Tuesday, February 27, 2018


      The National Association of Religious Broadcasters, an organization composed primarily of Evangelical Protestant media figures, is holding its annual convention in Nashville this week. Dr. Ben Carson has been attending these conferences for several years now. This year, Vice-President Mike Pence also visited, and spoke at a luncheon hosted by The Life Issues Institute. Pence reassured the audience that President Trump is "the most pro-Life president in history" and that---unlike previous GOP administrations since 1974---is proactively working to end the hideous practice of legal abortion.

      Pence listed some of the Administration's accomplishments to date; many of which were ignored by the Corporate Media:

      1. During Trump's first week in office, he issued an Executive Order prohibiting Federal funds from being dispersed to private organizations which promote or perform abortion in foreign countries. Not only did this policy take a major bite out of George Soros' profit-margins; it eliminated a huge cause of anti-American sentiments abroad. 

         What isn't widely known is that, since the Clinton years, the US Government often made foreign aid conditional upon accepting Cultural Marxist programs like abortion-on-demand. This naturally caused resentment in many foreign countries where abortion is either illegal or not culturally acceptable. 

      2. Related to Point #1, the Trump Administration suspended all further payments to the United Nations Population Fund. This group paid for abortions globally. Actually, Trump's decision was a measure of 'Swamp Draining' too. Because it was primarily American Leftists in this fund who were imposing abortion on other countries.

       3. The President signed into law H.R. 354---one in which Pence cast a tie-breaking Senate vote. This Bill allows states to block unilaterally Federal Title X funding to abortion mills like Planned Parenthood. Unfortunately because of a pair of RINOs---Senators Collins and Murkowski---the Senate failed to pass a subsequent Bill which would have banned abortion after 20 weeks. 

      Most importantly, however, is that Trump has been appointing consistently pro-Life judges with the ultimate aim of repealing the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision of 1973. That year, by 7-2 majority, the Court ruled that state laws restricting abortion violated the 14th Amendment's Due Process Clause. The Court Majority that year was comprised of a number of Deep-State Swamp-RINOs, Left-Wing activists, and the legendary jurist William O. Douglas, who was in an advanced state of senility. Another legendary jurist---Byron White---dissented from the vote, noting the obvious objection that there were state laws against abortion long prior to the 14th Amendment's ratification. White also stated that:

     "I find nothing in the language or history of the Constitution to support the Court's decision. The Court has simply fashioned and announced a new Constitutional Right for pregnant women and, with scarcely any reason or authority for its actions, invests that Right with sufficient substance to override most State abortion statutes. The upshot is that the people and legislators of all 50 States are Constitutionally disentitled to weigh the relative importance of the continued existence and development of the foetus on the one hand, against a possible spectrum of impacts on the woman."

     We quoted this passage from the late Justice White to show that, contrary to pro-abortion propagandists, opposition to Roe vs. Wade was not and never was, an argument based solely on religion, but based on established legal precedent. White further said, "As an exercise of raw judicial power, the Court may have authority to do what it does today; but in my view, its judgment is an improvident and extravagant abuse of the power of judicial review which the Constitution extends to this Court...while I might agree with the Court's values and priorities, I see no Constitutional warrant for imposing such an order of priorities upon the people and legislatures of the States." 

         Also contrary to pro-abortion propagandists, Vice-President Pence also stated his belief that public attitudes are shifting against the abortionists, even---and especially---among the young. Given this Administration's record of successes, it's not wholly inconceivable that we could see the downfall of the Abortion Racket within a few years. 



     The Church of the Holy Sepulcher has closed in Jerusalem to protest the Israeli Government's persecution of Christians. The Church is jointly administered by the Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Armenian Church.

     The Israeli Government is currently considering a proposal allowing the State to seize ecclesiastical properties; and to tax churches retroactively to the tune of an estimated $186 million. Cardinal O'Brien of the Jerusalem Diocese stated the crisis in no uncertain terms:

     "Betraying international treaties and centuries of practice, all Christian properties, except churches themselves, are being taxed tens of billions of dollars. This includes hundreds of agencies including Christian schools, hospitals, homes for the needy, health-care centers, and pilgrimage centers such as the Notre Dame Center in Jerusalem. Many church assets are being frozen, fines threatened, and hundreds of thousands of dollars seized from Christian churches in actions that will curtail freedom of worship."

       His Eminence also requested prayer in this "unprecedented discrimination against Christians."

        Most American Christians are under the mistaken impression that Israel is some oasis of religious freedom in an ocean of intolerance. That description actually fits Israel's neighbor Lebanon, more accurately. The Pew Research Center actually ranks Israeli religious freedom as lower than Cuba and Somalia. It's well-known that the Israeli authorities look the other way to desecration of Christian sites and other more aggressive acts against Christians.

        An important question here is why the US Government not only continues to support countries like Israel, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia but opposes governments tolerant of Christianity like Syria and Iraq. The Trump Administration even recently declared Hezbollah an 'Islamic terrorist group' in spite of the fact that Christians serve in Hezbollah and that they are fighting the aggression of the Wahhabi Cult. Who is giving Trump advice on the Middle East? Oh yes: 

            The former CEO of Exxon, who gave the Boy Scouts to the Gay Mafia; 'Rainbow Rex' Tillerson. Rainbow Rex is more loyal to the drug addicts and perverts in Wahhabi-run Saudi Arabia than he is to the U.S. He had not a peep of criticism for the recent Saudi purges; and in fact, today praised their humanitarian efforts in Yemen. Which includes ethnic cleansing of Yemeni Christians, incidentally. 

