulous national security threats. 

    Now, since the US hasn't invested anything---from infrastructure to education--- on heavy-equipment manufacturing in decades, one might logically inquire who is going to build cranes in America?

    We learned today that the Junta has already tapped San Diego-based Paceco Corporation as the recipient of this sudden commitment to Making America Great Again. However, there is one small detail, that the anti-China hawks seem to be overlooking: Paceco is a subsidiary of a Japanese-owned industrial consortium, at the top of which sits WEF Top 100 Strategic Partner and major corporate component of the Japanese Deep State, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. 

    Isn't it interesting how many of these policies and programs always seem to lead back to the same people? Just a coincidence too, that this Executive Order and suspiciously well-prepared deal with Paceco just happened to take place while a high-level summit was going on in Tokyo between the US, Japan, and South Korea, we should suppose. 

     At the time that the WSJ article appeared, it was hooted down widely by engineers and others of the few remaining American authorities on ports and supply-chains. But American Liberals and Conservatives seem to be able to become very bipartisan when certain Corporate interests snap their fingers; and a public gullible enough to believe that Chinese weather balloons and Tik-Tok threaten our way of life can be convinced of about anything. 

     Granted, we should be manufacturing things like heavy equipment in America again, and American companies should be controlling such ventures, and American universities should be training competent engineers again. Wishful thinking aside, however, we can't simply wave a magic wand (or sign an Executive Order) and make all of that happen tomorrow. It would take years of national planning and investment---which there is no political or social will to do---so replacing Chinese cranes will have to rely upon supplies from some other foreign power. So, America takes the usual course: transferring wealth from one entity to the Crony Capitalists and propping up the popular illusion that American Industry is really making a comeback.



Thursday, February 22, 2024


     In Utah yesterday, two principles of a Youtube vlog channel were sentenced to between 4-16 years in the State Penitentiary on multiple charges of Child Abuse. Ruby Franke and Counselor Jodi Hildebrandt were jailed last Fall after a 12 year-old escaped and was discovered begging for food and water. "The child had been bound with duct tape and had visible open wounds as a result of being tied with rope," according to police. The two accused ran a vlog on so-called traditional parenting called 8 Passengers, which had 2,300,000 subscribers.

   "The children were regularly denied food, water, beds to sleep in, and virtually all forms of entertainment," Prosecutor Eric Clarke said. "They were isolated from others, and were hidden when people came to visit the house. They were also forced to do manual labor outdoors in the extreme summer heat, at times without shoes or socks. Both children had extensive physical injuries from the abuse that required hospitalization. The children were emotionally abused to the extent that each believed, to some degree, that they deserved what was being done to them. Heaven knows how much longer they could have survived in that situation."

   Unsurprisingly, until police moved in, nobody knew what was going on, including Ruby Franke's separated husband, who is running all over the Media playing the Victim Card despite having Visitation Rights and participating in several videos himself. Kevin Franke, a professor at Brigham Young University, once even called the police and tried charged his own daughter with burglary after she ran away from the abusive environment and sought refuge in a home that Franke owned. 

    All three of these characters are members of the Mormon Cult; and as we've seen before, the Cult rallies to protect its members like this. Much like the Scientology and Moonie cults, the Mormons have considerable reach in media and government. In a sane society like other countries have, Kevin Franke would be tried too and dangerous cults like these would be suppressed. But Utah is dominated by the the despotism of the cult and this is tolerated in exceptional America where such organizations are seen as political assets: traditional religions, not so much. 


     All of this would be bad enough by itself, but the most troubling thing is that over two million American parents sought parenting advice from this collection of scumbags. The same demographic which sends its children and teens to public schools in full awareness of what hells those places are. With the degree of abuse, exploitation, and neglect that Americans experience until their early 20s, it's a wonder that the younger generations aren't more messed up than they already are. The situation is so bad here that many foreign governments discourage participation in cultural exchange programs with the United States. It's not unknown that immigrant families have returned to their homelands because the culture here is so toxic for children and young adults. 

   By and large, though, American parents are in complete denial about any of this. Typically, they also deny any responsibility for this state of affairs and demand top-down solutions, so it's only logical that cultish approaches would appeal to them. Over the years, I've seen enough of American parenting, public schools, children's media, and the ridiculously-named 'child welfare' and 'juvenile justice' systems to believe that all of the talk about America's concern for the children is just another of the numerous cultural illusions that we collectively enchant ourselves with. 

  Sadly, unlike politicians, I don't have an easy answer to this problem; since it really begins with parents' inability or unwillingness to address it. The Government---if we had one that itself really was interested in solving the problem---could take a few proactive measures; but expecting any kind of top-down solution when the problem is this deep and has gone on for this long is pure fantasy. The problem needs to be turned around at the individual level, but until and unless parents acknowledge the problems even exist, we can expect stories like this Utah case to become increasingly common.

