Thursday, August 30, 2018


    As many have been predicting would happen, Vox Day has begun passing the hat among his disciples to prop up the 'Alt-Comics' project. The dismal sales volumes and inability to gain an audience was bound to cause a financial pinch. 

     So Vox launched a crowdfunding campaign which met its goal is just under three days. Raising cash has never been difficult for cultists and the Red Pills are no exception. A few hundred of Vox' loyal toadies chipped in and the result is a new Alt-Hero graphic novel---featuring none other than Q Anon as the protagonist!

    To complete this monumental undertaking, Vox has assigned an industry has-been named Chuck Dixon to the task. Dixon was a major figure at Marvel Comics during the 1990's, but his career has been on a downturn this decade. Dixon ascribes this to industry blacklisting (though he was offered a project by DC just last year). From what I've seen of him, his biggest issue is less his political leanings than his acerbic and arrogant attitude and his general inability to work with others. Dixon teamed up with Vox in late 2017 and even his reputation hasn't keep the company from constantly teetering on the brink of collapse. 

    According to the crowdfunding site, Alt-Hero Q is in six parts. Arkhaven doesn't go into much detail about the plot, other than it vaguely has something to do with fighting evil. There are a few stills on the site of some goon who looks like a potential school-shooter storming Hollywood. 

    The response from Q Anon's own supporters has been less than spectacular, however:

   One upvote in three days isn't much of an endorsement. Actually, when one thinks about it, Q Anon's supporters don't seem like the types who'd be ardent comic book fans. Q provides them with plenty of real-time, virtual-reality adventures that make fictional superheroes rather passe. 

    All-in-all, this appears to be yet another of Vox' publicity-stunts; well on its way to oblivion. The idea that teaming up with Q Anon to 'revolutionize the industry' is the biggest joke so far.  



  1. I'm out of touch with the Manosphere these days, but I lurk on the fringes of QAnon, and I can guarantee the Manosphere will not be able to hijack that movement. It is riddled with shills and disinformation, but the backbone of the movement consists of a diverse group of patriots who are fed up, and have done their research about the multidimensional attack on American and the West, which includes controlled opposition movements like MRA and the Manosphere.


    1. Thanks, good to see you again! Yes, I know that some Q supporters are sincere (I link to a few) and a lot of them understand (at least in substance) the criminal machinations of the Deep State. My personal opinion is that what we call the Deep State is really a confederation of time-servers, crooks, cultists, and ideological fanatics who align for temporary purposes; as opposed to an organized conspiracy with one central goal. Right now, they're ALL opposed to Trump because he's stopping and exposing their corruption.