           Rainbow Rex also hasn't had a word to say about Israeli seizures of Christian properties, nor for that matter, about the ongoing church-seizures in Turkey. He has never said anything in praise of Russian humanitarian aid in Syria; nor about Syrian Christian churches reopening after the fall of ISIS. In fact, Tillerson gave Trump the false intelligence of a chemical-weapons attack leading the President to kill innocent people in a cruise missile attack on Syria last April.

         Tillerson deserves to be impeached. He never should have been appointed to Secretary of State in the first place. And Israel doesn't deserve a free pass simply because it is a US ally. We need an Administration willing---like Russia---to stand up for Christians and do the right thing.  

Sunday, February 25, 2018


     Among the Red Pill/Alt-RINO crowd, Michael King is actually considered a great journalist. Mostly because he proclaims at his website, Tomato Bubble (OK, we'll let the readers psychoanalyze that title for themselves) that he is countering the disinformation put out by The New York Times. 

     Granted, 'the Grey Lady' puts out lots of fake news. So what has King decided to attack? An article covering Ivanka Trump's visit to the Winter Olympics as Goodwill Ambassador. 

      The Red Pills have really outdone themselves this time. Actually making the New York Times sound credible on a Trump-related story is a monumental non-achievement. Here's a specimen of what King actually thinks is stellar reporting:

      "Thankfully, if the 'inside baseball' coming out of the White House is to believed, this bratty little New York libtard and her goofy Jew husband have had their roles diminished to symbolism only."

       "When your last name is Trump, you get plugged into Big Jewry through your husband...Spoiled Jewish princesses (even converted ones) never quit until they get their way. "

      And what's worse, this is supposedly a Conservative critique, according to King.

       All of this proves once again that the Alt-Right is not our friend. We Conservatives need to go back to William F. Buckley's policy of publicly disavowing these kinds of kooks. King's whole 'rebuttal' of the NYT article is more vile and vulgar than what the Whacko Left Wing usually says about Ivanka. 

       Just listen to this: "Baby girl Ivanka Trump arrived in Seoul for the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics. President Trump, noting her arrival, loving tweeted out about his dipsy baby girl, 'We cannot have a better, or smarter, person representing our country." Then King goes on to compare Trump's message to a father praising his kindergarten-age children's drawings. 

        In the world of reality, however, the President was correct in sending Ivanka to Seoul. What King and his bitter woman-hating confederates fail to understand is that Ivanka is very popular in Asia. Even the Chinese government's official news outlet has Ivanka ranked as one of the top foreign figures most admired in China. Ivanka also has fans in both Koreas, Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. 

         But King is no stranger to saying stupid things like these. He believes not only that the Holocaust was a hoax; but also that there was no such organization as ISIS. The video footage of ISIS atrocities, he claims, were staged by 'crisis actors'---sort of like Sandy Hook and Parkland on a more massive scale. 

           King sometimes pontificates on history and, among his other revisionism, argues that France actually started WW2, and that the US Civil War was instigated by Jewish bankers---whose schemes fortunately were foiled by Russian intervention. We don't remember anything about Russians in the Civil War; but that only shows how deep the conspiracy goes. He said the same about Charlottesville, claiming that James Fields---recently indicted for murder committed during the rally---was hired by the Jews to commit the crime. 

          "Adolf Hitler was great, because Adolf Hitler was good." King explained about the aspersions cast on the Nazi leader's memory, "He was a man for all ages and his noble philosophy is for all races. Hitler's legacy should serve to unite all the diverse peoples in the world in the common cause of liberation from the predatory gangsters who work ceaselessly to enslave and torture the people of this planet. His great name will be restored one day, but, like Jesus, only after many years of being dragged through the Marxist mud." 

         In the same article, King goes on to explain why Hitler was a deeply Christian man who was fighting for the Christian West. With sources like these, it's no wonder the Red Pill sites have turned into such havens for raving maniacs. 

         Frankly, I didn't follow much of the Winter Olympics. But the highlight for me was seeing the lovely Ivanka representing what American women should be. But if we want to stay on this positive course, we can't let crackpots like King define our movement.


Saturday, February 24, 2018


      President Trump's Administration has thus far been remarkable in the way that it has met and solved problems. Trump has accomplished significant tax reform; is bringing us out of recession; and is well on the way to beating the Energy Crisis and the Opioid Epidemic. One of the ways that has accomplished these things---along with many other matters---is because he by-passes the Beltway Punditocracy and sleazy Corporate Media and goes directly to the people involved. A sort of modern variation of FDR's  Fireside Chats on early radio. 

      Last Friday, the President and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos held a conference with 40 educators and current and former students who had experienced mass murders in our public schools. Since the mid-1990's, these incidents have been occurring with frightening frequency. President Trump, however, rejected the idea that we should accept this as a New Normal, like the previous three administrations have done. 

      "I listened to their heartbreaking stories and asked them for ideas; and I pledged to them to take action. Unlike---for many years---the people in my position did not take any action. They didn't take proper action. They took no action at all. We're going to take action." the President said. 

      Trump also mentioned his visit to the Broward County Hospital (which went unnoticed by the Corporate Media): "People don't talk about the injured in these shootings. And they have to go through life with the horrid consequences of that situation that they were put in unnecessarily. 

       Some of the ideas floated around were very good ones, like re-opening the process of committing potential criminals to psychiatric hospitals and/or drug rehabilitation centers. Others, like extending various gun-control schemes, were more controversial. The President emphasized that---above all---partisan politics has to stop hamstringing any action. 

       Sheriff Scott Israel of Broward County has initiated a new model of training and response to mass-shootings. His approach took down an airport shooting last year---and probably would have saved more lives in Parkland were it not for the cowardice of one of his deputies. 

