Wednesday, November 2, 2016


    'MAGA' is a term employed by the Trump Campaign, which is shorthand for his slogan, Make America Great Again. Never missing an opportunity to capitalize on a good thing, the Red Pill Cult has expropriated the term to camouflage their agenda among the unsuspecting general public. One Mike Cernovich, a notorious Internet troll who's been banned even from Fox News and Breitbart, has published a Game propaganda book titled MAGA Mindset. The book is supposedly a self-help manual using Donald Trump as a male role model; but according to most reviews it portrays Trump as a Game Cult 'Alpha Male' and teaches Game ideology disguised as biography.

      MAGA Mindset was published by Castalia House, a Game Cult front headed by Vox Day and based in Finland. And Game gurus have been pushing Cernovich's book, the latest review came today from Matt Forney. Forney offers a free e-booklet of his own on his blog, revealingly titled The Online Hustler Quick-Start Guide. We get a good sense of where Cernovich is going from Forney's opening paragraph:

      "Winners try to emulate Trump's successes; losers try to explain away Trump's successes as being a fluke or because of his 'inheritance'. It's the same reason why Trump's female haters are middling or ugly women whom neither he nor his sons would look at twice."

     Right off the bat, we're fed the Red Pill. How exactly do they qualify Trump as a success worth emulating? Trump made a lot of money through sharp business decisions, surrounds himself with attractive women, became a celebrity, and is running for president. Our electoral history has seen men like this before; but who today remembers Horace Greeley, William Jennings Bryan, or Wendell Willkie? No, we emulate men whose character we admire. That is why better-known names like Ulysses S. Grant, William McKinley, and Franklin Roosevelt defeated the three named above.

      The entire Game Cult's approach to cultivating the masculine character is premised on symbolism over substance. Forney says as much by quoting Cernovich:

      "Building the Wall is a powerful symbol of Nationalism. It sends a powerful message that America has a right to exist in its own right. What is a nation without borders? It is nothing."

      It doesn't seem to have occurred to Cernovich that Obama tried this very strategy in his so-called 'Pivot to Asia'. All of Obama's massive military demonstrations and the Hague ruling in the South China Sea ended up accomplishing nothing. China is now in control of the whole region, because Xi Jinping is man of deeds and not symbolism. Xi didn't need powerful symbols of nationalism, he claimed an uninhabited area for China, developed it for China, and defended it for China.

      Forney, for his part, claims that MAGA Mindset's "genius is that it fuses nationalist political commentary with Cernovich's self-help-oriented perspective and approach." Which is a tacit admission that this book is simply Red Pill propaganda and has little to do with Trump's actual proposed policies. He continues:

    "While MAGA Mindset states that Trump's success is in part due to him taking advantage of pre-existing trends (e.g. White anger at demographic replacement, irritation with political correctness, distrust of the mainstream media, etc.), no man could so effectively have seized the day as the Donald."

     What Conservative would ever talk like this? This is not the language of a leader; but of an opportunist. Which fits well into the Red Pill scheme of things whereby the supposedly superior Alpha uses what he deems inferior peoples for his own purposes. Whether or not that describes Trump accurately is doubtful; but it does describe Cernovich fairly well. Cernovich came to prominence during the whole 'Gamer-Gate' sham of 2014. He is allegedly a high-profile attorney, although no one seems to know anything about his cases. Mostly he maintains his high-status lifestyle collecting alimony from his wealthy ex-wife: something that Manospherians take issue with women for doing.

      Another particularly interesting thing about MAGA Mindset is its cover:

      Which seemed eerily reminiscent of political artwork like this:

     For the Red Pills, Art imitates Life once again.

      If any actual Conservatives or Trump-supporters come across MAGA Mindset by accident, you know the product before you buy. Published in Finland by American expats; written by a dubious character connected with a sleazy, cult-like movement; this is certainly not the type of writing to win over skeptics of Trump. It's simply self-promotion by an organized group with an ulterior motive that uses MAGA as a selling-point.



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