Thursday, August 30, 2018


    As many have been predicting would happen, Vox Day has begun passing the hat among his disciples to prop up the 'Alt-Comics' project. The dismal sales volumes and inability to gain an audience was bound to cause a financial pinch. 

     So Vox launched a crowdfunding campaign which met its goal is just under three days. Raising cash has never been difficult for cultists and the Red Pills are no exception. A few hundred of Vox' loyal toadies chipped in and the result is a new Alt-Hero graphic novel---featuring none other than Q Anon as the protagonist!

    To complete this monumental undertaking, Vox has assigned an industry has-been named Chuck Dixon to the task. Dixon was a major figure at Marvel Comics during the 1990's, but his career has been on a downturn this decade. Dixon ascribes this to industry blacklisting (though he was offered a project by DC just last year). From what I've seen of him, his biggest issue is less his political leanings than his acerbic and arrogant attitude and his general inability to work with others. Dixon teamed up with Vox in late 2017 and even his reputation hasn't keep the company from constantly teetering on the brink of collapse. 

    According to the crowdfunding site, Alt-Hero Q is in six parts. Arkhaven doesn't go into much detail about the plot, other than it vaguely has something to do with fighting evil. There are a few stills on the site of some goon who looks like a potential school-shooter storming Hollywood. 

    The response from Q Anon's own supporters has been less than spectacular, however:

   One upvote in three days isn't much of an endorsement. Actually, when one thinks about it, Q Anon's supporters don't seem like the types who'd be ardent comic book fans. Q provides them with plenty of real-time, virtual-reality adventures that make fictional superheroes rather passe. 

    All-in-all, this appears to be yet another of Vox' publicity-stunts; well on its way to oblivion. The idea that teaming up with Q Anon to 'revolutionize the industry' is the biggest joke so far.  


Tuesday, August 28, 2018


     There was a sad story out of Denver today about a 9 year-old boy who committed suicide by hanging himself. The even sadder part of the story is that this tragedy is being exploited by both the boy's mother and by homosexual radicals. According to what his mother has been telling the Denver media, her son was 'bullied after coming out as gay.' 

    Wait, though. How could a 9 year-old possibly believe that he was a homosexual? Didn't all of the homo activists tell us that their so-called 'equality movement' had nothing to do with grooming children? Who put this idea into this boy's head? Because anybody who knows anything at all of child psychology knows perfectly well that it is impossible for anyone to be a cognizant homosexual at 9 years of age. 

    One clue might be discovered in a statement from the school principal, one Christine Fleming, which read in part: "Our formal policies and practices reflect this commitment to ensuring that our LGBTQ+ students can pursue their education with dignity---from policies and training to stop bullying; to formal policies and guidance materials that fully respect gender identity, including the use of preferred pronouns and restrooms." Apparently, our cultural 'elites' have 'redefined' child psychology too. 

     When the Homos were pushing for so-called 'marriage equality' we were told that they simply wanted to redefine marriage. But a lot of us argued back then that normalizing this kind of sexual perversion by extension would change all of the civilized norms upon which heterosexual marriage is based. Since the nuclear family underpins civilization, that 'redefinition' was going to be extensive. Since 2016, we've seen challenged:

1. Parental rights over the sexual education of their children;

2. The rights of communities to protect their children from homosexual propaganda or homosexual activists;

3. The rights of medical and psychological professionals to address and treat sexual dysfunction;

4. The belief that genders have unique properties and are complimentary to one another; 

5. The rights of professional educators and sociologists to give appropriate guidance to children transitioning into responsible adults. 

      The past 100-150 years of Developmental Psychology have shown that boys and girls develop differently. From roughly age 8-12, boys go through a homosocial phase in which they bond with other boys, join teams, clubs, etc. and generally don't like/eschew the company of females. This is a normal part of growing up for boys: it's a period which is crucial to developing a boy's masculine identity. It's not uncommon that boys will develop an emotional (not sexual) attachment to adult male figures whom they respect: famous men from history, athletes, fictional heroes, etc. 

      It should be obvious too, that this age is the one in which boys are most vulnerable to homosexual predators/groomers. To 'redefine' the homosocial stage of male childhood development into a homosexual one is dangerous in the extreme. 

     The people who were really responsible for this boy's death are his mother, the school district, the Pride-pushers, and the fools residing in Denver who tolerate the promotion of these destructive behaviors. That he was the victim of a completely dysfunctional environment is evident from his manner of death. And we as a society need to stop pretending that such dysfunction is normal.


Sunday, August 26, 2018


    Predictably, the Whacko Left has reacted with glee to the death of Senator McCain. And they've even managed to use the event to bash President Trump. Trump offered his condolences; which some in the Corporate Media denounced as not being effusive enough in its praise for the late Senator; while other pundits accuse Trump of being a hypocrite since he and McCain often quarreled politically. This is standard behavior for the American Left however and should surprise no one. 

