Monday, March 21, 2022


    I apologize for the long hiatus between posts. The incessant shadowbanning hasn't completely eliminated our audience yet, but sometimes it helps to step back from the sheer cesspool of insanity that our postmodern dystopia has sunk into. I used to live in a city that went from an average city teetering on the brink to full-blown progressivism and I can testify from experience that continual contact with human depravity can affect even the strongest minds.

    I recall once during my church-camp days, the aged priest used to give morning lectures before we went out. One day he had four jars: two half-full of crystal clear distilled water and the two other half-full of brackish swamp-water. He explained that jars were like the body and the waters like the soul. He showed that even a small amount of dirty water contaminated the clean, while no amount of the clean could purify the foul waters. He went on to explain that through Grace and Reason, God has given us the will to refuse contamination. "But" he explained, "Our reason is imperfect and our faith often weak. So the contamination occurs anyway. But God has given us means to purify ourselves." He then went on to show us how water can be purified which is, of course, camp-related stuff; but such was education in a day and age when spirituality was still considered important.

   The end of the last century and the beginning of this one has shown the defects of American Liberalism which has finally collapsed into a cross between Jacobin fanaticism and Bolshevist nihilism. But the last decade and a half is opening the defects of American Conservatism: which is rapidly degenerating into a sort of mix between ruthless Social Darwinism and neo-Fascism. Both of these sociopolitical tendencies have their roots in Narcissism and Egoism which, depending on the personal inclinations of their respective partisans, manifest themselves in their politics. 

We often mistakenly refer to the Left as 'collectivists.' In reality, Western Left-Liberalism is deeply driven by Narcissism. As proof of this, just look at real Collectivist countries like North Korea. One doesn't see flash-mobs looting stores in Pyongyang and getting away with it because some group feels as though they were discriminated against; nor are North Korean men who 'identify' as women able to cancel entire media platforms and impose their lifestyles on the public schools. On the Left likes to imagine that Conservatives are religious bigots whose policies are based on whatever their religious leaders teach. Again, imagine a Neocon in a real Theocracy like Iran. Try explaining to the Ayatollahs how economic might makes right, that compassion is for weaklings, and that it is the Will of Allah that the less fortunate get whatever they deserve---and see how far that argument gets you

   Our 'official' attitudes towards two nations we've written of lately---namely Canada and Russia---illustrate this perfectly. The Tech Lords are censoring information from both countries: in Canada's case in submission to its requests and in Russia's case over its opposition. Nobody seems to worried that censorship is actually wrong in either case. In Canada, we've seen a government which not that long ago was supporting book-burnings and locking down churches violently suppress a peaceful protest. The suppression is still ongoing and we still don't know the number of dead. Dissidents have had their assets seized and basically been frozen out of Canadian society and there are very few legal means to help them. Canada has also restricted travel, de facto closed its borders to all but commerce and has muzzled the media. The Trudeau Regime has admitted to building internment camps and maintaining a secret police force which conducts both domestic espionage and carries out psychological warfare on the populace. This week, the Regime extended its gun-control policies to include long guns like rifles and shotguns; and there are also unconfirmed reports that so-called welfare agencies have been removing children from the homes of known dissidents.

   Yet, we don't hear a peep out of 'Compassionate Conservatives' over any of this. Despite the fact that an unstable tyrant has near absolute power over a country right on our very border and is committing wanton human rights violations along with humanitarian disasters is passed over in complete silence. After all, Corporate America has a lot of money tied up in Canada---and Conservatives don't want to rock the boat where profit margins are concerned. Besides, if the Canadian people are suffering, it's their own fault for being Canadian, according to Conservative logic

  Their attitude towards Canada may be hypocritical, but their stance against Russia is proof of their insanity---because the American Right is condemning Russia for doing what their own stated Conservative goals are. Conservatives say that we need to project power to fight Islamic Extremism: Russia sends an expeditionary force to Syria and wipes out ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Conservatives say we should oppose Soros-backed Color Revolutions and Russia has frustrated attempts to seize Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Crimea. Conservatives say that we should secure our border to prevent proliferation of organized crime and drugs; Russia is doing that right now by suppressing one of the international hotbeds of these activities on its southwestern border. Conservatives say that we should support peoples who desire self-government; Russia has done so by recognizing the independent republics of Donetsk and Lughansk. It's hardly a coincidence either that Corporate America is far more invested in Canada than in Russia when accounting for the differing attitudes towards the two countries. 