      Be that as it may, while Sheriff Israel's model is an efficient reaction to the do-nothing attitudes of politicians, it doesn't address the root of the problem. As the late Jack Webb said on an episode of Dragnet,: "Our laws are better for dealing with dogs---we don't wait for a mad dog to bite somebody before we take it off the streets." Very well put. By Sigmund Freud's own definition, in the inability to participate in a civilized society; to behave according to civilized social norms---is mental illness. Thus, the mentally ill should be taken off of the streets and treated. 

      The Whacko Left opposes doing this, however; for obvious reasons. It's no accident that the most Left-leaning cities have the highest numbers of mentally ill, sexual deviants, and drug addicts. Yet the Left is being hypocritical when it demands that guns be taken away from the mentally ill. Why is this hypocritical? Because the Left also argues that the mentally ill shouldn't be judged and shouldn't be considered potentially dangerous. They are entitled, according to the Left, to all the same rights has the rest of us. So, by that logic---why should the mentally ill be denied access to weapons?

          The Left can't have it both ways. Either the mentally ill aren't potentially dangerous and should have access to guns; or they are potentially dangerous and should be taken off the streets. It's time for a commonsense discussion about controlling crazies, not guns, 

Thursday, February 22, 2018


       The dunces in the Corporate Media and their confederates in the Deep State are facing a serious problem during the run-up to the Midterm Elections. The sheer number of their supporters---and even a few at the top--- who've been exposed engaging in violent, anti-social, and often just strange behaviors is taking its toll among normal people, who are typically Independent voters. 

       This problem has become especially bad online since the mass-murder in Parkland last week. The Media has tried to deflect attention from the bad behavior of the Left by focusing on Right-Wing crackpots who say that the shooting was false-flag. However, President Trump doesn't hold those views; so smearing him with the 'kook' label was unsuccessful. In fact, Trump's actions have distanced him even further from the Alt-RINOs in the public eye. 

        So, now the Left is playing the 'Russia Card'. They're trying to accuse Russia by dragging out the long-discredited myth of 'Putin's Troll Army'. They say that these offensive comments by Leftist trolls are really Russian agents; and the upvoting of offensive Alt-RINO material comes from the same source. 

         Looking at RT News' national news section, there's more concern about Western interference in Russia's elections next month. There's also concern about a crisis in Donbass, requiring more Russian aid; and some stories about military and humanitarian progress in Syria. It would seem that Russia has a few more pressing matters than trolling the American internet. 

        The American Media has been lying about President Putin even before they started in on Trump. During the Obama Era, Putin was the one world leader fighting both Wahhabi Terrorism and Western Cultural Marxism. The Left hates Putin for the same reasons that it hates Trump: his stance for Christian values; his unapologetic masculinity; and his commitment to freedom and services to the world and country. Putin, like Trump, stands for everything the effete Beltway 'elite' despises. And there's a considerable amount of envy thrown in for good measure. 

          Actually this kind of fake news---blaming Russia for the obnoxious behavior of American Liberals---is just as bad as those Red Pill cranks who are spreading fake news about Parkland being staged. They're probably actually feeding off of each others' paranoia to a large degree..

           The whole Parkland incident is, or should be, something to make us do some national soul-searching. The authorities knew of a human time-bomb, yet took no action. The school took appropriate action expelling Cruz; but they should have security-guards. The Media and various other scum have exploited the incident to promote their anti-2nd Amendment and anti-Russia agendas. The Red Pills calling it by turns either a false flag or praising Cruz as a hero. And Cruz bears the ultimate responsibility for this; and ought to be hanged as soon as possible, without the Legal and Media Establishments putting on a show-trial for profit and ratings. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


      Catholic scholar Matthew Rose has written a thesis explaining and outlining the anti-Christian underpinnings of the so-called Alt-Right. The thesis is remarkable for its depth of research, and also for explaining the often convoluted theories spun by this insidious movement in layman's terms. Rose's article is also very timely, with the approaching Vatican Synod on Youth scheduled this Spring. Readers may recall that, last Summer, American Bishops drafted a consensus on the radicalization of American youth---particularly its young men. Professor Rose's thesis is an excellent synopsis of the poisoned ideas from whence much of this radicalization springs. 

       "Almost everything written about the Alt-Right in mainstream outlets is wrong in one respect," he says, "The Alt-Right is not stupid. It is deep. It's ideas are not ridiculous. They are serious. To appreciate this fact, one must inquire beyond its presence on social media, where its obnoxious use of insult, obscenity, and racism has earned it a reputation for moral idiocy. This reputation is deserved, but do not be deceived. Behind its online tantrums and personal attacks are arguments of genuine power and expanding appeal. "

        This is a point which we have frequently made here as well. In fact, we go further and say emphatically that the movement is a cult. The thing to be remembered about most of these various leaders---both on the Internet and radio---is they are primarily autodidacts. There's nothing wrong with self-learning, but one of the weaknesses of not having a traditional education is lacking critical thinking abilities. Professor Rose cites Julius Evola as one writer frequently quoted by the Red Pills, for example. It's not difficult to read and study Evola---but one should also read his critics and balance their opinions against what they have read. Autodidacts often make the mistake of accepting scholarship at face value.

         The Alt-Right also holds several positions as though they were self-evident truths. This is one of their most cultish features: they are forever concocting neologisms, maxims, commandments, rules, etc. which are not open to any question and ---more importantly---not open to any analysis. The obnoxious slurs referenced by Professor Rose are ways by which they reinforce their principles to their disciples---by ridiculing others with different opinions or facts. 

         One example to which Professor Rose alludes is that the Alt-Rightists sneer at traditionally Conservative positions. They use the term 'Cuckservative' against us and accuse Conservatism of having failed by, in Rose's words "regarding them as principles which currently abet White dispossession." But the central question should be whether Conservatism actually has failed. Until 2017, we have been without a Conservative White House since 1989. Conservatism seems to be on a political upswing. 

