Saturday, March 30, 2019


    Despite massive pressure from the entire Left-Wing Establishment, the Georgia Legislature passed, by a vote of 92-78, one of the most comprehensive abortion-law reforms in the nation. The law bans abortion after the foetus' heartbeat is medically detectable: typically around six weeks. 

    Granted, the kind of 'recreational abortion' that too many postmodern women engage in  should be banned altogether. But the Georgia law is a step in the right direction and doubtless will save many lives. 

     The Whacko Left Wing is infuriated to say the least; their worst fear---that other states will follow Georgia's example---is already coming to pass. Iowa, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Ohio have similar Bills on the legislative agenda. Hollywood celebrities and others are demanding boycotts. This isn't surprising since Big Pharma and the Abortion Industry are heavily invested in the Corporate Media and vice-verse. 

    Abortion is not a natural act. Probably most women who support the so-called 'Right to Choose' have never had an abortion and likely never would. They support it for other women whom they've been told will benefit from the procedure. They've never thought about it beyond what pro-abortion propagandists have told them. The women who actually want abortion are the defectives---both physically and mentally. Envy of those capable of reproducing drives the first group and gender hatred drives the second. One look at the protesters outside the Georgia Legislature speaks volumes on that subject:

    And let us not forget that the entire movement to legalize abortion was driven originally by Liberal men; who largely support and promote it today. And mainly for the same reasons. During the years preceding Roe vs. Wade, the 'free-love' advocates promoted abortion as a means for men to have sex without responsibility. And today. the Legal Establishment and Big Pharma have reaped billions in profit; as has organized crime trafficking in foetal tissue and organ harvesting operations. If abortion were outlawed in the US tomorrow, it wouldn't effect most women at all; the only losses incurred would be among activist lawyers, Wall Street freebooters, and Corporate Media neurotics who rake in the cash off the sufferings of damaged and traumatized women.

     Let's hope that during the Trump Administration we'll see the ultimate end of this evil practice. We're on the way to that point, let's support courageous legislators like our friends in Georgia who are striving to make that happen.   




Monday, March 25, 2019


    After two years, this article has the distinction of being the first---and probably the last---time we've written much of anything on the big nothing-burger that was dubbed 'Russiagate'. The only real thing of any real interest now is what the Democrats will actually have to discuss; since this non-issue was about the only political item on their agenda.

    The reason that we rarely spoke here of Russiagate was because the whole thing was a transparent hoax from start to finish. Anyone who's followed the political situation for about the last 50 years or so recognized that this was nothing but an attempted coup and a really lame attempt, at that. Whenever the Radical Left doesn't get its way---especially by losing a fair election---they resort to subterfuges to grab power by force. We saw that happen with homo 'marriage', for example. Something like three dozen States specifically forbade such unions, so the Left shopped the issue to the Courts. 

     Notice the Left's post-electoral tactics since they first began infiltrating the Democratic Party during the 1960's. 

1968: 'The Chicago Seven'

1972: 'Watergate'

1984: 'Iran-Contra'

1994: 'Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy'

2000: 'Bush Stole the Election!'

2016: 'Russian Meddling'

     And so forth. Except for Watergate, none of these frauds had any actual bearing on reality; and even Watergate was blown way out of proportion. Compared to what Edward Snowden revealed about Obama's domestic spying, Watergate was a tempest in a teapot. 

      Recall that shortly after the 2016 Election, celebrities like Rosie O'Donnell and pundits like Keith Olbermann were already talking about coups and overthrowing the government. Obama's henchman John Brennan confidently predicted that President Trump "will die in prison." Not surprisingly, Obama toadies like Mueller and DNC hacks in Congress took up the call to arms. 

     The investigation did cause some damage. The worst, in my opinion, was the forced ouster of Attorney-General Sessions. I believed then, as now, that Sessions was right to recuse himself and the downfall of Mueller I think vindicates Sessions' choice. Sessions couldn't have accomplished half of his truly remarkable record were he constantly bogged down in this Russiagate nonsense. 

     Aside from the internal strife it created, however, in the end Russiagate really came to nothing and likely will be forgotten within a couple of months. Whatever the final report contains is being blocked from publication by the Democrats themselves. Evidently, they believe it's even more damaging to their cause than the failure of the plot itself. 