    What really stinks though has been the reaction on several so-called Conservative sites. One really stupid site, a Yahoo forum called Individual Sovereignty, actually proclaimed a night-long 'celebration' over McCain's passing. For those unfamiliar with this site, it's moderated by a 'gender-queer' named Bob Hunt and is filled with ex- 'Log Cabin' Republicans; White Supremacists, Red Pills, and various trolls who've been kicked off of other forums. In other words, it's a good place to avoid.

     Over on 4Chan, the home turf of Q-Anon, there were memes posted of people dancing over the news. The Burning Platform blog spread the discredited Q theory that McCain caused the disaster on the USS Forrestal in 1967. The Humble Libertarian blog claimed that McCain was worse than Charles Manson. I've spotted a memes floating around of McCain in Hell. Matt Forney announced a "McCain is Over" party; while Vox Day stated curtly: "I have nothing good to say about the late Senator, except that an Arizona Senate seat is now open." It seems that Trash Culture is infecting a large segment of the Far Right.

      Today, the Senator's death was pushed off the headlines abruptly after a mass-shooting occurred in Jacksonville. What we know so far is that a disgruntled contestant at a video-game tournament went berserk and gunned about two dozen people down before killing himself. How is that incident related to the passing of John McCain?

     It's related in the callousness of the reaction. Those pundits and bloggers dancing around McCain's coffin like a bunch of cannibals dancing around a stew-pot are of the same spirit as someone who thinks that losing a video-game tournament is grounds for executing the winners. The governing sociopolitical philosophy underpinning the United States is winning through fair competition, compromise, diplomacy and dialogue. We're not (supposed to be) like many other countries where the military, the secret police, and insurgents simply take turns overthrowing each other for political control. And our philosophy too is rooted in Christianity which teaches that by their fruits, you shall know them. 

       In the Greek text, the word 'know' is probably better translated as 'recognize'.  When we see so-called Conservatives acting like disgusting Liberals and applauding McCain's death, rest assured that they have more in common with the Left than with us. 

      And it isn't to be wondered that incidents like this one in Florida happen when the media portrays people throwing parties over the death of political figures with utter disregard for the feelings of their friends and families. One of the best features of Senator McCain's character was his belief in his duty to others; and acting upon those beliefs. As a culture we need desperately to start thinking of our fellow-man again. 

Saturday, August 25, 2018

JOHN McCAIN 1936-2018

     Senator John McCain died today of complications from a malignant brain tumor, just four days shy of his 82nd birthday. He was the last of the 1980's Young Turks---proteges of President Reagan elected during that era. McCain's nickname was 'Maverick' and to say that his political career was controversial would be an understatement. 

     McCain was a political presence during the entirety of my adult life. There were times that I supported him, campaigned for him, voted for him, and contributed for him. Then there were other times when I felt like charging his office with a pitch-fork and throwing him out in the street on his butt. In retrospect, that's the kind of reactions that real leaders with the confidence and courage of their convictions often receive. 

     It's rather pointless now to rehash McCain's politics. All we really need to do is to recall the elections of 2000 and 2008 and ask ourselves whether or not a McCain Administration would have been preferable to Bush/Cheney or Obama/Clinton. In that light, it can be seen that McCain's political influence was, overall, more positive than negative. 

     Despite the frequency with which our civic interests crossed, I never met Senator McCain in person. People who knew him well said that he used to host cookouts for his friends and was an above-average barbecuer. He was married twice; first to a Jantzen Swimwear model and then to the lovely daughter of America's largest beer distributor. He was a boxer in his youth and a boxing fan all his life. We all know of his adventures in Vietnam. He fathered six children and adopted another. It's hard to dislike a man like that, when all's said and done.

     In fact, those who actually hated McCain included: the Viet-Cong and other international Communists; the DNC; the Mainstream Media; Red Pills; the Gay Mafia; etc. A man with enemies like those can't be all bad, either. 

     McCain also wrote seven books in collaboration with his friend, author Mark Salter. Character is Destiny and Why Courage Matters were books for boys stressing the importance of character, with historical biographies as examples. Hard Call was a similar book stressing the importance of making decisions on principle. Faith of My Fathers, Worth the Fighting For, and Restless Wave were an autobiographical trilogy. 13 Soldiers was an anthology of war stories written by Salter, but produced as an audiobook by McCain. McCain also wrote a series of proposed reforms in the sport of boxing which were adopted into law. 

     Like all of us, Senator McCain was a fallible human being. He made some mistakes and bad decisions at times, but he always did what he thought was right and never wavered once he set out on course. He approached everything he did with enthusiasm and determination. He may not have been perfect, but we could use a few more men like him. 




Thursday, August 23, 2018


     Attorney-General Jeff Sessions, while speaking at a drug-interdiction task force meeting in Ohio today, dropped two bombshell announcements. And the bombs fell on top of two of the largest global narcotics-pushers on earth. 

      The first case came as a direct result of Sessions' new program which correlates information from federal, state, and local authorities to identify the top sources of narcotics smuggling. According to Sessions, the arrest of a notorious pusher in Akron whose Fentanyl supplies were directly linked to an overdose death. The lab results found the same type of drug had been located in other crimes. The FBI then were able to track down the front companies acting as distribution warehouses. That connection indicated that a major syndicate was behind the operation.

