Tuesday, August 8, 2017


    Andrew Anglin, a self-described MGTOW and hero of the Alt-Right Manosphere has written an article both denouncing 'cuckservative' views on gender relations and explaining to his disciples why---despite being manly Alpha leaders---some White Girls prefer dating men of other races rather than the likes of them. It isn't because the Red Pills encourage men to treat women like this:

     Or run and hide like cowardly little sneaks when they're sued for harassing women and their kids like this:

      Anglin explains that the real reason is instead:

       "Women are stupid. They have the brains of children, if the children were possessed by some demonic desire to destroy everything around them. They are not something that should be treated as 'people' but should be treated as property."

        Men like Anglin are the reason why handgun sales and gun permits are being issued to women in record numbers. If a female relative's boyfriend ever said something like that to a red-blooded father, brother, or even grandfather, he'd be fortunate to escape without a beating. But Anglin explains the rationality of his position (which he presumes is self-evident):

       "The good girl/bad girl dichotomy is absolutely valueless in any discussion of women or women's rights and obfuscates the fact that every woman, if fully 'liberated' will behave in the exact same way, which is the most destructive way possible: which involves a lot of sex with Brown people, making all sorts of outrageous demands, tearing down everything that white men have built, etc."

     "The Alt-Right agenda is not simply about reclaiming our land" Anglin continues, "It is about reclaiming every aspect of our civilization, an important component of which is our women. Women are the possession of their fathers, who should be given away to men whom the father believes would be good caretakers...This is because women are incapable of regulating their own behavior in any sphere at all---not simply in the sexual sphere."

       This is quite a statement coming from a guy whose readership has been connected to 13 murders and hundreds of harassment complaints. If we're talking about people's inability to regulate their own behavior, the Red Pill/Alt-Right really can't argue from the moral high ground. But back to the original point: The reason that White women are dating men of other races is because they mentally equate White men with creeps like Anglin. The same reason that many Liberals are afraid of Conservatism and Christianity: people like Anglin are the face of the 'Right' that they see.

      The way to 'Make American Women Great Again' might be to give them gentlemen as role models again.

       But gentlemanly behavior is against the principles of the Red Pill Cult. Anglin tells his followers that sadly, minority males' behavior is "more violent and aggressive than the now neutered and sissified White man; and that White women in particular have a fixation with violent and aggressive men." So his solution therefore is that the Alpha Boys should become more aggressive bullies than they already are; and engage in things like publically harassing mixed-race couples. "We must acknowledge that the behavior of women is the biggest and most immediate threat to Western Civilization" he solemnly concludes, "Because women are the Jews' foot-soldiers in the War against White Men."

       We've quoted some long extracts from Anglin's article; mostly because the ignorance and stupidity displayed in his own words are illustrative of why real Conservatives need to distance our movement from these kooks. And women will learn nothing about the real nature of masculinity from reading their absurdities.

        The two genders are designed to be complementary, so it's absurd for either Feminists or Red Pills to speak of 'liberation' like they do. Neither sex can wholly be 'free' of the other. Laws don't change biology. The cultures of arranged marriages which Anglin praises were rife with adultery; as anyone with a knowledge of Classical Greco-Roman Literature will attest. Adultery and divorce were remarkably low in the US until a few decades ago. This is because our society always accorded women a measure of freedom in choosing their marriage partners. Marriage today is breaking down because the Trash Culture promoted by Media and Academia encourages sexual anarchism. It's the culture that needs to improve; not freedom being restricted.  





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  1. "This is because women are incapable of regulating their own behavior in any sphere at all---not simply in the sexual sphere."
    Takes one to know one, I guess. Ladies, you're better off single than with guys like this.
    I read an article by one Winston Wu that said Asian men should not marry white women. One response came from a white woman, who said that she found marital bliss with a Chinese man because he embodied the good characteristics of masculinity (hard working, usw) and none of the bad ones (watching football and getting drunk).