Saturday, November 5, 2016


      Julian Assange is truly one of the heroes of the 21st Century. Risking his life and liberty in the cause of justice; Assange is now living in a dreary exile in fear of the very nation that once made Liberty of the Press one of its defining principles. Recently, Assange gave an exclusive interview with John Pilger, one of his countrymen also driven from his homeland. The two discussed many topics of current interest, none of which are covered by the US Corporate Media.

       Assange stated that, in his opinion, the most important fact coming from the recent Podesta e-mail leak was the Clinton's admission that Saudi Arabia and Qatar were funding ISIS; yet took bribes from them and laundered the money through the Clinton Foundation. Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama have engineered some of the largest arms sales in history to the Wahhabi-run Gulf States---which in turn has been employed against the people of Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Bahrain.

        John Podesta himself hardly has clean hands in these types of intrigues. He and his brother, Tony Podesta, founded the Podesta Group, a shady lobbying organization in 1988. The organization's own website advertises: "We are a top-ranked bipartisan team of global public affairs specialists. Always original, never ordinary, we know how to change outcomes." And as we can see, these outcomes are arranged at very high prices. Two out of every three lobbyists working for the Podesta Group previously held positions in the Federal Government. And we've further seen from the O'Keefe videos, that the Podesta Gang is not above twisting a few arms and bending a few laws as part of their 'originality.'

        We saw no greater example of Clinton ruthlessness than in Libya.

         "Libya, more than anything else was Hilary Clinton's war." Assange explained. "That's documented throughout her e-mails. She put her favored agent Sidney Blumenthal on it. Out of the 33,000 e-mails we published, 1,700 are about Libya. It was not simply that Libya had cheap oil. She perceived the removal of Qaddafi and the overthrow of the Libyan state that she could use in the general election to run for president. In 2011, there was even an internal document produced for Hilary Clinton giving her history as a central figure in the overthrow of the Libyan state."

          Blumenthal, a political blackguard of the most repulsive and unscrupulous type, is best remembered for his activities during Bill Clinton's impeachment hearings. Blumenthal was then in charge of digging up sleazy sexual rumors about Republican Congressmen and passing them along to the press. During his Libyan intrigues, Blumenthal was being paid by the Clinton Foundation; and at the same time lobbying insiders for government contracts in Libya.

           Assange neatly described the current US power structure and Hilary Clinton's role in it. "She represents a whole network of people, and a network of relationships with particular states...she is like the axis that interconnects all these different groups. She's a smooth central representation of all of that, and all of that is more or less what is in power in the United States. It's what you call the Establishment, the DC Consensus and its influences. In fact, one of the most significant Podesta e-mails that we released was about how the Obama Cabinet was actually formed---and half of the Obama Cabinet was nominated by a representative from Citibank."

          Then-Senator Joseph Biden---touted by many as Clinton's choice for Secretary of State---was an integral part of this process. During Biden's Senate career, his top donors were financial lawyers and lobbyists ($6.9 million); financial institutions ($4 million); business services ($1.8 million). Small wonder that so many financial concerns are located in Biden's home state of Delaware.

              The Clintons, Podestas, Blumenthal, Biden, the degenerate Wahhabi sheiks: these are the real faces of America's so-called 'Cultural Elites.' Through this series of exposures, Assange has converted what were once suspicions into concrete facts. Whether or not these exposures will have any effect on the effete US public remains to be seen.

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