Wednesday, November 9, 2016


    The US Corporate Media has already been spinning the Republican electoral victory as the handiwork of angry white men. But a different story is already emerging as angry white men on the Alt-Right and even angrier white Anarchists on the Left are vying for attention-grabbing headlines by making complete fools of themselves.

    In the Manosphere, Game-Cult blogger Vox Day made this astonishing statement: "Donald Trump had 53% support from white women. He had 4% support from black women. The primary political problem in the USA is not feminism, but ethnicity."

     So says another self-appointed expert on American race-relations who, like George Soros, lives in Europe but spends his time fomenting racial strife in the US. The fact is that low voter turnout among Blacks in Milwaukee, Detroit, Cleveland, and Philadelphia won Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania for Trump. Less than two weeks ago, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan gave a lengthy speech denouncing Hilary Clinton's failed policies towards American Blacks and her mass-killing of Moslems for political gain in the Middle East. Prior to that, the leaked Podesta e-mails revealed that the Clinton Mob were cynically plotting to exploit police shootings for political profit. The families of some of the same Black suspects killed in these shootings addressed Black Lives Matter rallies to denounce Clinton.

      Meanwhile, there have been sporadic riots on the West Coast. The states of California, Oregon, and Washington---three states dominated by White Liberals, the narcotics trade, and the Homosexual-Rights lobbies---saw violence break out in major cities. These same angry white men, mostly, who recently were criticizing Trump for suggesting that he might contest the election, unleashed their outrage from San Diego to Seattle screaming that they would not recognize the election results. Cars were burned, stores were looted, streets were blocked---the usual. And also as usual, the epicenter of these riots were in some of the demographically whitest areas of the country: Seattle, Portland, Eugene, and the SF Bay Area.

        Extremist groups on both the political Left and Right capitalize on division and chaos. We can't help but imagine that both were a little unsettled by Trump's calls for national unity at his acceptance speech last night. Extremists never win by logic; their power only rests upon fear and force. Conservatives and Liberals should have seen from this election---that saw both the Neocon Republicans and the Clintonian Democrats fall from power---that the Politics of Division doesn't work.

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