      The trail led back to Shanghai, China. Zheng Guanghua and his son Zheng Fujing were charged with 43 counts of "flooding the world with Opioids for over a decade," in Sessions' words. China has been notified of the extradition request. The Zhengs' top distributor, based in Boston, and 32 others involved in smuggling and distribution already have been rounded up. According to Sessions, Zheng-produced Opioids have been found in 25 countries and 37 US States. 

      Whatever happens to the Zhengs, either here or in China, their network is finished. Chinese authorities estimate that the Zhengs were smuggling tons of Opioids out of their country every month. 

     The Steamroller though, wasn't finished. Sessions announced the successful conclusion of a quasi-secret FBI project called Operation Darkness Falls. This investigation grew out of July's take-down of Alpha Bay, the largest 'dark web' Opioid-trafficking site. Two of the vendors who used that site, Matthew and Holly Roberts of San Antonio, were found to be the heads of another site called MH4LIFE. As it turned out, MH4LIFE is (or now, was) the largest online trafficking site in the US and fourth largest in the world. Between 2011 and today, the Roberts' sold every kind of illegal narcotic imaginable. 

      The take-down also captured one Robert Kiessling, the third largest fentanyl vendor in North America. He was based in Canada; and reportedly committed suicide after his arrest. Another named Ryan Kluth of Cleveland was arrested for dealing fentanyl and during the raid was also caught running a child-porn ring. 

      The full text of Sessions' speech can be read on this link,  since---as we all know---the Mainstream Media probably won't bother reporting it. But today's announcements were significant. The percentage of Opioids flooding our streets had to go down by at least double-digits after today's successes. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


    The online medical info site Healthline is the second-largest such website today. It is based in San Francisco and heavily contributed by members of postmodern Academia's science departments. This publication has made one of the most significant discoveries in all of medical history. We now know---after some 60+ millennia of human civilization---that having a vagina is exclusive only to females. 

    This revelation has shaken up the Medical/Academic Establishment: many of whom are convinced that gender is merely an artificial social construct. Thus this important biological discovery is a serious situation that has to be wished out of existence (like all other forms of reality that Cultural Marxists find distasteful). Therefore, the folks at Healthline have decided to remove the term 'vagina' from their literature in hopes that vaginas will eventually go away.  

     "It's imperative for safe sex guidelines to become more inclusive of LGBTQIA and nonbinary people." their editors have pronounced. Nobody has the slightest idea what that statement means; other than to appear educated and culturally sophisticated, one has to agree with it. 

      And as if this weren't enough they pontificate further that "This is gender-inclusive language that's considerate of the fact some trans people don't identify with the labels that the medical community attaches to their genitals." 

      This might sound like a silly question in our effete era, but---Aren't people who are living in a state of denial of empirical reality by definition mentally ill? 

       "A delusion is a belief that is clearly false and that indicates an abnormality in the affected person’s content of thought. The false belief is not accounted for by the person’s cultural or religious background or his or her level of intelligence. The key feature of a delusion is the degree to which the person is convinced that the belief is true. A person with a delusion will hold firmly to the belief regardless of evidence to the contrary. Delusions can be difficult to distinguish from overvalued ideas, which are unreasonable ideas that a person holds, but the affected person has at least some level of doubt as to its truthfulness. A person with a delusion is absolutely convinced that the delusion is real. Delusions are a symptom of either a medical, neurological, or mental disorder. Delusions may be present in any of the following mental disorders: (1) Psychotic disorders, or disorders in which the affected person has a diminished or distorted sense of reality and cannot distinguish the real from the unreal, including schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, delusional disorder, schizophreniform disorder, shared psychotic disorder, brief psychotic disorder, and substance-induced psychotic disorder, (2) Bipolar disorder, (3) Major depressive disorder with psychotic features (4) Delirium, and (5) Dementia."

       Such is the very definition given by the US National Institute of Health. Yet doctors are being told that what are clearly delusions---based in psychiatric disorders--- should be treated with the deference and respect of established scientific fact! And we do have to wonder about the mental state of the editors at Healthline who think that the delusions of sexual psychotics sound completely rational.

      This whole story has drawn considerable controversy across the Internet. But the real scandal is that American taxpayers are subsidizing universities which are turning out  psychological cripples who not only can't distinguish between men and women; they can't distinguish between reality and insanity. Even primitive witch-doctors know that certain herbs and rituals are exclusive to treating the respective genders. Our Academic 'elite' don't even understand that little. 

      We need to get our out-of-control educational system under some kind of order, or we're headed for some very Dark Ages indeed. There will always be quacks promoting pseudoscience, but when it comes from the so-called 'educated professionals' we have a serious problem.



Tuesday, August 21, 2018


    The Civil Rights' Division of the US Justice Department announced this weekend that they had reached a settlement with the Providence School District, under which non-native English-speaking students would have adequate access to language courses. The Trump Administration argued that denying English courses to non-native speakers violated the Equal Educational Opportunities Act of 1974. Some 8,000 children and teenagers were being denied remedial English.