  In light of this recent resurgence in Neoconservatism, we shouldn't lose sight of the larger picture, which is the fact that the Elites still fully intend to impose the Great Reset and it is a matter of complete indifference to them which tools they employ to implement it. Democrats and Republicans are equally expendable. Politicians are to these Elites what middle-management is to the Corporate bureaucracies they control. I believe that what we're seeing is the formulation of a 'Plan B.' If the Elites feel that establishing the Biden/Harris Junta in permanent power is too unstable or unsalvageable, they'll simply repeat what they did in 2000. They'll will have the RNC coronate a candidate acceptable to themselves who'll push their agenda forward under a new label---just like 'woke' corporations sell their baloney to the Left. 

    We have to beware right now of falling into this trap yet again. We had 'Red Waves' take over Congress in 1994 and 2010. What we got in return was NAFTA, GATT, the Assault-Weapons Ban, the Telecommunications Reform Act, the Omnibus Crime Bill, the Patriot Act, approving domestic espionage, the repeal of the anti-Propaganda Act; left-wing whackos appointed to the Supreme Court---court decisions which have legalized bribery in campaigns, extended the power of corporations to seize private property, institutionalized State power over healthcare, mandated homo 'equality', and upheld election theft---all punctuated by pointless military interventions on every continent. Just look at the likes of Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, Greg Abbott, Jeb Bush, Glenn Youngkin, Larry Elder, and Bruce Jenner: that is what they tell you is going to save us. Don't believe for one moment that the President-in-Exile is coming back, because it isn't going to happen. 

   We need to do instead is remember the venerable priest's words from my summer camp days. Guard your bodies, strengthen your minds, and grow in faith. The narcissism and egoism of our zeitgeist is completely contrary to the spirit of Americanism. As Harry Truman said of the the Communists who were planning a New World Order in his day, "Their agenda is godless. Faith is the foundation of our democracy: faith in oneself, faith in one's neighbor, faith in God." A foundation not constructed on faith---whatever it calls itself---is not a foundation for a free society. 




Thursday, March 10, 2022


      Sometimes we just need a reminder that humanity is still capable of good. Five months after the victim of one the nation's most notorious cold cases was identified, a new headstone was unveiled and a memorial service was held at Oakwood Cemetery in Huntsville, Texas on Wednesday. 

      Another service was held in Corpus Christi:

      The person(s) responsible for this crime are still unknown. The FBI apparently now has jurisdiction over the case since Sherri was from out-of-state and legally a minor. There was some official talk of a Person of Interest a few months ago, but nothing has come out since. We know that the day she ran away she went to Green Bay, Wisconsin; afterwards to Denver, Colorado; and then (probably) to Aransas Pass, Texas. At this point, there is not enough information publicly available even to make an educated guess as to who killed her or even why she happened to come to Huntsville. I'm sure that we'll know more in the upcoming months as the FBI interviews people and traces her whereabouts. 

     As a side note for those interested, much of the earlier research we'd done trying to locate the (then known as) WCJD has been passed on to the authorities because it seems to fit another case of a missing girl who was widely believed to have been WCJD:


  Any updates that come from that case, we'll keep readers posted too. And thank you again to everyone who helped bring some resolution to this.


Sunday, March 6, 2022


      Well, I think that this week, Ameroboobs have set a Guinness Record for the fastest transition from one national panic attack to the other. Of course, in 2020, it was a pretty dramatic shift from the Scamdemic hysteria to the George Whats-His-Name Riots and back to the Scamdemic again. It seems that the Elites are getting better at managing these things. Last Winter, just as the Variant of the Week was causing lockdowns again, Bill Gates predicted that 2022 would be the end of COVID-19. Right on schedule it happened too. The Scamdemic has dropped out of the news cycle just as quickly as the AIDS Epidemic disappeared the minute Obama started pushing for homo 'equality.' 

