Tuesday, January 31, 2017


     Wall Street robber-baron and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is in the news again. As we've probably all seen, there is another boycott movement underway against the coffee chain, this time from Conservatives. Schultz is such a divisive figure that he manages to get his company boycotted on a regular basis by both Left and Right activists on a fairly regular basis.

     So, only a few years after closing American Starbucks branches and aggressively outsourcing overseas; Schultz has suddenly found the capital to hire 10,000 new workers in the United States. Except that he doesn't want to hire Americans, but refugees from the seven countries that President Trump temporarily embargoed last Friday.

     Now, a look at Starbucks' Worldwide Franchise Map reveals that Starbucks has no locations in any of the countries that Trump embargoed themselves. And a few of them are actually excellent coffee-growing locations, too. One would assume that a good business plan would be to invest in these countries to help the indigenous peoples while hiring Americans to ease our bloated unemployment rates and poverty levels. But Schultz isn't that kind of businessman.

     No, to put it bluntly, Schultz is a jerk. Not only is he a jerk, but a certain type of jerk; one which all experienced and mature men recognize. The type of jerk whose ego feeds off the powerlessness he causes in others while laughing in his sleeve over the people who praise his façade as some great community leader. This character type, in other words, is the sort who's not only a jerk; but proud of being one, too. Schultz' hometown of Seattle is filled with these types.

     Schultz' entire business history reads like a how-to manual on every form of corporate chiseling, antagonizing consumer-bases, price-fixing and unfair labor practices, tax cheating and regulatory evasions known to Wall Street. Schultz also seems to have a part-time hobby of suing small businesses over the most trivial trademark infringements.

     Schultz has a net worth of almost $3 billion, so another boycott isn't going to effect him personally much. He doesn't really care too much if Americans lose their jobs, or stockholders lose money over such things. He's proven this time, and time again.

     A better course for Conservative activists is not to boycott the company, but put pressure on the economic interests who can really pinch Schultz. Men of his character are driven more by power than profit. And that's his Achilles' Heel, because most businessmen are the opposite.

     Here are some suggestions for activists:

    1. Pressure the Starbucks Board of Directors to remove Schultz. This is where stockholders, chambers of commerce, and business associations can really make a difference. Especially local groups, which can negatively impact local franchises. I would suggest though a carrot-and-stick approach. Make these Starbucks officials some good deals and local support in exchange for a new CEO.

      2. Pressure media to drop Starbucks advertising until Schultz is removed as CEO. Obviously, this won't be especially effective against the Corporate Media; but could really have an impact in smaller and local markets.

      3. An often overlooked option: pressure foreign countries via their embassies, tourism and trade commissions to rethink allowing Starbucks franchises---especially countries where Schultz' political and social activism here is at odds with the host country's cultural values.

      4. Pressure joint stock-funds to divest in companies in which Schultz has shares.

     These are only suggestions, and no doubt some Conservative activists can come up with some equally good ones. Conservatives tend to be more active in the business field, and through the economic system is the way to deal with people like Schultz.  

Monday, January 30, 2017


    North America---and indeed most of the Anglosphere---seems to be engaged in a collective Panic Attack following President Trump's Executive Order issuing a temporary travel embargo on seven countries. People are getting shot at mosques; Trump supporters being beaten in airports; frivolous lawsuits getting filed, etc. Wall Street gangbangers, of course, are at the bottom of instigating all of this hysteria. As we've also noted here, many of the countries with strong Wahhabi terrorist movements are also major narcotics traffickers: this no doubt is behind some of the 'protests' too.

    Let's step back and take a deep breath.

    1. Trump's Order is temporary. As Trump said during the campaign, immigration from certain countries would be halted until the entry process was reformed. Recall that groups like the Moslem Brotherhood-dominated CAIR contributed to drafting the previous Administration's policies.

    2. Trump's Order does not ban Moslem immigration. It concerns seven predominantly Moslem countries out of 53 predominantly Moslem countries worldwide.

    3. Trump wants to screen out Wahhabi and Salafist Jihadi cultists from the legitimate visitors and refugees. Three of the countries he's embargoed: Iran, Syria, and Iraq have the same immigration restriction that Trump wants to impose (although the latter two countries have had obvious difficulties enforcing their laws). Other Moslem countries ban them too.

     4. States' Attorneys-General have no Constitutional authority whatsoever in federal immigration policy. These same Liberals defended that position against State Governments in the Southwest who defied Obama's policies regarding the US-Mexican Border.

      As usual, few if any of these 'protesters' have any idea why they are protesting; other than it's a Trump policy.

      British journalist Glenn Greenwald pointed out last month that all of this irrational anti-Trump hysteria and fake news that's been hitting public discourse like a cyclone is ultimately going to blunt any legitimate criticism of Trump or his policies. Were there real problems with his Order? Yes. One was the ex post facto issue of those already approved for entry---although a Federal Judge seems to have resolved that issue. There's also a legitimate question as to whether some countries should have embargoed: Iran for certain, and arguably Iraq, possibly shouldn't be on the list. And some countries should have been embargoed: specifically Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Turkey, Jordan, and Qatar who've been funneling Wahhabi Terrorists into the countries that were singled out.

      America needs to get a grip. Put away the Happy Pills; turn off CNN; pull your heads together and face the reality that Trump's Executive Order is not going to effect 99% of the American public. And most of the 1% it does effect are those who are profiting---legally and illegally---off the current broken system.

No Travel Ban Here...



Sunday, January 29, 2017


    Manosphere Red Pill blogger Vox Day is on a rampage. As of this writing, he's up to 9 posts on Vox Populi alone; tearing into Conservatives, Christians, and Jews in especial. Like the Radical Left, the fuel behind Vox' hysteria is President Trump's Executive Order putting a temporary travel ban on seven predominantly Islamic countries.

    Vox has been egging on a civil war in the US for some time (although it won't effect him, since he lives in Italy and has his publishing business in Finland). The collective breakdown on the Far Left over Trump's Order has him giddy with excitement; and he and other Red Pills are throwing as much verbal gasoline on the fire as possible. Among the things flowing steadily from his pen since Midnight Saturday are calls for federal employees to resist a judge's ruling that people from embargoed nations in transit are exempt from the Executive Order. The number of people the judge's ruling exempts probably can be counted by the dozen; but Vox thinks this is a flash-point in the Culture War.

