Sunday, November 6, 2016


    In one of his most important speeches yet; Pope Francis yesterday spoke out against high-level corruption in Western republics and stressed the effects that corporate/political intrigues have on the dignity of the individual. The address was titled "Work, Home, and Country" the three pillars which the Pope states are integral to human potential. The address was given before a meeting of international NGO leaders in Rome. NGOs, as we know, are typically connected to such unsavory characters as the Podesta Brothers, George Soros, and the Clinton Foundation. The Pope denounced the perverse policies of such leaders.

       Francis spoke against the growing climate of polarization in Western societies; saying that such an atmosphere is rooted in fear. "No tyranny is supported without exploiting our fears. Hence all tyranny is based in terrorism. This terrorism is sown in the peripheries of society with massacres, looting, and injustice. Citizens who still retain some rights are tempted by the false security of physical or social walls; walls that enclose some and banish others. Citizens walled in, terrified, on one side; excluded, exiled and even more terrified on the outside. Is this the life that God wants for His children?

     "Fear feeds off manipulation. While this may be 'good business' for the merchants of death; fear weakens, unbalances, and destroys our psychological and spiritual defenses. It anesthetizes us in front of the suffering of others and in the end makes us cruel."

      It is certainly refreshing to hear a voice of spiritual reason during these unsettled political times. Francis explained that the fear and divisiveness being sown in society stems from an idolatry of money and power.  

    "This unjust situation that promotes all exclusion can harden in to an existential whip that enslaves, steals liberty, plunders without mercy and constantly threatens others, to drive everyone like cattle to what the divinized moneyed interests want." he stated. "There is a basic terrorism that emanates from the global control of money against humanity as a whole. From this basic terrorism, there are derivative terrorisms; such as narcoterrorism and what is mistakenly called religious terrorism.

      "No people, no religion is terroristic. It's certain that there are enclaves of extremists everywhere on all sides. But terrorism begins when have rejected the wonder of Creation, man and woman, and replace it with money."

       Would that we heard speeches like this during the 2016 elections, from any candidate. But unsurprisingly, the Corporate Media---which has many political and financial connections to NGOs---largely passed over Francis' speech in shamed silence. A few in the Blogosphere went so far as to denounce the Pope for his remarks; which contradicted their own divisive and exclusionary positions. The Pope's words humbled them too, comparing them to the Pharisees who persecuted Christ for violating their Sabbath Laws in the service of humanity.

         "What happens in the world today, when a financial institution goes bankrupt, scandalous sums of money immediately appear to save it. But when this bankruptcy of humanity occurs, is there even a 1/1000 of part to save those brothers and sisters who suffer so much? In Europe, the Mediterranean has become a graveyard; and not only there, but by the walls, walls stained with innocent blood. Again it is fear that hardens the heart and becomes blind cruelty which refuses to see the blood, the pain, the face of the other."

        This is from a spiritual leader who is denounced by anti-Catholic bigots on both the American political Left and Right. The Left persecutes the Catholic Church because it won't radicalize immigrants; the Right hates them for helping immigrants at all. The Pope noted this hatred, which grows out of fear, in his concluding remarks:

         "When you rise to the level of Love, of recognizing its great beauty and power, the only thing you seek to defeat are these evil systems. To the people trapped in these systems, you love them, but you try to defeat that system. Hate for hate only intensifies the existence of hatred and evil in the universe. It simply never ends. Somewhere, somebody must have some moral sense, and that is the truly strong person. The strong person is the person who can break the chain of hatred, the chain of evil."

         In that single paragraph Francis taught men more about masculine social duties than all of the Red Pill nonsense combined. This is actually what is taught to us in all our cultural mythos of heroes fighting dragons and other monsters. The monsters represent dehumanized evil by their form and systematized evil by their size and power. In the cultural mythos, these monsters are always terrorizing some group of people who are liberated by the hero slaying the monster. These myths were shadows of a spiritual truth, which the Pope explains: as Christ liberated all sinners through His sacrifice and destroyed the system of serpentine Satan; so Christian men are called upon to follow His example and break up evil systems enslaving others. Both the Cultural Marxists and the reactionary Right mistakenly co-identify the Dragon with those whom he enslaves.

         "Our need is to promote Love and build bridges in a world that is increasingly marked by fear and by building walls in societies where conflict and inequality prevail." the Pope said. "Christ faced hypocritical and self-sufficient thought with a humble intelligence of the heart which always prioritizes the human being and rejects certain logics that obstruct their freedom to live, love, and serve their neighbor."


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