Tuesday, November 1, 2016


   With the Clinton Machine imploding by the day, it is beginning to become more likely that a Trump Administration is on the imminent horizon. Whether he or Hilary Clinton (or Tim Kaine) becomes the next president, one thing is for certain: the Neocon wing of the Republican Party has been---thankfully---irrevocably smashed. Politicians of the Bush, Rove, Cheney, Souter, and Sununu stripe are not coming back to plague us nationally anymore.

     But Trump has not produced a unified party; nor does it seem to have been his intention to do so. The genuine Conservative element is still strong; but the political vacuum created by the downfall of the Neocons has given rise to the Alt-Right. The Alt-Right has largely been co-opted through a concerted effort. This same group will attempt to hijack Conservatism, the same way they've hijacked other movements and causes.

      We have written much here about the rise of the dangerous cult called Game, and their so-called 'Red Pill' conversion process and its effects on radicalizing alienated men. The Game Cult began about 10 years ago, selling a phony sexual philosophy. It later took over the Men's Rights Movement, and created a huge Internet presence offering false Game-based, pseudo-Christianity. Lately, they've been employing the Web to set up propaganda outlets disguised as 'alternative media'. With the rise of Trump, they combined politically with Neo-Nazis and moved into the Alt-Right. 

      It's no coincidence that Game and Nazism have a natural affinity. Both are rooted in Evolutionary Psychology and both fetishize the 'Superman' or the 'Alpha', in Game parlance. Both are extremely reductionist in their logic: women are not men, and therefore Feminists; non-Whites are not White, and therefore threats to racial purity, etc. Many Neo-Nazis are also strong believers in the Red Pill Philosophy. In fact, the Red Pill cultists have already coined the term Cuckservative to designate anyone on the political Right who dares question their fanatical anti-American and anti-Christian beliefs and activities. Essentially what these groups seek to do is to replace Cultural Marxism with Cultural Fascism.  

        It's going to be the lot of American Conservatives during the next four years to expose and suppress this evil group, regardless of who is elected on November 8th. If there was ever a time when American Conservatives need to hold together and firm to their common  principles, it is now.

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