Monday, August 28, 2017


    As we've heard, President Trump has declared the parts of Texas effected by the recent hurricane a federal disaster area. The Corporate Media naturally has been trying to deflect as much public attention from Trump's efforts as possible. Actually, this is the third such declaration from the Trump Administration; the first two were in Idaho and Iowa.

     FEMA and other federal agencies are in the area, as usual in these situations. However, it has been rather noteworthy that accounts of hurricane's aftermath are remarkably free from the kinds of stories we've heard of FEMA abuses during the past administrations. There have been no stories of mass gun-confiscations, warrantless door-to-door searches, or other problems previously seen. Private charities haven't been turned away; nor have we seen the kind of offensive arrogance from FEMA operatives that characterized the Oso, Washington mudslide a few years ago.

      In fact, FEMA is actually soliciting civilian volunteer help this time.

      It's interesting to note how radically the attitudes of government bureaucrats change when a President is on the side of the people. Readers too young to remember the Reagan Administration never had such an experience until now. We're also seeing cooperation among different agencies for a change. The Pentagon opened Fort Hood for FEMA's base of operations.

        We will see how things happen during the relief effort. But it is noteworthy that just a few months ago people dreaded FEMA's presence after a crisis. A change in leadership can make a huge difference.


  1. I agree the whole mood of this feels different and that this is down to President Trump's leadership, which, in spite of Soros thugs and the MSM's efforts to destroy him, continues to bring out the best in the American people. In his interactions with the public he has yet to disappoint me. It's incredible to have a POTUS who is a real human being and not a robotic political hack.

    This is an encouraging story - it confirms what I have heard elsewhere, that Alabama is a good place for conservatives. Auburn is also the home of RSBN:

    1. Thank you---good to hear from you again! When people have confidence that a president is on their side, they become more willing to take risks and do the right thing. Though they were opposites politically, both Reagan and Roosevelt had this kind of popular confidence.