Thursday, August 31, 2017


       During the era of the Deep State---and especially during the Obama Administration---there were active efforts to spread American Cultural Marxism, and Trash Culture generally---to other countries. Forcing homosexual so-called 'marriage' on other nations was a huge part of Obama/Clinton/Kerry foreign policy. Several countries were especially pressured; among them Israel.

       Today, however, Israel joined a growing number of Western countries pushing back against the American Left's to corrupt marriage. Outside of a vocal (and mostly foreign-financed) homosexual enclave in Tel Aviv, most Israelis are disgusted and repulsed by these assaults on their traditions. The issue finally went to the Israeli Supreme Court, which ruled that the Israeli Government had no constitutional authority to legalize homosexual unions.

        Justice Eliakim Rubenstein issued a statement saying: "For all intents and purposes, Israeli Civil Law does not recognize same-sex marriage. Therefore, the petitioners' request to have the civil courts rule on something under the jurisdiction of the rabbinical courts, which applies under certain conditions is not applicable here. In essence, the petitioners are asking the court to recognize same-sex marriage via court ruling, in spite of the fact that Israeli Law does not recognize it. Under Israeli Law, rabbinical courts hold the final word on marriages; and since the Supreme Court is not an ecclesiastical institution, it has no jurisdiction to allow such a ruling."

        The Israeli Supreme Court decision was unanimous, and it was a brilliant ruling. Unlike Israel, most Western countries do not have ecclesiastical courts; but the important thing was that the judges recognized that marriage is fundamentally a religious function. Although the decision referenced Rabbinical Courts, it applies by extension to Israeli Christians and Moslems.

        We've seen in Western Countries how ignoring this distinction has brought violations of human rights down upon the majority. In some European countries, churches are forced to perform homosexual 'marriages' regardless of their policies. In North America, businesses and individuals are deprived of Right of Conscience and Freedom of Association by being forced to cater to homosexuals. In all cases, taxpayers and public educators are forced to accept and to promote homosexuality. In some US states, it is now illegal for parents to seek pastoral counseling if their offspring become homosexual.

        Israel has avoided all of these injustices. It would be an interesting legal experiment to employ their precedent to overturn the US Supreme Court decision on the subject. Under American Law, the case could arguably be made that the ruling is in violation of the 1st Amendment's prohibition against Establishment of Religion. The argument could be that Freedom of Religion is compromised by forcing recognition of what is essentially a religious rite upon those whose religion forbids it.

         In any case, congratulations to Israel for standing up and defending their culture and society.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


     The American Corporate Media seems to be hitting lower and lower depths as they sink further down President Trump's swamp-drain. Recently they've been trying to exploit the hurricane disaster in Texas and Louisiana, and hitting some really pathetic depths.

      Several articles on our blogroll suddenly began appearing indicating that some of these Media degenerates are making a big issue of the fact that Melania wore high-heels during a visit. No, seriously: it's a true story. Mrs. Trump's office even issued a statement about it:

     "It's sad that we have an active and ongoing natural disaster in Texas, and people are worried about her shoes." said Stephanie Grisham, Melania's Communications' Director.


      These media pundits are sounding increasingly like a bunch of jealous middle-school girls out to get the head cheerleader. And courtesy of Adrienne's blog, we have photos of Lynn Yeager, the ringleader of the anti-Melania booing chorus:

      This is a graphic expression of why MAWGA is catching on. The outcome of 30 years of traditional Femininity vs. radical Feminism are most graphically illustrated by juxtaposing these two pictures. These two women are roughly, we think, about the same age. And the jealous bully-girls are still at it.

      But we know what kinds of people make up the Mainstream US Media and the anti-Trump 'Resistance' so this kind of behavior from them really shouldn't be surprising. They're not much different in character than the looters, price-gougers, and scam-artists who also surface during times of crisis.

      Meanwhile, the Government at all levels, Churches, and private charities are doing good work and pooling their efforts to address the Texas Crisis. Good men and women doing good things: we'll find that in Texas but not in the MSM.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017


      A librarian and a children's reading volunteer were killed yesterday in Clovis, New Mexico after a drug fiend who was "known to law enforcement" burst into the library and opened fire with two handguns. Also seriously injured were a male library patron, a young housewife, a 10-year old boy and his 20 year-old sister.

      The shooter's motives are also unknown; although they probably not especially important to the victims or their families. The Corporate Media lavishes attention on the perpetrators of these crimes, but sweep under the rug the fates of the victims and their families.

       What is interesting is that the suspect was an attendee at the Living Word Church of God. This has been the subject of some Media commentary: it fits their narrative when some nominal Christian commits an act of violence. There are several red flags, however, that seem to come up around this church.

        One is their social media banner which reads: "A Church with the heartbeat of God. There is soooooo much love...honestly!" Right off the bat, most Christians know instinctively where a banner like this is going. The next is what their pastor, one David Stevens, had to say about the shooter. He was quoted by KVIA-7 to the effect that "he had been attending church for three-and-a-half months and gave no indication that he could be violent." He added that the suspect "had been dating his daughter and appeared to be turning his life around."

        In contrast, the pastor's daughter has told the press that the shooter was suicidal, heavily into drugs, and had an 'anxiety attack' in church the day before the shooting. Real good discernment, Pastor. And like father, like daughter---her taste in men is highly questionable itself.

       The Church's website has little that is objectionable from a doctrinal standpoint; but one does get the sense that it is something of a minor-league version of a megachurch. Although there is a lot of fanfare about their various outreach programs, there's nothing on their site about helping the victims of the Clovis Library Shooting, for example. They do stress that tithing is a doctrinal belief in their denomination: but nothing about raising money for their own community. There's not even a request for prayers for the community; although there is a form to e-mail requests to their "mighty prayer warriors."

