Tuesday, August 15, 2017


   Well, we predicted this yesterday, but things happened more quickly than expected. The Daily Stormer---one of the worst of the fake-Right Red Pill Cult websites---has been ejected unceremoniously from most mainstream hosting sites. Google and Youtube made the announcement this morning; followed in rapid succession by Airbnb, Facebook, and Discord. More to follow, for certain.

     According to Tech news site The Verge, Andrew Anglin has moved his obnoxious site to the echo-chambers of the so-called 'Dark Web'. But the Free Market has spoken and these bans, along with the impending lawsuit over Anglin's actions in Whitefish, Montana, likely have relegated this tin-horn pipsqueak and his 'Alpha' minions to social obscurity.

      The final straw seems to have been Anglin's attack on the murder-victim in Charlottesville, though this was hardly the first time he'd done such things. Last December, Anglin praised an acid-attack on an Italian model and encouraged his minions to send insulting personal messages to her. Earlier this year, he praised the murder of an elderly, impoverished Black man in a brutal knife attack. He also applauded the murder of a Black ROTC cadet and defended the vicious stabbing attack on the Portland PDX. More recently, he lamented that Whites didn't treat race-mixing couples as a Wahhabi group recently did: butchering a 19 year-old woman in cold blood. Anglin is currently being sued by the Gersh family of Whitefish, Montana for instigating an online troll attack that terrorized the Gershes and the Jewish citizens of Whitefish for months.

        Anglin's downfall also has another important lesson. This dirtbag and his followers weren't stopped with "tough new laws" or with "a speech czar." This was accomplished by free citizens in a free market holding corporate CEOs and suppliers of Internet services accountable and demanding change. From the political end, speeches from the President and others may have encouraged action in the private sector; but this whole affair is an example of how the system is supposed to work. 

         The Internet feels like a much cleaner place today. And on the anniversary of the end of WW2, no less.


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