     "As a result of this settlement, English Learners will now receive all of the services they are entitled to and deserve, " said US Attorney Stephen Dambruch. Providence mayoral candidate Robert DeRobbio said it better: "Providence students shouldn't need a Federal investigation to get a good education...the current {mayoral} administration has done nothing to improve our schools." 

      The current Mayor of Providence---Democrat Jorge Elorza---declined to comment on the case. It should be noted that Elorza is a former law professor and a graduate of Harvard. 

      Under the settlement, Providence Schools must:

1. Properly identify and place English Learners in all 41 Providence Schools; and work with parents to facilitate all available options.

2. Provide adequate English Language Services to all English Learners so to gain both proficiency and access to core grade-level instruction.

3. Hire a sufficient number of teachers certified in English as a Second Language. 

4. Monitor and evaluate programs for effectiveness. 

     The US Justice and Education Departments will of course monitor Providence's compliance with these conditions. 

     I've often believed that most complaints that Conservatives have about immigrants not assimilating is less the fault of the immigrants and more the fault of our public schools. Our schools teach them not to assimilate. In Providence though that's about to change.

Monday, August 20, 2018


    With Vox Day's media 'empire' in a state of free-fall, the gang at Castalia House and Arkhaven are resorting to all sorts of desperate publicity stunts to draw attention to themselves---since most of their work seems to be beneath anybody's notice. Marvel and DC Comics, for example, have about 70% of US market-share in comics and graphic novels; yet Vox seriously believes that they feel threatened by his miniscule output. Just the other day, he actually claimed that a panel from DC's Border Town comic somehow referred to himself; even though the character in question was a high-school student.

    He's seen other such 'attacks' in various places, too. Consistent with such paranoia, he and his henchmen have also been attacking imaginary enemies. The WorldCon76  meeting in San Jose yesterday was the site of a protest (of sorts) organized by Jon Del Arroz, one of Vox' pawns. As it happened, threats of Antifa counter-protests sent a yellow streak up Mr. Del Arroz' spine; and he did his best imitation of The Flash breaking speed records blowing out of town.

     The protest was therefore left to one Erin Sith: a Red Pill man turned via surgery into a Red Pill girl. The protest was a total flop, with a little over three dozen people attending

       An associate who attended WorldCon came up with an interesting theory. He noted that there was an uncanny resemblance between Erin Sith and Alt-Hero's poster-girl, Rebel. Both are tallish redheads; both have a habit of beating up men:

     Both carry the same kinds of rifles:

       There even appears to be a facial likeness---at least both have the same expression:

     Finally, I always thought that Rebel was a little buff in the neck, shoulders, and upper arms:

      Could it really be that Arkhaven's lead female character is modeled on a tranny? It wouldn't be surprising given the kinds of weirdness going on in today's Manosphere. 


Saturday, August 18, 2018


      Dalrock is a Game/Red Pill blogger who purports to promote 'real' Christianity---mostly by discouraging men from visiting church and by attacking other Christian writers. This is especially true where female Christian writers are concerned. Dalrock and the fanatics who follow him hold to a radical view that women have no spiritual position in the church. 

      In an August 13th article titled Mama Ain't Happy, Dalrock helped incite a troll attack against Sheila Gregoire and her daughter, vlogger Katie Emmerson. These two women were responding to a widely-circulated article by Lori Alexander which suggested that Christian women should live up to man's standards rather than God's. The venom poured upon them by outraged Red Pills led them to speak out about maltreatment by these men; which in turn caused Dalrock and his sans-culottes to double-down with even more abuse.

      Dalrock posits his whole theory of 'biblical headship' on a mangling of about a half-dozen verses from the Epistles of Sts. Peter and Paul. It's noteworthy that he ignores the 2nd Epistle of St. John---which is clearly written to an Abbess. The Acts of the Apostles mention a similar assembly maintained by the daughters of St. Philip. He also ignores several much more clear passages illustrating that his position is wildly wrong.  

      The Gospel of St. Luke speaks of Anna, the prophetess, who visited the Infant Christ and "she gave thanks to God and prophesied about the Child to all who anticipated the redemption of Israel." (ii:38). 

      The Old Testament Prophet Joel states that: "And I will pour out my Spirit upon all people; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy...Even upon all my servants, men and women alike, I will pour out my Spirit in those days." (ii:28-29)

      As for women teaching even men, Judges ch.iv and II Kings ch.xxii depict the Jewish leaders seeking spiritual leadership from the prophetesses Deborah and Huldah. In the famous 31st Chapter of Proverbs, we are informed that "These are the words of King Lemuel; in an oracle taught him by his mother." (xxxi:1).

      The Bible in itself contains hymns and psalms from Miriam, Deborah, Hannah, Elizabeth, and Mary. 