Wednesday, February 21, 2024


      So, an article has been floating around in the Controlled Opposition press exhorting American Christians to be more like the Gay Mafia and Black Lives Matter and become more aggressively active. Titled Christians Must Get Serious if They Hope to Challenge the Leftist Culture, the author excoriates the Churchian Right for not adopting the tactics of the Churchian Left. The author is a disciple of celebrity preacher Eric Metaxas. Metaxas was a strong supporter of Mitt Romney and a never-Trumper until Trump's election and he switched sides and has become a vocal Trump supporter since. His most famous act of support was beating up a counter-protester at the 2020 RNC. Let's all hope that this is getting serious about challenging the Leftist culture enough!

     In a Church where the New Testament has largely been rejected and replaced with the Talmud, and Christian testimony is going berserk in public and attacking statues with an axe, it's not surprising that an article like this one would gain widespread support. 

    After an opening paragraph promoting Metaxas' newly-released film, the author tells us: "The left is a wall. And that wall, standing for some nutty idea it wants to make mainstream, begins by saying to those of you who stand in front of it, albeit at some distance, 'Hey, meet me halfway.' So, you take a couple of steps closer. But the left, just like a wall, stays right where it is because it is immovable. Then, a little while later, the wall again says, 'Hey, meet me halfway.' And, again, you comply. Pretty soon, it begins to dawn on you where this is going. That leftist wall has not moved an inch, but you are now standing right up against the wall."

    In the first place, it's a bad analogy because the Radical Left is not a 'wall' it is more like a wave, always advancing while our side is always retreating---or in today's Red Pilled Churchianity, demanding the Government engineer a bigger wave. Of course, the truly Conservative Christian position would be to build a dam and institute some flood-control, but that wouldn't be Alpha enough. 

   That leads to the second error: the implication of this analogy is that debate or dialogue is foolish and weak and that nobody can be convinced by reasoned argument. That of course, is the Red Pill influence again, which meets brute force with brute force:

   "Ask yourself these questions: Did the Apostles just wander around the cities only preaching the Gospel? Did they confront the culture and the politics of their day (whether in the public square or in the synagogue)? Did they end up being beaten and thrown into prison because they played it safe?”

    Actually the Apostles weren't persecuted for opposing the Romans, they were persecuted by the Pharisees (you know, the forefathers of the same group that the Churchian Right now supports in the Palestinian Civil War). As far as 'confronting the politics of their day' the author seems rather ignorant of both History and Scripture. The Roman Empire wasn't exactly a participatory democracy. Rome was a highly stratified society where the Aristocracy and Citizenry were considered two entirely different things, and one didn't mix with the other. Nobody at the Apostles' social level confronted the politics of their day. I don't see anywhere in the New Testament where Jesus teaches anything other than My Kingdom is not of this world, and that Caesar is to be honored and that Christians are to live as good citizens. 

     Our Founding Fathers strongly supported Religious Liberty and opposed the idea of the tyranny of a State religion. In the modern era, Christians have an obligation to safeguard that Liberty---something few of them did during the recent Scamdemic when Governors (including Republican ones) were padlocking churches and jailing pastors. The concept of a Political Church betrays again the malignant influences of the Red Pill philosophy that has crept into the Church. Postmodern Christians seem to envision God as the Great CEO of the Universe who holds his middle managers (governments) accountable while absolving the people of any personal responsibility. 

    The author complains about Rainbow Churchianity and Woke Ideology in contemporary Christianity: he and others like him ought to reflect that the existence of such movements proves that the church can't even manage itself, let alone an entire nation. 

   "Did Jesus not upset a few big wigs in the upper echelons of power by turning over money-changing tables in the synagogue," he disingenuously points out, "sending demons into a herd of pigs, and healing the child of a Roman centurion, a man responsible for enforcing the laws of an occupying government?"

   These examples, especially that of the Roman Centurion, shows again that Christ's actions were spiritual and not political in nature. If contemporary Christians wanted to follow the example of throwing out the exploitative money-changers, a good place to start would be standing up to the Financial Octopuses. But given that the author's boss, Eric Metaxas is syndicated by Media Conglomerate the Salem Media Group, it's doubtful that we'll hear much about about that kind of getting serious about confronting the Left; especially since a substantial chunk of Salem's stock is held by very woke Corporations like WEF Top 100 Strategic Partner, Blackrock and shady Beltway lobbying powerhouse Renaissance Technologies among others.