     Cancel Culture, mass-hysteria, and price-gouging has been running rampant in the US again. The same clods who dutifully locked down their bars and enforced Vaxx/Mask mandates on command are destroying stockpiles of vodka. After Russian forces began securing nuclear power plants, we've seen a run on iodine like we haven't seen since the panic over the Fukushima Disaster. "Hey, the stuff's selling like hotcakes on Ebay!" Gas prices are escalating and products are flying off store-shelves in spite of the fact that the US imports very little from either Russia or Ukraine. The Tech Lords are censoring 'misinformation' about the 'Ukraine Crisis' and even some restaurants are striking Chicken Kiev from their menus. Out of spite, see the end of the article for an authentic recipe for Chicken Kiev taken from the venerable Great-grandmother's files. 😍


    Sadly, though, we are once again seeing America at its worst. On sites like Reddit there are actually pictures of "the devastation in Ukraine" that are really pictures of blighted American cities. The disconnection from Reality that the American people are engaging now is displaying itself at levels like these and is bound to go even lower. 

    It's not only an American phenomenon: in the Police State of Canada, Trudeau's thugs have apparently gotten bored with beating pro-freedom protesters and have begun attacking random Russian immigrants. I'm certain that doesn't qualify as a 'hate crime' in that WEF satrapy. 

    The whole phenomenon of mass-hysteria is something I've been trying to comprehend most of my adult life. The most uncanny aspect to it is how it shifts so radically. People can fly into hysterical rages not only about things they don't understand: they can change their focus of fear and panic on a dime. There are many examples, but a recent one happened during the Scamdemic. During early 2020, police were supposedly among "our frontline heroes" bravely beating maskless people and padlocking churches. Only a few months later, police became a group committed to systemic racism and career criminals were turned into martyrs. 

     The second strange aspect to these mass-panics is that they not only ignore obvious facts, the masses engaging in them often hold them in spite of mutually contradictory positions. For example, anyone who defends sexuality as normal is denounced as a 'pervert' by the same people who denounce anyone who criticizes homosexual grooming and flaunting of the lifestyle as 'homophobic'. In the so-called Ukraine Crisis, Conservatives are denouncing Putin as a warmonger for securing Russia's borders against a Regime that was created by the Western Left. Similarly, they denounce him as tyrant, though his domestic policies too are among the very things that Conservatives advocate doing here: reining in the Pink Mafia; suppressing crime, fighting terrorism, supporting families and churches, creating stable jobs, encouraging domestic production, streamlining bureaucracy, etc. 

    The third unsettling aspect of postmodern Western mass-hysteria is the overt brutality that accompanies the frenzy. There's little or no trace of any humanity in these movements. Not only are the people caught in these contagions utterly intolerant: they openly state that any dissenters should be silenced, imprisoned, publicly shamed---and even worse, we hear terms thrown about like frozen out of society, and left to starve and denied medical care, housing, and access to services. Some of the suggestions that the Tech Lords allow to be published on social media (while suppressing dissenting views) are too vile even to repeat here. Even savages and barbarians would blush with shame if members of their tribes were talking like this. 

   On an individual level, a (competent) psychiatrist would immediately suspect Manic-Depressive psychosis; possibly Paranoid delusions or Schizophrenia if a patient appeared with this constellation of symptoms. How this has been effected on a mass-level, I believe has two main causes. Organized propaganda, of course, plays a major part in it: but at the same time, human reason would eventually overcome the barrage of falsehoods unless that ability has been impaired. 

    The first factor causing this impairment is the systemic emasculation of American men. The fact that we have a crisis of masculinity is so obvious that it hardly needs further documentation. A less obvious fact is that most of the pathological symptoms of American mass-hysteria are, at an individual clinical level, far more characteristic of neurotic women than men. It's been well established that gender-role reversal in dysfunction people tends to bring out the negative---not the positive---sides of the genders affected. This is seen clearly in homosexuality. The butch lesbian usually mimics a coarse, brutish male while an effete 'gay' male is often hysterical and given to dramatic outbursts. The repressed sexuality common in these conditions turn their Libido outwards towards society and that anger is easily channelled by skilful manipulators. 