          Then, in Rose's article, he gets to the heart of the matter: "The Media takes such statements as proof of the Alt-Right's commitment to White Supremacy. But this is misleading. For the Alt-Right represents something more nefarious, and frankly more interesting than White Identity Politics. The Alt-Right is Anti-Christian. Not by implication or insinuation, but by confession. Its leading thinkers flaunt their rejection of Christianity and their desire to convert people away from it." (emphasis ours).

          The point of conversion was the giant Red Flag signalling that we are dealing here with a cult. Now, true, the Red Pills profess Christianity occasionally, but they veil their anti-Christian positions by attacking organized churches. They say that the churches have been 'converged' and 'feminized' and assert that churches are toxic environments that are in a state of apostasy and working hand-and-glove with 'Social Justice Warriors' to overthrow civilization (as they define it). Rose quotes a young man who has left the Faith for the Red Pill Heresy as saying, "Soon the only people left in Christianity will be Third-World immigrants, and a handful of self-hating Whites." 

        A second Red Flag, also noted by Rose, are the number of outright Atheists in this purportedly 'Christian' movement. The fact that Atheists are in sympathy with the cult and churches are generally opposed to it ought to give one serious pause to consider their actual motives. 

        Professor Rose's conclusion is brilliant: "The temptation to dismiss the Alt-Right should be resisted...they distort many truths through both malice and ignorance, and lead young men into defending views and espousing authors whom they scarcely understand. Yet we can learn from their distortions how Christian Theology, whose failings have led to the movement's rise, might also be its remedy."

        Which echoes what we've also said for a long time: that it will take Christian men--- like Professor Rose and the Catholic Bishops---to stop ignoring the threat and start speaking out. A handful of Protestant leaders have starting doing so---most notably the Southern Baptists---and the Catholic Church is starting to move too. This is a positive sign because the Baptists and Catholics combined make up the majority of American Christian churches. 

        The article itself has much more to offer than our brief summary; so be certain to read it as well. 



Monday, February 19, 2018


     A blog to which we link, Moonbattery, had an article up the other day about this post on Twitter:

      The man pictured is named Andrew Pollack, and he lost a family member in last week's Parkland School shooting. The comments which followed are revolting. Here are a specimen of a few, posted at Moonbattery:

       "I have zero sympathy for this man. Look at the shirt he's wearing. He helped murder his own daughter."

       "His shirt, then the photo of his murdered daughter? It came full circle on him. Your beliefs effect everyone."

        "I'm sorry that he lost his daughter, but he voted for Trump and now is suffering the consequences of his actions." 

      "The shirt: I'm sorry, but I have to laugh."

      There are more such disgusting statements for anyone interested, but we feel that this sample is about as much as any sane person can tolerate. But that is the point.

       We expect this kind of behavior out of the Left. Most people reading such statements are filled with repugnance at the coarseness of character they display. But if it is disgusting for the Left to stoop to these levels, it doesn't justify the same stooping from the Right. The Red Pill/Alt-RINOs believe that it does. It's not uncommon on many of their sites to see similar things written about tragedies. 

      Conservatives should always seek to be held to a higher standard. There's nothing wrong with using rhetorical devices like humor, sarcasm, memes, etc. in their proper place and context; but the average person is just as repelled by Right-Wing vulgarity as they are from the Left. Remember that the average person in America is not philosophically political. Most Americans cluster somewhere in the Middle between ideological Left and Right. Probably the majority lean slightly Conservative while still favoring a number of Liberal policies. One of the ingenious political tactics of the late William F. Buckley was to juxtapose the confidence and stability of Conservatism against the extremism of Liberalism. The Reagan Revolution was largely shaped by Buckley's coolness while Liberalism self-destructed. And, frankly, in geopolitics, the Soviet Union collapsed without WW3 by a broader extension of the same philosophy.

       The Red Pills and the Alt-RINOs share with the Left a disbelief in humanity's potential for goodness. They both believe that people generally need to be ruled over by an elite who manipulates society for society's supposed own good. They only disagree on whom this elite should be: either superior Alpha Males from the Master Race or superior Commisars from the Master Universities. Both are at complete variance with the fundamental Conservative doctrine that "all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights." 

        The commentaries following Mr. Pollack's post are not only disrespectful to his humanity, but reflect the kernel of the intolerant spirit that brings about totalitarianism in a society. People who believe that man's daughter deserved to die because of the man's politics are a stone's throw from the Paris mobs who used to watch gleefully as whole families were wiped out on the Guillotine. If the Conservative Movement comes that---as the Alt-RINOs wish it to---then it ceases to be Conservative at all. That has already happened to American Liberalism: extremism has turned the Democrats into a party that Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, or Johnson wouldn't recognize if they were alive today. 

       Let's not let it get to that point. Faith also implies faith in our fellow-man.

Saturday, February 17, 2018


      Mick West, of the Metabunk site predicted---on the same day as the Florida shooting---that there would be theories flying around that the whole thing was a false-flag. And, sooner than expected, West turned out to be right, as he usually is. 

        The whole phenomenon of believing that these mass-murders are nothing but hoaxes really surfaced around the Sandy Hook Massacre in December, 2012; though there were some very few surrounding the Aurora Theater shooting earlier that year. The Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013 had the same doubters. Even though there were no casualties, the 2016 Pizzagate shooting also was said to be a hoax. 

       All of these theories are essentially the same: they assert that these events never happened, but were staged by the Media in collusion with local police, government, and various vested interests. It's well-known to the FBI and others in law enforcement, however, that criminal conspiracies become less secure the more people who are involved in it. And this is one of the glaring problems with these theories. 