    The author goes on with some typical Neocon historical revisionism, which only deserves comment because such nonsense so routinely turns up in Controlled Opposition articles. "We have gotten to this place in our society and our government because we have not heeded the warning signs of the cantankerous 1960s," he pontificates, apparently ignoring that Richard Nixon won by electoral landslides then and the public overwhelmingly supported the Vietnam War; or that Nixon's successor Gerald Ford was the last American President to challenge legal abortion. Oh, and we did have a higher percentage of the population attending religious services then too. "The film Letter to the American Church reveals some stark and undeniable similarities between the German church of the 1930s and 1940s and the Church here in America over the past decades;" although the film may say that, history says otherwise: the German churches of that period overwhelmingly supported the Nazis, and that's where we really should fear some similarities. 

    "Let’s be encouraged. Scripture gives us our marching orders with many uplifting, bold reminders...Will there be victory? If we do our part, we shall see. Ultimately, the battle belongs to the Lord.”

    The New Testament doesn't give anybody marching orders and this militaristic rhetoric is positively dangerous. I have followed the Red Pill movement for a long time, and there is no doubt in my mind that these people actually desire conflict, violence, and ultimately domination as we outlined in our previous article. If it comes to this, it will lead to disaster and has a better chance of provoking a crackdown from the Deep State a lot more than any chance of these fanatics actually taking power themselves.

    Instead of shoveling responsibility for building strong communities and families onto an authoritarian government, what Christian Conservatives should have been doing all along is focusing on sustaining our traditions at the local and familial levels. The author snorts that being nice is not the way to win the lost and that staying on the sidelines is an excuse otherwise we give the devil a foothold, without realizing that this is exactly what he's advocating. We give the devil a foothold the minute we politicize the church. That's where Rainbow Churchianity went off the rails, and it's hardly a solution for our side to emulate. 


Tuesday, February 20, 2024


     The term 'Red Pill' as it is commonly understood refers to an online movement---which has taken on many aspects of a cult---which began earlier this century among self-styled 'Pick-up Artists' in the Manosphere and which spread quickly into sociopolitics. The term originated from a very overrated 1990s film, The Matrix, and is based heavily in Evolutionary Psychology and mass-marketing techniques. Much of it centers on a system called 'Game' which was based on the discredited theories of Transactional Analysis from early 1970s pop culture

    The Red Pill is unique as a cultish movement, because it is an ideology with no central leader; instead is a system with numerous promoters and followers who agree upon its central tenets. It is based primarily in a counterfeit masculinity which is more stereotypical than genuine. According to the theory, the best men, enlightened by the Red Pill, aspire to be 'Alpha' which sets them apart from the herd of 'Beta' males. The Alpha essentially is the Super-Male, who embodies material and sexual success, power in all its forms (physical, intellectual, and spiritual), hyper-egotism, and marked contempt for the feminine, and civilized behaviors in general which they consider weakness. 

    As the United States drifted into a system of Inverted Totalitarianism throughout the 21st Century, it is not difficult to see why the Red Pill gained such a following on the sociopolitical Right. The two concepts have striking similarities: the domination of an Elite who rules by force and fear; the application of mass-marketing techniques to control the 'narrative.' and contempt for the common man. We see this inversion manifested in several American churches, where the actual teachings of Christ on things like mercy, compassion, and the Brotherhood of Man are disparaged as weakness; with the image of God as a loving Father replaced by that of God as an Inquisitorial Judge. In the Conservative movement, traditional values of debate and diplomacy likewise are seen as weakness, replaced by militarism and the ruthless and amoral application of raw power.

    Ultimately, such an orientation is neither Christian nor Conservative. Despite the swaggering and bravado of its proponents, the Alpha is not a strong man

    I had occasion recently to read a commentary by a Dead White Male who served as Canon of Oxford University and grappled with a similar movement in his own day. In those days, one didn't take pills of a certain color but wore shirts of certain colors to show one's ideology. His remarks from 1927 have an applicability today which is so apt, we will quote it extensively:

    "To them, Christ is the supreme corrupter of mankind, the all-too-successful prophet of a 'slave morality.' But in fact, it is their morality which should be called the slave's. They have given the world the classical expression of the slave's ideal: the ideal, I mean, by which the crushed and cringing servitor would like to live if only he were strong and free. The power to get or do the things that he wants to do or get is every man's desire; but sheer Power---hard, empty, hectoring Power---is the daydream of the downtrodden. To such, the real meaning of Liberty is veiled; they neither understand nor want that equal fellowship of mutual consideration, courtesy, and self-respect which among themselves the free-born take for granted. What the slave longs for is to be, still more to feel himself to be, the kind of man that he thinks that his master is...