     During the last two years, we have been writing about the triumphs and successes of the FBI under Trump. Mueller gave the whole agency a bad name. While agents have been busy crushing terror plots, destroying gangs, locking up white-collar crooks and Swamp Creatures---as well as winning the battle against Opioid proliferation---the media focused solely on this sideshow and ignored all the good that our Justice Department is doing. That's an example of why we need to keep focused on the big picture and not let the Corporate Media drag us into distractions. 

Thursday, March 21, 2019


    In our previous article, we described that the Road to Male Radicalization begins with the suppression of man's self-esteem and sense of purpose. Demagogues, provocateurs, and fanatics prey upon such vulnerable men. They teach them that they are really latent heroes and geniuses whom the world fails to recognize. What such men really need is Faith and support; but they are offered instead destructive ideologies. 

   It naturally follows that, if these would-be supermen are not getting the recognition to which they are entitled, that they must be surrounded by enemies or inferiors. To this end, the demagogues furnish them with convenient scapegoats which explains away their various failures. Brendan Tarrant, a follower of the Red Pill Cult, left a manifesto which he titled The Great Replacement. It's actually quite interesting because it illustrates how the radicalization process really works. 

    Tarrant was focused on Islamic immigrants, whom he referred to as 'invaders' and whom he believed 'were a threat to the future of White children'---upon whose behalf he claims to have acted. These statements, of course, are rationalizations; one could insert other scapegoats and fears and see at once that Neo-Marxist and Jihadist radicals rationalize in exactly the same way. Here is a specimen of Tarrant's rationalizing:

                          "Do you believe those you attacked were innocent?
                         There are no innocents in an invasion, all those who colonize other
                          peoples lands share guilt."
                          "Are you intolerant?
                        Sure. The last virtues of a dying nation are tolerance and apathy, and I
                        want none of it."

     Years ago, Freud noted in therapy the tendency of human beings to justify their antisocial behaviors and coined the term 'rationalization' to describe it. Actually, he simply stated in scientific terms what religion had taught long before his time: that human nature has to convince itself that sin is justifiable. Paradoxically enough, this phenomenon disproves the belief of many Red Pills that human nature is essentially operating from evil motives and only the 'Alpha' can rise above the herd by displaying superior force. Among the lower animals we note that none of them need justifications to be aggressive. Why do human beings need it?

     Freud was an atheist and never could---by his own admission---account for this behavior. But again, religion teaches that it stems from an instinctual fear of offending God; as we saw both Adam and Cain attempt to excuse their sins before God Himself in the very first chapters of the Bible. In his thesis Our Age of Unreason, Dr. Franz Alexander---one of Freud's students--- explained what both therapists and priests realize: "My clinical experience has made me aware of motives in people which they do not like to admit to themselves, and of which many modern critics of traditional historiography claim to be the only motivating factor in man's history. The same clinical experience however has taught me not to overlook the other side of the picture. The basic concept of our discipline is that of conflict. If there were only one force in operation, how could conflict arise? Why do people repress their asocial motives and rationalize their actions in terms of socially approved motivations and battle desperately for self-vindication?"

      The radicalizers of postmodern men realize this intellectual difficulty, though they take great pains to hide it from their dupes by teaching that socially-approved values are an illusion. The Red Pills in the West and the Jihadists in the Middle East both claim that their respective socially dominant religions---Christianity and Islam---have become corrupted and decadent and that the values they preach are signs of weakness. Tarrant gives the Red Pill version of the story:

      "Religion? What remains? Empty churches and full shopping centers? Drive through confessionals and no fault divorce? Any religious ideal that stood between the wealthy and wealth generation was downplayed, sidelined and quietly dismantled. All so that they could line their pockets without complaints or objections."

     This is only a re-phrasing of what the radicalized Left says about religion as the 'opiate of the masses.' Radicals of every stripe have to impel men to suppress their consciences by denying it and claiming that it is put there by cultural programming. 

     We mentioned earlier the Garden of Eden story, and it's noteworthy there that God's first commandment to Adam was to 'maintain the Garden and defend it.' The masculine instinct is to be a protector and defender of his society. To turn against his own people is an unnatural act. A man is programmed biologically so that every step of the radicalization process meets natural resistance. If your instincts tell you it's wrong, it probably is. We will discuss more about this process in the next essay.   




Tuesday, March 19, 2019


    Just as we were in the middle of discussing the New Zealand mass murder, another yahoo in The Netherlands lost it and opened fire on a passenger train. The suspect in this case had a lengthy criminal record and was said to be embroiled in a domestic dispute.