       Contrast this to a press release from Archbishop Wester of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe:

        "On behalf of all the faithful in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, I wish to express our sincere condolences to those who lost loved ones and to those who were injured in the Clovis-Carter Public Library shooting. Our prayers and support also go out to the community of Clovis and to all those affected by this senseless act of violence. I would also like to express appreciation for the pastoral presence of Father Simon Carian, pastor of Sacred Heart in Clovis. We ask our Risen Savior, the Lord of all Life, to fill them with His Grace and Healing during this time of unspeakable sorrow. May those taken from us so suddenly Rest in Peace."

       Contrary to the Corporate Media, this is another example of Christ's teaching that by their fruits you shall know them.


Monday, August 28, 2017


    As we've heard, President Trump has declared the parts of Texas effected by the recent hurricane a federal disaster area. The Corporate Media naturally has been trying to deflect as much public attention from Trump's efforts as possible. Actually, this is the third such declaration from the Trump Administration; the first two were in Idaho and Iowa.

     FEMA and other federal agencies are in the area, as usual in these situations. However, it has been rather noteworthy that accounts of hurricane's aftermath are remarkably free from the kinds of stories we've heard of FEMA abuses during the past administrations. There have been no stories of mass gun-confiscations, warrantless door-to-door searches, or other problems previously seen. Private charities haven't been turned away; nor have we seen the kind of offensive arrogance from FEMA operatives that characterized the Oso, Washington mudslide a few years ago.

      In fact, FEMA is actually soliciting civilian volunteer help this time.

      It's interesting to note how radically the attitudes of government bureaucrats change when a President is on the side of the people. Readers too young to remember the Reagan Administration never had such an experience until now. We're also seeing cooperation among different agencies for a change. The Pentagon opened Fort Hood for FEMA's base of operations.

        We will see how things happen during the relief effort. But it is noteworthy that just a few months ago people dreaded FEMA's presence after a crisis. A change in leadership can make a huge difference.

Sunday, August 27, 2017


     Berkeley, California is becoming a national problem. Yet another riot broke out in the city between political extremists. 13 people were arrested, joining 'Based Stickman' ---who was pre-emptively arrested on an outstanding warrant this week---in the local jail.

      To it's credit, the Berkeley Police actually seem to have taken some measures to prevent this riot---unlike previous outbursts. They had prohibitions against wearing masks and carrying weapons; which were ignored by Anarchists who stormed the police barricade. There were some serious injuries reported, though at this writing it is unknown how many.

      This is happening far too often in Berkeley; and there is really no excuse for it. It's no secret that most of these agitators are coming from out of town to disrupt and terrorize the residents living there. Berkeley used to be a nice town. It was formerly a rather quiet college town and the UC-Berkeley was part of a project to create a 'Western Ivy League'; along with Stanford, Cal Tech, and some others. But it's been many years since UCB has produced any alumni of any distinction; and the city has simply degenerated into an American version of Belfast or Beirut.

       It's going to take firm and strong measures to restore order in Berkeley, which neither Mayor Arreguin nor Governor Brown seems to have the will to do. This is not a partisan issue; but as President Trump said of Charlottesville, extremists at both ends are equally to blame. Nor is it a First Amendment issue. There's no Constitutional Right to commit violence in the name of 'free expression'.

       Title X, United States Code, Section 333 reads as follows:

      "The President, by using the militia, or the armed forces, or both, or by any other means; shall take such measures as he deems necessary to suppress in a State any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy, if it

      " 1. so hinders the laws within that State and the Laws of the United States within that State, that any part or class of its people is deprived of a right, privilege, immunity, or protection named in the Constitution and secured by Law; and the constituted authorities of that State are unable, fail, or refuse to protect that right, or privilege, or immunity or fail to give protection. Or;

      "2. opposes or obstructs the execution of the Laws of the United States or impedes the course of justice under those laws. In any situation covered by Clause 1, the State shall be considered to have denied the equal protection of the laws secured by the Constitution."

      Note well the bolded part of the law: it is very clear that the President has full authority to deploy the military in any part of the country involved in Civil Insurrection. This is what qualifies the City of Berkeley as a candidate for this type of action: because the course of an average citizen's ability to exercise his rights is continually being impeded by people who have no respect for law. The local authorities have shown that they are unable to control the situation.

      Should Trump take a bold step like this? The fact is, that he legally can. President Grant invoked this very statute to suppress the KKK in North Carolina; Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy used it to enforce desegregation laws; and President Bush Sr. used it to put down the Los Angeles Riots. And there are certainly parallels between these and the situation in Berkeley.

      Probably a good intermediate step would be for the President to impress upon the California authorities that, if they continue not protecting the residents of Berkeley, the Federal Government will be obliged to intervene.

      At any rate, something needs to be done. Mayor Arreguin did make an effort this time; hopefully he's getting the message. Federal intervention should always be a last resort; but the option is there, if needed.

Saturday, August 26, 2017


     ISIS, the once-mighty and most feared Jihadist gang in the world is on the verge of inevitable doom. The Allies announced today that Iraqi forces captured Tel-Afar, which was really ISIS' last outpost in Iraq. The war on the Eastern Front is pretty much over. Iraqi forces are moving toward the Syrian border where they are expected to form a junction with advancing Allied forces.

      ISIS still holds Deir Ezzor and Raqqa and much of the east Syrian Desert, but they suffered a humiliating defeat in the tiny village of Al-Qouriyeh. The background to the story is that the thugs have been abducting teenaged boys and forcing them to serve in ISIS' rapidly-diminishing ranks.

      When the 'recruiters' arrived in Al-Qouriyeh, they were apparently met by a mob of angry mothers and other women who attacked and beat the ISIS thugs. During the melee, several ISIS soldiers were relieved of their weapons and least six were killed, including their commander. The remaining Jihadists fled the village, taking with them an unknown number of wounded.

      So much for the Feminist and Manospherian lies about women under 'patriarchy'. If the Syrian Civil War has shown us anything, it's illustrated some of the highest qualities of the feminine nature when brought under severe pressure. During the War, we've seen Christian women martyred rather than surrender to ISIS; single women who've adopted war-babies; women salvaging bombed-out schools and teaching classes in caves---and even serving as military auxiliaries to free men to fight at the front.