       How does it happen that these things could be staged and none of the locals know anything about it? They don't notice groups of actors, truckloads of stage-props, and ominous-looking guys in trench-coats suddenly hanging around the neighborhood? 

        Because what we're essentially talking about here is roughly the time, planning, and personnel involved to shoot a movie. This just doesn't happen in places like Sandy Hook and Parkland without being noticed. And doing it covertly during the Boston Marathon is even more problematic. 

         Speaking of movies, has anyone seriously considered the cost of staging a hoax like this? I thought of the 1976 movie Raid on Entebbe, which re-created an Israeli rescue mission of a hijacked airliner in Uganda, In 2018 dollars, production costs for that film would be around $16 million. That's roughly what it would cost to film a staged incident like the Parkland Shooting. Not counting of course the massive blackmail and extortion costs which would have to be paid to ensure all the participants' silence. 

         Last but not least, if any Corporate Media outlet tried faking something like this, Trump, Pence, and Sessions would be the first to uncover the hoax and the first to expose it. This Administration hasn't been the least bit reticent about calling out fake news whenever its happened; and finding out Parkland and Sandy Hook were staged would be the Golden Opportunity for the Administration to discredit the Corporate Media permanently. 

        The people who believe these types of theories usually fall into the logical fallacy of believing that causes and consequences of a certain action are necessarily correlated. The fact that anti-gun interests cynically exploit these tragedies lead some to believe that these same interests must have caused the tragedy in the first place to bring about the desired end. 

        At a blog called The Thinking Housewife, we read the following as an example. The authoress writes: "The convergence of Ash Wednesday and St. Valentine's Day was too much for the gun-grabbing massacre mimics to pass up." (Why not that a psycho could pick the same date to make a dramatic statement?)  "Yesterday's supposed shooting of 17 students has all the hallmarks of another Sandy Hook Hoax." (Why? The dynamics of the two incidents have nothing in common other than that they both targeted schools.) "Could it be real? The burden of proof is upon those who say that it was." (Actually, no: the burden of proof is upon those who deny it.)

        She goes on to say that the whole incident seemed scripted, while ironically saying that "Mere photos of parents and children crying do not prove that any murders occurred." To this, we would add that modern journalists reading off scripts and faking grief doesn't disprove that they occurred. All that it does prove is that our Media is made up of idiots and incompetents who are competing to be the biggest drama-queens to get ratings. It's what's cynically called by media insiders milking a tragedy. 


         The Corporate Media itself though is also guilty of spreading hoaxes about the shooting. The Moonie-affiliated Newsweek and the Daily Beast swallowed a troll's story that Nicholas Cruz was a White Supremacist---the fact that he's Hispanic and not White never occurred to these brilliant media minds. Currently they're spreading the equally ridiculous hoax that Russian hackers are trolling stories about the shooting, rather than admit the embarrassing truth that the worst comments are coming mostly from American Liberals.

         All of this nonsense prevents us, as a society, from focusing on the central problems that actually lead to these tragedies. Which will end up in a self-fulfilling prophecy for those faking the news. 




Friday, February 16, 2018


      Dalrock---one of the ringleaders of the Red Pill/Game Cult--- has joined in a chorus of post-Valentines Day voices denouncing cultural respect for women. His blog has become something of a conduit for misogynists. Alt-RINOs, and latent homosexuals to sneer at cuckservatives. Now, to these jokers, a Cuckservative basically defines all Conservatives whose social politics aren't to the right of Benito Mussolini's. They are also vocal critics of the Church, pretending in both instances that they are the real Christians and Conservatives. 

       Dalrock has titled one of his recent posts, Feminism + Chivalry = Modern Conservatives. Even the premise of the title is wrong. Feminism advocates that chivalry is demeaning. And what Dalrock and the rest of his cult advocates is in line with that same perspective. It's impossible that feminism and chivalry can coexist; hence advocating abolishing chivalry is a feminist position itself.

       Dalrock is outraged by an article in The Federalist explaining why it's important to teach boys not to hit girls. He and one of his disciples, Larry Kummer, have taken issue with this position: the latter posting about it on his own site, Fabius Maximus. Kummer is a notorious crank who also contributes an investment site called Seeking Alpha. He's on record as saying that the Game/PUA movement is "the latest counter-revolution to Feminism." As we assert, though, it's actually an extension of feminism---whereby men adopt feminist premises and treat women accordingly. The Conservative position, though, is that Feminism is harmful to women. Understood in this context, one can see how violence against women is a logical outcome of feminism; and why the Red Pills are merely an extension of it. 

        In essence, Dalrock and Kummer are really male feminists themselves. Their whole social philosophy is gynocentric---Game is nothing more than accepting feminist stereotypes and reacting to them. Kummer admits this much, and Dalrock quotes him favorably as saying:

       "We have broken the old gender regime. It can no more be restored than toothpaste can be put back in the tube." 

        Andrea Dworkin taught much the same thing. But the Big Lie here is that the 'old gender regime' is not broken. Gender is biological and gender-roles have been with us since prehistoric times. We actually find what we call 'chivalry' in extent ancient literature: across the board the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Hebrews practiced it in one form or another. The evidence even from prehistoric artifacts indicate that a special value was placed on women even then. This isn't going to change because a few modern crackpots say that it has, or will. The French Jacobins, Russian Bolsheviks, and Cambodian Khmer Rouge said the same thing. But they are gone while the populations of France, Russia, and Cambodia live mostly by the same social rules they always have, 

        Dalrock goes on to repeat more feminist talking-points: "As Kummer notes, chivalry is a vestige of a previous time, and is inconsistent with an age where we are repeatedly told that women are as tough as men. Today most people accept the feminist position that not including women in Delta and SEAL Team 6 is a terrible injustice."