   "Trump needs to crush this attempt to de-legitimize his authority!" he shrieks. No, Vox. Trump needs to do what Obama didn't do and respect Constitutional procedure. That's what the Federal Courts ostensibly exist to do.

    He also expends his outrage on 'Cuckservatives'---his term for traditionalist conservatives who don't agree with his position that White Anglo-Saxon Protestants are the only legitimate American citizens. Yes, he actually said that:

    "The Constitution was not written for Universal Man. It was written to secure the liberties of Englishmen living on the American Continent and no one else."

     Not surprisingly, Vox praises Leftist concepts like Identity Politics:

     "US politics are now an identity game...It is long past time for Conservatives to realize that one cannot continue to play by centuries-old Anglo-Saxon rules after one permits a large quantity of non-Anglos who neither know or care about these rules to invade the playing field. The great irony is that Republicans of the sort that one finds on the Wall Street Journal editorial page, who cling to the outdated notion of a creedal United States, consider themselves pragmatists."

     And, he further pours his wrath on 'Churchians'---his term for Christians who don't accept the Red Pill philosophy, or what Vox calls "the mythical Judeo-Christian values." He unleashes a real tirade on Christians who are pro-Immigrant, and incredibly justifies it with this Scripture: "It is not right to take the children's bread and toss it to the dogs." (St. Matthew xv:26). Somehow, it seems to have escaped his attention that two of the embargoed countries---Syria and what is now Somalia were the first countries outside of Judea evangelized in the Book of Acts. Oh well...

     And speaking of Jews, Vox seems to be hoping that they will be sent to the Middle East along with the Moslems. He argues that Israel is their proper place, and that:

      "There is no Jewish Question here, because there's nothing to question. If someone declares himself your enemy, one should do the courtesy of taking him seriously...how can you possibly align yourself with these people and still consider yourself to be on the side of Christianity, America, or the West?"

      The answer, Vox, is very simple. It's because Jews can come to America and align themselves with American values. Like free-market proponents Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, Louis Rukeyser, and Paul Samuelson. Or Jewish constitutional scholars like Supreme Court Justices Louis Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter. Or Jewish military leaders like General Mark Clark or the 27 Jewish Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients. Or Jewish-American scientists like Albert Einstein who technological achievements once made us a superpower; and Jonas Salk who developed the polio vaccine. Or Jewish-American authors like Isaac Asimov and Carl Sagan who popularized science? Not to mention Conservative politicians like Barry Goldwater, Warren Rudman, Chic Hecht, Jacob Javits, and Norm Coleman.

     Enemies of American Civilization, indeed. The real enemies of American Civilization are the extremists, whether Left or Right. The only real difference between someone like Rosie O'Donnell and Vox Day is that one is terrified that Trump will become a tyrant and the other hopes that he will. And neither one contributes anything constructive to the public discourse.


Saturday, January 28, 2017


    A story that went viral yesterday and then disappeared from the Corporate Media was about a man named Robin Rhodes. Rhodes is from the Boston area and CEO of a cryogenics company.

    On Friday, Rhodes went berserk at JFK Airport. He ran screaming to the office door of a 60-year old female Moslem executive, shouting "What are you doing in there? Are you sleeping? Are you praying?" Rhodes then screamed obscenities as he kicked in her door and attacked her, ripping off her headscarf and kicking her violently.

    "You've done nothing, but I'm going to kick your f-----g a--!" Rhodes bellowed at the terrified woman; making incoherent references to ISIS, the Moslem faith, and President Trump. The woman managed to escape, but the deranged Rhodes chased her, then fell on his knees in a mock-Moslem prayer stance and roared:

    "Trump is here now! He will get rid of all you! You can ask Germany, Belgium, and France about these kinds of people! You will see what's coming!"

    Police swarmed atop Rhodes and dragged him kicking and screaming from the scene, with Rhodes cursing the shocked audience and making obscene gestures at them on his way to jail.

    The Corporate Media pounced on this story, highlighting Rhodes' references to Trump. Several bloggers followed their lead, speaking of the 'deranged Trump supporter.' But is this true?

     It seems that the Corporate Media left out a little detail about Robin Rhodes. His social network and personal accounts were suspiciously scrubbed right after the incident. But a reporter named Reza Gorhesi of the online pop-culture magazine The Empty Lighthouse dug a little deeper and found this interesting tidbit about Rhodes:

    "According to the FEC, Rhodes appears to have given money to James McGovern, John Kerry, and Scott Brown."

     Well, well, well. Now this hardly sounds like a Trump supporter, now does it? Even the Corporate Media stories quoted Rhodes' mother as saying that his behavior (as the Media spun it) was out of character, and seemed to imply that Rhodes followed some rather Politically-Correct hiring policies.

     This revelation puts a slightly different construction on the story. Because it appears now that the truth is that Rhodes is actually another in a growing list of Left-Wing 'Elites' who've cracked up in public over Trump's Election. The fact that the Corporate Media doesn't seem especially interested in following up this story---like they normally would for a real Trump- supporter who broke down like this---ought to raise some red flags.

     This is another example of why nothing in the US Corporate Media should ever be taken at face-value. Always verify anything they say before accepting it as truth.



    President Trump signed an Executive Order on Friday that temporarily suspends Obama's refugee resettlement program until security changes can be made and halting entry into the US from seven countries for the next 90 days. The US Corporate Media, of course, is trying to spin this as some kind of immigration ban---which it obviously is not.

     The news brought the usual hotheads into the streets and an online petition, signed by thousands of self-styled prominent academics, demanding that Trump rescind this 'discriminatory' policy. The petition by 11 Nobel Laureates, and a host of others pompously showing off the awards and titles that American Academics bestow on each other. These people had nothing to say, though, when Obama and Kerry barred Syrian Christians from claiming refugee status. But in modern Academia, anti-Christian discrimination is applauded and encouraged.