      One of the unsung heroines of the war has been Syrian First Lady Asma Assad. Mrs. Assad was always admired for her elegance, but before the war preferred the role of housewife. She's said to be a rather shy person personally, not really caring much for the public role. The War changed that. In 2014, with ISIS and Al-Qaeda converging on Damascus, Asma captured headlines by refusing to leave the country with her family. She stated that if it was her husband's intention to stay and fight, that she would fight by his side. This stand encouraged numerous Syrian women.

       Mrs. Assad has since been active in establishing orphanages and placing Syrian children in families. She's promoted continuing schools in spite of the war and helped raise funds for rebuilding schools in liberated areas. One program she founded in conjunction with Syrian television was to fund and organize weddings for engaged soldiers on leave.

       This doesn't mean that Syrian women are 'superwomen'; they are simply the product of a culture where girls are educated to work with and not against their feminine nature. That's what women are capable of doing when they do. Our own pre-Feminist history is full of similar accounts. Women do what they do best when they don't try to do a man's job.

       The same is true of the Red Pill phonies who believe that women are useless for more than sex slaves. According to their foolish doctrines of hypergamy, women shouldn't show the type of loyalty and patriotism that Syrian women have shown. Nor, according to their extremist positions on submission, should they have resisted ISIS anyway.

      Fortunately, thanks to Allied efforts and Trump's reversal of Obama's Syria Policy, American women will never have to face ISIS like Syrian women did. But it would be worthwhile if they cultivated the same spirit again.

Friday, August 25, 2017


     In the two weeks that have passed since Charlottesville, the cult around the Red Pill/Alt-Right are having problems. The private sector is cracking down on their behavior. Both President Trump and Vice-President Pence denounced them; and Attorney-General Sessions and Senator Cruz have been discussing a Congressional Inquest. This week, provocateurs Chris Cantwell and Kyle 'Based Stickman' Chapman found their ways into local jails after publically bragging about their crimes.

      The Manosphere leadership has suddenly changed its tune. Vox Day and Roosh V have been throwing their confederates under the bus as quickly as possible; while others like Chateau Heartiste and Matt Forney have been trying to tip-toe quietly away from the controversy.

      Vox Day's shameless poltroonery has been remarkable even by his already-low standards. Earlier this week, he published a letter to Cloudfare in which he claimed: "I am no fan of The Daily Stormer. It is obnoxious and its editor Andrew Anglin has attacked me on many occasions." But here's what he said just recently on Vox Populi:

       September 3rd, 2016: After publishing an excerpt from The Daily Stormer's ' Guide to the Alt-Right', Vox remarks:

      "A tendency to recoil delicately from anyone willing to articulate, let alone actually fight for, their people's own interests is one of the fatal flaws of Conservatism; which at its core is little more than an aesthetic philosophy of noble defeat."

    November 19th, 2016: On Ben Shapiro's criticism of Alt-Right/Red Pill Cult values, Vox writes:

     "It's all too typical that dishonest journalists will interview the enemies of Christianity and the Alt-Right rather than speak directly to anyone from me to Richard Spencer, to Greg Johnson, to Andrew Anglin."

    Vox has also been attacking Richard Spencer, a White Nationalist and MRA leader, with an I-never-had-anything-to-do-with-his-ilk air. Let's see what he said before, however:

    November 24th, 2016: Vox praises Roosh Valizideh for defending Richard Spencer's infamous Nazi salutes at a post-Election rally and says:

     "It is good to see that Roosh is a man of integrity. It has been fascinating to see him evolve from a petty PUA to an impressive philosopher."

     February 10th, 2017: In an interview with Jack Murphy, Vox claims that a White Ethno-State is inevitable and adds:

     "What I am discussing is about as optional as the Law of Gravity. What has fundamentally changed is the US itself, and the reason that people like Richard Spencer have been ignored by the Right is because they were pushed out and aside by people like William F. Buckley and the Conservative Movement. But those are the people who saw this coming."

      August 13th, 2017: On another Ben Shapiro article wherein Shapiro references Vox and Richard Spencer as the ideologues of the movement, Vox says:

      "That is all true...but our success is assured because Ben and the Cuckservatives will not lift a finger to defend White Americans."

      June 15th, 2017: On the Southern Baptist Convention's resolution denouncing Spencer's and Vox' heretical beliefs specifically naming them both as co-leaders of the White Identitarian cult, Vox says:

      "We (i.e. himself and Spencer) don't hate Conservative Christians, we simply reject them as potential allies because they are useless failures inclined to do more harm than good to the nation. Their Christianity is cucked and therefore dying."

       November 23rd, 2016: After Spencer's Nazi salutes brought down a denunciation from President Trump, Vox writes:

      "Richard Spencer didn't create the Alt-Right, he merely provided a nickname for an Alternative Right that's been around since William F. Buckley purged the John Birch Society. Hillary Clinton didn't speak it into existence. Donald Trump won't speak it out of existence."

      And then to compound his hypocrisy, Vox said today that Spencer had cheated 'a friend' out of wages for two years. "You guys know me." he said, "What are the chances I'd ignore someone doing something like that to a friend?"

       Well, just ask Anglin and Spencer how reliable 'allies' like Vox are to their 'friends'. He's even spreading anti-Spencer memes now.

        Not that we have any sympathy for Anglin or Spencer---in fact, we've been writing against them for some time. But at least they took the consequences for what they did and didn't run around throwing other Red Pills to the wolves to save their own skins. Which is more than we can say for Vox Day.



Thursday, August 24, 2017


    It's about time this started happening. After a four-year term that saw four warships wrecked, several aircraft crashes, numerous security breaches, two wrongfully-accused sailors getting their sentences overturned, the loss of two foreign bases because of military misconduct, training-pilots refusing to fly because of unsafe aircraft, and the Fat Leonard scandal---after all of this, the Pentagon pinheads finally decided that Vice-Admiral Joseph Aucoin was unfit to command the US 7th Fleet.

    Aucoin was disgraced on Tuesday upon the recommendation of his superiors. Given his superiors' own incompetence, that is saying a lot.

