Sunday, November 6, 2016


     In our last Feature Friday post, we explored some of the common traits that our readers equated with traditional masculinity, portrayed in various media heroes of the past. About the same time, Manosphere Game Cult blogger Rollo Tomassi of The Rational Male also published an article which seemed to explain away our views on the subject. Now Tomassi's post was written in response to one of his disciples who inquired as to why some men have 'Alpha' characteristics, but still display respect for, and deference to women. Since this question also describes the heroes we displayed; we felt it worth examining Tomassi's argument.

    Among the Game Cultists, Rollo Tomassi is considered something of a deep thinker. He coined a new term to describe this type of male, The Blue Pill Alpha. Not only are 'Blue Pill Alphas' misguided (according to him); they are actually dangerous. He states:

    "This is an Alpha who's never awakened to his Blue Pill conditioning. Say even one marginally critical word about women in general and they are the first in line to kick your ass. But they are also the most likely to self-destruct when their Blue Pill idealism is challenged or crushed."

     Whether intentionally or not, Tomassi proves here an assertion we have been making for some time: that what the Gamers mean by 'taking the Red Pill' is a religious conversion experience. Tomassi gives a hypothetical example which underscores his point:

       "Put a woman in his life and he transitions all that Alpha energy into essentially worshipping that woman. In fact, this prioritizing of women above his own interests is the motivation for his empire-building. These are the Alpha White Knights who channel that Alpha energy into making his Blue Pill idealisms a reality for any woman who fits his ideal. And when that Blue Pill ideal reveals itself to be fantasy---or God forbid, a Red Pill aware guy should take this fantasy from him---you will likely see him self-destruct and take either that woman, that Red Pill guy, or both along with him."

       There is no other context to which we can relate to such notions unless by 'taking the Red Pill', he is referring to a conversion experience. This is doubly obvious from the fact that what he juxtaposes against the 'Red Pill aware guy' is actually a traditional specimen of masculinity, despite his sneering of it as idealism. It is actually largely the male component of monogamy: a man wins a woman whom he respects and loves and strives to do greater things to provide for their mutual benefit. Tomassi, and the Gamers generally deny this:

      "Provisioning {for a woman} is not a prerequisite for any man with Game; but is it inherently Beta?" he asks, for Game Cultists live in horror of being thought a 'Beta', "Possibly...when he subscribes to the Blue Pill-conditioned idea that he's inherently lower Sexual Market Value than any woman, thus he must improve his odds of successfully breeding by being 'a good provider'. "

      Here he displays that he has little knowledge of how gender polarity actually functions. It is the natural tendency of men to seek to possess a woman whom he believes he doesn't deserve. Tomassi seems to be thinking along the lines that all sexual relations between men and women are simply physical gratification with no emotional element attached. In fact, in both of the above-quoted passages, he seems to depict women as something more like sexually-programmed automatons who simply act on instinct.

       But to return to the point made in our Feature Friday post, we showed that Tomassi calls the Blue Pill Alpha was the cultural role model for men throughout the 20th Century. In fact there has never been a time in Western Civilization when this particular male type wasn't generally held up as an ideal.

         This is the conundrum the Game Cultists can never answer: at what point in human history did things change? The only two answers they can give are:

          1. Tomassi's common assertion that a Feminine Imperative exists. But they cannot explain how this came into being, or when. This is essentially the same argument that the Feminists employ when they talk about the Patriarchy. They cannot find an epoch where men collectively overthrew women and imposed a patriarchy; neither can the Gamers explain when the Feminine Imperative took possession of the minds of men.

            2. They can also argue that such past notions are outdated; and that social paradigms have changed. Again, though, this is simply a deference to Feminist thought. The Feminists cannot explain how society has changed or even that it has. The majority of the world's women today are not feminists; any more than the majority of the world's men have taken the Red Pill.

            So tradition stands. The Blue Pill Alpha is simply another category that the Game Cult employs against those who reject their perverse innovations.



  1. "Say even one marginally critical word about women in general and they are the first in line to kick your ass"

    LOL! Yes, amen. I shall lift up all these alleged blue pill alphas in prayer. Thank God for all the men who still stand for something.

    Also, surprise! Women will actually listen to these guys.

    1. Thank you---the general implication of Tomassi's whole article seems to be that strong men who are protectors and providers are really weaklings. He misses the point that only men brave enough to risk a genuine emotional bonding with a woman is seen as strong.