      Nor are these Academics concerned that our system of screening refugees is radically defective and that groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS are the ones trying to escape Syria and Iraq right now, since the Allies have defeated them on several fronts. 

     It's not that American Academia especially cares whether terrorists come into the country or not. The fact is that a lot of foreign students from the Middle East come to American universities---and the universities make a lot of money off international students. Most foreign students are either financed by their own government or by wealthy parents to come here. With deep pockets like this, universities charge exorbitant tuitions and fees for foreign students: to the tune of $33 billion annually.

     These greedy shysters running our Education Establishment is fine with the Government building Calais-type camps in your neighborhood---then condescendingly lecturing us on 'accepting diversity' while they rake in the cash and laugh in their sleeves. Most of these immigrant students return home after graduation; feeling disgust at the corruption of our system. But some get radicalized by the Academic Left and stay on---becoming like Fakhra Shah or Payal Modi. 

     Our immigration system is in need of reform, but our educational system needs it even worse. It's doubtful that Trump will end immigration after reforms are enacted. Besides, it is not unprecedented for Presidents to bar immigration from areas that pose security threats anyway.

     It's a matter of following the money. Unfortunately Academia today is far more concerned with the fast buck than any public safety issues.

Friday, January 27, 2017


    One of the characteristics associated with traditional masculinity is a man's unique ability to stand above the herd in certain ways. The best and most heroic men are characterized by their multi-faceted personalities. We admire men like Theodore Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy who were warriors, but also intellectual and moral men. 

    This personality type appeared fairly regularly in popular media of the past; especially in early television series like Have Gun Will Travel and The Saint, but has largely disappeared from our misandryist culture. Postmodernism wholly dislikes the image of a cultured, intelligent, and capable man of action.

    Our feature for this weekend is from 1970, and is the story of such a man. It is a Western  titled A Man Called Joe Clifford, though it's frequently found under the title Apocalypse Joe. It stars Western film legend Anthony Steffen, who in real life was often like these kinds of characters.

    Joe Clifford (played by Steffen) is a gunfighter who incidentally has a passion for the writings of William Shakespeare. Between his highly action-filled adventures, Clifford studies Shakespeare and acts in Shakespeare plays. Now, of course, Shakespeare is today a dead white male who is no longer studied, but during the 19th Century even frontier towns of the Old West respected him.

    So Clifford learns one day that a relative of his has died and he's inherited a gold mine. He's delighted at this news, a hopes that this windfall will finance a trip to England where can he further his studies. When he arrives in the small mining community to claim his fortune, he discovers that the corrupt town-boss and his army of hoodlums murdered his relative to seize the mine for themselves.

    Clifford doesn't take this injustice lying down, to say the least. He demonstrates exactly what kind of damage that one man with gun and a brain can do to a mob of thugs. Clifford is one of those types of warrior-heroes who doesn't let little details like being heavily outnumbered deter him from decisive action. That seems to be a trait common to intellectually inclined heroes in both fiction and real-life. 

    This film isn't a typical Western with one-on-one duels; it's more like several one-on-twenty gun battles. Don't be misled by the Shakespeare angle that this film is a 'soft-core' Western. Many Western film websites list A Man Called Joe Clifford among their top-ten 'Most Violent Westerns' lists. Clifford rarely fights in this film unless he's outnumbered at least often enough to reload.

     All in all, Joe Clifford is a really likeable character. In several scenes during the film, he shows a genuine empathy for the other people oppressed by the town-boss and his men. Uncompromising when fighting evil, he is also a friend to those in need. There's something truly ideally masculine in that personality constellation. Small wonder that so many heroes of the past fit this description.

     A Man Called Joe Clifford is currently available on Youtube and some of the free download sites. It's also available on DVD.

Thursday, January 26, 2017


     The Dallas Independent School District in Dallas, Texas placed high-school art teacher Payal Modi on Administrative Leave this week after she suffered an hysterical breakdown during a video of Trump's Inauguration. Some of the students caught Modi's enraged outburst on their I-phones, and posted the images on social media.

      Modi was showing President's Trump's speech on a large screen in the classroom when she suddenly jumped up with a squirt-gun and began screaming "Die! Die!" and began blasting away at Trump's image in front of the stunned students.

      Dallas ISD refused to talk to the local media about the incident; nor would they explain exactly how Trump's Inauguration was relevant to an Art class. It does illustrate, though, roughly the character of the typical public schoolteacher here in the Prozac Nation. Only two weeks before the Election, Fort Worth Middle School teacher Cory Heath lost it and gunned down two of his neighbors, allegedly during a drunken fight.

      Whether or not Trump turns out to be a good president or not, one of the clear lessons from the 2016 Elections is that the Liberal 'Elites' who have run our country for nearly 30 years are anything but 'liberal' or 'elite'. From the campaign onward, the Wiki Leaks exposures; the blatant media malpractice; and---above all---the post-Election insanity, are making it plain to Americans that their community leaders are mostly a collection of neurotics, criminals, and perverts.

      The amount of social irrationality that we've witnessed since last year is truly remarkable. Certainly we have had violent aftermaths of elections before. But in previous cases, they were generally connected to some specific issue or ideology. What makes the anti-Trump demonstrations unique is that there doesn't seem to be an causality between the President and the violent reactions he provokes.

      For example, it's doubtful that Payal Modi wishes Trump's death because she believes that Mike Pence would be a better president. Likewise, it's doubtful that Rosie O'Donnell calls for Martial Law because she believes that a military dictatorship would be more benign than the dictatorship that she imagines that Trump is planning. And so on. None of these people protesting Trump in the streets have the slightest idea of what they would do if Trump disappeared tomorrow.  Their whole focus is on destruction for its own sake.

     In traditional psychology, it is recognized that this type of fixation and obsession has its roots in the subconscious desire to destroy what a person or object symbolically represents. For these anti-Election types, Trump is a representative figure of the evil they secretly desire to destroy within themselves. As a case in point, when someone like Madonna wants to blow up the White House because Trump is allegedly a 'sexist'; what she really wants to destroy is her own hatred of men and Trump---in many ways---symbolizes the apex of masculine achievement. Similarly, other anti-Election outbursts come from various neurotic motives; not a single one grounded in any kind of reality. Generally, simply asking one of these types for the main reason that they hate Trump will reveal their underlying motivations.  

