Friday, June 30, 2023


      So yesterday morning, while checking out the news headlines, I actually saw some good news that was so shocking that I thought I was still asleep and dreaming the whole thing.

    "The US Supreme Court has ruled that colleges and universities can no longer take race into consideration when choosing who to admit. The decision overturns a system that critics say has unfairly penalized whites and Asians for almost four decades."


    Yes, I did go out and celebrate. It's not every day that an injustice that one's fought against for over three decades gets vaporized by the Supreme Court. I was one of the early victims of this abominable policy which literally has disenfranchised probably millions of American men---cheating them out of positions they'd earned and marginalizing them in favor of more compliant and more easily manipulated mediocrities willing to serve vested interests. Although various schools have been doing this since the 1970s, Reverse Racism didn't become national policy until the Administration of that great Conservative George Bush Sr in 1991 and expanded vastly during the Clinton Co-Presidency.

    I'm certain that, even as we speak, the Academic Mafia is working overtime to devise new ways of circumventing the law. But it's going to be a lot tougher for them now. This wasn't a milquetoast ruling like the one overturning Roe vs. Wade that shifted the problem to the States. The Supreme Court ruled that university admissions policies are in violation of the 14th Amendment---which means that this applies universally, across the nation. Hopefully this will mark the first step in a long-overdue cleaning of the Augean Stables that postmodern Academia has turned into. 

  Thanks go out to all the individuals, organizations, attorneys, and judges who fought to make this day possible. Have a great 4th of July weekend everybody: the holiday's taken on a whole new hue. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2023


      A debate of sorts has popped up in our corner of the Blogosphere recently about the relative position of reason and emotion driving social thought these days. It's an old debate, one side argues essentially that emotion (or intuition) can tell us things beyond what our reason can grasp, there is truth to that. The other side argues that perception frequently doesn't equal reality, and there's truth to that view also. Human beings are mixture of the two: emotions are often instinctual and act as a check on cold reason, while reason is developed to solve problems and seek solutions. In our structure of complimentary genders, it's noted that each gender has a particular strength towards one or the other. 

   As for the debate itself, my position might surprise some, but I believe that in our postmodern society---which I don't by any means believe is an advanced one---is that neither reason nor emotion is driving much of anything. To set this up, let's look at an assessment of postmodern American culture that I published a few weeks ago:

   "Postmodern Americans, by and large, are an ignorant and spiritless race, where the Rule of Law is no longer respected but instead people are governed entirely by the arbitrary will of a handful of petty political satraps who rule over them for the sole purpose of sponging from them as large a share of their property and production as possible to support the grandees in Supranational Commerce...

  "Utterly apathetic to either political or social affairs, and considering ourselves (as we really are) the despised subjects and de facto slaves of the Moneyed Interests, we have no national or community spirit to keep from falling into the most degraded intellectual poverty and moral degeneracy imaginable. In fact, all throughout human history and even in most of the world today it would be difficult to find a nation more devoid of character than the 21st Century United States has produced...

  "The current race of Americans are always agog for anything novel or scandalous in sexuality and also for new and increasingly potent narcotics: if news headlines and the entertainment media are any indication, they seem to care for little else. In this depressing atmosphere, these credulous fools are easily imposed upon by celebrities, influencers, or any con-artist who knows how to 'work' a crowd."

     Concerning reason; we only need consider the depressing fact that the top-selling new technology in America in 2023 is Artificial Intelligence. The very idea that we actually need machines to tell us what to think or what decisions to make speaks volumes. We're not talking here about machines of convenience: computers which can calculate complicated mathematical formulae, online archives or encyclopedias and such. A great example is the so-called smart home, where apparently a computer can take over such complex tasks as operating dials, switches, faucets, etc. They can even enforce Cancel Culture in some instances. 

    AI is even being widely deployed in relationships---Heaven forbid one should have their own tastes and interests. Not surprisingly, even AI partners are starting to be reported. 

    Reason is a very personal thing; and we're obviously a culture which doesn't rely very heavily upon it. I've literally seen people standing outside in the rain checking their smartphones for a weather report. For the most part, no one will have an unqualified opinion on anything unless 'experts' tell them they should. Who's paying these experts or what their agendas might be, no asks nor cares to know. In cases like the recent submarine disaster or the numbers of casualties from the Loyalty Vaxx, this rejection of reason sometimes has fatal consequences.

  What about feelings and emotions? Many Conservative pundits argue that our culture is too 'feelings-driven.' I disbelieve that. I don't believe that feelings play any more part in our collective national meltdown than Reason does. As evidence of this, consider Americans' astronomical rates of narcotics consumption and addiction (both the illegal and prescription varieties). Narcotics are designed to blunt emotions and feelings. 

  Many of the Conservative critics of 'feelings' are mistaking cause-and-effect. They mistake the hysteria and outrage often exhibited by the Whacko Left Wing (although there are expressions of it on the Right too) as a genuine outpouring of sincerely felt emotions. That's not what it is at all: to put it bluntly, it's mob psychology reinforced by mass and social media. In other words, it's feelings by consensus. 