       Katie Emmerson and Sheila Gregoire state that God forgives women who've sinned and Dalrock pours ridicule upon the idea. But the Gospel of St. Matthew doesn't. It lists four women in the genealogy of Christ: Tamara, Rahab, Ruth, and Bathsheba. All of these women had some very dark pasts, but all are called women of faith.

       The two most aggressive parties in the troll attack are Rollo Tomassi and The Red-Pilled Constantine, both of whom are notorious for this kind of behavior. Their arguments are absurd to say the least. Tomassi says:

      "MeToo will be the end of evangelical 'Christianity'. Women assuming headship and authority over the church is just a formality now. It has become openly hostile towards anything conventionally masculine, which is why men will continue to leave the church. It's by women, for women."

      Oh? So did Pope Francis start ordaining women and nobody told us? The church is not and never has been exclusively for one gender or the other. True, there is a division of duties in the Church; as St. Paul tells us, but each gender contributes its unique strengths. If men are leaving the church, it's because they are being encouraged to do so by apostates like Dalrock and Tomassi.   

      Here are TRP Constantine's words of wisdom: "To Sheila and the feminists here, this is where your journey ends; when you can't tell if the pastor is Lutheran or Wicca and religion is clitoris worship. Enjoy the ride, you pay at the last stop, where there will be Hell to pay!" And to think some people actually accuse the Red Pills of being angry and hateful...

      It should be pointed out that the Red Pill is much closer to feminism than Sheila Gregoire is; and that the 'Christian' bloggers in the movement are usually indistinguishable from Gnostic and other heresies. And the phallic worship on these sites is quite blatant. 

      There never was a time when the Church was free from sin; because humanity has never been free from it. Thus, there never was some Golden Age, from Eden onward, that these cults can bring us back to. The illusion that there was is responsible for the success of many such groups. But those who embrace reality embrace the True Faith. 


     Jon Del Arroz, crony of Vox Day and notorious internet gadfly, organized a rally at WorldCon 76 to protest getting banned from that organization in January. Del Arroz has been howling for the last several months that 'SJW's at WorldCon banned him for his politics, and not because he openly defied them to do it. 

     So, Saturday in San Jose, the Red Pills are scheduled to hold the Predators Out Now Patriots Rally Against Pedophiles in Sci-Fi demonstration. Yesterday, however, the Bay Area legions of Antifa announced that they would be holding a counter-protest. Manly Alpha Leader Del Arroz suddenly decided for 'health reasons' to make a beeline out of town:

     "Unfortunately due to family health reasons, I'll be unable to attend any further WorldCon-related events this weekend. I have to leave the area because of heavy smoke and poor air quality. Health takes a priority."  he noted at his blog. 


    "The protest against pedophilia is still on," he continues, "And there's expected to be a sizable turnout. They have my full support..."

     Sure, Jon. Anyway, Del Arroz has assured us that the protest will be in the capable hands of one 'Erin Sith'---a trans-man who hangs around the Red Pill Movement and is known for rather unladylike behaviors like getting into fistfights with Antifa. He will be joined by the latent-homosexual gang, The Proud Boys. All of this motley group is ostensibly fighting for traditional values in American literature. 

     This isn't the first time that Del Arroz has hidden behind Mr. Sith's skirts. He recently noted on his blog that:

      "Erin has also very kindly offered to escort me to Bay Area Science Fiction conventions in the future for my safety's sake. Thanks, Erin!"

      What a pathetic excuse for a man. If you're planning to attend today's protest, that is the level of leadership you can expect. 

       It's doubtful anyway that Del Arroz' protests and tantrums will amount to anything anyway. He and Vox Day were totally wiped out in the first round of the Dragon Awards nominations recently. As those awards are reader-nominated, it's hard for either of those two to pretend that they're somehow being blacklisted by the industry.

      The Red Pills are fakes through and through. They don't represent any 'alternative' to anything. 




Thursday, August 16, 2018


     In the 'Sanctuary City' of Sacramento yesterday, FBI and ICE agents raided the apartment of 45 year-old Omar Ameen. Ameen is an Iraqi national who was in the country as a legal alien, who settled in Sacramento under Obama's Refugee Resettlement Program. He was in the process of applying for Permanent Residency when taken into custody. 

     The problem? It turns out that Ameen is wanted in Iraq for war crimes committed while in the service of the ISIS Caliphate. Iraq's Ministry of Justice alleges that Ameen, a native of Rahwa, Anbar Province, was a known member of Al-Qaeda prior to the rise of the Caliphate. Ameen joined ISIS and rose to become a commander. He returned to his hometown with a gang of thugs and murdered a local police chief who'd put him on a Watch List. The Iraqi Government states, on witness testimony, that during the ISIS Occupation of Rahwa, Ameen participated in numerous crimes including deploying IED's to murder soldiers and civilians alike. 

     KCRA-3 News in Sacramento obtained a social media post of Ameen and his ISIS cohorts boasting about the murder. They also reported that Iraqi witnesses believe that Ameen was involved in a 2006 murder at the Karaballa Military Base.