      Obviously, this does not apply to those who oppose Trump on purely ideological or political grounds; but people of this persuasion are expressing their opposition in rational and socially acceptable forms. We have to understand here that the outbursts we're currently are coming from our own failure during the last three decades to keep people like these out of positions of authority. Now it's time to drain the swamp.




    The University of Kansas, a taxpayer-funded cesspool of Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism, boasts that its School of Social Welfare is the top-ranking Social Work college in the state. Lately though, the School has gone in a big way for Left-Wing Radicalism---even forcing out its rather Liberal Dean last year for being insufficiently ideologically pure. 

    Now the School has been caught manufacturing and distributing anti-Trump propaganda. The flyers were advertised on social media with this notice:

     "At this point, you have heard about the neo-Nazi groups recruiting on campus since the Inauguration. Below are pictures of a flyer from the School of Social Welfare, available in Twentie Hall, on how to spot coded racist language and symbols; and how to respond to any flyers, chalking, conversations, witnessed harassment and the like. The flyers list who you need to contact both within your school and at the university level...we cannot allow fascist racism to become a normalized and integrated part of our community."

     Nothing necessarily wrong with students fighting Naziism; although the reference to reporting conversations sounds a bit Nazi-like in its own right. However, among the "Nazi Code Words" listed are phrases like 'Make America Great Again'; 'Anarcho-Capitalist'; 'Alternative Truth/Facts'; along with a few other questionable terms like 'Alt-Right' and 'Men's Rights Activity' (which some Nazis have co-opted). The authors of this document also consider opposition to Safe Spaces as suspicious behavior.

     The University of Kansas has become known for these kinds of antics. Late in 2015, the Student Senate adopted a regulation removing gender-specific pronouns from official University literature; and more recently, the University Library has begun offering buttons which students can wear next to their diaper-pins signifying which gender they wish to belong to, or none at all if they prefer. Faculty have been forced out; pro-Trump harassed and mobbed, etc.

      The people of Kansas need to step up and put a stop to this out-of-control behavior. Kansas hasn't voted Democrat since Lyndon Johnson won the state in 1964. Put down the Hookah pipes; stop worrying about the Jayhawks' football season and start thinking about building schools that turn out future leaders and professionals again.

     This Academic rat-hole sucks $1.86 billion out of the US economy for no redeeming social purpose whatsoever. A look at their list of alumni on Wikipedia reveals that the University hasn't produced anyone of distinction---outside of sports---for several years. This is another university whose heyday is long-gone; and it's really time to consider seriously whether public funding for it has any further justification.




     As if we haven't been hearing enough kooky apocalyptic scenarios from the Far Left since the Inauguration, the Far Right has decided to invent a few of their own. Roosh Valizadeh, Red Pill cultist, PUA, male supremacist, and anti-Semite, published an article at Return of Kings suggesting that Trump is about to usher in a Feminist Reign of Terror. 

    The article was published on January 23rd, and written by one Corey Savage, another Red Pill author who "believes that the key to life is for men to honor their primal nature." Savage gives us ten dire predictions of what to expect during the upcoming Trump Administration.

     1. Expansion of Hate-Crime Laws;

     2. Required Sexual Consent Forms;

      3. Anonymous Rape Accusations held Legally Valid;

      4. Feminist-Run Re-Education Camps;

       5. Government-Sponsored Feminist Tribunals;

       6. Chemical Male Castration Promoted;

        7. Promotion of non-contact Sex;

        8. A Tax on Bachelors;

        9. Legalized Polyandry;

      10. Concentration Camps for Men.

     So, it would seem that the Leftists aren't the only ones who don't yet realize that Hilary Clinton actually lost the Election. Savage seriously believes the above scenarios are possible under Trump:

      "Those who lived just a few generations ago couldn't have imagined what we're witnessing today," he writes, "Feminism, by colluding with the Government, will continue to grow like a tumor; and will not stop until you make it stop."

      Now that we are witnessing a resurgence of true Conservatism within the Republican Party, we would be well-served to push the Radical Right back to the fringes, where they belong. They are enemies of freedom and, as this article shows, will be enemies of the Trump Administration and Conservative causes in general.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


   The day after President Trump suspended foreign subsidizes to the Abortion Industry, Congress passed a Bill which effectively ends any federal funding domestically for these enterprises as well.

    House Bill HR 7 now moves on to the Senate, and Trump has stated that he will sign it into law if passed in its current form. The Bill makes permanent the prohibitions on federal abortion funding of the Hyde Amendment enacted by President Ford. However, the new proposal goes even further by eliminating all federally-subsidized insurance providers from paying for abortions.

    According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), 1,036 Obamacare plans subsidized by the Federal Government in 2014 covered abortion services as a way to sneak around the Hyde Amendment's provisions. Many other Insurance Cartels refuse to divulge how these subsidies are appropriated. The new provisions will bar Obamacare subsidies to such providers and require greater transparency.

    Special Interest groups profiting from abortion are stirring the Corporate Media up as much as possible to try an stop the Bill in the Senate. There's big payoffs in the Abortion Industry. Planned Parenthood noted today that the out-of-pocket cost for a 1st trimester abortion is about $1,500. That's how much per procedure that the Insurance Cartels, the Medical-Industrial Complex, and Big Pharma fleece from the US taxpayers and insurance subscribers every time they take a human life. From the numbers of abortions performed in the US annually, one can see that this is a multi-billion dollar enterprise.

    And the pro-Abortion groups themselves---besides trafficking in human corpses---get a pretty penny from Wall Street interests who likewise invest in this kind of activism:

     Michael Bloomberg, since 2010 has donated over $50 million to Planned Parenthood.

     Warren Buffett is quite prolific. Since 1989 his pro-Abortion support includes:
              Planned Parenthood---$289 million
              Marie Stopes Int'l.-----$211 million
              National Abortion Federation---$85 million
              DKT International-----$78 million
              Engender Health-----$32 million
              Guttmacher Institute---$29 million
              NARAL----$24 million

       George Soros' Open Society Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, the Packard Foundation, and many others have pumped millions annually into the Abortion Industry.

