Saturday, November 12, 2016


   Portland, Oregon was once, long ago, an idyllic city on the banks of the Columbia River and nicknamed the 'Rose City', both for its rose gardens and the wild roses growing naturally in the vicinity. Portland was once a major US vacation spot in the decades prior to the Second World War. Sadly, today the city has become a cesspool of political corruption and political correctness; Portland now boasts the nation's 4th highest drug-addiction rate; the 9th highest percentage of homosexuals; and a nationwide reputation as a bum-magnet.  

   Portland has also become the epicenter of post-election violence in the US. Tonight, there were shootings on the Morrison Bridge as the riots entered their 4th day. The Corporate Media---which has been egging on these outbursts nationwide---is downplaying considerably the violence and property destruction going on in Portland (and elsewhere). 

    To make matters worse, elements of the Far Right have been spinning the Portland Riots to advance their White Nationalist and Red-Pill agendas. At the forefront of this propaganda campaign, stands radio shock-jock Michael Savage of the Savage Nation. Savage, whose real name is Michael Wiener, took to the airwaves yesterday to blame the Portland Riots on "illegal aliens" and other minorities in between his pompous claims of being the architect of Trump's victory.

     Before we continue, let us look at some on-the-ground, real-time footage of the Portland Riots and note how many Hispanics, Blacks, Moslems, Asians, etc., seem to present:


     These crowds seem to be rather conspicuous precisely for their absence of minorities. This---despite both the Corporate and Alt-Right media distortions---are fairly typical crowd compositions of a West Coast riot/demonstration. Angry, bitter, entitled White Leftists educated in politically-correct American schools and universities to hate Freedom and every other traditional American value. And promoted by White Establishment Liberals like George Soros and John Podesta.

        This isn't the first time that Savage has exploited a riot to engage in race-baiting. He blamed this Summer's violent anti-Trump riot in San Jose, California on illegal Mexican immigrants too. The San Jose Mercury-News identified one foreign-born rioter: an exchange student from Malaysia. Savage also blamed the assassination attempt on Trump in Las Vegas as the work of an illegal immigrant---without mentioning that the immigrant who attempted Trump was a white British national who'd overstayed his visa. His program often alleges some of the most absurd lies about Mexico. In the aftermath of the 2004 Hurricane Katrina disaster, Savage criticized President Bush for allowing Mexico to send humanitarian aid to New Orleans; claiming that the Mexican Army was using it as an excuse to map out invasion routes.

          Savage takes an extremist position on immigration, not because he cares about secure borders but because he hates Latinos. Savage is a deeply anti-Catholic bigot and his hatred for Catholicism actually drives his anti-immigration positions. Savage has called for prosecuting Catholic Charities for not turning away illegal immigrants and has often said that the Church supports illegal immigration so that priests will have new boys to rape.

          Savage has also said that the Catholic Church is 'rotten from the bottom up' and compared Pope Francis to Pol Pot. He routinely refers to Francis as Lenin's Pope and ridicules Francis for his pre-ordination work in an Argentine nightclub; calling Francis "an ex-bouncer turned radical priest."  He also makes ridiculous claims that the US Corporate Media promotes Pope Francis.

           The Portland Riots and the puppet-masters behind them need to be brought out and exposed; but we must always be on guard against agenda-driven critics of these events as well.


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