Saturday, November 26, 2016


     To sensible Americans, the day after Thanksgiving is a time to relax with family, eat Thanksgiving leftovers and catch a few good movies like we feature here on Fridays. But to a certain element---caught between the Holiday stress and end-of-the-month drug shortages---Black Friday is a 24-hour spree of unleashed greed and unofficial rioting: typically accompanied by multiple fatalities. The same types who turn out in the streets after elections, police shootings, and major sporting events rampage through department stores while the rest of us are forced to blush with shame while reading foreign commentary on such events.

     One shopping mall in China, however, suffered a milder---though more amusing---scandal on Friday. The Shenyang Mall opened an exhibit displaying life-sized three world leaders: Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, and Japanese President Shinzo Abe. The display had to be removed after official complaints from the Japanese Empire and threatened boycotts from Japanese tourist bureaus. The display in question looked like this:

        Ambassadors for the Imperial Government and Japanese media objected strongly to their president being depicted wearing a short Hitler-style moustache while bowing to Obama. The mural behind the Abe figure commemorates the September 18th Incident, a false-flag operation ordered by the current Japanese Emperor's father in 1931 as a pretext for invading China.

         The owners of Shenyang Mall confirmed to The Global Times, China's official ruling-party news service, that the display had been removed on Friday. A spokesman for the consortium stated to the press that the Empire had over-reacted; that an electrical malfunction caused the Abe figure to stoop; an employee added the moustache to disguise its features; and that the figure was only placed in this position temporarily until it could be repaired. The spokesman added that the figures were made by a local artist and displayed to "enrich our customers' shopping experience."

        The Japanese Empire seemed unconvinced by this explanation, but were satisfied that the figures were removed. Japan has never formally apologized for, or even acknowledged, the September 18th Incident---nor for any of their other war crimes and crimes against humanity in China.

        Tensions have been high again recently between China and Imperial Japan; especially in the wake of the collapse of Obama's TPP and 'Asian Pivot' policies. Japan is also uneasy about President-Elect Trump's proposal to make Japan pay for US military bases, which has incidentally given hope to the Okinawan Independence movement. Obama's blunders and Trump's election have caused some instability in Asian financial markets, and Japan has been especially stressed. The Japanese Yen has devalued against the US Dollar at five times the rate of the Chinese Yuan. The Yuan is a gold-backed currency, unlike the Yen and Dollar.

      There have also been positive signs that Trump intends to scale back some of his hardline campaign rhetoric against China and seek a more cooperative path with that country. Appointing Mitt Romney to Secretary of State would be a solid and positive move in that direction. Romney has a good relationship with the Chinese and understands their economy.

     The Japanese, though, who are heavily invested in the US Corporate Media, have been waging an anti-Romney smear campaign. As usual, too, the bloggers on the Far Right support the Left Wing in opposing Romney's nomination. Wall Street and the Corporate Media hate China. The American Far Right admires Fascist Japan: just observe how many Far-Right bloggers refer to Trump as a "God-Emperor ascending the Cherry-Blossom Throne" and other such schmaltz, as though they wish Trump to be a new Hirohito.

    Cooler heads need to prevail here. Our China Policy needs a cool head like Romney's. Trump needs to be guided by pragmatic advice in the US interest and not the advice of Soros/Podesta cronies on Wall Street or the Vox Day/Andrew Anglin Fascist-worshippers in the Manosphere.  

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