      It's not surprising that the Wall Street elites and the DNC mandarins are pro-abortion. As Megan Donovan of the pro-Abortion Guttmacher Institute complained yesterday that: "Restrictions on abortion coverage disproportionately impact low-income families, women of color, immigrants, and young people". Or, to express it more truthfully, these restrictions impact the ability of the elites to control population among the poor, minorities, immigrants, and the young.

      This attitude, bluntly stated, motivates most of the pro-Abortion lobby (along with the profit motive). The Elites see the human race as one big herd of animals consuming too many of the resources to which the Elites feel entitled. So, they decide to cull the herd, and like farmers or conservation agents do, they select what they consider inferior specimens for removal. That should show us all how the Left really feels about social justice for the poor and minorities.

      We urge all our readers to encourage their US Senators to support HR 7, because the Senate battle will likely be a fierce one.

A young, immigrant, poor woman of color deciding for Life



Tuesday, January 24, 2017


   A reader recently asked why we consider Nazi blogs like The Daily Stormer a part of the Manosphere, or 'Red Pill' movement. He pointed out that Andrew Anglin, editor of that blog, has often disagreed with Game/PUA philosophy.

    It is so that these various Red Pill leaders not infrequently have fallings-out over who is the greatest; the most ideologically pure; etc. But they all hold essentially to the same core ideologies, as evidenced by the fact that commenters from the Manosphere and Neo-Nazi blogs regularly show up on the same sites. Anglin refers to himself as a Red Pill, has been praised and quoted freely by Manosphere writers, and employs Manosphere terminology and concepts quite freely. For example, The Daily Stormer carried an article recently about the anti-Election 'Woman's March' that famously earned pop-star Madonna a visit from the Secret Service.

     Here are some excerpts from Anglin's article, in which he argues that the Feminist protesters are sexually fixated on Trump and were vying for his attention.

     "Hating on a man and talking about how awful he is, is generally a sign that a woman wants to have sex with that man. They were actually demanding they be sexually assaulted by Donald Trump. You don't have to be a psychoanalyst to pick this up. Every single one of these women is sexually fixated on Donald Trump."

    Isn't that precisely what Game/PUA proponents teach? That female emotions mean nothing, and they are obsessed with sexual conquest? Lest there be any doubt that the Red Pills and Nazis are on the same page, Anglin continues:

     "This is what happens when you give women freedoms. They become outrageous and dangerous..."

     Again, nothing that one doesn't read regularly on Manosphere blogs. What makes women dangerous and uncontrollable with Liberty?

    "To understand why all these women want to have sex with a single man who is 70-years old, slightly overweight, and wasn't explicitly handsome when he was young, one must understand the concept of hypergamy...Donald Trump is the ultimate Alpha male. He is an aggressive, hostile conqueror who became ruler of the world through force of will. As such, he is the object of sexual fixation of all women on the planet."

    We have highlighted Manosphere/Red Pill terminology in the above passage to illustrate clearly that Anglin and other Nazis are not getting these ideas out of thin air. What Anglin is quoted here as saying is Red Pill Cult doctrine across the board. And have we never seen his conclusions on Manosphere sites?

    "Only by restricting the deranged sexual practices of women can we save our Civilization. And a vow to fix this problem is a sure way to get young men on board with a war against the Jews."

    That there is a direct ideological connection between the Red Pills and the Nazis is shown evidently once again. And not simply that both are movements that prey on alienated men with false promises of becoming an Ubermensch or an Alpha. Since Anglin referred to psychiatry, here's some excerpts from Psychoanalyst Erich Fromm who studied the Nazi phenomenon firsthand.

    "Naziism is marked by a relatively low degree of heterosexuality." Fromm wrote in 1936, "The psychic structure of both Hitler and his followers is characterized by hate, guilt feelings, and hostility towards sexuality...In the sadistic subjection of and fear of the female prevalent in the Nazis, one can find the fear of sexual impulses in general. The latent homosexual component among the Nazis expresses itself in the fanatical persecution of overt homosexuality...

    "Physiologically, the average authoritarian man is heterosexual; in his physical relationship to women, in terms of satisfying bodily needs, he is potent. But emotionally, he is homosexual and is hostile and cruel to women. Naziism is the tender and loving masochistic relationship developed by a weaker man toward a strong one."

     Thus, what the Red Pills write about the feminist protesters is simply projection.

     Had these men been honest Christians or Conservatives, they would have complained that the Women's March was a disgusting spectacle---degrading to all women---and maybe even contrasting Madonna's vulgarity and crudeness with Melanie Trump's feminine dignity and elegance. But instead, they deride the female nature while fawning over President Trump as a god-emperor and the ultimate Alpha; like a bunch of homosexuals throwing a jealous tantrum over the attention men pay to women.

     Fromm is correct; and this is likely the underlying bond between the Red Pills and the Nazis. Their hatred of women and idolization of stronger men (likely stemming from repressed homosexuality) is a point they both share.

Monday, January 23, 2017


     Sputnik News today had an interesting story from Uganda about a new medical breakthrough in treating and diagnosing pneumonia. The disease is a major killer worldwide, but especially in Africa, where its symptoms mimic equally deadly malaria and often lead to misdiagnosis.

     So, a 26-year old Ugandan engineering student named Olivia Koburongo, who lost her mother to pneumonia hit up an innovative idea, using Smart-Technology. With a team of other engineering students and medical professionals, they designed a kit which she calls, Mama-Ope, or 'Mother's Hope'. The kit contains a type of jacket with biometric sensors which can be downloaded on a Bluetooth device and the results translated through a special app.

    24-year old Bryan Turyabagye, another engineer who worked on the project pointed out that the jacket can give a more comprehensive diagnosis of pneumonia symptoms in one application than doctors can with a routine examination. Preliminary tests have shown that the jacket can produce an accurate diagnosis four times faster than a doctor without the possibility of human error. The results can also be uploaded so that professionals nationally---and potentially worldwide---can access them.

   So far, the prototype is being patented but on trial-runs at some Ugandan hospitals. If successful, they plan to deploy it to remote regions and eventually other parts of Africa.