    Aucoin was appointed by Obama in 2013. His primary duties seem to have been related to personnel management. That is, enforcing Obama's and Mabus' plans to 'integrate' more women and homosexuals into the fleet. Mabus, it will be recalled, was committed to ending the Culture of Masculinity in the Navy. Admirals like Aucoin were the result of that policy.

     RINO Defense Secretary Mattis appointed Vice-Admiral Phillip Sawyer in Aucoin's place. Despite Mattis' inclinations, Admiral Sawyer actually seems like a very good choice. Sawyer is a 34-year Navy veteran whom---despite having served under Deep State Administrations--- has a service record largely untainted by political posturing. He is a graduate of Annapolis' once-rigorous engineering program and has spent most of his career in the Submarine Service. He's also considered an expert on Counter-Terrorism and has served as a staff officer on Naval Anti-Terrorism commissions between submarine duties.

      This is the kind of thing that we need much more of from the Pentagon. It's a vast swamp in need of draining in its own right; and the Navy is probably the worst part of that particular swamp and the 7th Fleet especially has definite problems. These Obama-appointed commanders need to be replaced as soon as possible.

       The 7th Fleet is responsible for defending US interests in the Pacific. China, Japan, India, and Russia have been increasing their own naval presences in the region. This situation is due entirely to the power-vacuum that Obama created in the region. That's not to say that these countries haven't the right to expand their navies and defend their own national interests. But the situation in the Pacific is unique in that the US naval presence actually does maintain a balance of power there, and has since the mid-19th Century. The geopolitics are complicated; but absent the US Fleet, this vital region would quickly turn into a war-zone as happened after Pearl Harbor.

      The Clinton-Bush-Obama policy of using the Military as a social experimental field has to come to an end. We need a military of fighting men again. Admiral Sawyer's appointment seems to be a good start.


Wednesday, August 23, 2017


    The US Conference of Catholic Bishops today announced the inauguration of a new ad hoc committee to address the growing racial tensions across America. The committee was formed largely in response to Charlottesville, but is also part of the Bishop's overall plan to combat popular radicalization, especially of young men. The USCCB has already moved to bring up the radicalization issue at the 2018 International Synod.

     Bishop Murray of Youngstown, Ohio was elected committee chairman. He represents a region where extremism is near epidemic proportions.

     "Through Christ's example of love and mercy, we are called to be a better people than what we have witnessed over the past weeks and months as a nation." Murray said, "In recent years our divisions have worsened. Hatred is more evident and becoming more mainstream...our ability to face our problems together, with a common aim, has waned."

    Bishop Murray stated that the problem is so serious that the Committee's main goal will be to form coalitions with other religious and social organizations to fight the scourge. One of his first priorities is to set up a national interdenominational summit of ecclesiastical leaders.

      Houston's Cardinal DiNardo, head of the USCCB, added that the need to fight extremism is an urgent social problem.

       "Recent events have exposed the extent to which the sin of racism continues to inflict upon our nation. Marches by hate-groups such as the KKK and Neo-Nazis are outrageous to the sensible mind and an affront to human dignity."

        None of these Christian sentiments set well with the Red Pill Cult blog Return of Kings. Some Canadian calling himself Eusebius Erasmus today advocated infiltration of the Church by Alphas well-versed in Game and PUA tactics. Stating that the priesthood is full of "weak, cuckolded Beta-males" Erasmus recommends that those who've tired of "hedonistic game" would make good candidates for the priesthood instead.

        Another writer for Return of Kings, one Jimbo Jones, wrote yesterday a defense of the now de facto defunct site, The Daily Stormer. Jones compared the almost universal Internet ban against The Daily Stormer to anti-Jewish Nazi purges like Kristalnacht.

           "The entire Silicon Valley Empire organized a coordinated effort to bar a specific human being from expressing his opinions to the world at large." Jones opines. Actually this is a wholly wrong statement. First, these businesses were responding to consumer pressure; and secondly Andrew Anglin violated terms of use policies on multiple occasions. These writers who try to frame this controversy as a 'free speech' issue overlook the fact that Anglin is currently being sued for organizing a harassment campaign against a Jewish family. He also incited trolls to harass a woman disfigured in an acid attack; he's also doxxed opponents. Though his site used to carry a disclaimer against violence, at least 14 murders have been connected to known readers of his. It's not what Anglin said, but what he did, that got him banned from the Internet mainstream.

          So who is behaving more like Christians? The USCCB or Return of Kings? As Christ said, "By their fruits you shall know them."


Tuesday, August 22, 2017


    Since President Trump took office, the US Department of Justice has turned into a juggernaut; crushing everything from institutional government corruption to thuggish street gangs under its wheels. Late last week, Attorney-General Jeff Sessions took the steamroller on the road to Winston-Salem, North Carolina where he addressed a symposium hosted by the NC Gang Investigators' Association.

      Sessions made an especial point to talk about recent Federal movements against the MS-13 gang; an especially vicious collection of thugs estimated to have around 40,000 members worldwide. (As a comparison, ISIS was believed to have about 90,000 members at its peak in 2014). Around 25% of that number is operating in the United States. They are headquartered in the tiny nation of El Salvador, one of the Banana Republics in Central America. Sessions made the following announcement:

       "Several weeks ago, I visited El Salvador and met with their Justice Minister General Douglas Melendez. We discussed a joint effort to cut off MS-13 at its roots, and we put our plans into action. Within a span of just 48 hours, approximately 700 gang members and leaders were rounded up in El Salvador. That is 700 gangsters who will never reach American shores and replenish the cliques that we are dismantling and whose members we are incarcerating."  

        One would think that news like this would make headlines; but the Corporate Media seemingly thought it unworthy of attention. And worse still, so-called 'community leaders' and their fanatical followers are rampaging through the city streets tearing down and desecrating every statue in their path that offends them. This barbarian-level iconoclasm is the most ridiculous controversy to hit America since last year's brouhaha over gender-neutral toilets.