   "Modern psychology has shown that the Will to Power, where it appears in an exaggerated form, usually has a pathological explanation. It originates not from the strength but from the weakness of the patient. Some personal defect, some exaggerated delinquency in early years, an oppressive parent or teacher, a series of social snubs or reprimands by a superior often produce a permanent sense of inferiority; this is resented and therefore driven out of conscious memory but still exists in the subconscious self. In compensation for this dimly felt inferiority that self puts forward an exaggerated sense of pre-eminence and self-assertion which not infrequently may manifest in harsh ideal or in destructive action. That is why, even among some of free and noble birth, there are always individuals who accept that truly 'slave morality' which idealizes mere strength and violence...

   "The Will to Power is only one of many instincts and any individual in whom, by reason of an abnormal development, the assertive instinct, the love instinct, and the herd instinct have been atrophied is from a purely medical point of view suffering from a stunted development which has resulted in what may be termed a kind of psychological malformation. Their philosophers have given us the supreme expression of the slave's ideal---the neurotic slave dreaming himself a king."

    So it is; the Postmodern Right is not motivated by any desire to restore what our Founders envisioned---a voluntary union of free men in a culture of mutual trust and respect---but are simply driven by envy of what they think that the other side has. They speak with contempt of the White Knights and Social Justice Warriors while idolizing the Bully and the Thug. This sense of envy is strongly seen in the fact that the Postmodern Right continually projects envy and jealousy freely upon the motives of others. It may be so that many on the Left actually are motivated by envy but that doesn't justify it from our side. 

    This is why those of us on the Right---those who believe in the ideals of Liberty and Equality need to recognize the Red Pill for what it is. What we're seeing in those types---whether they call themselves Neoconservative or Alternative Right---are simply the Reactionary Left. They merely want the Power that the Left currently has with the same disregard for how it used as the Left employs it. Nothing fundamentally will change simply by changing Parties because both are working to the same ends. 

Saturday, February 17, 2024


     Mercifully for the United States, the US Congress adjourned on Friday for a two-week recess, forestalling any further damage that these idiots can do to the country until March. Presumably, they're going back to their districts to rev up support for the Red Wave they think is happening in November: although what accomplishments they actually can cite will take considerable imagination. Most of them, though, realize that they're talking to people who'll vote for anybody with an 'R' after his name and who really believe that there is some essential difference between them and the Democrats. 

    In reality, the Republican leadership---such little as has existed---has been more active in the interests of Israel than of the United States. Anyone who points out that inconvenient truth is labelled an anti-Semite, which has become the Right's version of systemic racism. 

    It really would behoove American Conservatives to stop and think a little bit about this. The Zionist onslaught in Gaza is now four-and-a-half months long with over 40,000 civilians dead. Recall that this is over 120 days that the Palestinian people have had no water, electricity, food, medical supplies, or sanitation. The Regime yesterday attacked one of the few remaining hospitals, such as still 'functions.' A doctor's account of what services this hospital provides is:

   "We stand helpless, unable to provide any form of medical assistance to the patients inside the hospital or the victims flooding into the hospital every single minute. Staff were forced to transfer all the patients and the wounded to the hospital’s old building. Israeli forces were rounding up patients and civilians taking shelter in the hospital. Electric power was cut off from the entire medical complex. Many patients in ICUs and those on oxygen supply and also those on dialysis are left fighting for their lives since 3 am.There is no electricity, oxygen, food or heating in the hospital. We are looking at another health facility being pushed out of service by Israeli forces. It is a continuation of the psychological warfare emphasizing to Palestinians there is no safe place across the Gaza Strip."

   From the Red Crescent, whose members have been targeted by Zionist goon squads:

   "People who were so desperate that they were resorting to grinding up animal feed to use as flour are now finding that even this poor substitute is completely running out. As grim as the picture is, things will get substantially worse if Israel proceeds with its plans for a full military operation in Rafah, which is the main centre of aid distribution for the entire strip. Aid operations will grind to a complete halt, denying a lifeline to hundreds of thousands of people. he consequences are unimaginable."

   Then we have this from one of the leaders of the Israeli Secret Police:

   That the punditocracy and political class on the so-called American Right can look upon this with serenity ought to make us consider: if they are supportive of this, what do you suppose they would do to Americans who stood in the way of the Great Reset? Because make no mistake about it: the Great Reset is what this conflict in the Middle East is all about. The Deep State's support for Israel’s genocide is bound up with its geopolitical ambitions.  The US ruling class aims, with the assistance of Zionist fanaticism, to consolidate its dominance over the energy-rich and strategically important region against its rivals, China and Russia.

   The blather about 'Islamic Extremism' is a smokescreen. The real threat to Civilization is the collection of neo-Fascist Corporate Oligarchs who are actually here; undermining our freedoms in real time. The hired scumbags in the Controlled Opposition---e.g. Ben Shapiro, Mark Levine, Victor Davis Hanson, Dennis Prager and their flying monkeys all over the American Right---willfully and deliberately give a free pass to the gangsters in Davos and sell their constituencies on xenophobia and paranoia. There are no 'principles' involved in any of this: these are amoral blackguards who would sell out to anybody. 