    "The problem that we're trying to solve is diagnosing pneumonia before it gets severe." Koburungo told the press. "And we're also trying to circumvent the problem of too little manpower in hospitals. Currently we have a doctor-to-patient ratio of 1:24,000 in Uganda."

     Sputnik reported that the kit is the predicted winner of the 2017 Royal Academy of Engineering Africa Prize, which is valued at $31,000. The team hopes to use the prize money to begin mass-production of the kit.

     We may well see the Mama-Ope kit in America within a few years; and it's drawn the attention of WHO and UNICEF who are anticipating its approval for use in other underdeveloped countries.

      It is interesting as a side commentary that we have a Millennial-Generation orphaned Black woman in third-world Uganda who just developed a technology that will save millions of lives worldwide, while her American counterparts are storming through the streets in obscene pink hats, setting cars on fire and threatening to 'unbirth' the nation. 

    Some interesting food for thought.


   President Trump today signed an Executive Order reinstating a Reagan-Era policy barring international NGOs from receiving federal funding if they provide, or if they are in any way connected to, the Abortion Industry. This ruling will mostly criminal enterprises like Planned Parenthood, who have been caught trafficking in abortion-related biological by-products.

    Despite the howls from Left-Wing interest groups, who receive contributions to overlook the Abortion Industry's activities, Trump's order will not cut off legitimate medical Foreign Aid programs. Most of these can still receive funding if they eliminate abortion-related activities from their programs.

    The so-called Abortion Rights Movement  always was primarily leveled at poor and minority populations. Several foreign governments have already banned these US-based NGOs for this very reason.

     The Life Education and Resource Network, a Black anti-Abortion group whose advocacy efforts are completely ignored by the Corporate Media noted that Black women account for 12% of the US population but 37% of American abortions. Contrary to Corporate Media propaganda, the live-birthrate among American Black is actually now below replacement levels, according to LEARN. This has been the true objective behind pro-Abortion groups like Planned Parenthood---which cynically adds insult to injury by selling aborted Black fetuses to corporate interests at a profit.

     Planned Parenthood and similar gangs have been carrying out the same policies abroad. According to their own website, their primary areas of activity internationally are aimed at Central/South America and Africa. What a farce it is then, for pro-Abortion interests to claim that Trump's policies are discriminatory. Countless minority children abroad will be saved by Trump's actions.

     Every human life conceived has potential for good or evil; and abortion robs Society of that potential as well as the child's right to life. Poverty or wealth is irrelevant; some of our greatest human benefactors were born poor and some of the worst scoundrels born rich. And vice-versa. A free society is the best guarantor of success from poverty. Consider the sheer number of our own US Presidents: among them Jackson, Lincoln, Grant, McKinley, Eisenhower, and Reagan---who were born in abject poverty. We would never have benefitted from their achievements, had their mothers exercised the right to choose.

     Trump's actions today are a step in the right direction; now it is time to defund and stop these groups at home as well.


Sunday, January 22, 2017


   The day after Pope Francis congratulated and offered prayers for President Trump; publishing a letter praising American values and urging demonstrators not to rush to judgment; the Red Pill Cultists on the Radical Right attacked the Pope today. The focus of their ire was an interview that the Pope gave to the Spanish newspaper El Pais on Friday. Fragments of the interview have been spread out of context; and occurring simultaneously with Inauguration Day, both the Corporate Media and the Manosphere have taken the Pope's remarks to refer to President Trump.

   Interesting how the Corporate Media and the Red Pills always seem to follow the same narrative, isn't it? Red Pill blogger Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer---which is currently carrying a series of articles purportedly demonstrating that Fascism is an inherently Christian philosophy---wrote a piece today titled Pope Faggot Warns that a New Hitler is on the Way. What the Pope actually said was this; but we would like to alert readers in advance how many relevant contexts the Corporate Media omitted when reporting the text:

    "I didn't know what to make of Populism in Europe until I realized that it had different meanings for different peoples. Times of crises provoke fear and alarm. In my opinion the most obvious example of European Populism is Germany in 1933. After Von Hindenburg and the crisis of 1930, Germany is broken, it needs to get up, to find its identity, to find a leader, someone capable of restoring its character. And then there is this young man named Adolf Hitler who says 'I can, I can.' And all Germans vote for Hitler. Hitler didn't seize power, his people voted for him and then he destroyed his people. That is the risk. In times of crises, we lack judgment, and that is a constant reference for me. Let's look for a savior who gives us back our identity; and let's defend ourselves with walls, barbed-wire whatever, from other peoples who may rob us of our identity. And that is a very serious thing."

     So, it is apparent from this context that the Pope is not talking about America at all, but warning Europeans not to fall into the same mistakes of a century ago by looking for a savior in political leader instead of a Savior in Christ. And warning them too, that their common identity as Christians should lead to dialogue instead of conflict:

    "This is why I always say: talk among yourselves. Talk to each other. But the case of Germany in 1933 is typical, a people that was immersed in a crisis, that looked for its identity until a charismatic leader came and promised to give them their identity back---and he gave them a distorted identity. We all know what happened next, where there is no conversation. Can borders be controlled? Yes, each country has the right to control its borders, who comes and goes, and to reduce risk from terrorism and crime. But no country has the right to deprive its citizens to talk with their neighbors."

     This obviously again has to do with the situation in Europe, and the Pope even denied, when asked by the reporter, that this referred to President Trump. What Francis is actually saying here is that Populism devoid of Christian morality is a dangerous course; and we not only have Hitler Germany, but Jacobin France, Bolshevist Russia, Maoist China, the Khmer Rouge, and Wahhabi Arabs to see examples of that.

      Anglin, though, puts a different construction on Populism. "Populism simply means the will of the people coming first. And Hitler is the ultimate representation of Populism. So when we're told how bad Hitler is, aren't we simply being told how bad the will of the people is?"

      Umm...yes...because God's Will is higher than that of any Government, including Populist ones. And aside from the fact that 'populists' like Hitler are concerned with the popular will only until the split-second they have power; the people can---and often have---been wrong. Hitler is actually proof of this fact, as the Pope stated.