   The last three years have shown hysterical reactions to carefully managed viral stories from the Floyd Riots to the 'I Stand with Ukraine' nonsense resulting in all sorts of chaos. It's obvious that nearly everyone engaging in these outbursts were impervious to reason; but it doesn't follow that they blindly were following their feelings. They were simply reacting. The reaction came because others were reacting, and if everyone's terrified of a Chinese weather balloon---that's simply how one is supposed to feel.  Just as Ameroboobs are content to let others do their thinking for them, they let everyone do their feeling for them as well. 

   This largely postmodern phenomenon of Consensus-driven culture is a self-reinforcing loop. That's why controlling the narrative is a concept so important to our would-be cultural elite. Pay off some 'experts' and manipulate a few algorithms and one can run the table with no regard for either reason or feelings because they effectively control both. Anybody who actually thinks or feels gets marginalized as a crank because---everybody, including the experts, all agree.

  So it's not really a contest anymore about Reason or Emotion, it's getting people at large to start using both again. How we do that, I don't know. 

Thursday, June 22, 2023


   This morning, we're all being greeted with the news that a debris-field has been spotted by our brave xhes in uniform where a privately-owned tourist submarine went missing. Given the Pentagon's recent history with weather balloons, UFOs, and expertise in the Ukraine Conflict, we shouldn't jump to any conclusions; but, that aside, the critical levels of oxygen onboard are nearly exhausted and the outlook for the passengers isn't looking especially promising.

  The company that owns the submarine and offers tours for a quarter-million dollars per trip is OceanGate, which is based in Everett, Washington. For those not living on the West Coast, let's just say that that fact alone raised a red flag. Seattle-area businessmen have a certain reputation well-known to any independent contractor; and the ones catering to exclusive clienteles are among the worst. Whenever one gets involved with a company like this, it's best to guard both one's back and one's wallet. 

   So it wasn't much of a surprise to learn that CEO Stockton Rush---who is among those trapped on board---once boasted that the submarine could be navigated "with a cheap Amazon video game joystick." Rush also signalled his commitment to Political Correctness by stating publicly that he "didn’t hire 50-year-old white guys with military experience to captain his vessels because they weren’t inspirational." Apparently Rush forgot that he himself was a 60-year-old White guy. 

  My intuition tells me that being trapped on a submarine with panicked and probably vengeful customers facing death is not going to be a pleasant way to end one's life, but there's some poetic justice to it. As if this all weren't bad enough, the US Coast Guard---which was too busy celebrating Pride Month to monitor a submarine in American waters---has botched the search from start to finish: even blocking a British team which actually had some expertise from assisting. From what I can tell, this submarine had less safety regulations and licensing involved than any local owner of a canoe would have to deal with.

  This is one of those situations where one doesn't know whether to feel sad or exasperated. All morning long, lyrics from an 80's hard-rock band keep playing in my head: "History shows us again and again that Nature undoes the follies of men." I haven't been deep-sea diving (yet); but places like the Sea and even Outer Space are a lot like our wildernesses. Nature has a lot to offer Mankind---provided one plays by Nature's rules. Nature can be quite unforgiving to those who don't: and one's status among men doesn't enter into Nature's equation of things. When I do get around to exploring the deep waters, I'm certainly not entrusting my fate to a rich dunce with an Xbox controller who thinks that experience is irrelevant. Nor should one rely heavily upon the US Coast Guard in case things go wrong. 

Meanwhile, the Ameroboobs are flooding social media alleging that an episode of The Simpsons from 2005 predicted the disaster.   I would say that the truth is, that when a society thinks that The Simpsons are normative, the results are what's predictable. Unfortunately, that aspect of the situation will be ignored; and the subject of moneyed dilatentes putting human lives at risks and the incompetence of our Coast Guard will get swept under the rug. 

    At least here, the sun is shining, there's a cool breeze outside, and a jaunt to the river sounds in order. Maybe some Indian artifacts and a enough clams for some chowder tonight would put Nature in a proper perspective. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2023


     Last weekend was an extended 'holiday weekend', I suppose. It was sort of an interesting juxtaposition: the more-or-less obsolescent Fathers Day next to the Great Reset's redefined American Independence Day (for that is exactly what it is) called 'Juneteenth.' The irony of the fact that 2/3 of Black families are fatherless and that Blacks had little or nothing to do with winning American Independence seemed lost on everybody. I think that I summed up my feelings on Fathers Day last year; as well as saying all there needs be said about Juneteenth.

   Meanwhile, the Great Reset marches on. So, nonetheless despite the unseasonably chilly weather, I pitched the hammock under a windbreak next to the barbecue pit and caught up on some reading before watching Westerns to spareribs and corn-on-the-cob. 😋 Who knows how long such things will be legal/available these days? 

    I was reading through some old 'outdoor' magazines and came across a brief article with three drawings. It was written by dead White male G.L. Herter who owned a major (now-defunct) sporting-goods store and was a conservationist and ecologist who testified before Congress and the UN long before the 'Green' scam came along and perverted the whole movement. Have a look at these three drawings and bear in mind that this was written in 1966:

      Considering the breadth and scope of today's Surveillance State, the grip that the Tech Lords have on the Mass Media, and the current movement towards a Social Credit System, a de facto control over thinking is already here and becoming more sophisticated. Corporate America, Academia, and Big Tech have already implemented Social Credit to a large extent through Cancel Culture and using social media to vett prospective employees, students, etc. For a specimen of what it will look like here in a few years, check out this analysis of a country where it's become more mainstreamed.