     Didn't Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry assure us that there were no terrorist infiltrators among the refugees? Apparently they were wrong. They did, however, deny Iraqi and Syrian Christians refugee status. The Liberal Deep-Statists were uncomfortable about allowing any more Bronze Age Bigots into the country; but Al-Qaeda and ISIS members fit in much better with their ideology and political goals. 

     In January, Sacramento Mayor Daniel Steinberg boasted that his city "would join, if not lead, any effort to fight threats against Sanctuary City status with litigation...That's the only stand to take on behalf of this city; which turned out 25,000 people to Capitol Mall : a city which prides itself on its incredible diversity!" Steinberg has been rather quiet about this incident, however. The Corporate Media has been trotting out the predictable "shocked neighbor" stories and legal 'experts' questioning whether or not Ameen's civil rights are being violated. 

     But it's good to know that, for once, we actually have a Federal Government willing to stand up to the PC 'narrative' and do the right thing. If convicted in Iraq, Ameen faces a sentence of death by hanging. 



Wednesday, August 15, 2018


    Last Friday, authorities in New Mexico raided a makeshift compound in the Taos area on a tip that a 3 year-old kidnap victim was being held there. The police found 11 teenagers and children living in squalid conditions; essentially being brainwashed to commit terrorist activities. The kidnap victim was dead, according to forensic doctors themselves, a casualty of a cult-like ritual murder. A gang of Wahhabi fanatics who ran this hecatomb were arrested. 

    Admittedly, when this story first broke last weekend, we didn't give it the attention that it deserved. During the Syrian Civil War, stories about these types of compounds were fairly routine, especially during the Battles of Deir Ezzur and Mosul. ISIS had a network of facilities kidnapping children and turning them into suicide bombers. The Allies managed to rescue most of the victims. The ISIS operatives running the compounds, though, were usually put up against a wall and shot. 

      But here in the US, the Whacko Left Wing doesn't see groups like the Jihadists as much of a threat. At least, so said Judge Sarah Backus. According to KOB-TV 4 in Albuquerque, Judge Backus released some suspects on bail because there was insufficient evidence to hold them in jail. They were held on $20,000 bond---no word on who paid the bail. It didn't help two of the suspects, though. The thug who kidnapped the deceased 3 year-old has a federal warrant for that crime, and one of harlots of that same thug was picked up by ICE on an immigration charge. 

       Outside of New Mexico, though, this story has gotten about as much Mainstream Media attention as the previous atrocities in Syria did. The Left is busy obsessing over some new White House 'scandal' about the President belching at the dinner table, or muttering a racial slur in his sleep, or something. But to the Corporate Media, things like cults kidnapping and abusing minors and practicing ritual killings are a normal part of day-to-day life and no really big deal.

      Judge Backus is reportedly getting threats over the decision; and the media is getting outraged over that. We don't, of course, endorse that sort of behavior. Threatening a sitting judge is an very serious offense, and rightly so. There are legal remedies for these kinds of injustices and they should be pursued instead. 


Monday, August 13, 2018


       President Trump and Education Secretary DeVos, please take note. The Hungarian Government announced today that it was abolishing Gender Studies courses in their university system. The schools affected includes one founded by international arch-criminal George Soros.

     Dr. Bence Retvari of the Hungarian Secretary of State's office stated that "university degrees must rely on a scientific basis for their existence. Gender Studies, an offshoot of Marxism and Leninism, must be termed an ideology instead of a science." 

    A press spokesman concurred, stating further that subjects such as Gender Studies serve no national or economic interest and are consequently a waste of taxpayer funds. All that we can add to this is that attitudes like these are desperately needed in the United States too. Gender Studies here are not only a waste of valuable tax-funds; they are incubators of the worst breeds of social parasites. Up until the 1990's, Gender Studies' departments and degrees were practically nonexistent in the US. They spread like wildfire---with metaphorically the same disastrous results---under the instigation of Hillary Clinton, Donna Shalala, Janet Reno, and Johnetta Cole. 

     Naturally, Hungary's decision caused an explosion of outrage among Europe's Cultural Marxists. The American Media---except for some Conservative-leaning outlets---has largely ignored the story lest it give politicians over here any ideas. The commentary on most of these sites has been overwhelmingly supportive of Retvari's policy.  

      Wonderful news to start off the week. Let's just hope our politicians follow Hungary's lead. 

Saturday, August 11, 2018


     Dalrock, a Red Pill blogger whose main effort seems to be undermining faith in traditional Christianity, has gone on the attack (again) against the Rev. Douglas Wilson of Moscow, Idaho. Granted, the Reverend Wilson is a controversial figure. But Dalrock takes on Wilson over this article,  wherein Wilson answers one of Dalrock's acolytes on the question of broken marriages. 

       Dalrock and others who worship the Red Pill hold to the extreme position that a wife is never morally justified in leaving a husband under any circumstances. Wilson shows (correctly) that the references that the Red Pills employ to support their positions refers to Christian converts within pagan marriages. These positions rely largely upon a misreading and misunderstanding of a few passages which the Red Pills contort to fit the misogynist philosophies underlying their entire cult. 