      And this proof further that the Red Pill Movement is neither a Christian nor a Conservative Movement. It is the Right-Wing equivalent of the Leftist anti-Election rioters; and generally moving towards the same ultimate goals.




   The Pope sent official congratulations to President Trump on Friday and offered prayers for his Administration during Daily Mass. The message sent to Trump was published by the Vatican and reads as follows:

    "At a time when our human family is beset by grave humanitarian crises demanding farsighted and united political responses, I pray that your decisions will be guided by the rich spiritual and ethical values that have shaped the history of the American people and your nation's commitment to the advances of human dignity and freedom worldwide. Under your leadership, may America's stature continue to be measured above all by its concern for the poor, for the outcast, and those in need who, like Lazarus, stand before the door. With these sentiments, I ask Our Lord to grant you and your family and all the beloved American people, His Blessings of peace, concord, and every material and spiritual prosperity."

     Trump has not yet appointed a new ambassador to the Vatican, but the outgoing ambassador, Ken Hackett told Catholic News Agency that he expects relations between Trump and Pope Francis will be positive. Hackett pointed out that while the two leaders differ on immigration policy, Trump and Francis are aligned on many other political and social issues.

      The 2016 Campaign was a contentious one for US Catholics. There was considerable rabid anti-Catholicism from elements of the pro-Trump media and bloggers. Francis had also made some remarks concerning the proposed Border Wall that the Corporate Media took out of context and inflamed a short-lived controversy between the Trump Campaign and the Vatican. Wiki Leaks also revealed that arch-criminal George Soros had insinuated some of his front-groups into the US Papal visit (although it appears that this was done without Francis' knowledge).

       Trump, himself, however, has not come across as anti-Catholic. His wife Melanie is a Catholic, as is Vice-President Pence. But many Catholics who lean Conservative have always held some reservations during the campaign: Trump often gives the impression that his social policies are determined more by Realpolitik than actual commitment to principle.

       But even if these concerns have some foundation, the alternative would have been far worse. When one considers the frosty reception the Pope received from the Obama White House during the Papal Visit and overt hostility the Clintons displayed toward the Church; it's doubtful that the American Church could have survived as a social force under 4-8 more years of the same policy trends.

       Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican's Secretary of State, had probably the best advice for American Catholics, and the world in general.

        "We must wait and see. Normally, it is said, it is one thing to be a candidate and another thing to be President, and have responsibility. We will see what choices he makes and according to that one can also make a judgment. It seems premature to make judgments now." His Eminence said.



Saturday, January 21, 2017


    Nobody ever said Anarchists were smart. As details emerge about the violent uprising at the University of Washington yesterday, the rioters are emerging in an even more negative light. The fracas started because campus Republicans invited Milo Yiannapolous to speak to local Trump supporters on Inauguration Day. Mask-wearing thugs appeared on campus to fight against free speech and fair elections, causing several injuries, property damage, and a shooting victim.

      So we learned today that the shooter gunned down one the crowd because he thought the man was "a White Supremacist" according to the Corporate Media Seattle Times. The Times interviewed associates of the victim---who is still in the hospital---who state that the victim was in fact a Sanders supporter with an anti-Nazi tattoo on his rump; who himself was protesting Milo's speech. This is a good lesson for all Anarchists: don't shoot the first White guy you see: he may be one of your own.

     As usual during these violent outbursts---which in Seattle happen on a regular basis---the local political and media establishment tried to spin the story as a peaceful protest that got a little out of hand at times. Twitter feeds did show people getting hit with bricks and bottles, but a spokesman for the UW claimed, "Though things were a little tense at times, we had the situation under control."

    Matthew Perdie, a cameraman from Breitbart News who was covering the event, told a different story. Perdie went outside before Milo's speech to cover some of the protesters. A gang of masked thugs attacked him from behind.

     "Fortunately those guys don't know how to fight," said Perdie who suffered bruises to his face, "They have to hide behind masks and handkerchiefs because they are afraid of the repercussions of their own actions."

    Sadly, though, in Seattle this is not the case. Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole, who was praised by Obama and invited to the White House, has essentially ordered the SPD not to intervene in protests. As the UW incident proves, a rioter has a better chance of being shot by one of his own men during a Seattle riot than he does of being arrested for anything. Perdie even stated that he reported the attack to police but "they seemed apathetic." In reality, a police officer who arrested a street thug for attacking a Trump supporter is probably risking his career in that city.

    "I did not see any pro-Milo people who were violent." Perdie stated. "It wasn't just me who they were assaulting. I saw another kid whom I believe was pro-Milo. He was bruised up badly and blue paint on him" (Note: the Anarchists were seen by others throwing paint-bombs at people) "All of the violence came from the protesters. But the local media wouldn't say where the violence came from."

     Also sadly true. One gets the impression from the Seattle Media that Milo caused the violence simply by attending the event.

      The culture that the Left has cultivated in Seattle---and on much of the urban West Coast---is characterized by this type of extreme intolerance. Perdie is right about the thugs hiding behind masks---but the masks are psychologically symbolic and not worn out of fear of exposure. They're worn because the true face behind the Left's collective cultural mask is revealed as a vicious, snarling beast; driven by irrational fear of Civilization and its demands and responsibilities. Like wild animals, they instinctively attack perceived threats to the security of the herd. Just like wild animals are indistinguishable, the rioters wear masks and hoods as a symbolic testimony to their herd-mentality. 




    Arch-criminal George Soros, for some unknown reason, was allowed to speak at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Currently facing possible expulsion from Hungary and the subject of a legislative probe in Macedonia, Soros took to the podium to vent his frustrations over his foiled schemes in China, the UK, and the US.

      Donald Trump was the first target of his wrath. "This would-be dictator didn't even expect to win." said the man responsible for creating dictatorships himself, "Trump is an impostor and a con-man. He is gearing up for trade wars which will have far-reaching economic consequences for Europe!"

      That statement is psychological projection, or none ever was. Not only was Soros' accomplice Clinton defeated in the US Election, the Wall Street Journal recently reported that Soros lost over $1 billion on Wall Street in November, hedging his investments on a Clinton victory. Nonetheless, he expressed hope that Trump will be brought down: "He's bound to fail, because the policies that guide him are self-contradictory...Trump stands for a government that is the opposite of an open society, something like a dictatorship or a mafia state."