        First, it's doubtful that 'most people' believe that women should be commandos; but what Dalrock and Kummer overlook is the fact that the Pentagon blockheads who pushed for female inclusion had to lower the training standards so that women could qualify. In other words, they tacitly admitted themselves that women are not as tough as men. 

        These Red Pills seem to be the types of guys who, back in school, either got beaten up by girls or got beaten up by other boys for bullying girls. That's another way they're like feminists: they're projecting their own sexual frustrations on society at large. 

         As Conservatives, we believe in protecting and defending women as those who hold the future of mankind in their hands. As Christians, we believe in the same thing because Christ taught us to do so. And it's also just common sense. 


Thursday, February 15, 2018


    A usually fun informal holiday was ruined today in Southern Florida. A local scumbag returned to the school from which he'd been expelled and killed 17 people in cold blood. An unknown number of others were critically wounded. 

     The suspect involved was such a complete loser that students actually guessed correctly who was responsible. But reading through the media, various blogs, and commentary, everyone except for the gunman was guilty of Florida's massacre.

     There has been, for example, speculation about the suspect's politics. This may sound like a silly question; but what does that have to do with anything? Moonie-affiliated news streams like Newsweek and The Daily Beast have been stressing that there was a photo of the shooter wearing a 'MAGA' hat; other sites have pointed out that was a registered Democrat. 

      Does anyone happen to know who John Dillinger voted for? What party did Billy the Kid support? Or Bonnie & Clyde? Or Jesse James? Why is it any less ridiculous to know these things than to know (or care about) Nick Cruz' politics? It might make some difference if a crime of this magnitude was politically motivated; but there's no indication so far that this incident was. The media has mentioned that the suspect was outspokenly anti-Moslem; but Moslems weren't singled out for the attack. 

       People like this shooter are motivated by 'hate'; but their hatred is irrational. It's a neurotic type of hatred that projects hatred in general upon innocent people, things, or sometimes institutions and/or ethnic groups. There's little point in speculating about such people's motives---even if they were explained, they'd make no sense to anyone outside of investigators and psychologists. 

        The Corporate Media keeps these kinds of stories boiling for purely cynical reasons. Stories like these drive up ratings and high ratings translate to advertising dollars. And it's cheaper than producing crime dramas. In the past, the mass media used to promote religious institutions and other charitable organizations helping the victims. They would even give free advertising or hold interviews with people organizing such efforts. At an affiliated site, we profiled Sheriff Scott Israel, who has been leading the investigation. Sheriff Israel is himself a man of faith: in his case, the Jewish one. He takes the realistic approach that such incidents are inevitable as long as evil men have the means to carry out their evil designs; and that the challenge of modern law enforcement is to stop the perpetrators in action. 

        Though we disagree with Sheriff Israel on some of his gun-control positions, his theory of efficiency in coordinating first-responders and training for localized incidents is truly innovative; much like the way that the FBI stopped the wave of bank-robberies in the 1930s with the then-new technology of radio. While the police couldn't prevent hold-ups, radio enabled them to move from point to point rapidly---and as a team---thus making suspects' attempts to elude them difficult. The old saying, 'You can't outrun a radio' comes from that era. And Sheriff Israel's tactics have already stopped two mass-shootings from escalating from bad to worse. 

      This is what we need as a country in times like these. Faith that seeks solutions to what we can't control, and faith that reaches out to those who suffer from these events. Archbishop Wenski of the Miami Diocese said well that "we must come together as a community to support one another in this time of grief...with God's help, we can remain strong and resolute; and resist evil in all of its manifestations." 



Tuesday, February 13, 2018


      It's really amazing that anyone takes the American Corporate Media seriously any more. Aside from the constant stream of fake news---which is often very easily discredited---we have a growing list of so-called professional journalists getting caught in one repulsive act after another. And small wonder. When we learned last September that the social gatekeeper of the Beltway Media Elite was an admitted practitioner of Satanic Black Magic,  what was left of the veneer of respectability evaporated.  

     So it's not surprising to hear from The Miami Herald that 25-year news veteran Robin Cross of WSVN-7 was suspended after being caught on videotape harassing and intimidating her next door neighbor. According to many sources, Cross has been a nuisance ever since she moved into the neighborhood. She has a particularly nasty habit of trotting out her press credentials and threatening to dig up dirt on people when she doesn't get her way. 

     And so her downfall came after doing this to neighbor Robert Fenton, a Miami-area car dealer. The minute-long video clip is laced with profanity: Cross is screaming, "You don't own the f----g road! Yes, I said f---- in case you haven't heard it before! Except maybe from your f----g son who's dating a f----g nigger! There, I said it out loud!" 

     Fenton's son is an attorney who is dating the ebony lass to whom Cross refers. In a statement to WSVN, Avery Fenton stated that his girlfriend "is a wonderful woman who was reduced to a racial slur by one of your employees last night."

      The racial angle to this story is interesting. Not only did Cross' actions show her to be a typical journalistic bully but a covert racist as well. It's not so much that Cross used a racial slur so much as the fact that for 25 years, she posed as an objective, racially-neutral reporter. In fact, it wouldn't be surprising if she was reporting on race-related issues quite favorably (or more accurately politically correct). But what we see is that was all put-on; and that journalists act quite differently when they think that no one is watching. 

       In the bigger scheme of things though, this is further evidence that American media culture is in serious need of reform. And reform means from top-to-bottom. The entire media apparatus is corrupt and filled with incompetents who are basically paid to do nothing but prepare and read off scripts. There's nothing in the Establishment Media that has a shred of credibility or journalistic dignity left. Even President Trump prefers to go directly to the people via social media. 