      For example, Dalrock chides Wilson for 'ignoring' a passage in the 1st Epistle of St. Peter (iii:5-6). This reads in many versions: "For after this manner, the holy women of old also trusted in God, adorned themselves, being in subjection to their own husbands. Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord, and whose daughters you are, as long as you do well, and are not afraid with any amazement." 

     The Red Pills point to some of Abraham's lapses in faith---even nearly giving Sara to another man twice.  In the Greek however, we get a better understanding of the context:  "Thus once when the holy women, those expecting God, accustomed themselves to being under their own husbands. As Sara obeyed the Master Abraham, him calling upon Him whose children you have become; and the ones doing good, not fearing anything nor in dismay."

     As an example of supreme faith, St. Peter here praises Sara---through whom it was promised Israel and subsequently the Messiah. Sara obeyed Abraham because she trusted God---Who ultimately did intervene. An analogous situation would be Abraham's faith when commanded to sacrifice Issac. 

     Contrary to what these cultists believe, the Catechism explains: "According to Faith, the disorder we notice so painfully does not stem from the nature of men and women; nor from the nature of their relations, but from sin. As a break with God, the first sin had as its first consequence a rupture in the relations between man and woman. Their relations were distorted by mutual recriminations; their mutual attraction---God's own gift---changed into a relationship of domination and lust." (Pt.ii; sec.2, ch.iii:1607). From the Garden of Eden to August, 2018 that passage describes the Red Pill and Feminism perfectly. 

      The Red Pills see sin only in one-dimensional terms: that the nature of women tends to sin and tends to lead men into sin. They overlook any possibility that the actions of a man could destroy a relationship, thus they accuse Pastor Wilson of "trying to straddle two horses; the Word of God and the feelings of women." As if somehow, the two things are by moral necessity mutually exclusive.

       The Catechism further schools the Red Pills in verse 1609 loc. cit.: "In His Mercy, God has not forsaken sinful man. The punishments consequent upon sin, 'the pain of child-bearing' and 'toil in the sweat of your brow' also embodies remedies limiting the damaging effects of sin. After the Fall, marriage helps overcome self-absorption, egotism, pursuit of one's own pleasure; and to open oneself to the other, to mutual aid and self-giving."

      In Dalrock's twisted world-view, marriage contains no such remedies; but is solely based upon the aforementioned sins of "domination and lust." Love---which is the basis of both our relationships to others as well as to God---is noticeably absent in all Red Pill teachings. 

       Because both genders are subject to sin, each has the potential of destroying a marriage by perverting its meaning. The Church teaches that the family is a microcosm of the wider communion of saints. Consequentially, either spouse has an indefeasible right to terminate the union, or temporarily separate, in order that the dignity of marriage be preserved. Women are not morally forced to endure beatings, enslavement, adulterous behavior by their husbands, abuse of children, criminal behavior, etc. Part of the Church's mission is to help such people---not make things worse for them. 

Thursday, August 9, 2018


      This story is not going away anytime soon. Since our last post, Google Podcast, I-Heart Radio, Linkedin, Disqus, and several lesser-known sites have cut ties in some way with Alex Jones and Infowars. This has all stirred up a huge controversy; with some claiming purges and censorship on one side to others calling for more purges and censorship on the other. 

      We need to step back and have some sensible dialogue about this, because it doesn't bode well for the future of Free Speech otherwise. 

      As we pointed out yesterday, this unprecedented, mass-attack on a single media outlet is probably motivated by legal liability issues more than anything else. A spokesman for Facebook said: "While much of the discussion of Infowars has been around false news... none of the violations that spurred today's removals were related to this."

     Apple stated officially: "Apple does not tolerate hate speech, and we have clear guidelines that creators and developers must follow to ensure a safe environment for all of our users."

      Youtube stated their reason as "repeatedly violating our policies against hate speech and harassment or our terms prohibiting circumvention of our enforcement measures." This last phrase is especially telling. It's also interesting that Youtube and Apple both strongly suggest harassment as a reason, and it could also could be deduced as a motive from Facebook's statement. Which leads us back to allegations made against Jones in the Sandy Hook lawsuit. 

     This same thing happened nearly a year ago with the mass-banning of the sick Red Pill site, The Daily Stormer. Andrew Anglin, who ran the site was also being sued for harassment and libel---in two different lawsuits. (He recently lost the latter case.) The debate then also swirled around free speech. But the point here is that with Rights come responsibilities. We can't be responsible for how some use our words, but egging on people to commit acts of harassment and violence can't be excused. This goes for Left-Wing agitators too. Keith Olbermann nearly got the same treatment as Anglin and Jones got, but discreetly bailed out voluntarily before the hammer came down. 

      Let's not forget that, in the middle of this controversy, are the victims of Jones' agitation. Noah and Veronique Pozner, who lost a son at Sandy Hook wrote:

    "In order to protect ourselves and our surviving children, we have had to relocate numerous times. These groups use social media, including Facebook, to “hunt” us, posting our home address and videos of our house online. We are currently living in hiding. We are far from alone in our experiences, as many other families who have lost loved ones in mass shootings and other tragedies have reported the same  continuing torment."

