Monday, November 7, 2016


     At the 11th hour of the 2016 election, the 'Never-Trump' faction of the Conservative movement have produced a worthwhile documentary titled The Sociopath. The film was produced by Red State writer Ben Howe. Whether one is an enthusiastic Trump supporter, or holding their nose and voting for Trump---or taking our advice and voting for strong Conservatives in federal, state, and local elections---the documentary is important viewing.

      Regardless of the outcome of the election tomorrow, the most important thing that Conservatives must do is to understand that the American Conservative movement is in imminent danger of being hijacked by elements of the Extremist Right. The presidential election is a loss for the Conservatives no matter what. But as Howe says, "It's not too late to turn back." Re-building a Conservative base has to be a top priority for us now. The best place to begin is by putting ideological Conservatives in positions of power: the Congress, the Senate, the States, the Republican Party.

        Conservatives must stand for an ideology, or they stand for nothing. Not embracing the Conservative ideology is exactly why the Neocon faction fell from power in the Republican Party. Now Trump himself may be an unscrupulous opportunist; but not part of a ruthless criminal mob like the Clinton Machine. As Howe points out, Trump tapped into frustration with the Neocons and righteous anger against the Cultural Marxists to position at a (now probable) presidential win tomorrow. What Conservatives must understand that the new direction that the Conservative Movement needs to be shaped by real Conservatives and not by the extremists on the Alt-Right. If they fail to do this, the fears of the Never-Trump faction are very likely to become a reality.

        As we've stated here during the last several months, the so-called Alt Right is being driven by a loose confederation of anti-Catholic bigots, talk-radio shock-jocks, Red-Pill/Game Cultists from the Manosphere and Neo-Nazis. Game guru Matt Forney, who wrote a review of The Sociopath is a fair specimen of the group.

         "Trump has revealed the Left to be cynical tricksters bent on White genocide, Gen-Xers to be a bunch of mopey faggots afraid of change, and revealed Mormons to be degenerate cultists with an axe to grind against the Gentiles." Forney writes, in spite of the fact that Trump has said nothing about 'white genocide'; has a huge base among Gen X, and is currently leading the polls in Utah. "But most importantly Trump has revealed mainstream Conservatives to be controlled opposition." Sure, Forney. Because Mike Pence is not a mainstream Conservative, right?

         This is the important message of Howe's film. We can not allow a Republican victory tomorrow to be shaped for the next four years by extremists of the Forney stripe. Forney himself has no reticence about delineating the Red Pill Cult's intentions:

          "At some point we're going to have to stop calling the Alt-Right 'alternative'; because it is the Right. With the ascent of Donald Trump, the Alt-Right is now the driving force of right-wing politics in the United States and so-called 'mainstream conservatives' are a powerless fringe group...their ilk are the last dust-bunnies of cuck-servativism, due to be swept away after the election regardless of who wins."

         What Forney is talking about sweeping away is, as Howe pointed out, a legacy built by Reagan, Buckley, Goldwater and many others who made Conservatism mainstream in the first place. The Alt-Right---until recently---was itself a fringe group with whom true Conservatives would have nothing to do. With the power vacuum created by the Neocons' downfall, the Alt-Right wants to redefine and revolutionize Conservatism, not reform or restore it as the Reaganites did. 

             "Buckleyite Conservatism is equal parts priggish and impotent, pedantic and ignorant, defined by its adherents' obsession with being liked by their political enemies." Forney opines, after repeating some long-discredited canards against W.F. Buckley, "Donald Trump offends cuck-servatives because he lives to win; he doesn't back down and he's not concerned with getting Gold Stars from people who want to see him dead and his movement buried."

            Another difference between Conservatives and Right-Wing extremists is highlighted in this statement. Buckley and traditional conservatives regarded Liberals as fellow-Americans with mistaken beliefs who needed to be convinced. The Right-Wing regards them as enemies who need to be wiped out.

            As a true Red Pill Cultist, Forney can't resist pointing out Howe's failed marriage as 'proof' his lack of standing among so-called 'Alphas'. "He is a cuck in the most literal sense of the word; his wife publically divorced him in a Starbucks several years ago, then wrote an article in the Huffington Post bragging about it. Her name was also found in the Ashley Madison database leak, suggesting that she was cheating on him long before she kicked his ass to the curb."

            Of course, Forney and the other Alphas never have problems like these. Forney blog's sidebar has his top articles, among which are treatises on breaking women's self-esteem, how to beat women and legally get away with it, how to seduce fat women, etc.

             These are these kinds of people the Conservative Movement does not need. This is why Howe's film is so important. Released far too late to influence the election, it nonetheless shows what we have to work against in its aftermath. The Sociopath is available for free viewing on Youtube.



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