   The pundits, as usual, are all talking about motives; but the fact that these incidents have been continuing unabated throughout the Western world since the 1990s show that the 'experts' really have no solution. Mass killers' motives are typically the excuse and not the reason for these actions. The perpetrators run the gamut from Left-Wing, Right-Wing, Jihadists, gang-bangers, INCELS, and some for no superficial reason at all, like the Las Vegas Shooting. The underlying reason can be found however by examining certain things most or all of them have in common. 

     1. They are nearly all male.

      2. They have almost all been exposed to radicalism.

      3. They almost all exhibit sexual abnormalities or maladjustment. 

       4. They universally share a certain hopelessness coloring their worldviews. 

     The 'Elites' won't acknowledge these things because their own social policies are largely responsible for incubating these conditions. Since the 1990s---when these incidents first appeared---the cultural zeitgeist took a decidedly anti-male turn. Increasingly, Western men have been demonized, alienated, marginalized and generally treated as expendable. This understandably causes resentment and anger---and among the less emotionally stable males it spills over into irrational violent rage. 

    Male psychology is rooted in the need to defend their social sphere and gain success through competition. The greatest instinctual fear men have is insignificance. When avenues to success are blocked repeatedly through social injustice, the vulnerable are ripe targets for the radicalizing demagogue who offers them a chance to be somebody. Our culture has no shortage of embittered academics and media figures; bloodthirsty would-be Alphas; and religious fanatics more than willing to fight to the last drop of your blood. 

    If you're a man feeling hopeless, the worst thing you can do is listening to these fools. Think instead of the example of real men like the Prophet Elijah who heard the still small voice of the Spirit amidst the storm. Remember that you are not defined by your circumstances and there are higher callings for men than lashing out in senseless violence. 

    What this means effectively is to channel this righteous anger into constructive outlets. Regardless of what the demagogues say, this is not the most difficult time in Western History by far. There are positive things that men can do to make the world a better place. And good men are doing good things; and that's what really counts. 


Saturday, March 16, 2019


    Sadly, in the wake of yesterday's massacre in New Zealand, the voices of Reason and Humanitarianism are being drown out. Even worse, the government of New Zealand is leading the charge in global mass hysteria. They're behaving as though this were 1939 again when Japanese forces were threatening to land on the islands. Not only have they engaged in an unprecedented campaign of domestic censorship, they've trying to suppress information worldwide.  In contrast to this, consider that Iran---which has a highly regulated media---broadcast live footage of the recent terror attacks. When the Iranian attacks were over, the Ayatollah made a speech assuring everybody that the IRGC had done its job and life was back to normal. Not so New Zealand. They're already enacting restrictive gun laws unilaterally with no public input or democratic debate whatsoever. 

    The skunks in the US Media are behaving disgracefully as well. Instead of making themselves useful and informing people how to help the victims; or highlighting the heroism of many during the crisis: they've been busily blaming President Trump and pontificating that we should outdo New Zealand in over-reaction. 

    And to her credit, NZ Prime Minister Ardern praised President Trump and thanked him for his support in public, though you won't hear about that in the MSM.  

     Now the Red Pill Cultists---the actual instigators of these kinds of crimes---did what they typically do after someone they've egged on to violent acts actually makes global headlines. They try to distance themselves as far as possible from their dupes and come up with any excuse possible to shift blame. The mantra they're all following this time is that the shooting was a false flag. Now common sense alone should tell most of us that the NZ Government staging a terrorist incident then censoring details about it isn't even a reasonable theory; but the Red Pills believe in a lot of illogical things. 

      Roosh Valizadeh, one of the ringleaders of the cult opined on Twitter---with no evidence whatsoever that:

     Except that there were two mosques attacked; one in Christchurch, the other in Linwood. What's the significance of the second name? 

      Vox Day also rose to the fore. He claimed out of one side of his mouth that the shooting was a false flag and then expressed sympathy for the crime out of the other:


     Vox is certainly an expert when it comes to things like trolling, sockpuppeting, and disseminating fake news: he's speaking from some considerable experience here. Admittedly, a lot of the shooter's Manifesto was simply Alt-RINO talking points cobbled together. But the other actions of the shooter: like livestreaming the attack; the strange graffiti on his weapons; the music playing in the background---all of these things seem psychologically consistent with the surreal fog of a mind that would produce such a writing. 

