Tuesday, November 29, 2016


    According to its website, Tufts University is "recognized as a premier university dedicated to educating new leaders for a changing world." An example of the types of leaders Tufts is educating were involved in arts and crafts therapies in safe spaces following Donald Trump's electoral victory.

    As a further indication of Tufts' quality of leadership training, the Tufts Student Senate voted 26-0 against a proposed resolution to ask Tufts' commissars to clarify whether their ill-defined policies against free expression violated their purported commitment to free speech. Here's a sample of the Student Senate's logic in rejecting such a proposal:

    "Fifty percent of the students on this campus are not from America, and there are other countries with free speech issues, and some countries handle this better than America." opined one our future leaders"I think that saying First Amendment Rights are the best kind of rights is not okay."

     "I think that clarity in itself is a subjective term so I don't really know what we're voting on." explained another of the brilliant intellects that Tufts produces, "So that's why I'm voting against this resolution...I think that the resolution really harms students."

      Another of America's best and brightest argued that the proposed resolution was disturbing the Tufts' student body's tranquility. "We instantly heard that people were feeling unsafe on campus. Survivors of assault were feeling unsafe, students of color, queer and trans students, disabled students, students from all different marginalized identities were feeling unsafe on this campus."

      Marginalized identities, indeed. One gets the impression that Tufts University is one big fringe-group.

       Tufts University is headed by famous neuroscientist turned social activist, Tony Monaco. Monaco draws a near $800,000 a year salary from Tufts' bloated $1.6 billion annual budget to feed young minds this Bolshevist poison. Monaco, from some of his writings, appears to be an enthusiast of Evolutionary Psychology. He once participated at a roundtable discussion in Britain over whether "racism and religion" were identifiable genetic characteristics. During the seminar, Monaco hinted at his displeasure with free speech.

      Annual tuition to Tufts is about $50,000 a year; and according to that stellar academic resource The Advocate, Tufts is among the top 20 'gay-friendly campuses.' Though nominally private, US taxpayers coughed up over $160 million in federal funding for 'research grants' alone. And by their own admission, half of the people involved in this research aren't even American nationals; so our own country by and large doesn't even benefit from this investment.

       Wall Street benefits however. Robber-baron Jaime Diamond and a few others, mostly in Big Pharma, are among Tufts alumni as is former Clinton Machine apparatchik, Bill Richardson. Left-wing Microsoft activist Paul Allen is a major donor to Tufts.

         The American higher-education system is in desperate need of a complete overhaul. Academia is literally rotten from top to bottom; and Tufts is another example of how bad it really is.



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