Wednesday, November 30, 2016


   In wake the Ohio State University attack, Islamophobia and so-called 'fake news' have been topics sweeping through both the Corporate and Alternative Media. The attack was actually carried out by a naturalized US citizen who'd been educated to radicalism in American public schools, but everyone focuses on the fact that he was born in Somalia and practiced Islam.

     So CNN, which has been dutifully reporting a lot of fake news recently, did a controversial publicity stunt this week by dressing 50 year-old reporter Alisyn Cammarota in a headscarf and putting her on-air to encourage Liberal women to don this head-dress along with their diaper-pins to show their opposition to 'hate crimes'. Many---if not most---of the hate crimes reported by CNN have turned out to be hoaxes.

    It must be remembered when speaking of Islam that the Moslems are not one monolithic faith. Just as mainstream Christians are subdivided into Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant sects; so mainstream Islam is subdivided into Shiite and Sunni sects. And just as there are radical pseudo-Christian cults like the Red Pills, Aryan Churches, and the Moonies; so there are extremist Islamic cults like the Wahhabis and Salafists. The problem is that the fake Christians and fake Moslems have a huge presence in the US Corporate Media, while the mainstream members of both religions are ridiculed and ostracized. 

      IOW, American Christians and Conservative need to be very careful about how the Moslem Question is approached. It's in the interests of the Wahhabis to both foment Islamophobia (and fan it against their enemies) and then play victims of Islamophobia (whenever their crimes are in danger of exposure). Wahhabi-controlled governments like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Kuwait, and Bahrain own significant stock in the Corporate Media and invest heavily in the DNC and other Left-Wing causes. 

     More Moslems have died fighting the Jihadists in places like Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, and Lebanon than the Western countries combined; yet the Government and Media call these countries enemies of America and embargo them as terrorist states. Meanwhile, they call the Wahhabi states allies, and sell them weapons, even though these countries finance terrorism both in the US and abroad. The OSU attacker was sympathetic to Wahhabi terror groups, as was the Orlando, San Bernardino, Chattanooga, Ft. Hood, and 9/11 attackers. In contrast Iran, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon have no terror connections in the US.

      The Radical Right plays in concert with the Corporate Media. The Red Pills and their Neo-Nazi White Nationalist confederates often praise the Wahhabis for their treatment of women and their hatred for Jews. At the same time, they oppose Moslem immigration because the Arabs have dark complexions and Semitic features. Besides, these groups are having enough difficulty co-opting Christianity without co-opting Islam as well.

      Manosphere Red Pill Cult blogger Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer called the OSU attack "a wild ape rampage." Anglin called for deportation of all Moslems and noted that "We have been flooded with these apes...I can tell you very honestly: I hate nothing in the world more than I hate Somalians. I hate them with every fabric of my being." It should be noted as well than many Manosphere Red Pill bloggers frequently praise Anglin as an expert on traditional Christian values.

      Islamophobia then, is simply the US Elites playing the same double-game on the domestic population as they play in geopolitics; the difference being that here it's played with words and media, and abroad with guns and bombs. As usual, it's fanatics and international criminals at the bottom of all of it.


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