        We recently heard about sports promoter Vince McMahon's project to build a competing league to the NFL. This is the kind of thing we need with the Corporate Media. Maybe some venture capitalists can build another news network? We can only hope. 


Monday, February 12, 2018


     President Trump's daughter-in-law Vanessa was hospitalized this morning along with two other unidentified persons after exposure to a suspicious substance which was mailed to her home. The letter was addressed to her husband, Donald Trump Jr. According to the US Secret Service, laboratory results have proven that the substance itself was simple cornstarch. But the effects of this action were not. 

    The incident caused derisive hooting from the Corporate Media hyenas, along with some truly sick commentary on certain blogs and in social media. However things like cornstarch can be employed as a carrier of deadly toxins. And, though the Media seems to have forgotten, another such packet was mailed to Eric Trump in 2016. 

      "I'm thankful that Vanessa and our children are safe and unharmed after the incredibly scary incident that occurred this morning." Donald Jr. said, "Truly disgusting that certain individuals choose to express their opposing views with such disturbing behavior."

       The FBI said that the incident was under investigation; however Trump's remark seems to indicate that they may have a particular suspect in mind. The fact also that the Corporate Media is already downplaying the story adds some impetus to that theory. Regardless of who or what was behind it, the whole incident brings to mind something that Pope Francis said recently about American being too politicized. When people are guided by the notion that the personal is political then a political leader's family is considered a legitimate target of attack. 

      Mrs. Trump thanked federal and local authorities for their prompt action. And we should be thankful for them, too. Who knows when the next personal-is-political type may flip out and come after any one of us just as they did to the President's family.


Sunday, February 11, 2018


      Vox Day has published his fourth (and thankfully final) article purportedly refuting a Christian response to his Alt-Right Manifesto.  Vox' article was somewhat anti-climatic, but nonetheless predictable. Blogger Comic Hound wrote a lengthy point-by-point commentary on Vox' Manifesto explaining how it contradicted Christian Doctrine. Aside from calling Comic Hound a Churchian and cherry-picking a few pieces of Scripture out of context, Vox never once proved his theory was aligned with Christianity.

       And that's been the point of our following this controversy in all its agonizing detail. It's a practical illustration of a common cultish tactic. Whenever traditional religion opposes a cult, the cult-leaders and propagandists immediately shift the debate from its initial premise. They simply argue, as Vox has done, that his assertions are self-evident truths. And they liberally salt these assertions with jibes, insults, and mockery---all this is done to throw a smokescreen over the fact that few---if any---of their beliefs are consistent with traditional religion. 

       Cults are almost always vulnerable at this point, because they need the authority of a traditional religion to give their movement legitimacy; while at the same time rejecting its actually doctrine. Even cults like Scientology base their beliefs in allegedly prehistoric events; and some secular/political cults like Communism and Naziism state that their existence is a fulfillment of some evolutionary mandate. The Red Pills do both: they claim an inevitable triumph that fulfills both Biblical prophecy and evolutionary necessity. 

      To address some of the points in his fourth article: Vox claims that his opposition to international free-trade is in line with Conservative thought; while its advocates follow Marxism. This is completely wrong; Conservative economists like Milton Friedman, Ludwig von Mises, Baron von Hayek, Frederic Bastiat, and Harry Browne all argued that international free trade promoted world peace. And this is completely logical, since if nations mutually benefit from one another the threat of war is less likely. Marx believed in international trade---but controlled, not free trade. 

       Vox, however, claims---and re-asserts here---that wars come from his formula, "Diversity+Proximity=War." That fallacy has already been debunked; but the raw racism of such a position becomes clear when within the framework of economics. China and the US are radically different cultures but President Trump's trade policy with them has opened up a new era of cooperation and friendship. Neither country has an incentive for war now with both of us benefiting from the other. 

       Against this, though, Vox claims that the survival of the White race is a moral imperative, while at the same claiming that 'science' proves that there are human sub-species. What science he means, no one knows: but his position is contradictory. If the White Race is truly dying out (which is not likely) then it stands to reason that other races are better adapted in terms of human evolution and that survival of the fittest applies to them and not to us. 

      It's a good sign to see however that more and more Christians are standing up and denouncing the whole Cult of the Red Pill/Alt-Right/Gamers, or whatever they call themselves. As Pope Benedict once famously said of another group predicting that the downfall of the Church was imminent: "It's been imminent now for the last two millennia." Whatever these would-be Alphas imagine of themselves, they are the ones headed for the ash-can of history while, at the end of human history, the Church will remain standing and triumphant. 


Saturday, February 10, 2018


    So we're now up to the third installment of Vox Day's rather lame defense of his Alt-RINO Manifesto. So far, Vox has yet to tell us how his Manifesto is based in Christian Doctrine or how this response to it is inconsistent with it. 

    This third section contains considerable arm-flapping and spouts of self-righteous indignation from Vox and his disciples. He's barely been able to go one paragraph in all three articles without references to Churchians, Cuckservatives, cretins, morons, and jackasses. This however is the Red Pill idea of high-level discourse.

     One of the high points of this third article was when Vox---who usually employs the notorious echo symbol when referencing (((a Jew)))---actually accuses Comic Hound of anti-Semitism! No really, he says this. And he even---falsely---claims that Comic Hound's rejection of the infamous Blood and Soil doctrine implies opposition to Israel's existence as a nation. Anybody though who's read much of Alt-RINO literature realizes that the Red Pills who favor Israeli statehood do so not out of concern for the Jews; but only so the Jews have something like an Indian Reservation on which to live. 