    While Religion hasn't disappeared completely, Christianity and Judaism in particular are not even shadows of their former selves: they're more like ghosts haunting the sociopolitical landscape. In fact Klaus Schwab and his merry-men at the WEF have proposed using AI to write a new and improved Bible. That's "creating god in man's own image" with a vengeance! Given how many of the top echelon of such organizations are affiliated with dangerous religious cults and Scientistic superstitions---I guess we can all imagine the outcome of such a project.

     While most food wasn't synthetic in 1996, we saw the beginnings of what's being described, with mass-outsourcing of our agricultural base, regulatory capture of the FDA, CDC, and USDA,  and consolidation into the hands of Agribusiness Combines. In our decade, the destruction of the independent farmer and the move towards forcing synthetic foods upon the population is too obvious to be denied any longer.

    The author was certainly on target about the I-phone, and wasn't off by much about the use of electronics and computer technologies to rig elections. 

     This one has yet to be fulfilled, but don't imagine for a moment that it won't be. The Elites have somewhat done the opposite: they've used drugs and computers to make people as unintelligent as they desire them; but the point is the same. The year 2023 has seen an upsurge in Artificial Intelligence---which, given the American public's utter lack of use of the native variety, has caught on. Elon Musk recently won approval to use AI in human guinea pigs test subjects and no sooner had he done so than he was in China getting the factories set up. Willy Gates showed up in Beijing about a week later

    It must always be borne in mind that the Oligarchy's imposition of these programs in no way applies to themselves. Fake Bibles, AI, free dope, synthetic foods, social credit---all of these things are intended for us, to make us more manageable for convenience of the Oligarchy themselves. What this also shows is that people were warning about these things before many of us were even born.

   In fact, what Mr. Herter is describing is what we would call today Scientism and Technofascism. The term 'Scientism' in its modern sense was coined by economist Friedrich von Hayek in his 1947 book, The Counter-Revolution of Science but wasn't in wide use during the 1960s. Throughout the Postwar Period, more than a few thinkers on both the political Right and Left---men who saw firsthand what 'scientific dictatorships' like Hitler Germany were capable of doing---but, of course, nobody listened to them any more than they listen to us today, and here we are. 

  Technofascism actually arose as a concept between the World Wars, and was put into practice to a great extent by the Nazis and to a lesser extent by the Soviet Union. As the memories of the Second World War and the Cold War fade, the doctrine has seen a strong comeback with combinations of Silicon Valley nouveau-riche Tech Lords and old-money financial autocrats and landed aristocracies. Groups like the World Economic Forum are the launching pads for the policies of the new totalitarianism; while their Corporate henchmen's financial controls over Governments, economies, media, and academia implement them under the cover of political or social agendas. 

  The new twist to this New Order is that, unlike Nazi gauleiters or Communist commissars, the ideology isn't enforced by a dear leader with a personality cult. The new system has employed the structure of democratic republics and free-market economics to create the illusion of a free society while they manage everything behind the scenes. Instead of Unity, they promote division, and sow fear and employ Controlled Opposition to serve as scapegoats when necessary. The Media promotes acceptance of their agendas as 'mainstream' and what the 'in-group' is doing. Thus, people fall into line with their policies because it offers short-term gain while those who oppose them are marginalized. 

   Fear and Paranoia---with a stiff admixture of Envy and Opportunism---are carefully cultivated among the general public to accept increasingly deeper cuts to our Rights and greater concentrations of power to the Oligarchs themselves. Their Social Engineers have learned that by creating a crisis to seize 'emergency powers' they can create the illusion of social cohesion (i.e. "we're all in this together"). They punctuate these with brief interludes of less dramatic power grabs---all designed for our 'protection' of course---before moving on to the next crisis. In this century, they employed threat of terrorism (2001) before unleashing the threat of a global pandemic (2020). In each of these dramatic (and manufactured) events, they find some group to scapegoat; and when the next 'crisis' comes, the Regime will consolidate its power even further and have another 'consensus' when they do. 

   Scientism basically is weaponized science. The social engineers in the employ of the moneyed Oligarchy have studied the methods which---for example---domestic abusers employ to control their victims. However, instead of using these techniques to help others overcome abuse, they use them for their own purposes to control even large populations themselves. Those who've studied the subject probably noticed that the techniques described in the preceding paragraph as intermittent reinforcement, as one psychologist described it: "In this powerful variant, ambiguous, chaotic and unpredictable stimuli are used, in addition to other direct psychological abuse, to create feelings of helplessness, passivity, and dependence in the victim." We saw this during both 9/11 and the Scamdemic, where officials gave conflicting reasons for their crackdowns; as well as conflicting information about the so-called threats---while at the same time reacting with repressive measures against the slightest violations of their authority. As the same psychologist said: "Psychopaths are aware of the fact that shocking realities are unacceptable for most people and that they, therefore, may get away with it." This is why children are especially susceptible to abuse; because it goes against their instincts which see parents, teachers, and authority figures in general as protectors. Abused children often reason along these lines: "The abuse is terrible; but these people are doing it for my own good," because their reason is imperfectly developed and can't comprehend authorities being evil or even wrong. Sadly, too many adults think the same way when it comes to 'experts', politicians, media figures, and other authorities. 