   These same charlatans talk ad nauseum about our 'shared Judeo-Christian traditions' as though this trope was a self-evident fact. In the first place, Judaism and Christianity are entirely separate religions: the Jews rejected Christ and arranged for His Crucifixion after a show-trial. Secondly, the Jews had no input whatsoever in America's founding. 

  Historically speaking, Jewish Culture has never been friendly to human liberty or human rights. It is authoritarian at its core, as reading the Old Testament or the histories of Flavius Josephus show. After the conquest of Palestine, the disciples of Moses established a republican form of government where every man was answerable only to God for his actions. The Jewish people rejected this, and demanded a king over the objections of the prophet Samuel. Their slavishness to despotism was so pronounced that they believed (as many Zionists today do) that God punishes citizens of a nation for the sins of their leaders. It is not difficult to imagine how such a belief can excuse the horrors of genocide and ethnic cleansing currently being carried out by the so-called Chosen People.

  Their prophets routinely denounced this policy as Ezekiel did, who stated: "It shall no longer be said that 'the fathers have eaten sour grapes and the children's teeth are set on edge.'Everyone shall die for his own iniquity...the soul that sins, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of his father; neither shall the father bear the iniquity of his son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him."

   Nonetheless, the Jews continued in their ways, and by the time of Christ were run by a leadership of self-appointed 'elites' made up of the educated and moneyed classes who despised the common people as inferiors. This form of leadership continued into the communities formed after the Jewish Diaspora and has continued on into the modern State of Israel which is top-down authoritarian to its very core. In fact, many of the Jews who did immigrate to the United States did so to flee the tyranny of their local overlords just as much as official persecution, if not more so. It was the Jewish leadership again, who took a wholly different approach and historically supported the British Monarchy both in the War of Independence and the War of 1812; as well as supporting the Confederacy in the Rebellion of 1861. 

   Now, Orthodox Jews reject Zionism as contrary to the original teachings of Moses, as do several of the Reformed Community. However, their republican ideals are suppressed by the money and political power of the Zionists, whom the rightly regard as one of the most powerful cults in the world today.

   It is not surprising that the Zionists would be attracted to a concept like the New World Order, and support it to the point where many believe that they actually run it. But the Zionists are only a faction within a larger superstructure with whom they share common goals. 

  The Christian Right needs to reflect upon how much of what they're supporting reflects Christian teaching and how much of it reflects the heresies of the Zionist Cult. A Zionist triumph in the Middle East would open the floodgates for the Corporate Oligarchs behind the Great Reset access to immense resources and so-called 'human capital' which they---by their own admission and the many examples of their actions---intend to depopulate and subjugate. The barbarism that the Zionists are executing in Gaza will be repeated anywhere else in the world, including the West. If anybody doubts this, think back to the repressive measures during the Scamdemic and the even more brutal policies which were being proposed. During the Scamdemic, recall, there were camps being set up and calls for those who didn't submit to the scam to be rounded up and herded into them; along with calls to deny them any kind of services or supplies. Sounds a lot like Gaza, doesn't it?

    Unfortunately, this kind of reasoning likely will have little effect on the postmodern Right, where being an Alpha throwback to the old days of despots and dictators is seen as enlightened leadership. Their go-along-to get-along position on Scamdemic tyranny and their I-got-mine-sux-to be-you position on social issues bodes ill for the Freedom Fighters in Palestine and elsewhere. Our real enemies ultimately are within ourselves; and no amount of authoritarianism is going to save us from that; the worst tyranny of all.





Thursday, February 15, 2024


     In their ongoing efforts to position themselves politically as a more hard-line but less competent version of the American Left, the US Congress today, using the Lakewood shooting as a pretext, ignored American infrastructure to rush off more funding to uphold the tyrannical Zelensky and Netanyahu Regimes. Not to say they totally ignored things like the Border: they pushed through an impeachment against the Secretary of Homeland Security, which has no chance whatsoever of succeeding in the Senate. Symbolism Over Substance is something that Conservatives used to accuse the Democrats of doing; these days it's considered smart politics.

     The Left-Wing Technofascist Israeli Government expressed its gratitude by launching a military campaign against the most densely populated refugee resettlement in Gaza. Congress also appropriated money for Taiwan: because this is what they accuse China of doing in Xinjiang and Tibet. We know this because 'China Experts' like the Dalai Lama, Aga Khan, the Moonies, the Falun Gong, and the Uighur Jihadists all say it's going on. The Zionists not only can kill civilians by the scores of thousands and openly brag about; but Chinese denials of genocide and ethnic cleansing are met with derision. In Conservative Newspeak some cults are more equal than others.