        Why aren't these 'activists' joining hands with Trump and Sessions and helping them free their communities of gangland terrorism and Opioid addiction? Instead of combing city parks looking for some obscure monument to become outraged over; why don't they help the police and FBI root out the scum who've made their neighborhoods crime-infested cesspools?

         Sessions described MS-13 as follows: "MS-13 members brutally rape, extort, and murder. MS-13 has murdered and permanently disfigured innocent bystanders to their crimes. They have attacked innocent people with chains, bats, and machetes. They destroy the lives of the middle-schoolers they recruit and the young girls they entrap, gang rape, and sell for sex; as well as the drug addicts whom they exploit for profit. Guided by their motto 'Kill, Rape, and Control' they leave misery, death, and devastation in their wake."

       And that is what these whacko Left-Wing 'activists' consider less important than some inanimate statue in their neighborhoods. This is what the 'Resistance' wants to empower again by overthrowing Trump. They would have us go back to the Dark Days of the Deep State when people like Obama, Holder, and Lynch were in denial that the gang problem even existed.

       Sessions told the police officers in attendance an entirely different thing than what they've heard from previous administrations. And it was no doubt a refreshing change:

       "We will not let up. We will combat this threat, take the fight to them, and devastate their criminal enterprises. We refuse to cede one block, one street corner, one inch to these gangs. They must never assert their sovereignty over American soil. It will not be easy. But I have complete faith in our prosecutors and our law enforcement. That is the work waiting for us when we leave this conference. As you go back to your patrols or back to your desks, I want you to remember this: Every day at the Department of Justice we recognize the vital work that you do. We honor your mission and we will always have your backs."

Monday, August 21, 2017


    For the fourth time this year, a Naval ship has crashed in East Asia. This time, it was the USS John McCain, a destroyer, which hit an oil tanker off the coast of Singapore. Last month, another destroyer hit a cargo ship while fleeing from a North Korean missile launch; only a few weeks before another crashed into a fishing trawler. For some reason, in January, the USS Antietam managed to run aground in Japan. This was the second grounding since one in Turkey in 2014.

       Generation Snowflake doesn't seem to be handling Naval duties very well. Three decades of dumbed-down, politically-corrected public schools and lowered recruiting standards equals this kind of collateral damage. We're talking about the same kind of military who spent over a year bombing Syria and Iraq---who killed thousands of civilians without harming ISIS. The same type of personnel who broke down in hysterical sobs in front of the Iranian Coast Guard after stupidly letting themselves be captured. The lowering of our standards has also led to a wave of military problems like drug abuse and other crimes---all of which are ignored by the press.

        This year as well, judicial authorities have freed three servicemen wrongly convicted of bogus sex-related crimes. At the same time, the Fat Leonard Scandal has brought down several corrupt Navy officials. All of this is a far cry from the near-idolatry Americans pay to our brave men and women in uniform.

         The RINO Defense Secretary James Mattis---formerly Obama's head of CENTCOM and whose poltroonery in Iraq led to the rise of ISIS---hasn't replaced any Obama-era personnel, nor changed any of Obama's policies. Admiral Harry Harris, for example, the Commander of US forces in the Pacific. Harris' incompetence to command not only led to the loss of these four ships and the Fat Leonard cover-up; his bungling also caused the failure of Obama's Asian Pivot, the loss of Okinawa as a forward base, and the loss of our bases in Cambodia and the Philippines.

          During the last crisis with North Korea, it was learned that our bases in Okinawa, Guam, and Hawaii had absolutely no anti-missile systems in place; nor has Alaska. Once under Harris' watch, a Chinese Task Force sailed undetected into the Bering Sea while Obama was in Alaska. The President was in range of Chinese missiles. This is the kind of national defense that Deep State corruption and political correctness have brought us.

          As for Mattis---he wouldn't even agree to the transgender ban until Trump forced him to accept it.

          Part of the problem is that too many Conservatives have the same attitude towards the Military as Liberals have towards the public schools. They somehow believe it is above reproach; and that military and academic bureaucrats are inherently capable of managing these institutions with no public accountability. Both are dangerous positions. The Pentagon and the public schools are in need of major swamp-draining: the sooner the better.

Sunday, August 20, 2017


      Back before children's TV was featuring homosexual love scenes, most of it were stories with morals or designed to educate. One program I've remembered from those days---though I've long forgotten the title---was about an alien invasion of Earth.

      In the story, flying saucers were seen all over the place; and then giant aliens would appear out of nowhere, terrifying the Earth's population and securing obedience. None of our advanced weapons had any effect on these giants. An investigative reporter (we used to have those back then) got suspicious. He ended up finding a tiny spaceship hidden in a cabbage-field filled with ant-sized aliens who could project enormous holographic images of themselves. The reporter simply put the spaceship into a glass jar, popped on the lid, and the Reign of Terror was over.

       There's an important moral here for Conservatives.

       The denizens of the Deep State are like the puny aliens and the MSM and their Alt-RINO confederates on the Internet are like the holograph projector. We're seeing images of "a White House in turmoil," "Trump's collapsing approval ratings," "Hundreds of protestors in the streets," "Civil War 2.0," etc. All of this imagery is fake.

       White House personnel were changed, urban riots occurred, there were disagreements between the President and his own party in Congress all through Obama's term too. But Obama was no threat to the Deep State, so these issues were covered up. Many have forgotten that the 2009 Stimulus Package and Obamacare were revised considerably by Congressional Democrats before being passed. The 2014 Ferguson Riots were far worse than Charlottesville. Many of Obama's advisors were not only forced from power but ended up in jail---far more serious than the phony connections Trump's people supposedly have.

       We're hearing all of these coordinated attacks on President Trump because the Deep State and their Left-Wing foot-soldiers are losing. The Trump Administration has a long way to go; but it's moving on the right track, generally speaking. All leading economic indicators except the Dollar-value have been going up; and even the Dollar has been fluctuating. A Chinese corporation even recently announced it was moving from China to the US! Trump has opened new trade-deals and he hasn't even introduced a formal economic plan yet.