    From 1966 to 2023, we've seen the Scientistic/Technofascist movement grow from a threat to a reality. Assuming that we have an 'election' in 2024 and not a pre-emptive power-grab before (nota bene: watch the upcoming trial of the President-in-Exile very carefully); the Great Reset is going to go into overdrive about mod-decade. The Oligarchs have already set the early 2030s to have their system in place---don't imagine for one minute that they're giving up this close to realization. Don't imagine either that the death of any of their aging members (e.g. Schwab, Soros, Kerry) is going to stop or even slow them down. They've carefully cultivated new crops of Young Global Leaders just as fanatical and ruthless as they are. 

    We need to come to grips with these unpleasant realities, and act accordingly. Networking and forming parallel communities is a vital step. We're not part of the Big Club, and we're not even going to be part of the labor force maintaining the Big Club before long. 

Friday, June 16, 2023


      To give sort of a background here, in 2019 I moved to a smaller rural community. It's really something of a truck-stop town, along a major highway and surrounded by some of the few small farms and shrinking timber industry left in America. Now, once upon a time, the State was an agricultural and timber-producing power in the US. We produced more apples, cherries, and peaches than the rest of the world combined; and were in the top 10 states producing potatoes, grain, berries, and onions. 

   Today, a few orchards have converted into wineries; while Willy Gates and Jeff Bezos have bought up most of the distressed farmlands. Our local supermarkets are seeing dwindling supplies of meats, dairy products, eggs, and fish (with correspondingly high prices). The shelf spaces are being filled with synthetic and plant-based 'substitutes'---produced by companies which are owned by the aforementioned Gates and Bezos. That doesn't mean our Ag Industry is dead: Marijuana is by far the leading cash-crop. We have one '420 Store' in town and two businesses catering supplies to home-growers. They do thriving business, while two of our small grocers recently went out of business.


      While Gates and Bezos are rats in their own way, we're discussing today the actual animal. Not long after the weather began turning nice, I began seeing rats around the place. They're always a nuisance anywhere, but it was unusual to see them in the daytime. They started creating problems out in the garden, and I realized that I hadn't been seeing many of their natural predators (e.g. raccoons, possums, hawks, snakes, etc) around lately. Also, their main competitors for food (e.g. squirrels, birds) also seemed more scarce.

    Lately these critters seem to have become more bold and aggressive: they've made a couple of raids in the house and I even saw one jump through an open window. Wondering where these things are coming from, I suspected the neighbor. They're known marijuana-growers (totally licensed and legal of course); and I think we all know that potheads don't typically have the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. 

   So I dropped by and sure enough there was plenty of trash around but not really enough to start an infestation. I mentioned the rat problem to one of the guys and he said, yes they've had the same issue. He took me to his growing room and solemnly showed me a special tent where they grew plants for seed. The rats, he explained, had gnawed their way into the tent and were eating the seeds.

   That told me all that I needed to know right there. Marijuana plants produce a flower which has concentrated levels of THC and is source of the high-potency products sold today. These flowers can be left to form a seed-pod which is even more concentrated. It's like some of the mid-20th Century anti-drug ads used to say: "Marijuana can turn a mouse into a maneater," and that's exactly what's happening. 

   Somewhere in this story is a commentary on the state of our society, but I'll let the readers draw their own conclusions on that one. 

    I wish that we could say that this is a purely personal or local anecdote, but sadly, we can't. There was a story recently about some biologists who were finding that geese and seagulls on area beaches were ingesting marijuana products discarded by beachgoers. Today, people who use pot products on the beaches are occasionally being attacked by these birds---eager to get their 'fix.' I've heard many stories of people in city parks suddenly attacked by raccoons and squirrels---which are normally not overly aggressive. 

   Our State has had more than one fishery closed by Federal inspectors because the levels of drugs in the water made the salmon unfit for consumption. A veterinarian told me recently that across the US (and in his own practice) there's been a surge the last few years of animals brought in and diagnosed with Narcosis from exposure to high-THC marijuana products. It's not only dogs and cats either. Out here in farm country, he told me that he's run across drug-poisoning cases in cattle and horses. 

   During the Trump Administration, there was a study done on the pollution and environmental impact of Marijuana growing and use on the West Coast. There were some steps taken to start cleaning up, but Orange Man Bad; and the rest is history. It was bad enough dealing with hop-headed psychos on the city streets, now we have deal with amped-up rats and seagulls and heaven-only-knows what else. Does anyone suppose all of these 'Green' Whackos on the Far Left are going to concern themselves with any of this? Somehow I can't bring myself to believe that people who promote Drag Queens in Kindergartens are going to lose much sleep over poisoning the environment with dope. They'll just go on at the Hookah Lounge, grabbing a soy-burger with synthetic cheese if they get 'the munchies' (i.e. their bodies reminding them that they need to eat); and patting themselves on the back for reducing their carbon footprint. 


