Wednesday, November 9, 2016


     It wasn't so surprising to many of us that Donald Trump won the election, but what was surprising was the margin of victory. Even more importantly, the Republican Party won control of both Houses of Congress and will be in control of nominating Supreme Court Justices for the next four years.

      Between the Corporate Media head-scratching and Alt-Right Internet peacocking, there are some tangible explanations for why the Clinton Gang lost tonight and lost so decisively. The main reason was that outside of Wall Street, the Corporate Media, the Academic Mafia and other vested interests, the Clintons were unable to gain support from the Democratic Party base. Low voter turnout in traditionally Democratic districts and demographic polling all illustrate this. Women, minorities, and unions did not support Clinton as expected: and this factor was responsible for Trump's victories in several states.

       Clinton cheated Senator Sanders out of the Democratic Party nomination and got no benefit from his concession. The suspicious death of Seth Rich; the Wiki Leaks revelations about the Clinton team's contempt for Sanders voters; and the O'Keefe videos showing that Clinton engineered campaign violence that the media blamed on Sanders supporters caused this whole faction to sit the election out.

         Though not widely reported, Blacks also largely boycotted Clinton. Black Lives Matter was incensed by leaked Podesta e-mails showing the Clinton Machine cynically exploiting police shootings for personal gain. Though many Black leaders did not endorse Trump, many encouraged their followers not to support Clinton. Most notably Louis Farrakhan, who also pointed to Clinton's crimes against Moslems.

        Contrary to what most Alt-Right spokesmen, most American Moslems were born in the US, and their votes were likewise down for Clinton. Farrakhan brought up Assange's evidence that Clinton had engineered the Libyan Civil War expressly for boosting her chances of winning the 2016 elections; as well as revelations that Clinton took bribes from Wahhabi States in exchange for selling them weapons used to kill other Moslems.

         Unionists did not turn out for the Democrats. Many Union workers were also Sanders supporters, but many were repelled by revelations that the Clintons took bribes from Wall Street interests and shady lobbying organizations---like the Podesta Group---in exchange for contracts. Likewise, Unionists were not happy about the insider trading going on among potential contractors.

          Latinos did not give Clinton the support she'd hoped for, except in a few Western states. Again Wiki Leaks revelations took their toll: George Soros' cynical manipulation of Pope Francis' US visit; the open anti-Catholic bigotry within the Clinton camp; and revelations about covert aid to Mexican narcotics rings kept Latinos away.

           The Corporate Media also reported that the 'Gender Gap' failed to materialize for the Clintons. This phenomenon is somewhat harder to explain; although it has been rumored through social media that Melanie Trump has a large group of admirers among a growing number of women.

             The downfall of the Clinton Machine is great news to liberty-loving peoples everywhere. Trump's decisive victory tonight destroyed any future prospects for Clintonism; which from 1992 onwards has been a dark blot on America's sociopolitical history.

              The Democratic Party, from which the Clintons purged of many its more reasonable elements, is going to have to rebuild itself from the ground up. If they wish to remain a viable party, the Democrats are going to have to return to their populist roots: the party of FDR, Truman, Kennedy, and LBJ that dominated US politics throughout the mid 20th Century.

            The Corporate Media was pining all night about how their pollsters missed these trends. This election is already being spun as a resurgence of White America: actually it was Democrat self-destruction. The polls 'missed' Trump voters largely because they polled Republicans who'd previously voted for Romney. Romney and Trump are political enemies; hence the poll numbers were meaningless.

            Simply put, the hubris and arrogance of the Democratic Party leadership finally caught up with them. We owe a debt of gratitude to men like Julian Assange who brought their crimes to light and public exposure. The Clinton Machine will never rise again. Hopefully, the Democratic Party can find a way to rise again; this time as the party of the people it once was.


  1. "The Corporate Media also reported that the 'Gender Gap' failed to materialize for the Clintons. This phenomenon is somewhat harder to explain; although it has been rumored through social media that Melanie Trump has a large group of admirers among a growing number of women."

    So those on the alt-right who seem to genuinely hate women, you don't suppose we'll get an apology, do you? Of course not, but I can dream. The facts speak for themselves,there are more women who vote in this country then men,and many of us put a vulgar, crude, groper in chief in charge for the common good,the greater good? That wasn't easy for women by any means. I mean literally, I know women who voted for Trump and then threw up, so distressed over what we were being asked to do. Asked by who? Divine providence, our conscience, wisdom perhaps? Regardless,the burden of this election cost women a lot. Most of us, at least those I know, don't love Melania, we love our country.

  2. I actually knew of men who threw up after voting for Bush a few years ago.

    There won't be any apology from the Alt-Right; what I've seen so far is that they're spinning it to say that women were impressed with Trump's 'Alpha Status'. What it appeared is that the percentage of women who typically vote Democrat simply didn't vote, as did these other groups. There appears to have been a lot of abstentions among the Democrat base.

    As for Melanie Trump, there were some numbers posted a few weeks ago suggesting that she had higher favorable ratings among women than Hilary Clinton, but those links have since disappeared.