        The MSM is focusing on the personnel leaving the Administration without a peep about the Administration's swamp-draining crackdown on corrupt bureaucrats and contractors. Nor have they talked about the successes of fighting gangs and the Opioid Epidemic. Nor that since Trump eliminated support for Obama's 'moderate rebels' in Syria, ISIS is being completed routed.

       So when Monday morning rolls around and the MSM are on one of their usual tirades, remember that this is all an illusion being projected by a bunch of puny pygmies. Those of us who remember Reagan recall that his 'downfall' was just around the corner---for eight straight years. Oh, and Bush 'stole the election' too. He was 'not my President' and the target of 'resistance' for eight straight years and two terms.

       President Trump isn't going anywhere either. It's up to us to keep fighting for his agenda throughout this year and 2018.

Friday, August 18, 2017


    It's a genuine mystery to many of us as to why anybody would pay even the slightest attention to the Mainstream Media, but many do. They've been caught time and again faking and distorting news; their personnel have been continually exposed as nothing but a bunch of neurotics and social misfits. It's well known that on several occasions they've been caught in direct collusion with the corrupt DNC and covering up scandals on their behalf while inventing scandals against the President.

     Another of their crimes is that they seem clearly intent on starting a Race War. To this end, the Corporate Media works with White Supremacists  as well as with Soros-backed fake anti-racism groups.

     The reality of racism in America can't be denied. But the reality is that our country has been fighting racial inequality and injustice since its founding. Sometimes progress has been slow. There are always elements who wish to impede assimilation from a variety of motives: and often these motives aren't even racial. There's power and profit in racial division.

     Regardless of our skin color, creed, or religion practically every ethnic group in the US has gone through this. In pioneer times, some said that 'the only good Indian is a dead Indian' and that the aboriginal tribes could never assimilate. They did.

      Then we were told that the Irish couldn't assimilate.

     Then that the 'descendants of slaves' never could:

       Then that the immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe's children would never become part of America:

     Then East Asians were 'invading our country' and would never be part of America:

   By the 1920s, Italians were next. Pundits assured us then that no Italian could ever be representative of American values.

   More recently, it's been Latin Americans:

    And Middle Easterners:

       The point of this being that every American is part of a group that suffered discrimination and bigotry. Even the Pilgrims came here in the first place because of religious persecution in England.

       It's natural to feel pride in one's community and ethnicity. But one doesn't advance either by burning down cities, desecrating monuments, running over people in crowds, or ambushing police. It's done by becoming part of the bigger picture, the larger community of America and what it stands for.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


     While citizens of the Prozac Nation spent the better part of the week rampaging through public parks and killing each other over statues, the US Justice Department was on the job. Attorney-General Sessions announced today the expansion of the Tribal Access Program, designed to address long-standing crime issues on American Indian Reservations. The program was the result of a project Sessions launched a few months to collect concerns of Indian leaders. Preoccupied with trying to incite a Race War, however, the Corporate Media ignored the story.

       Under the Era of the Deep State, TAP was handicapped by jurisdictional 'turf wars' between the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. After President Trump declared a State of Emergency relative to the Opioid Crisis, Sessions was empowered to deal directly with Tribal Law Enforcement; bypassing the BIA bureaucrats.

       The problem was so bad that Tribal Police didn't even have direct access to national crime information databases---something nearly every local police department has. In addition to fighting narcotics abuse, TAP will expand to cover crimes against children and sex trafficking. These latter two expansions were included at the request of American Indian leaders who stated that both are serious issues on the Reservations.

       What the new policy essentially does is to raise tribal police to a position of equality with other law enforcement agencies and open Federal resources to reservations on an equal level with other communities. So much for the supposed 'white supremacist tendencies' of the Trump Administration.

         Beginning yesterday, any federally-recognized tribe is eligible to join TAP, Joint federal conferences in Anchorage and Sacramento this month dealing with the Opioid Crisis on tribal lands. The Office of Victims of Crime (OVC) announced too the opening of three offices in Seattle, Albuquerque, and Chicago where they and tribal leaders will develop a plan to "provide American Indian victims of sex trafficking with culturally appropriate, comprehensive victim services." Again, something else the supposedly 'multi-cultural' Liberal Deep State never thought of doing. 

         Remember that these are the kinds of policies that the Corporate Media and the anti-Trump 'Resistance' (whom every day are becoming mutually indistinguishable) want to see stopped. Their continual opposition to effective law enforcement ought to raise questions about why they really desire its absence. It may be a coincidence, but it seems that every time that the Trump Administration strikes a heavy blow to organized crime, Liberal anti-Trump stridency goes up correspondingly. The reader can draw his own conclusions from that observation.


Wednesday, August 16, 2017


      Chris Cantwell has a colorful history among the Manosphere's Red Pill Cult. A former contributor at A Voice for Men and several other Manosphere sites; Cantwell more recently was involved with White Supremacist elements. As readers know, the Game/PUA movement has largely converged with racialist politics. Paul Ramsey, Steve Sailer, and Andrew Anglin are among many Manosphereans who used one movement as the gateway to the other.

      Cantwell went to Charlottesville, brandishing a pistol on video and boasting that he was "ready for violence." After the violence actually happened, Cantwell told interviewers that James Fields' car-attack was "justified." He also criticized President Trump and "the Jew Kushner" for condemning the Charlottesville violence.

       Today, Cantwell is a national laughing-stock after cracking up and bursting into hysterical tears on video claiming that he'd learned of an outstanding arrest warrant for him in connection with Charlottesville.

       "I dindu nuffin'!" Cantwell bellowed between sobs, "There's a State of Emergency and the National Guard is here! I don't think it would be wise for me to go outside!"

        Like every good Snowflake, Cantwell moaned some more about the injustice of it all: "I don't know what to do...I need guidance. I'm terrified! I think they're going to kill me!"

         I suppose that nobody should be surprised at hearing this kind of think from a Red Pill Manly Alpha Leader. After watching the shameless poltroonery of Vox Day, Mike Cernovich, Roosh Valizadeh and others this week; it's becoming painfully obvious to everyone that these characters are nothing but cowards, losers, and perverts---not leaders of men at all. They call us Cuckservatives and boast that they are "the Right who will fight." What a scam they've been running on vulnerable men.