Tuesday, June 13, 2023


      So, after a two-year hiatus, the subject of UFOs and extraterrestrial life has entered public discourse from the twin fountainheads of the highest levels of government and the Corporate Media. Now, as then, the story centers upon an alleged whistleblower with Q-Anon-level security clearances. The whistleblower's name is David Grusch, who has been interviewed by the MSM and was the subject of a major Ufology Conference last week

    While I don't dismiss the possibility of extraterrestrial life---or even the possibility that such beings have visited our planet---there are many elements of both the 2021 and today's stories which are problematic. The first question is: why now? Grusch claims in the NewsNation interview that the first modern evidence of extraterrestrial recovery happened near Magenta, Italy in 1933, which was a partially-intact vehicle. This would have happened during Mussolini's presidency and two years before the Italo-Abyssinian War; and while there was apparently an investigation, the debris for some reason was shelved until recovered by the US Air Force in 1945. 

        Government UFO investigations weren't unusual; the US even had a secret department for investigating Unidentified Flying Objects since 1942 after the famous Battle of Los Angeles. The even more famous Roswell Incident in 1947 brought the investigations to public notice. Why the Governments of the Western countries should choose to cover them up and hide them with such an intensive veil of secrecy for 80-90 years but reveal it today is hard to explain. Such sightings have been conspicuously absent from sources like China; and the former Eastern Bloc countries actually duplicated some alleged sightings which they found correlated with heightened political tensions. It must be remarked that UFO sightings almost universally happen in US or NATO controlled airspaces.

    Most people see the history of UFO research as a continuum, but that isn't so. From WW2 until 1970, the US Air Force had a project investigating UFO sightings. The burden of proof rested with the Air Force in accounting for these stories (other countries put the burden of proof on the witnesses). Mid-century newspapers ran stories of sightings and scientists worked in experiments seeking extraterrestrial life. Thus it was that the American powers-that-be were very much open to the possibility of alien existence. For the last 50 years since, their collective attitudes have been anything but open. Until 2021, believers in UFOs and extraterrestrials were routinely ridiculed in the Media and sneered at by Academia, Incorporated. 

   The sudden shift here is what is disturbing. The Government is investigating, the jackals in the media have even changed the term 'UFO' to the less-controversial 'UAP' (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon). A poll revealed that 20% of Academia purportedly believe in ET phenomena. Bear in mind that this is happening in 2023; under a Government of very dubious legitimacy which has had a pattern of instituting radically revolutionary policies. It is also being touted by a Media and Academic culture that is probably the most corrupted and most thoroughly controlled than at any point in our history. Whenever they act in concert like this---with little opposition narrative---huge red flags should go up immediately. 

    David Grusch, the whistleblower involved, has been given favorable, or at least uncritical reviews throughout the MSM. Given how the Deep State has reacted in recent years to other whistleblowers (e.g. Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Jack Kiriakou, Seth Rich, etc), the sympathy and credibility given to Grusch is especially suspicious. Usually anything a whistleblower reveals is brutally suppressed; and fortunate indeed is the one who gets away in time to escape the fate of his revelations. 

   According to his interview in NewsNation, during the 2nd Bush Administration Grusch "received an Air Force scholarship in physics. {nota bene} He was originally commissioned on active duty and served 14 years in the Air Force. {nota bene} He became a career intelligence officer. {nota bene} Grusch spent time on the ground in Afghanistan, {nota bene} and other places he can’t mention, {nota bene} before rotating back to Washington, D.C." {nota bene} With this kind of a background and these kinds of connections, and his fawning acceptance within Deep State-controlled institutions---let's just say one should be a bit skeptical of his claimed motives of altruism.


      Grusch's alleged revelations also seem quite conveniently timed for a movement aimed at effecting a Great Reset. The Oligarchy has made no secret of its desire to destroy the traditional concept of God---since a belief in God is a belief in an Absolute standard of goodness and right behavior above the opinions or agendas of men. However, manufacturing the authority of an advanced civilization to usher in their Utopia would suit their purposes perfectly. Before the usual naysayers start slapping their knees and rolling on the floor laughing, consider that our Government planned to do something quite similar over thirty years ago. There are some who claim that the 1997 Phoenix Lights Incident was a hologram. This has never been proven; but the technology certainly existed during the 1990s and presumably has advanced considerably since then. It's also a well-known fact that more than a few interested members of the 1% are funding current UFO research

      Science-for-sale, a servile Media, opportunistic politicians, vested financial interests, spooks posing as informants: what possibly could go wrong with a combination like that? Add into this mix an exceptionally gullible public which has been hoodwinked repeatedly by hoaxes just as revolting to reason as this story is shaping up to be, and I think that we have serious reason to be concerned. Recall only a few months ago the panic that ensued over an broken weather-balloon and the hysteria before that over an influenza outbreak. Questioning the settled science, no matter how absurd those 'scientific' claims are, can bring serious consequences from the superstitious and credulous mobs. In this day and age, we can't accept everything that the 'authorities' tell us, without a careful examination of what motives may be lurking either behind the scenes or in the clouds. 