    The other factor, I believe, is drug-related. Since the 1990s, narcotics---both pushed illegally by gangs and legally by Big Pharma---has had a crippling effect on Americans' ability to reason clearly and behave morally. People under the influence of mind-altering drugs are highly susceptible to suggestion. Depending upon the types of narcotics and the psychological state of the persons involved, these drugs can produce either a state of complete apathy in the face of injustice or a manic willingness to participate in them. 

   These are only opinions, however, I don't think that the fact that both factors have been increasing alongside the postmodern waves of mass-hysteria should be overlooked. This is especially suspect when one considers how many of these 'crises' have sexually and medically related overtones. This is also true of these 'international crises.' It ought to be noteworthy that the leaders demonized by our Media over the last 30 years--- Noreiga, Milosevic, Hussein, Mubarak, Qaddafi, Kim, Xi, Assad, Putin---were not only all male, but not exactly effeminate males. The same however cannot be said for the likes of Bush, Blair, Clinton, Obama, Trudeau, Biden, etc. I've also suspected that the blind hatred felt for our own more virile leaders like Reagan and Trump is not a coincidence either. Even though Reagan and Trump did intervene in foreign countries, one should note that their actions were often limited and not carried out like some personal vendetta. They also acted on their own responsibility instead building grand 'coalitions'---like a bunch of grade-school girls who get mad at somebody and want everyone else to be mad at them too. 

    Well, at least until the Great Reset forbids us to have our own kitchens and eat meat, we can spend an evening with some delicious Chicken Kiev. If you have some vodka stashed, a nice Martini might make a good nightcap. 



                                                     CHICKEN KIEV

        This recipe, BTW, is not even Russian but was invented by a Frenchman who'd been an cook in Napoleon's Army and served it in a restaurant that he bought in New York City after he immigrated to the US. It was a very popular dish during the late 19th through mid 20th Century.

        Slice chicken breasts thin, about a 1/4" thick. Lay a pat of butter one side of a flattened meat and fold the other over it, pressing down the edges to seal it well. 

       Mix one egg to the juice of half a lemon and dip the meat in well. Mix a breading of 1/2 fine bread crumbs to 1/2 flour with onion salt to taste and coat the fillets. Deep-fry at 390 degrees until well browned. 

       Note: the aged grandmother served this with sides of mashed potatoes & gravy and homemade coleslaw. 😇

Tuesday, March 1, 2022


       Recently, several pundits on the political Right have jumped in with the Democrats on the anti-Russia bandwagon. I've often said that the Left has no monopoly on NPCs and it's really beginning to show. There seems to be a major strain of thought---brought on the Neocons of the Bush Era---that American strength is measured by its ability to push around other sovereign countries up to and including obliterating them with military force. It shouldn't be surprising that Senate Republicans---the same people criticizing Hunter Biden---are heavily represented on the Ukrainian Government's foreign lobbying payroll.

   "Firms working for Ukrainian interests have inundated Congressional offices, think-tanks, and journalists with more than 10,000 messages and meetings in 2021, according to an analysis of Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA, filings for a forthcoming report from the Quincy Institute,” the think tank’s Ben Freeman writes today. “To put this extraordinary campaign into perspective, the Saudi lobby — known for being one of the largest foreign lobbies in D.C. — reported 2,834 contacts, barely a quarter of what Ukraine’s agents have done...