         Cantwell wasn't through. A notorious troll himself, Cantwell was screeching about threats: "Our enemies will stop at nothing, they've been threatening us all over the place!" This is in response to a tweet from Bradley Manning.

         Ever the Red Pill cultist; Cantwell had to throw in the obligatory misogynist snort: "Somebody like Donald Trump, somebody who gives his daughter to a Jew: I don't think could feel the same way about race as I do and watch that Jew bastard Kushner walk around with that beautiful girl."

         The organizers of the Charlottesville Rally predicted that the event would be a 'turning- point for the movement.' It certainly has been---though not in the way they intended.

          Men who are vulnerable and feel slighted by society, take note. This movement is nothing but a cult; and their leaders are nothing but fakes. What to do? Work within the system. President Trump won a fair and free election that many thought impossible. It took work, time, and effort.

         There is no shortcut to success with work, women, or self-government. It's an old maxim but a true one: self-improvement is winning half the battle. Following charlatans like Cantwell is the road to ruin.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


   Well, we predicted this yesterday, but things happened more quickly than expected. The Daily Stormer---one of the worst of the fake-Right Red Pill Cult websites---has been ejected unceremoniously from most mainstream hosting sites. Google and Youtube made the announcement this morning; followed in rapid succession by Airbnb, Facebook, and Discord. More to follow, for certain.

     According to Tech news site The Verge, Andrew Anglin has moved his obnoxious site to the echo-chambers of the so-called 'Dark Web'. But the Free Market has spoken and these bans, along with the impending lawsuit over Anglin's actions in Whitefish, Montana, likely have relegated this tin-horn pipsqueak and his 'Alpha' minions to social obscurity.

      The final straw seems to have been Anglin's attack on the murder-victim in Charlottesville, though this was hardly the first time he'd done such things. Last December, Anglin praised an acid-attack on an Italian model and encouraged his minions to send insulting personal messages to her. Earlier this year, he praised the murder of an elderly, impoverished Black man in a brutal knife attack. He also applauded the murder of a Black ROTC cadet and defended the vicious stabbing attack on the Portland PDX. More recently, he lamented that Whites didn't treat race-mixing couples as a Wahhabi group recently did: butchering a 19 year-old woman in cold blood. Anglin is currently being sued by the Gersh family of Whitefish, Montana for instigating an online troll attack that terrorized the Gershes and the Jewish citizens of Whitefish for months.

        Anglin's downfall also has another important lesson. This dirtbag and his followers weren't stopped with "tough new laws" or with "a speech czar." This was accomplished by free citizens in a free market holding corporate CEOs and suppliers of Internet services accountable and demanding change. From the political end, speeches from the President and others may have encouraged action in the private sector; but this whole affair is an example of how the system is supposed to work. 

         The Internet feels like a much cleaner place today. And on the anniversary of the end of WW2, no less.


Monday, August 14, 2017


    Red Pill cultists Vox Day and Roosh Valizadeh are again leading the Charlottesville charge: this time in a different direction. Joined by a growing number of traitors---among them Ramzpaul, Mike Cernovich, PA, and various others---the Dark Triad corner of the Internet is swelling with the chorus: "I dindu nuffin!"

    Even the chumps at Vanguard America, are denying that James Fields---suspect in the Charlottesville murder---was ever a member. Yeah, sure.

     What's brought this all about is a looming and long-overdue crackdown signaled today by President Trump and during the weekend by Vice-President Pence and Attorney-General Sessions. Apparently the FBI has taken over the investigation into Charlottesville and the FAA is looking into the rather suspicious police helicopter crash shortly afterwards. Senator Cruz has been calling for a Congressional Inquest.

     In the private sector, webhost GoDaddy has terminated hosting The Daily Stormer. The pathetic Andrew Anglin tried to make it look like a hacking, though most experts suspect this to have been a hoax. There are rumors flying about that a lot of these trolls are about to kicked off of forums like Youtube, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

     Vox, Roosh, and their disciples can run but they can't hide. And there's a lesson here for lost and confused men who are flirting with these radical movements: For all their blather about 'brotherhoods' and 'manly Alpha leadership', when the irons are actually in the fire these guys are going to throw you under the bus and save their own skins. And that's true for Leftist radicals too. Remember the Inauguration Day riots last January? Hundreds of Antifa and associated types are still sitting in the pokey while those who egged them on are giving paid interviews in the MSM.

      Another good example is Welch, the Pizzagate shooter. Welch realized he'd been lied to too late. He'll be in the Pen for until early next decade---a sadder but wiser man. The point though being that none of the Pizzagate proponents---many of whom profited off the story---were ever punished. But Welch, who acted on their theories, was.

     What's going happen from Charlottesville? There may be some prosecutions if the FBI can prove Conspiracy, or the helicopter crash turns out not to have been an accident. Most likely though the main reaction is going to come from public and political pressure to drive this bunch out of the mainstream. As we've said for a long time, it's going to take leaders from the Conservative movement to start denouncing these groups and we're starting to see it now with high-ranking Republicans like Senators Cruz and Hatch and Paul Ryan speaking out. Let's hope that this trend has a trickle-down effect.



Sunday, August 13, 2017


     In the wake of yesterday's disaster in Charlottesville, there's been criticism of the Alt-Right and the Red Pill Cult cutting a wide swath across the political spectrum. From Conservatives to Neocons to Liberals to Leftists, the sentiment has been more or less universal.

      It's somewhat amazing that these extremists are so repugnant that they actually manage to effect rare instances of national unity just by opening their mouths. But these jugheads never learn; and every outpouring of mass indignation seems only to reinforce their Superiority Complexes.

     And thus The Daily Stormer---one of the prime agitators for the Charlottesville rally---ran a headline today about yesterday's vehicular attack. It reads: "Heather Heyer; Woman Killed in Road Rage Incident was a Fat, Childless, 32 year-old Slut".