Friday, June 9, 2023


      As part of the mighty Conservative pushback as the Silent Majority takes back the country in the Culture Wars, the news came out today that Modelo Especial has overtaken Bud Light in sales of cheap, foul-tasting American beers. Let it never be said that we Americans don't have our priorities in order when it comes to defending our Rights. Sure, it's no problem when Big Ag bankrupts small farmers to steal their land; or WEF Oligarchs move to take over and socially engineer the food supply---so what if we pay $6 for bread and $10 for butter? Mess with our grog, though, and you're playing with fire! 

    Unfortunately for these virtue-signalling consumers, it happens that Modelo Especial is controlled by the same Ag Cartel which owns Bud Light. Way to own those Libtards, guys. 

     A concept that the American Right can't seem to come to grips with is that a cabal of unelected, unaccountable Corporate bureaucrats is just as a great a threat to our Liberties and our Culture as an unelected, unaccountable Government bureaucracy is. Our economic system in the United States is essentially privatized Socialism, as opposed to traditional State Socialism. That is all that this Fourth Industrial Revolution and so-called Stakeholder Capitalism really amounts to. This is why boycotts never work out any better than voting does. In voting, we have the choice of two parties controlled by the same people; in Privatized Socialism we have the choice of goods and services controlled by the same people. Increasingly, the line between Government and Business has become almost indistinguishable---with Regulatory Capture and Corporate Lobbying controlling political decisions and politicians simply outsourcing governmental functions to private contractors.

   In the phony Left-Right Paradigm pushed as the Official Narrative, the GOP is portrayed as defenders of the Free Market while the Democrats are portrayed as defenders of the social safety-net (as if the two ideals were mutually exclusive). Neither approach addresses the fundamental systemic problem: that the people have no real power against either Corporate or Government overreach. If corporate cartels like Anheuser-Busch-InBev were broken into about 20 pieces and we had labor laws with some teeth again---as well as restrictions on foreign lobbying and actual regulation of the Stock Market, we'd see just how much 'wokeness' these crooks could get away with. 

  But suggest any of that, and one gets an indignant "No way! That's interfering with the Free Market!" Fine. Go on drinking Modelo Especial instead of Bud Light and pretending that you really have a choice. Meanwhile, the Oligarchs will go on rolling in the cash while they keep pushing their woke agendas.


Thursday, June 8, 2023


    That great luminary in the constellation of Conservative political influencers, Arnie 'screw-your-freedom' Schwarzenegger is at it again. Schwarzenegger was the last Republican Governor of California, actually the last candidate Republicans actually campaigned for until 2021 when two other celebrity screwballs, Larry Elder and Bruce Jenner, showed up. As we've all learned by now, supporting low-IQ, morally bankrupt celebrities is only bad when the Democrats do it. 

   Arnie was heavily touted by the Controlled Opposition media, and ended his term with a lower approval rating than the man whom he defeated in a recall election. There was even talk at the time about amending the Constitution to make Arnie eligible to run for President, even though none other than Gavin Newsom said of him, "He's becoming a Democrat. He's running back, not even to the center. I would say center-left".  During his term, he blocked restrictions on abortion and performed a homo 'marriage' in the Governor's mansion, as well as signing phony 'Green Energy' bills into law, while doing nothing to address California's incipient water and power shortages; but at least he had an 'R' after his name. Since that time, he's gone on to found a number of 'Conservative' think-tanks, like the  Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy headquartered at the shady University of Southern California. One of the Institute's top donors is Mark Zuckerberg. Arnie also once referred to Warren Buffet as an 'inspirational figure.'

   So, today, Arnold has Conservatives everywhere clutching their bowties after he made some disparaging remarks about Christians---as though this should have come as a great surprise to anybody. Schwarzenegger said: “It reminds me of Howard Stern’s question to me. ‘Tell me, governor, what happens to us when we die?’ I said, ‘Nothing. You’re 6 feet under. Anyone that tells you something else is a f***ing liar.’’’

   Let's see...Howard Stern...when Arnie was long ago was this? And just today "The comments, when reported by The New York Post, broke the hearts of fans?" Where have these people been for 20 or so years? This seems to be further evidence that Americans have a difficult time distinguishing Hollywood from real life. 

   "We don’t know what happens with the soul and all this spiritual stuff that I’m not an expert in, but I know that the body as we see each other now, we will never see each other again like that,” Arnie continued, “Except in some fantasy. When people talk about, ‘I will see them again in heaven,’ it sounds so good, but the reality is that we won’t see each other again after we’re gone. That’s the sad part. I know people feel comfortable with death, but I don’t.”

    I suspect that a lot of Churchians might have difficulty believing this: but I don't think that God bases one's salvation on Party affiliation too much. What a man believes is between himself and God---what he believes politically however is between himself and the people. In other words, these Churchians would do a lot more good if they prayed for:

   1. The farmers and businessmen broken by Arnold's 'Green Politics'

   2. The people he influenced to accept homo 'equality; abortion, steroid and marijuana use; and finally, Atheism

   3. The people who took the Loyalty Vaxx on his endorsement

   4. The young minds he's helped warp with his pro-NWO think-tanks.

    Why doesn't anybody care about them? Maybe that's a question worth asking too. 