   “Congress has been the primary target of Ukraine’s agents, with over 300 House and Senate staff and members of Congress on the receiving end of more than 8,000 emails, phone calls, and meetings with Ukraine’s lobbyists. Agents representing the Ukrainian Federation of Employers of the Oil and Gas Industry, or UFEOGI, the largest association of energy companies in Ukraine, have flooded Capitol Hill with headlines like ‘Ukrainians call on U.S. Senate to sanction Putin’s pipeline weapon,’ and others claiming ‘Moscow regards concessions as a sign of weakness.’ "The lobbyists seem to have found a friendly ear in Senate Republicans, in particular Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX),” the former boss of Yorktown Solutions’ Daniel Vajdich, who represents the UFEOGI. Outreach was also “focused intently on senators who co-sponsored 2020 legislation to block completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, including Cruz; John Barrasso (R-Wyo.); Tom Cotton, (R-Ark.); and Ron Johnson, (R-Wis.)."

    Since September 11th, 1990 when George Bush Sr delivered his infamous New World Order speech, American Foreign Policy has shifted completely from non-intervention, containment, and free-trade to negotiation at gunpoint. Here is a very simple question for the American Right to ponder: How have 30+ years of all of these invasions, bombings, occupations, regime changes, color revolutions, embargoes, and carving up territories helped the average American in the slightest? We'll give a moment to think about it.

     What exactly in American society has improved since 1990? Are we less divided? Do we have smaller, less intrusive government? Have small businesses been thriving? Have we seen price deflation? Are our schools better? Is our Standard of Living higher? Are traditional families stronger?

    How has conducting US Foreign Policy with a sledgehammer done us any good at all? 

   The short answer is that it hasn't. In fact, it seems to have turned into the Neocon version of Virtue-Signalling. We're still a great, exceptional power because we can make Iraq bend to our will. We can push one button and wipe out the Libyan Army. We can force Europe to impose sanctions on Yemen and starve them into submission. We can create countries like Kosovo and South Sudan out of whole cloth just because we feel like it. We can sail warships in Chinese waters just to show them who's boss. We're the toughest kids on the block. Sure, it doesn't create jobs or strengthen families, but our will is law, and don't forget it. 

  This isn't Conservatism---in fact, it's not even traditional Liberalism. It's simply being a bully (in street terms) and being a tyrant (in political terms). Take for example the West's reaction to Russia's intervention in Ukraine. It's simply an extension of the same thuggery that these Elite scumbags have imposed on their own populations during the Scamdemic: isolating Russia, freezing their assets, Cancel Culture, sending thugs and weapons into Ukraine, barring them from international events, psy-ops, censoring opposing views, issuing mandates and ultimatums, etc. They're even trying to make a martyr of the cutthroat Zelensky like they elevated the thug George Floyd to the status of a national hero.

   What's happening to Russia right now isn't new: it's been standard operating procedure for the Elites since the 1990s. Putin is now the same demon they made of Noriega, Milosevic, Hussein, Mubarak, Qaddafi: the new Hitler, the new threat to world peace and our way of life (as if that was worth saving), and all of it really served one purpose. That purpose is distraction.

   It's distraction from the fact that we have a failed democracy, a controlled economy, a failed legal system, a failed school system,---in short, America is a failed society with nothing other than our military power holding us together. I think that on a subconscious level, many Conservatives fetishize our Military and Foreign Policy because they see it as the last remaining symbol of American strength. This is an illusion. A nation that can only survive by its ability to beat its opposition into submission is not a strong society. If anyone is inclined to think otherwise, take a good look at Canada, because that's what our future looks like. 

   This is not to say that we don't need a strong military capable of defending our country or even participating in legitimate peacekeeping missions or territorial expansion if necessary. But beneath that we need a government that functions, a legal system that keeps peace, an economy based on free and fair trade with a dignified standard of living, strong families, strong churches, and schools that actually train and educate people. 

   As I've said many times before, our problems as a country are largely of our own making. That includes the so-called Conservative element who like pointing the finger at the failed policies of the Liberal-controlled areas with their passive-aggressive "I live in Red State, sux to be you" attitudes without looking out their own windows and seeing how it affects them too. They're also the first to grab on to any moral crusade to clean up some other country on the other side of the planet while their own country is in a downward spiral. 

   We need to throw all of these ideologies and scapegoating overboard and start focusing on how to make things actually work. It used to work. Maybe this would be a good place to start for the Right: repudiating Neoconservatism.