    Likewise, the Zionists have been launching attacks against their neighbors in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq; and carrying out acts of terrorism against Iran. All of these things are in violation of international law and the Zionists openly espouse irredentism; which is what our Congress and the MSM accuse Russia of doing. Even more ironically, Congress once again sacrificed funding for American borders to uphold Ukraine who started the conflict by breaching Russian borders. The Conservative-Industrial Complex tells us that we need border security lest immigrants outnumber us and impose an alien culture on us: yet that is exactly what Ukraine was trying to do in Donbass and Crimea; and what happened in both Palestine and Taiwan since the end of World War Two.

   Borrowing again from the Liberal play-book, Congress resumed its attempts to impose speech codes, Political Correctness, and Cancel Culture on American universities. These things were already imposed by the Left: but the Republicans want different protected groups and set-asides for their own constituencies. The 'anti-Semitism' card has become the new version of the 'race card' and the good thing about that is, since the Zionists fund both factions equally, both Democrats and Republicans can accuse each other of engaging in it and the Zionists still get their way. 


     The Zionist Government in Israel, like American Republicans and Democrats, are wholly on board with the Great Reset. In line with furthering Davos' recent demands to start cracking down on independent media, Tel Aviv is proposing further censorship laws in their already highly-controlled press. This is especially true since a recent expose in the British Media detailing how the hyenas in American Corporate Media deliberately package and sell Zionist propaganda

   "According to accounts from six CNN staffers in multiple newsrooms, and more than a dozen internal memos and emails obtained by the Guardian, daily news decisions are shaped by a flow of directives from the CNN headquarters in Atlanta that have set strict guidelines on coverage. They include tight restrictions on quoting Hamas and reporting other Palestinian perspectives while Israel government statements are taken at face value. In addition, every story on the conflict must be cleared by the Jerusalem bureau before broadcast or publication."

     Certainly, there won't be any Congressional Hearings over that kind of foreign influence over the American Media. At last count, about 85 journalists have been murdered by Zionist Death Squads, and not even a peep out of our media cartels about any of it. Instead, they slavishly go on touting the Official Narrative and promote nonsense about Tik-Tok being a "national security threat." The Controlled Opposition Media is just as bad, if not worse: as we've shown here more than once, the so-called 'Conservative' press is just as deeply involved with the Regime as the Left is.

    We all need to step back and start questioning the Narrative. Take a good look at Israel because that is the kind of system the Global Elites pushing the Great Reset have in mind for our country too. A rabidly Left-Wing Corporatist Security State where human rights are trampled upon at will; a top-down system run according to an Expert Elite which considers themselves a Master Race; this is a model government by the World Economic Forum's own admission

   Climate Change: "Over the past decade, Israel has emerged as a major player in the climate tech space, with a thriving ecosystem of start-ups, investors and support organizations dedicated to building innovative solutions to the world's most pressing challenges."----WEF Report, March 20th, 2023.

   Corporate Smart Cities: "However, in the longer term, Microsoft aims to reboot the purpose of an office. 'A city is a place of intersection,' says Vered Gindi. 'You are surrounded by people, activities and culture. You are part of something bigger than yourself. You are not just going to work; you are experiencing a lifestyle.This city vision manifests itself in team-based neighborhoods and four hubs: Downtown, an industrial-style zone; Midtown, a playful area; The Garden, a green outdoor level; and Uptown, styled to feel like a boutique hotel. The areas are knitted together with boulevards."---WEF Report, January 6th, 2021. 

  Technofascist Regimentation: "Army service is an undeniable cultural factor in Israel. But the most common explanation for its significance for entrepreneurship is not related to defence, but rather to the systematic scanning of schools for the country’s best talent, and the following obligation to take responsibility early and to be held accountable... Schools apply the same rationale, teaching kids responsibility for their actions, even if it’s as simple as doing community service and keeping the school clean. This gives children agency and higher aspirations. Just as in the Israeli military, where talented individuals in their twenties have the opportunity to be responsible for their own budget and lead teams and projects, other countries should push young leaders to take on responsibility earlier and empower them to lead their countries into a digital future.”---WEF Report, September 13th, 2019.

    Green Energy Scams: "Israel plans to ban the sale of new gas and diesel cars in 2030, and to replace them with cars powered by electricity or compressed natural gas. The Israeli government is expected to pass the measure, which is part of a broader plan to move the country away from diesel, gasoline and coal, by the end of 2018. 'We are already encouraging by funding charging stations, more than 2,000 new charging stations around the country,' Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said."---WEF Report, December 7th, 2018. 