Wednesday, June 7, 2023


       Neocon pundit Dennis Prager---who never deviates from the Exceptional America Party Line recently had an eye-opening epiphany. Prager actually went over to Europe, and visited some of the cities in countries under American Occupation  part of the EU/NATO Axis and found to his amazement that Civilization there is actually still quite alive and well. 

      Dennis could have saved himself a trip and simply watched some Youtube videos highlighting foreign city streets. It's not only Europe; but most of Eastern Asia (including China) as well. One sees men and women out-and-about, enjoying the fruits of their labors; open businesses, clean streets. What one never sees (except in videos of our world-leading democracy) are bum jungles, violent drug addicts, garbage piled up with syringes and rats everywhere, boarded-up buildings, flash-mobs robbing stores, police activity, rainbow-flags stuck in people's faces, etc. Prager rather sadly concluded, "For the first time in my life, I feel freer in Europe than in America."

     Well, welcome to Reality, Dennis. The Europe that you described is what American cities used to look like. The civility, the respect for families, the schools which actually function, and the freedom was here once too. The other thing that I hope that you learned is that the kind of cultural rot trying to seep into those societies is being exported from the United States and not vice-versa. Do you understand now why there is growing anti-Americanism across the globe?

    Exceptionalist hubris aside, no sane people actually want Postmodern Americanism in their countries. It only comes to countries at either the point of a gun or under threats of economic consequences. In fact, if it weren't for the presence of the US Military, most of those countries that Dennis visited would overthrow their shadow governments; just as every place he observed the general population rejects so-called American values to whatever extent they possibly can.

    Prager's article focuses mostly on the tyranny of the Homo Agenda in the US, but there are other factors evident as well. We're still world leaders alright: we lead the developed world in drug overdoses, suicides, poverty, divorces, litigation, infant mortality, incarceration rates, and---if the numbers were actually honest---unemployment and illiteracy. Our infrastructure across the board is failing. Our political system is collectively known as The Swamp. We have a $34 trillion GDP--about $33.5 trillion of that is in the hands of a few Financial and Commercial combines which dictate policy and operate above the law. Marijuana is our leading cash-crop and Media is our major export. 

  What Prager actually witnessed was what the world really looks like outside of the political and media propaganda. The corrupt regimes of both North America and Europe conceal a social structure beneath the shell. Europe's society is still very much alive: ours is for all intents and purposes, completely rotted from the inside out. The difference is that most Americans are content to remain in blissful ignorance of that fact. 

  Prager actually deserves some credit for having the intellectual honesty to bring this issue out in the open. The Neocons used to say that they were "Liberals mugged by Reality," maybe it's time that a few Conservatives woke up to it as well. 

Monday, June 5, 2023


     The Northshore School District in SE Snohomish County, Washington announced this weekend that two of its elementary school principals, Michael and Meghan Griffin (husband and wife) were put paid administrative leave after a rather embarrassing incident at a local QFC Supermarket. The incident happened on April 30th; but apparently just now leaked to the press, causing the School District to admit that Michael Griffin had been suspended since May 9th and his wife since May 30th. 

    So, according to the police report, Michael Griffin began flipping out at the Redmond QFC, screaming at patrons and making threatening gestures. Police subdued him after a brief scuffle where Griffin allegedly accused the other patrons of being spies who were planning to kill him and kidnap his wife while disguised as Amazon employees. He even indicated an Amazon delivery truck outside; but unfortunately for him, the police didn't believe his story---especially after a search revealed that Griffin was in possession of Cocaine and a loaded Glock-19 semi-automatic handgun. The school administrator unceremoniously was dragged out of the store, making obscene gestures and screaming accusations at the shocked crowd before being hauled to the Psych Ward. 

   Police also located Mrs. Griffin in the store. She told them that Michael "was paranoid she was having an affair with an old college friend and had become increasingly aggressive over the last month." She admitted to the police that they both were regular Cocaine users.

    Oh well. At least they represent diversity. The Griffins draw down a combined $360,000 from the bloated Northshore academic bureaucracy; a District which recently complained about having to make drastic budget cuts after a $21 million shortfall. About 22,000 children and teenagers are sent by their parents to that rathole---frankly, though if I were one, I might ask why so much money is wasted on parasites like these who contribute nothing to the school actually functioning. Another might be who hired these two dorks, and why did the school take so long to admit to taking action against the Griffins? Recall that the incident happened on April 30th, and Meghan Griffin admitted that Michael had been acting 'paranoid' for months; and his brother later told police that he had been worried about Michael's "deteriorating mental state." 

   The inference here is that the School knew about this for some time, but didn't act until they feared exposure; or more likely feared legal liability in case Michael had another such episode with Coke and a Glock around small children. American parents typically will tolerate a lot; but their attitudes can change quickly when a fat lawsuit looks promising.

   I suspect that the Administration's attitude is simply 'The Birds of a Feather' Syndrome. Given the known characters of most public school administrators, such behavior probably didn't seem to them as all that unusual; but they had to take necessary precautions to protect their own interests. The question of why parents would turn their kids over to the care of such degenerates: well, that's another matter. It's an even more interesting question considering that Bothell, Washington---where the Northshore District is located---is about a 50% 'Red' voting area

   The Griffins were suspended for the 'rest of the school year' which ends on June 23rd anyway. The Summer Break will give apathetic parents time to forget the whole thing and go back into denial, while the School Administration goes on just being themselves. 



