Sunday, November 13, 2016


     As Conservatives, we are well aware of the divisive and perverted on the Left who are refusing to accept Trump as president. More subtle, but no less dangerous to the Conservative Movement are extremists on the Right; who are using the Trump victory to foment strife and sow chaos, just as effectively as the Left. Both must be confronted and exposed.

     Even many of the 'Never-Trump' faction have graciously conceded to Trump and seek to work with him in his policies. Trump called for unity at his Acceptance Speech and vowed that 'the forgotten ones' will be forgotten no more. But some on the Far Right are not satisfied with this. Since Trump's election, many bloggers---almost universally of the 'Red Pill' stripe---have made common cause with groups like The New Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, and Code Pink in obstructing Trump's goals. Now unlike the Leftists, the Red Pills claim to be pro-Trump. They are not questioning the legitimacy of the election---they are instead attempting to bring the hysterical fears of the Left into actual reality. These bloggers and pundits want things like Race War and bloody crackdown actually to happen, and are pushing the narrative in that direction. And they get plenty of Corporate Media attention---just like they did during the campaign---to stir up Left-Wing fears.

        Despite their posturing, this element represents neither Conservatives---whom they derisively refer to as Cuck-servatives---nor Christians---whom they frequently claim are co-opted by Feminism. They are not seeking common cause with Conservatives; but their own admission, they intend to replace it with their own perverted philosophy rooted in the Game Cult. The so-called Manosphere and the Red Pill Philosophy is the common network in which they all operate. These are revolutionaries; out to destroy American values---just as surely as George Soros, the Podesta Brothers, and Dan Savage hope to do.

        Excerpts from some of their posts today illustrate this tendency quite clearly. Andrew Anglin (The Daily Stormer blog), advertises that his site is the #1 Alt-Right and Pro-Genocide Website. Anglin is a Red Pill and frequently praises Manosphere/Game Cult sites. Today, his leading headlines read: "President Trump: 2-3 Million Burrito People Gone Immediately" and "Jews Rally Against Trump: 'Not Our President'. " Anglin's blog is liberally decorated with swastikas and anti-Jewish caricatures.

         Theodore Beale (aka Vox Day) who, along with anti-Catholic bigot Michael Savage writes for World Net Daily, and runs the blogs Vox Populi, Alpha Game Plan, as well as heading Infogalactic, Castalia House Publishing, and many other assorted Crypto-Nazi fronts; wrote two posts today. In one, he denounces interracial dating as mudsharking and that it 'typically doesn't end well for the White women involved." I suppose Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas---a mudshark with a white wife---may think otherwise, however.

         Even worse, Vox writes today that "there is an important lesson here for the more cuckish Conservatives. Neither the various Asian identity groups, nor the Jews are on the side of Whites...This is why the Alt-Right is not going to go away but will gradually become more influential in the White Party, which is now the proper name for the Republican Party. The Alt-Right's conceptual models, which are based on identity rather than ideology, not only describe past and current events much more accurately than mainstream alternatives, but provide much more accurate predictive models as well."

         Can there be any clearer admission that the Alt-Right is an anti-Conservative movement than this?

          Finally, James Weidman, a former NGO bureaucrat who runs the Chateau Heartiste Red-Pill Cult blog writes, after referring to The Affordable Healthcare Act as 'Gaymullatocare', that "the Age of Ideology is over. The only pertinent question is: What is good for my people? The Age of Tribes is back. Now is time for choosing sides."

          Heartiste stumps for re-naming the Alt-Right the Heritage America Party, but it's time to call it for what it really is: The Nazi Party. This group spits on the ideological heritage given to us by a few Jews---like Barry Goldwater and Milton Friedman for example, and re-define Conservatism blatantly Nazi motifs. These people are playing right into the hands of George Soros, David Brock and other Left-Wing extremists who wish to cast the Trump in the most vile terms imaginable; and their extremist rhetoric is helping the anti-Trump Riots---which both they and the Far Left desire.


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