     Vox is also right about our media's indifference to massacres of Christians, but both he and Roosh are mistaken completely about Islamic invasions of Western countries. In both the US and NZ, Moslems make up only about 1% of the total population; and in America 1/4 of these are native-born converts. The US has more Jews than Moslems, and NZ has more Buddhists than Moslems. In any event, Western countries are inviting and resettling the foreign-born people: how is that an invasion? 

     These false-flag theories are about as believable as the 'it's all Trump's fault' theories. Both are evasions of the truth: the Whacko Left won't admit that our society is alienating and failing men on a large scale and the Far Right won't admit that they're exploiting these broken men for personal power and profit. It's up to us to expose them and to find viable solutions over their hysterical shrieking. 

Friday, March 15, 2019


 So we all woke up this morning to the news that another Red-Pilled loser decided to become a great hero to other losers and massacred 49 people and wounded 20 others in a dual attack upon two New Zealand mosques. There were several acts of heroism performed both the parishioners themselves and by police---though as usual these stories are ignored by the American Media.

  The shooter himself is a 28-year old fitness instructor from Australia. There are allegedly 3 others in custody connected with the shooting, though as of this writing they haven't been identified or charged. Mike Bush, the head of the secret police around Christchurch, NZ, has taken extraordinary measures to control information. This is fairly typical of British Commonwealth States and of Britain itself. In all of those countries, Freedom of the Press is a privilege and not a right. With that in mind, we'd like to applaud our friends at Kiwi Farms, who've been resisting demands from New Zealand authorities to remove content. 

  The only suspect charged so far is the actual shooter, and we see clearly from his published manifesto that he's deeply into the Red Pill movement. Like them as well, the Corporate Media is painting him already as a Trump-supporting, Christian Conservative. Let's look at a few screenshots of his manifesto, however:

   In fact, he devotes two whole sections of his screed to bashing both Conservatives and Christians. And he boasts that his violent actions might cause an overthrow of the US Government:

   And, like other Red Pills, he despises Democracy:

    These are all common themes among Red Pill Cult/Alt-Right sites---none of which stand for a traditional America in any way, shape, or form. And while our media jackals here have been searching for ways to blame Trump and demanding NZ-levels of censorship; the Australian newspaper, The Sydney Morning Herald has traced the meme employed by the shooter to a local Red Pill gang called The Dingoes. 

    According to a 2017 article on a website called United Nationalists Australia, had this to say about The Dingoes:  "A prominent figure in the movement told a UNA reporter, in conversation, that the fundaments of this young generation involve a conscious shift from a Beta type to an Alpha. This means they look to building themselves up both physically, in the gym, and socially, in their earning power (and there is nothing wrong at all with doing so). According to him, there is a competitive edge to the alt-right youth as they seek to dominate, and become “superior to” the bloke next to him. There is no distinction of whether this other “bloke” happens to be White also."

    Mike Peinovich (aka Mike Enoch) a Red Pill Cultist and producer of The Daily Shoah podcast, spoke before a meeting of The Dingoes. They've also been praised by Red Pills Matt Forney, Rollo Tomassi, and Adsgamer. 

    And among those admired by the shooter as his 'inspirations' are Italian mass-shooter Luca Traini. Traini was praised effusively in the Red Pill Daily Stormer, with Andrew Anglin referring to him as a 'folk hero'. Anders Breivik, another hero to the Red Pills is also mentioned; as is Dylann Roof--- whose connection to the Red Pills is well-known. Like most other Red Pills, his writings display an obsession with interracial sex and 'pollution' of the race. Moslems actually make up about 1% of New Zealand's population. This obsession that the Alphas have with race-pollution and sexual superiority is recognized by most experts as symptomatic of latent homosexuality and other sexual dysfunctions. 

     For those who would like to aid the victims of the massacre, the New Zealand Red Cross can be reached at 



Monday, March 11, 2019


    America's weakest generation is in bad shape. Not simply mentally and morally, but physically as well. A new report about to be released at the American College of Cardiology's annual conference shows that Americans under 40 are increasingly at risk for heart attacks and strokes. Among the findings are that the incidence of heart disease has been increasing at the rate of about 2% per year since 2009. 

    This was probably predictable. In the 1990s, public schools largely abandoned physical fitness requirements and scrapped Health classes in favor of political indoctrination and non-competitive, non-outcome based activities. And, as the study shows, proliferation of narcotics among the young is also taking its toll. The result of all of this are people in colleges stoned out of their minds playing with coloring-books and Play-Doh in 'safe spaces' whenever they feel slightly upset about something. 