     That assessment sounds remarkably similar to the government that Soros' intrigues set up in Ukraine; but he and the Corporate Media were too outraged to notice the similarities.

     The bitter billionaire then turned his venom on British Prime Minister Teresa May. Since BREXIT, May has personally attended nearly all of these major international economic councils, and has been very well-received. She especially performed well at Davos; and this was too much for the hateful Soros.

     "At the moment the people in the UK are in denial." Soros thundered, "The current economic situation is not as bad as predicted, and they live in hope. But BREXIT will ultimately lead to currency depreciation, and inflation will be the driving force. This will lead to declining living standards."

     Is Soros actually arguing that the British economy improved after it joined the EU? Foreign investment in Britain has also jumped substantially since BREXIT---if anything, Britain is more likely to enter a deflationary cycle because losing EU restrictions and cheaper imports will probably bring prices down. Soros predicted that May---like Trump---would soon fall from power by popular discontent. Discontent which he is funding in Britain, just like here in the US.

      Finally, Soros snorted his rage at the forum's winner, Chinese President Xi Jinping. Soros had some gloomy words for China, claiming that China's 26-year low in GDP was the result of Xi overspending in foreign projects. Of course, Soros discreetly left out the fact that Xi's ambition investment projects abroad have thwarted numerous plots that Soros was hatching in Asia. China's GDP is at a low; but it is still nearly four times higher than US GDP in Obama's final year. China's economy is nowhere near failing; and will probably rise in 2017 or 2018 after the effects of their foreign investments begin to be realized.

       As far as gloomy predictions of failure go; we can all hope that 2017 will see the Trump Administration initiate an international movement to bring about Soros' own downfall.


Friday, January 20, 2017


    Anti-Democracy protesters in Seattle tonight converged on the University of Washington. Donning masks and hoods, and waving signs with slogans like Hate Harms Everyone and Stand Up Against Fascism; the crowd fought with police, threw bricks and bottles, set off explosives and started a few fires before critically shooting someone in the abdomen.

    The rioters were reacting to a speech being given in Kane Hall by Trump-supporting media figure, Milo Yiannopolous.

    Jessie Gamble, who is the leader of the UW College Republicans, arranged for the speech. Earlier this year, tolerant Seattle Leftists made her the target of a harassment campaign. Ironic, since Yiannopolous was banned from Twitter for alleged harassment. Almost as ironic: this was the second time since November that people have been shot at anti-Trump rallies in Seattle. The UW is of course a gun-free zone in a city that has banned gun shows, classified advertising for firearms, and driven all the gun stores out of town. There has been a massive campaign all month to ban Yiannopolous from speaking.

    Seattle is well-known nationally for its violent riots and its political intolerance. It's an especially nasty example of the fruits of Leftist governance: the national leader in drug-addiction, homosexual population, and attempted suicides; one of the highest crime-rates on the West Coast, and one of the highest per capita cities of welfare recipients, homelessness, and poverty. 

     Yiannopolous wasn't hurt during the fracas, and finished his speech, although police locked down Kane Hall and prevented people from leaving until the Anarchists could be brought under some sort of control. The shooting victim was taken to Harborview Medical Center after police cleared protesters blocking the ambulance's path. Some others were also reportedly injured from bricks and other projectiles.

Intelligent-looking Seattle Leftists off to Protest Milo




    Inauguration Day, like Christmas, has come and gone. It's time for men and women of goodwill to spend a relaxing weekend curled up in front of a warm fireplace together, catching a good movie. Besides, those not of goodwill are making the streets unsafe,  in tolerant Liberal urban areas.

     So while the Leftist protesters are busy getting dragged off to jail tonight, we can enjoy a fun feature film---incidentally starred in by a Trump supporter---from 1978, titled Good Guys Wear Black; starring the legendary Chuck Norris.

     Good Guys Wear Black is a fitting choice. Filmed shortly after Watergate and the Vietnam War, it's the original 'Drain the Swamp' film. (No spoilers, but it even ends in a swamp). This is actually one of Norris' best films. There's plenty of Norris-type action involved, but the storyline is very well-developed. In many ways, it somewhat echoes back to some of the suspense-thrillers of the 1950s.

     Norris plays Major John T. Booker, commander of the Black Tigers, a special-ops unit in Vietnam. At the end of the war, his CIA officer and the US ambassador arrange for a mission to liberate American POWs from camp. The mission goes wrong, and Booker escapes with only a half-dozen survivors of his team.

     A few years later, Booker is back in civilian life when he is approached by a mysterious and beautiful reporter, Margaret (played by Anne Archer), who knows all about the botched mission although it was classified top-secret. Booker contacts his old CIA boss Murray Saunders (played by Lloyd Haines) who discovers that details of the mission have been officially scrubbed from the records; and that he, Booker, and the rest of the team are on a covert hit-list. Two have already been murdered; and this somehow coincides with the Senate hearings on the ambassador---who ordered the mission---being appointed Secretary of State. Booker and Margaret must race against the clock to save the remaining veterans and get to the ambassador before these unknown forces carry out their unknown designs. They soon find a web of political intrigue connected with the failed mission.

     But who was behind it and why? The answer may surprise you.

     Like John Wayne in the WW2 generation, Chuck Norris became something of a cultural icon representing American values to the Vietnam and post-Vietnam era generations. Though not his first film, Good Guys Wear Black was the feature that really elevated Norris to that status. The underlying message of the film counters the postmodernist maxim that the personal is political and emphasizes that 'good guys' stand for right against wrong regardless of political consequences. There's even a scene in the film where Booker and a politician have a fairly profound debate (with no fisticuffs) about political expediency vs. moral choice. Filmed as it was during another politically-charged era, Good Guys Wear Black comes across as a very relevant story.

     Sit back with some popcorn and a significant other tonight and ignore the Anarchists while watching an American hero cleaning house on the enemies of freedom. What could be a better way to spend the weekend?

     Good Guys Wear Black is probably best obtained on DVD, though occasionally available on the free sites.