      It's interesting to observe though that many Christians regard concentrating world Jewry into Palestine as a policy of the future prophesied Antichrist. Not all Christians agree about prophesies concerning the Jews---but it's really a moot point for our purposes since Vox is simply throwing out canards without addressing doctrines at all. 

       The Red Pills hold positions like these because they share with the Marxists a belief in Identity Politics. One of the points of Vox' Manifesto claims that politics stem from identity. This true when speaking of very primitive societies; but societies evolve and mature over time through close cooperation. Identity Politics exist at the sociological level of tribal systems, but are regressive social traits in a civilized society.

        Vox claims that a nation's political structure is rooted in its national identity. If this were true there would never have been either revolutions or civil wars in human history. The American Revolution is a good example: both sides in the War of Independence had a common identity as British and polar opposites in their politics. Another more radical example is Korea. Korea had no historical identity with republican governments and the yet the country split into a Democratic republic and a Communist republic. What these examples show is that, in the modern era, Comic Hound is correct in that politics supersedes both culture and identity. And as we showed in the last post, the Catechism teaches us that such is the Will of God, that nations grow and learn from each other.

        As a side note here: political and cultural problems generally stem from a spiritual problem. In the two examples above, America in 1776 was a deeply spiritual culture which felt restrained by British culture. Korea had a spiritual vacuum in 1945 which was easily filled by cults like the Moonies in the democratic South and by Communists in the North. 

        Copying another Game cultist, Chateau Heartiste, Vox asserts the Red Pill talking-point  that "Diversity+Proximity=War." This, he believes, is self-evident; and refers to skeptics as morons. His only answer is a lot of sneering, although Comic Hound points out that wars fought over diversity were initiated by racists. Which should be easy to refute, if false. If we look back at the last 150 or so years we see the American Civil War (started by a cabal intent on extending slavery). Then we see the Boer War (started by a group who wanted apartheid). Then there was WW1 (started by an empire bent on ethnically cleansing the Balkans. They were allied with another empire which ethnically cleansed the Armenians). WW2 is self-evident on this point. Korea and Vietnam were instigated by men bent on driving the White Devils from Asia, just as the earlier Boxer Rebellion did.

         So when Vox snorts, "What wars are these morons talking about", the answer is just about every major war since the Napoleonic Era. 

         Vox winds up his rabid screed by claiming that America does not exist on 'the idea that diversity is your right'. The First, Ninth, Tenth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments to the US Constitution to the contrary notwithstanding. 

          But again this is mostly distraction. Where again is the Alt-Right Manifesto based in Christian Doctrine? Vox hasn't told us yet---maybe he will in Part IV.

Friday, February 9, 2018


       So Vox has now published his second so-called defense of his Alt-Right Manifesto. This defense is supposedly a rebuttal of blogger Comic Hound's excellent article refuting the Alt-RINO positions and explaining how they conflict with Christianity.

Halfway through all of this and Vox has yet to address the core issue. So have some of his followers.

       Vox has yet to demonstrate either how

       1. Comic Hound's statements are inconsistent with Christian Doctrine, or;

        2. How Vox' Manifesto is in accordance with Christian Doctrine. 

      Now that a day has passed and Vox has choked back some of his bile; he apparently realized those flaws in his argument, so he's cherry-picked a few verses of Scripture to 'prove' that Racism is a Christian value. Cultural Marxists argue the very same thing all the time. But consulting Articles 1929-1948 of the Catechism shows exactly the opposite to be true:

      "Respect for the human person considers others 'another self'. It presupposes respect for the fundamental rights which flow from the dignity intrinsic in the person. The equality of men considers their dignity as persons and the rights which flow from it. The differences among persons belong to God's Plan, Who wills that we should need one another. These differences should encourage charity...Solidarity is an eminently Christian virtue."

        Thus, Christian Doctrine---while it recognizes differences in people---holds that Empathy, Charity, and Solidarity are the attitudes which Christians hold. Vox distorts this view as advocating a one-world government: which it clearly does not. By Vox' illogic, Russian humanitarian aid to Syria and Ukraine would be immoral. 

         Vox also twists Comic Hound's words by making it appear as though the latter favors Open Borders. This assumption no doubt springs from his xenophobia which Comic Hound refutes in Point 5. Vox asserts that "nations have a right to exist homogenous and unadulterated by foreign invasion or immigration." Rather a paradoxical position for an American expatriate to take, to say the least.

         In defense of this point, though, Vox tips his hand and shows that the Red Pill Philosophy is all about neo-Marxist 'Identity Politics' and not based in Christianity at all. He says: "If you are anti-Nationalist you are by definition anti-patriotic and anti-American. Even worse, you are a Globalist". Vox keeps throwing this term 'globalism' around as though it was some sort of anathema. He seems to have forgotten that both the League of Nations and its successor, the UN were mostly conceived by Americans. And they were created to advance Western Civilization and its ideals of Democracy and the Free Market. In fact, the Korean and Vietnam Wars were fought by the UN to stop one-world government under Communism.

         Vox then makes this twisted statement which shows the brutality and vulgarity of his whole system: "All human beings are not equal in terms of worth."  Then he goes on state that by the logic of such 'cretins' who believe to the contrary, no one would be damned and Christ's Crucifixion was for nothing. What Vox fails to realize---because he himself is a god in his own mind---is that all humans are equal in that we are in sin; and that "God so loved the world that He gave his Son so that all who believe in Him should have Eternal Life" (Jno. iii:16). 

         Point 8 deals with the Alt-Right Manifesto's statement about Science in Society which is so ludicrous that it hardly needs refutation. Those interested can consult what Comic Hound had to say about it in the link above. 

         We are holding our collective breath waiting for Parts III and IV.....