Monday, November 14, 2016


     After nearly a week of post-election follies, outraged citizens of the Prozac Nation are now displaying their dissatisfaction with democracy by wearing diaper-pins. "In the wave of reactions to Donald Trump's election as the 45th President of the US, safety-pins have taken on a whole new meaning in this country." announced PBS, a nonprofit US media network. "Some Americans are wearing safety-pins as a symbol of solidarity with victims of racism, 'homophobia', and religious discrimination. People have spoken out on Twitter to say that they are an ally of marginalized groups."

     The general idea behind this rather odd fashion accessory is to signal to other panic-stricken Leftists that they have a personal safe space around someone else wearing the device. There is some irony in the fact that those who've reviled Trump throughout the whole campaign as a Nazi, should choose to wear an emblem segregating themselves as political dissidents on their own accord. But no one ever said that the Left is logical.

     The trend began shortly before the weekend, when Twitter users began posting photographs of themselves wearing diaper-pins and boasting things like "until people I know and love can feel safe again."

      Most of the diaper-pin wearers could not explain to the Corporate Media exactly why they or their acquaintances felt unsafe, except it that their fears have some vague relationship to Donald Trump. The fact that Obama brought us to the brink of WW3 with China; nearly let 90 atomic missiles fall into the hands of Jihadists; caused urban riots and mass violence along with economic recession doesn't seem to have caused them the same insecurity.

       Predictably, too, not all Left-Wing extremists are happy about the diaper-pin statement. The Huffington Post from some Code Pink activist loudly complaining that White heterosexuals share a collective guilt in electing Trump; hence none of that demographic has a right to wear a diaper-pin. Some Black Militants claimed online that they were offended at the notion of seeking solidarity with non-Blacks. And so on.

       Nonetheless, several celebrities appeared in public sporting diaper-pins, and the ACLU and much of the Corporate Media is officially promoting their use. New York Magazine, owned by the family of late Wall Street billionaire robber baron Bruce Wasserstein, stated:

       "As stories of post-election violence and hate speech circulate online, some people have begun wearing safety-pins to identify themselves as allies in the fight against intolerance, and to show solidarity with women, LGBT people, immigrants, and people of color feeling frightened by Trump's presidency and the vitriol some of his followers display."

      Strange that New York Magazine didn't take the same interest in James O'Keefe's expose showing that the DNC was deliberately inciting violence at Trump rallies.

        The Cultural Marxists unleashed several 'color revolutions' on innocent countries; it's probably fitting that a 'Diaper Revolution' would appear in this one. There's no better symbol for the effete Left than a box of Pampers.

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