   Physically, Generation Snowflake isn't doing much better. Besides greater susceptibility to heart problems, obesity is rampant---reaching 40% in some demographics. Suicide, homicide, and drug overdoses are the leading causes of death in people under 40. According to some sources, 1 in 8 men under 30 are sexually impotent. The infant mortality rate in the US is higher than any country in the industrialized world. 

   Dr. Ron Blankenstein of Harvard Medical School says that more young people need to "swear off cocaine and marijuana because they’re not necessarily good for your heart.”

    Wait a moment, though. Hasn't the Whacko Left Wing been assuring us all for the past decade that Marijuana is safe? Not long ago, they were hooting Jeff Sessions with derision for suggesting that pot is actually dangerous. 

    And that isn't simply political rhetoric on Sessions' part. A Canadian study concluded last months that foetuses exposed to in utero marijuana use are deeply susceptible to long-term health effects. And Canadian researchers are also noting actual deaths from marijuana-induced heart failures since the drug was legalized in that country last year. But we rarely hear of these health risks in the US. Why is that so?

     It could well have something to do with the millions of dollars spent on pro-marijuana lobbying by vested financial interests. The industry maintains 50 paid Beltway lobbyists---2/3 of whom are 'revolving door' ex-government employees. Among the leading donors are The New Federalism Fund which, despite its name, is a coalition of major Colorado marijuana growers. Another is The National Cannabis Industry Association; yet another is The Cannabis Trade Association. Pallia Tech (now known as Curaleaf) is a major medical marijuana cartel---even traded in the Canadian Stock Market. Surterra Holdings is another American based cartel headed by Beau Wrigley, heir to the chewing-gum company fortune. These various dispensary syndicates attracted a whopping $8 billion in transnational investments during the first three quarters of 2018.  

     So far from being a populist movement, the marijuana industry is tied in with corporate and political freebooters---like most of the rest of Big Pharma. And they push Marijuana regardless of the interests of national health just like they push Opioids, Amphetamines, and Barbiturates on an unsuspecting public. Basically what we've had here is a hostile takeover of the Black Market.

     And meanwhile, younger and younger people are suffering cardiovascular problems. All this while the now-legalized dope pushers laugh all the way to the bank.



Thursday, March 7, 2019


   The American Public School System is one of our most fetid swamps in need of draining. Across the board, it consistently fails American parents, youth, and children and often puts the latter two in proximity to dangerous mental cases---including students, employees, and officials of these schools who have no business being there. 

   As further evidence of the national disgrace that has come to characterize American public education, another scandal has hit Pennsylvania. It seems that a bus driver---one Lori Mankos, age 44---lost her marbles with a busload of teenagers from Northampton High. According to witnesses, Mankos was driving along a highway when she suddenly sped up and swerved into the opposite lane. She then began screaming profanity at the students, threatening to "kill them all". Finally, Mankos sped into a gas station, slammed on the brakes, and threw the keys at an attendant before running, with waving arms, and screaming down the highway on foot---nearly causing several other accidents. Police later apprehended Mankos, who'd gone to a 'safe space' at her parent's home. 

    Mankos' parents---with whom she's still living though in her 40's---claim that their daughter is the real victim in this case. That explains a lot about Mankos' psychological makeup in itself. Northampton Superintendent Joseph Kovalchik was the next in line to disclaim any responsibility for the incident, which is also quite telling. 

    “We’ve been contracting with this bus company for over 20 years. I don’t know anything about this driver since she’s employed by the contractor and not directly by our district. We’re extremely upset by this, but very thankful that none of the students were hurt.”

    Maybe outsourcing services that the school should be providing is the root of the problem in the first place, Mr. Kovalchik. School Transportation Departments used to be accountable to school boards, PTA's, and parents in general. Shoving the job into the hands of an unaccountable corporate monopoly disempowers parents---but does empower academic and corporate elites. 

     In another incident this week, a kindergarten teacher at Lagos Elementary School in Manor, Texas was jailed after attacking her live-in boyfriend with a 12" inch knife. Like Lori Mankos, 41-year old Yamile Uribe is believed to have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time.