    Artificial Foods: "Scientists in Israel are creating plant-based meats that have blood, fat, and muscle mimicking the structure of an entire cow. The steaks are created by powerful 3-D printers." ---WEF Report, November 18th, 2021. Since that report, Israel became the first country to approve synthetic meats earlier this year. 

    Does this sound like the kind of world Conservatives would really want to live in? Does Israel's promotion of abortion, homo 'equality,' and legal marijuana alongside its flagrant contempt for freedoms outlined in our Bill of Rights sound like some great bulwark defending Western values and Civilization?

    On the contrary: Israel is barbaric Regime of the very sort that our forefathers fought wars of liberation to keep from our shores. The fact that the only defense of it that its supporters here in America can muster is playing the Race Card and shutting down dissent is proof positive of what the Zionists and their flying monkeys in American Megachurches actually stand for. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2024


      Well, in our last article we predicted that there would be no False Flag events on Super Bowl Sunday. Hopefully, we didn't speak too soon on that point. Readers have no doubt heard that on that day a shooting took place in Lakewood, Texas in the Megachurch run by Pastor Joel Osteen. Details are still coming out, but this is already shaping up to be a very strange story, and that we should all exercise a little caution in accepting either the Official Narrative or the Official Counter-Narrative about it. Consider these rather suspicious circumstances:

    1. Osteen is a very pro-Zionist minister in a high-profile church, and this shooting happened just before the Controlled Opposition was proposing more military aid to Israel. The shooter very conveniently had 'Free Palestine' inscribed on the assault weapon, used a child as human shield (as Hamas supposedly does, according to the MSM), and alleged but undefined "anti-Semitic literature" was recovered at the suspect's home.

   2. It's also rather an interesting coincidence that this happened in American Church at the same time a story about Israeli atrocities on church-controlled properties was leaking through the Media filters

   3. The shooting happened just before the Spanish production of Osteen's performance: the shooter was of Hispanic descent and this happened in a State where the government has been encouraging hysteria about violent immigrants. 

   4. The shooter was an obvious mental case who seems to have gotten a suspicious hands-off treatment from Texas social workers---a group which doesn't exactly have a reputation for being soft or overly permissive on their clientele. The shooter fits an uncomfortably suspicious pattern of lone nuts who are involved in these kinds of high-profile attacks. 

   5. As is the case in many of these incidents, the Federal authorities seem to swoop in rather quickly and take control of the investigation and the narrative---even though their jurisdiction in these events is open to some question. 

   The Whacko Left Wing and Neocon trolls have been arguing online about peripheral issues on this case---as they do on all such events, but the most important thing in interpreting these stories to watch the levels of media coverage and subsequent political posturing to see who benefits. Bear in mind also that our Deep State actually has response teams who work behind the scenes to exploit cases where an actual incident with no political connections can be seized upon to push an agenda. The Sandy Hook Shooting and the George Floyd Riots are examples of how random, unplanned events can be taken advantage of in Psychological Warfare. 

  Unfortunately, the United States no longer has a journalistic apparatus which investigates and answers such questions. So such events will continue to occur, while Ameroboobs fight over distractions and the Deep State wins either way.




Sunday, February 11, 2024


     So today in the Prozac Nation we have Super Bowl Sunday, where beginning about six hours from this writing, the entire United States of America is going to grind to a halt in collective awe and reverence to what has become an annual monument to Corporate Greed, celebrity-worship, Political Correctness, and the winner-take-all mentality currently pervading our culture. The spectacle always begins with the singing of the National Anthem, flag-waving, and fireworks to underscore how symbolic of American Culture this whole farce really is; followed by a coin-toss underscoring the American idolatry of Chance. Really all that the Super Bowl really accomplishes is reinforcing some of the most cynical philosophers' views on Human Nature, because this is it at its worst.

    For my own part, if I didn't regular newsfeeds, I probably wouldn't even have known about it. There is, every year, a lot of talk bandied about on the Internet fears of a False Flag or some other incident: but I'm going out on a limb here and predicting that won't happen. Something political and controversial will happen---it invariably does---but the Oligarchs aren't going to disrupt this major distraction that they so carefully organized. When the Roman Empire fell, the Barbarian generals ordered their troops not to disrupt the circuses or theaters (yes they were still having those with Rome under siege) because they reasoned that the people would resist more over that than the sacking of the Eternal City. Our Elites think the same way. Recall that during the Scamdemic, sports and entertainment---along with ample narcotics---were freely available while schools, social venues, churches, libraries, and hospitals were off-limits. Even weddings and funerals were restricted but the Deep State knew that even stealing an election and staging a Color Revolution could go unresisted but no way would people stand for their hedonistic pleasures to be curtailed.