Sunday, June 4, 2023


   Just as we predicted here about two months ago, these widespread consumer boycotts of corporations like Bud Light and Target have had little to no effect in slowing down the Oligarchy's push to mainstream the gender fluid/transhumanist agenda. If the daily news-feed that we're seeing is any indication; companies pushing the agenda with troon spokes-xhes (including Dylan Mulvaney) are sprouting up across the commercial landscape like toxic mushrooms do in a dying ecosystem.

   This reason that this is happening can be illustrated best by talking to some of the well-meaning folks engaged in these boycotts. They'll tell you that Bud Light has lost billions of dollars: I point out to them that the brand they've switched to is made by the same company. Or, others who've gone completely out of the Budweiser conglomerate's reach, I point out to them that the same financial cartels dominating Bud stock dominates these other breweries as well. When literally trillions of dollars are in the hands of criminals and fanatics, a billion here or there is not a great loss. 

  As an further example, take the recent 'Budget Deal' between the nominal Head-of-State and his Rump Congress. $1.3 trillion US dollars is what they want to spend. Now Bud Light and Target have lost a combined total of around $25 billion. Does anyone suppose that, if $25 billion of that budget was 'misappropriated', either Biden or McCarthy would raise any fuss over that? $25 billion is chump change to these people. And in the case of the supranational globalist Oligarchy, we're talking a lot more than a mere $1.3 trillion as well. 


      We've also been treated to the ridiculous spectacle of seeing the Gay Mafia engaging in counter-boycotts: going after 'woke' businesses who succumb to pressure from pro-family protests. It's made that whole Theater of the Absurd that Beatniks used to promote back in the 50s sound quite sensible and rational. The Mid-Century too, among more mainstream society, held June as the Wedding Month. A lot of young women then finished High School or College in May and were on their way to starting new careers as homemakers. Today, the 2020s have seen record bankruptcies in the wedding industry; and of course multiple lawsuits against any caterer who dares hold the quaint belief that marriage is something that only happens between opposite sexes. June is now designated Pride Month with all of the disgraceful spectacles accompanying that designation. Colonies of the WEF Nations further along in implementing the New World Order than the US have even criminalized defense of marriage to a greater extent than we have. 

   Pundits have tried to blame the lack of normal sexual interest on the Scamdemic. Of course, aggressive propaganda, unequal discrimination laws, and a depopulation agenda couldn't possibly be responsible for any of it. 

       We should consider that long ago, that when men who were away from women for a long time (e.g. soldiers on leave from the fort, sailors coming back from extended sea duties, cowboys finishing a long cattle-drive, etc.) were on their way to town, local officials used to pass along an informal "hide your daughters" warning to the residents. (A few daughters also figured out ways to sneak out of the house, too, but we digress 😇). The point here being that even if the Scamdemic had any actual impact on marriage numbers, it should have driven them up instead of down once Martial Law the restrictions had been lifted. 

    The whole 'homo equality' nonsense gets a lot of publicity; but the Oligarchs are driving agendas besides that one and imposing them with little or no resistance. And, as the boycotts and the earlier anti-Scamdemic protests show, they are proceeding with them with no regard to public opinion. This leads us to have to contemplate an even bigger problem.

   The United States Government, at all levels, is premised upon popular sovereignty. Inalienable Rights are specifically mentioned in our Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights amended to our Constitution spells out the what these inalienable Rights are. Our laws are premised upon the ideal of self-government to varying degrees within a system of Checks-and-Balances. 

   As we look at our history, it has been one largely marked by defending Liberty against Tyranny (despite what postmodern revisionists say). We had the pro-British Tories to deal with from the War of Independence to the War of 1812; an anti-Free Market slaveholding aristocracy to deal with until 1865; a powerful Corporatocracy to contend with until 1933; and Globalist totalitarian movements throughout WW2 and the Cold War. 

   For some reason, though, it seems that at the end of the Cold War Americans had simply given up. One by one, our freedoms evaporated and along with them our Quality of Life and character. Popular culture has reflected this. Since the 1990s, the media has been one constant stream of pessimism: apocalypses, dystopias, Nihilism, transhumanism, Narcissism, senseless violence, cynicism, moral relativism, atheism and Scientism run rife through the cultural venues---liberally punctuated with appeals to escapism through drugs or cults; while the so-called news media feeds us a steady diet of paranoia, propaganda, and disaster. Our political class rides the same bandwagon; telling us outright lies like having only a decade to fix Climate Change; doubling-down for the next Scamdemic; or how our nation won't survive another term of whichever Party is the incumbent one; etc., etc. 

  With these facts in mind, we have to start facing the uncomfortable question as to whether or not Self-Government is actually viable any longer. That, of course, immediately adduces the follow-up question: What would replace it? There are a lot of answers to that question: none of which sound especially appealing. 

   Evading the issue though isn't going to make it go away. It's a serious issue now that needs to be faced throughout the English-speaking world.