     Andrew Anglin, the author of article and Daily Stormer editor, actually wonders why people consider things like this offensive. The text of the article is even worse than the headline and, as a public service, we'll simply not quote from it here.

       This kind of gutter-level writing has no place in civilized political discourse. That should go without saying. But worse still, we've yet to see even one of these Alt-Right or Red Pill leaders express even the slightest remorse or shame over what happened in Charlottesville. It's no argument to say that 'Liberals do it too!' We're not Leftists and behaving like them is no credit to anyone.

       The fact of the matter is that Heather Heyer was an American citizen murdered in cold blood by a thug. Several others may be permanently injured from the attack; and the Courts should give the attacker a scheduled meeting with the hangman.

        Senator Ted Cruz said after the murder: "Violence, brutality, and murder have no place in a civilized society. The Nazis, KKK, a white supremacists are repulsive and evil, and all of us have a moral obligation to speak out against the lies, bigotry, and hatred that they propagate."

         Can other Conservatives do any less? It's past time for Christian and Conservative leaders to support our political officials and begin denouncing these extremists.



    Details are slowly trickling in surrounding Saturday's horrific events in Charlottesville. Attorney-General Sessions issued a statement promising Federal help in investigating today's crimes. The car-attacker who mowed down demonstrators ISIS-style has been identified but few details have been released about him; and the cause of the police helicopter 'accident' is still under investigation.

     The biggest issue with Charlottesville is the so-called Alt-Right's complicity in this violence. As we've stressed repeatedly, those who call themselves politically Right must be held to higher standards of conduct and political discourse. We expect this kind of thuggish behavior because they have no logically defensible positions nor moral justifications for them---hence, they can only resort to force.

      Anyone who employs the same tactics and rhetorical devices as the Left, yet claims to be part of the Right is inherently being dishonest. Senator Orrin Hatch today recalled how his older brother was killed in action during WW2 and expressed his revulsion that those carrying Nazi flags claim to represent the true America. Those of us who had grandparents in WW2---grandparents who used to tell us stories about their grandparents in the Civil War---feel roughly the same about seeing Confederate flags employed for the same purpose. My great-great grandfather, for example, lost a thumb at Chickamauga and his brother came out of Andersonville permanently crippled from Dysentery. Though I understand the whole 'Southern Heritage' thing I can gather very little sympathy for Neo-Confederates.

     Although Saturday's events are still being analyzed, several Alt-Right and Red Pill bloggers are doubling-down. Here are some of their own words from today---illustrating even better than we could why Conservatives need to kick these punks back to the fringes and stand with Trump and Sessions in condemning them.

     A few of these worthies found humor in the situation. Some of their comedic talents are about on par with Stephen Colbert and Kathy Griffin.

     Social Extinction has a still photograph of the Dodge Challenger running down the crowd. He comments: "Good American steel. Make Dodge Great Again!"

     Aeoli Pera noted: "I am literally crying now. Tears of joy. The world has one less Communist in it".

      Those rib-splitting jokesters aside, others took a more serious stance:

     Daniel Friberg, a Swedish national and major financial sponsor of these Alt-Right cults was at the rally and tweeted: "The Nordic Alt-Right was on location in Charlottesville. It escalated into total Civil War."

      Here is an example of someone who needs his passport revoked and banned from entry into the country. This wouldn't be without precedent either---Friberg is close to being banned from Hungary and various other parts of Europe. We don't need foreigners here inciting civil wars, for certain.

       And then, barely two weeks after accusing the ADL of libel for labeling him part of the Alt-Right, Matt Forney wrote a long piece of fake news on Return of Kings. Citing such unimpeachable sources as Richard Spencer, David Duke, Jason Kessler and Tim 'Baked Alaska' Treadstone to the effect that the police were responsible for the violence. "A car drove through a crowd of Antifas, injuring several and killing at least one." he boldly states.

      But the crowd hit in fact was not Antifa, but a peaceful demonstration. Look at the video and see that none of the marchers are wearing Antifa colors nor committing any violent deeds.

      The aforementioned Mr. Alaska---recently banned from GoFundMe for trying to raise money for Charlottesville in violation of that website's policies, got pepper-sprayed by police during the riot. As with his account ban, he dindu nuffin' to deserve that sort of treatment. But according to Pax Dickinson, as reported to Vox Day, Dickinson, Baked Alaska, Richard Spencer, and Nathan Damigo were gassed after blockading police trying to disperse the crowd.

     Of course, Vox Day was whipping on the violence as much as possible too---from the safety of his Italian villa. He's giddy with hope that more men will be radicalized by today's events.

     "As always, people know nothing about PR, nothing about the media, and will cuck at the drop of a hat." He says this of Conservative critics. "Gamers are not dead, neither is the Alt-Right brand...the historical trends will sweep all of this before it. Diversity + Proximity= War."

     Cail Corbishev agrees: "I assume that those who think this was a disaster for the Alt-Right also think Kent State was a massive disaster for the Left."

     "No one here cares about you Conservatives." Michael Maier says, among Vox' comments. "You are pathetic cucks. You had better pray for a peaceful solution to the evil that satisfies us. Otherwise, the Alt-Right is going to prevail and you little b-----s will be crying and begging for mercy. It will not be forthcoming."

       Now why would anybody imagine that these guys weren't only seeking peaceful dialogue?

       And, last but not least, The Daily Stormer has such headlines as:

       "Car Rams into Counter-Protestors in Self-Defense"

       "Evil Cops Who Attacked Us Can't Fly a F----g Helicopter! 2 Dead in Crash"

        "Car Crasher Identified: Called a Terrorist by a Bunch of Republicans"

         Ever the pragmatist, though, Andrew Anglin tells his disciples in Charlottesville: "Go out and enjoy yourselves. If you're at a bar in a group, random girls will want to have sex with you. Because you're the bad boys; the ultimate enemy of the state. Every girl on the planet wants your d--k now."

         Who in their right mind would want jugheads like these even remotely near any cause they believed in? No, it's time---past time---for Conservative leaders to start putting their foot down on these kooks. Giving them a platform hasn't helped our side one iota.