    Lest this gloomy state of affairs tempts people to turn to Pessimistic philosophers or otherwise lose their faith in humanity; consider that the rest of the world is going on and positive things are happening. In Europe, a popular revolt against their Deep States is gaining traction. In the Middle East, the Freedom Fighters are liberating their homelands from the Western yoke. In Russia, people on their frontier have been saved from Neo-Nazi tyranny and President Putin is predicted to coast to re-election next month. In Africa, churchmen are defying the Woke edicts of the Vatican and governments are ejecting American NGOs and Corporate Robber-Barons. Even in China, where Chinese New Year coincides with annual Spring Break, the Government is extending the holiday another week as they did last year. Reports of a demographic decline over there has the Chinese Government extending things like Spring Break and even running PSAs encouraging falling in love and the virtues of marriage. I can't imagine our exceptional Government doing anything like that, but it would be a welcome change. 

    Hopefully, many of us Americans will find something positive and productive to do today. I know that we can't ignore it completely, but we'll all feel a lot happier to the extent that we do. 


Friday, February 9, 2024


      In the run-up to the Big Event this Sunday (commonly known as the Super Bowl), the U.S. Supreme Court began hearing arguments in America's second-biggest spectator sport, the Presidential Elections. The case centers on Colorado's unilateral decision to remove the President-in-Exile from this November's electoral ballot. Cheering sections for each team were on hand outside the Court.

    The Controlled Opposition is excited because preliminary remarks from our black-robed friends on the bench seemed to indicate a decision favorable to the President's cause, even though this is exactly the same bunch who, in 2020, ignored hearings on voter fraud. Another interesting bit of irony is that. less than two weeks ago, the same experts and influencers on the Right were proclaiming that Texas had every justification to ignore the Supreme Court's rulings regarding Border jurisdiction. Applying the Right's own logic here, it would seem that States have a right to determine who is and isn't on their ballots (this incidentally is what Colorado's attorneys are arguing). We're not arguing here that Colorado has a valid case; but the double-standards here ought to raise a few questions.

    More interesting though is the near-universal silence from the Conservative Media about their own Party's overt complicity in bringing these disqualification suits against Trump in the first place---just like they've been silent over Neocon double-dealings on the Border issue. The Supreme Court case is no different in this respect. This week, for example, three former Republican Governors---one of whom was RNC Chair under Bush Jr.---filed an Amicus Brief with the Supreme Court in support of Colorado's case

   Marc Racicot, former Governor of Montana, said: "Trump violated his oath through actions that were elevating his own political interests over the governmental stability secured by the peaceful transition of power. Should Mr. Trump be permitted to stand again for election to the presidency, despite his past actions, neither Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment nor the oaths that undergird the bedrock premise that public officials serve to advance the welfare of the people and our common national project will ever be the same. They will have been rendered meaningless in their legal force and stripped of their moral authority and power.”

   Racicot was former RNC Chair overseeing the 2002 midterms and was involved in Bush's 2004 re-election campaign. He served two terms as Montana Governor. The other two endorsing Racicot's Brief were Bush's former Education Commissar and ex-New Jersey Governor Christine Todd-Whitman and former Massachusetts Governor and Harvard University President William Weld. Weld is also active in the Libertarian Party. 

   One would assume that such actions from the GOP leadership would draw at least a little scrutiny from the GOP's trained seals in the Punditocracy, but they've been strangely silent. Bringing these matters to attention though would undermine the Official Counter-Narrative that the Republican Party is standing as a united front against the Junta's abuses of power. It also might start causing a few of the true believers out there to start questioning whether they're being told the whole truth about the Neocons' actual objectives in 2024. 

   In spite of media-driven fantasies on the Right, Conservatives shouldn't forget that the never-Trump Bush Machine, Koch Family Foundation, and Neocon elements of the Deep State are still in actual control of what the Republican Party does. In today's system of Inverted Totalitarianism, a million dollars can cancel a million votes fairly easily. Both Parties are committed not to repeat their blunders in 2016 and allow another populist into power. 

  To underscore this point, the actual Government of the United States (and the West generally), the World Economic Forum issued an urgent message from its unofficial Party spokesxhe, Noah Harari this week. 

      Harari's warning, of course, was neatly timed with the fear-mongering whipped on about Right-Wing extremist violence should the Trump disqualification be allowed to stand. It also very coincidentally dovetails with Bush Machine asset Greg Abbott's escalation of tensions at the Southern Border. Suspicious minds might be wondering that the ruling Elite might actually desire some of the "disorder, chaos, and violence" that Harari hints at. 

    Sadly, though, many on the Right would rather cling to the illusion that there really is an opposition party; that voting really does matter; and that the threats to America all come from foreign elements instead of our own Corporate Deep State. No amount of evidence to the contrary is going to convince them: the show must go on; Super Bowl or Super Tuesday, it's all part of the same performance.