      The Pozners are American Nationals, and deserve the protection of the law from this sort of abuse. So is Gene Rosen, a hero who saved six children at Sandy Hook and has suffered vicious harassment since 2012. He is now 75 years old.

     Robert Parker, who lost a daughter at Sandy Hook has been accused of being a 'crisis actor' and was attacked across the Internet after a CNN interview. The McDonnell Family, who also lost a daughter had the memorial they had raised for her stolen and vandalized. The thieves actually called them to taunt them over the 'hoax'. In 2016, the sister of slain Sandy Hook teacher Victoria Soto was assaulted in New York City by a man demanding that she confess that her sister never existed. 

       Last year, the Catholic Church near Sandy Hook had to request police to patrol the Church grounds during a memorial prayer vigil. This was because of threats against the Church. And so on. To the best of our knowledge, Jones has never denounced nor criticized any of these activities in any way. 

      These are neither the words nor the actions of any real Conservative. Jones---like Andrew Anglin before him---is simply playing the victim card. Though not reported by the Corporate Media, a number of Republican politicians have stood by the Sandy Hook victims. So should we.




Monday, August 6, 2018


      Infowars, the media empire built around the colorful Alex Jones collapsed and collapsed hard today. Apple, Facebook, Youtube, and Sportify more or less simultaneously wiped Jones & Company from their respective services. Twitter is under a lot of pressure to follow suit. Jones has been in trouble for some time; in March over half of his Youtube advertisers quit on him. 

       I first heard of Alex Jones when he was interviewed by the late Art Bell sometime back in the 1990's. Jones was telling a story of infiltrating Bohemian Grove. Based on what I remember of Skull and Bones fraternities from college, the story sounded plausible. And it was an exciting story: immodestly, I'll admit, sneaking into Bohemian Grove sounded like something I would liked to have done. 

      Afterwards, I read Infowars fairly regularly. Jones was always impressive in the actual research he did. He cited publicly verifiable sources and questioned things that the Clinton and Bush gangs were doing. But things began to change as Jones' popularity soared. His stories became more and more improbable and based less and less in actual fact. I think I quit listening to him a decade or so ago. His stories were not only becoming dubious; he was picking up some very shady advertisers as well. 

      Jones really last crossed our radar screens here with his absurd claims about the Sandy Hook School Massacre. According to Jones, the shooting was a false flag; ostensibly to push for gun control and a police state. Neither of those things actually happened because of Sandy Hook, but Jones has made it his cause celebre. Probably more than anybody else, Jones has been pushing the Sandy Hook Hoax Theory, resulting in a pending lawsuit. 

       Jones and his wife divorced in 2015, and comments from his own attorney hasn't helped his credibility in the least:

    "At a recent pretrial hearing, attorney Randall Wilhite told state District Judge Orlinda Naranjo that using his client Alex Jones’ on-air Infowars persona to evaluate Alex Jones as a father would be like judging Jack Nicholson in a custody dispute based on his performance as the Joker in “Batman.”
“He’s playing a character,” Wilhite said of Jones. “He is a performance artist.”
      Jones' ex-wife disputes this, claiming that Jones is a violent maniac. Either way, it's difficult to take him seriously. Fanatic or fraud, Jones lost his focus a long time ago. It's sad in a way, because Jones' career really had a promising start. But fame and fortune went to his head. It's rather reminiscent of what St. Paul said to his disciple, St. Timothy about the love of money being the root of many evils. 

       Despite what the tech companies say, Jones' multiple bans likely were related to the legal liabilities that he was incurring. A 1989 US Supreme Court Case ruled:

    "This case refined the actual malice standard. Daniel Connaughton, a candidate for an Ohio judgeship had some members of his office investigated by a grand jury. One of the witnesses testifying in the case offered a quote to the Journal-News referring to "dirty tricks" that Connaughton allegedly practiced. He sued the newspaper and won. The Supreme Court determined that the newspaper did not pursue the truth with due diligence. It's worth going over what the Supreme Court determined was "actual malice."
According to the Court:
1. The paper relied on a questionable source.
2. It did not seek out other, more reliable sources.
3. It ignored taped evidence to the contrary.
4. It ignored Connaughton's statements to the contrary.
5. It ignored the probability of questionable facts.
6. It published an editorial that seemed to indicate prejudice, as it contained opinions that were harbingers of conclusions reached in the news article.
7. The newspaper's management and its reporters gave differing accounts of assignments concerning the story."

   Jones is, by these standards, in for a real legal beating over his treatment of Sandy Hook; and Apple and the others likely didn't want to find themselves in the same boat as the Journal-News in the 1989 case. 

       Even before the US became independent, the 1734 Zenger Case established the precedent upon which our 1st Amendment is based: "The truth is an absolute defense against libel charges." It's always better to go with the truth, no matter how lucrative falsehood might be.