Friday, November 18, 2016


   Red Pill Cult guru and White Supremacist Matt Forney has finally gotten his wish and has been banned from Twitter today. After months of provoking Twitter management (including previous suspensions), Twitter finally dropped the ban on this obnoxious troll. Forney is apparently such a nuisance on Twitter that, after Tuesday's ban on multiple extremists, Twitter users were actually online begging for Forney to be banned next. And so he was.

     Forney responded to the ban in typical Manosphere fashion: playing the victim card. In a short video reply, Forney made obscene gestures at the camera and questioned Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's sexual proclivities. These self-appointed Manly Alpha Leaders are not known for their masculine stoicism under duress: especially not when put in a position of submission by the likes of Jack Dorsey.

      Also just as predictably, Forney claims that he is the target of political persecution; and claims that his suspension was "a revenge move for helping get Donald Trump elected."  What's most probable, though, given the reaction of normal Twitter users that Forney's ban had more to do with spamming, doxxing, or violations of Twitter policy. It's not as though Forney has no history of such things. He hoped to once to dox the alleged victim of Brock Turner and during the campaign organized 'flash mobs' at Trump rallies.

     Forney is actually so repugnant that many men's issues bloggers can't stand him. And that is really what's behind these recent Twitter bans. If we are to have any kind of freedom in a free society, then it us up to mainstream and 'real Americans' (so to speak) to police ourselves and criticize those who abuse---and would gladly take away---our rights. In venues like Twitter, this is accomplished by corporate policy. No one says that people who use Twitter have an obligation to be spammed and harassed by attention-seeking trolls like Forney. 

       Jack Dorsey is doing the right thing; and the only criticism he's getting from Twitter users is that he didn't act sooner. The fringe-groups belong on the fringe; and it's up to public vigilance to keep them away from the mainstream.

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