Saturday, February 10, 2018


    So we're now up to the third installment of Vox Day's rather lame defense of his Alt-RINO Manifesto. So far, Vox has yet to tell us how his Manifesto is based in Christian Doctrine or how this response to it is inconsistent with it. 

    This third section contains considerable arm-flapping and spouts of self-righteous indignation from Vox and his disciples. He's barely been able to go one paragraph in all three articles without references to Churchians, Cuckservatives, cretins, morons, and jackasses. This however is the Red Pill idea of high-level discourse.

     One of the high points of this third article was when Vox---who usually employs the notorious echo symbol when referencing (((a Jew)))---actually accuses Comic Hound of anti-Semitism! No really, he says this. And he even---falsely---claims that Comic Hound's rejection of the infamous Blood and Soil doctrine implies opposition to Israel's existence as a nation. Anybody though who's read much of Alt-RINO literature realizes that the Red Pills who favor Israeli statehood do so not out of concern for the Jews; but only so the Jews have something like an Indian Reservation on which to live. 

      It's interesting to observe though that many Christians regard concentrating world Jewry into Palestine as a policy of the future prophesied Antichrist. Not all Christians agree about prophesies concerning the Jews---but it's really a moot point for our purposes since Vox is simply throwing out canards without addressing doctrines at all. 

       The Red Pills hold positions like these because they share with the Marxists a belief in Identity Politics. One of the points of Vox' Manifesto claims that politics stem from identity. This true when speaking of very primitive societies; but societies evolve and mature over time through close cooperation. Identity Politics exist at the sociological level of tribal systems, but are regressive social traits in a civilized society.

        Vox claims that a nation's political structure is rooted in its national identity. If this were true there would never have been either revolutions or civil wars in human history. The American Revolution is a good example: both sides in the War of Independence had a common identity as British and polar opposites in their politics. Another more radical example is Korea. Korea had no historical identity with republican governments and the yet the country split into a Democratic republic and a Communist republic. What these examples show is that, in the modern era, Comic Hound is correct in that politics supersedes both culture and identity. And as we showed in the last post, the Catechism teaches us that such is the Will of God, that nations grow and learn from each other.

        As a side note here: political and cultural problems generally stem from a spiritual problem. In the two examples above, America in 1776 was a deeply spiritual culture which felt restrained by British culture. Korea had a spiritual vacuum in 1945 which was easily filled by cults like the Moonies in the democratic South and by Communists in the North. 

        Copying another Game cultist, Chateau Heartiste, Vox asserts the Red Pill talking-point  that "Diversity+Proximity=War." This, he believes, is self-evident; and refers to skeptics as morons. His only answer is a lot of sneering, although Comic Hound points out that wars fought over diversity were initiated by racists. Which should be easy to refute, if false. If we look back at the last 150 or so years we see the American Civil War (started by a cabal intent on extending slavery). Then we see the Boer War (started by a group who wanted apartheid). Then there was WW1 (started by an empire bent on ethnically cleansing the Balkans. They were allied with another empire which ethnically cleansed the Armenians). WW2 is self-evident on this point. Korea and Vietnam were instigated by men bent on driving the White Devils from Asia, just as the earlier Boxer Rebellion did.

         So when Vox snorts, "What wars are these morons talking about", the answer is just about every major war since the Napoleonic Era. 

         Vox winds up his rabid screed by claiming that America does not exist on 'the idea that diversity is your right'. The First, Ninth, Tenth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments to the US Constitution to the contrary notwithstanding. 

          But again this is mostly distraction. Where again is the Alt-Right Manifesto based in Christian Doctrine? Vox hasn't told us yet---maybe he will in Part IV.

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  1. vox does not need to demonstrate the manifesto is within christian doctrine. you must demonstrate that it is not, ideally with scripture that you don't entirely misinterpret or quote out of context.