     The police found Uribe sound asleep in the bedroom after they arrived on the scene. Neighbors reported hearing screaming and scuffling from the home around 11 PM. The boyfriend confessed to the police that Uribe began screaming when he refused her sexual advances, 'lost it', and charged him with a knife. He wrestled the weapon away from her, after which she ran raging through the house before locking herself in the bedroom. 

    Police broke down the bedroom door and found the knife; and also Uribe lying in a drunken stupor. And, like their counterparts in Pennsylvania, the Manor Independent School District also swept everything under the rug.

   “Ms. Uribe will not be in class until we’ve followed district protocol and have conducted our own individual investigation,” District spokesman Scott Thomas said.

    Maybe they should have investigated a little more thoroughly before hiring her in the first place, eh, Mr. Thomas? Character matters: even more than PC views and meeting Affirmative-Action quotas. 

   The good thing at least is that more and more of these characters are ending up where they've belonged all along: the local jail. Now if only we could find a few striped suits for the Elites who hired them. 



Saturday, March 2, 2019


   Regular readers here have probably noticed that posting has been a little less frequent than usual here recently. It's nothing too worrisome; it's just that, unlike those in the 'Elite' Media, we Independents have to deal occasionally with problems peculiar to those of us of the common herd out in Flyover Country. 

   Likewise, we haven't kept up with the news as much as usual: but when I began noticing the acronym 'AOC' appearing in news stories, I thought: 'Yes! Finally, a long-needed discussion of Age Of Consent laws. We've needed reform in this area for a long time!' I should have known better, though. It turns out that 'AOC' is referring to a dippy US Congresswoman with a hyphenated surname, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

   Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez represents the State of New York. New York is already known for having the worst tax laws, the worst gun laws, and the most intrusive regulatory climate in the US. Its public schools are among the most expensive and least productive; and the State Legislature recently decriminalized murdering unborn babies. New York officially recognizes 31 different genders. Their regulations on everything from smoking to dietary laws to bathroom accessibility have driven businesses from the State in droves. And, after 18 years, they still haven't rebuilt the World Trade Center. And Congresswoman Cortez is considered a radical even by the standards of New Yorkers. 

     So naturally, the Corporate Media is going to rally around such a character and raise her to near-celebrity status---like they did with Barack Obama, Kshama Sawant, and Bernie Sanders. For the last decade or so, the 'Elites' have been trying to reinvent these Neo-Bolsheviks as 'Progressives'; knowing that the NPCs will, reflexively, equate anything calling itself progressive with the public good. 

     As blogger John Horvat recently stated: "The appearance of this new style of politician should not be surprising. It reflects a culture in which people are avid for entertainment and stimulation. People with this mentality want everything to be instant, effortless and without consequences. This mentality is transforming every field. Thus, reporting has become news-entertainment that distorts reality and provides the “fake” news that plays to the frenzy of the moment. AOC represents a kind of politician-entertainer that acts upon the national stage providing moments of drama and comedy to a public eager for a momentary thrill or quick Facebook post. To stand out amid the frenetic intemperance of the day, AOC presents a spectacle that is sensational, shallow and even bizarre. She must submit proposals that are on the edge of absurdity. They must be just crazy enough to incite conservative outcry, yet just credible enough to excite liberal commentary. Both the congresswoman and the public coincide to create the almost surreal atmosphere of the American political scene where almost anything is possible, nothing is certain, and all is quickly forgotten."

     Indeed, politicians of the Cortez type are symptomatic of deeper social problems than they are actual causes of them. Liberals of a generation ago at least thought out their programs and didn't try to hide the fact that there would be costs and consequences to enacting them. If we listen to proposals of Liberals from FDR to LBJ, they were almost all framed in terms of Americans making temporary personal sacrifices for presumed long-term social benefits. Some of these polices panned out and some didn't; but the point is that Americans chose to accept or reject them on serious and well thought-out grounds. Try to envision Harry Truman doing a skit on Saturday Night Live, and you get the point. 

    Congresswoman Cortez is a product of Postmodernism and her appeal is largely based on the elastic shadows between Fantasy and Reality that the entire movement thrives upon. This is what makes their proposals so dangerous. They don't recognize either that there are both moral and physical Absolutes, nor do they believe that there are real-world consequences for violating these Absolutes. Things don't work like they do on TV in real life. 

    We don't need to postulate the outcome of these attitudes in the realm of theory. History shows us what an ignorant populace weaned on outrage and instant gratification who follow amoral leadership is capable of doing.

   And this is why we need to expose the unreality of the Left by the Light of Truth.