Thursday, November 10, 2016


    Those of us who've been skeptical of Trump throughout the campaign found a hopeful sign today in Trump's nomination of Ken Blackwell to head his transition team. Blackwell is almost guaranteed a future now, either in the Trump Cabinet, or as a part of Trump's White House staff.

      Blackwell is an Ohio Republican who, as blogger Wintery Knight pointed out, is both a noted social and fiscal conservative. He was the former mayor of Cincinnati and has held federal positions in the Bush Senior Administration. Blackwell also briefly served as US Ambassador to the UN Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR). He was also Ohio Attorney-General during the disputed 2004 Elections; and so became an especial object of Left-Wing vindictiveness after John Kerry conceded the election.

       Blackwell is a staunch supporter of traditional marriage and of the 2nd Amendment.

       Mostly importantly, Blackwell's nomination is sending a clear message that the general trend of the Trump Administration is toward traditional Conservatism and away from the extremist elements who were floating around the margins of his campaign. Blackwell is a Black Conservative; in fact a recognized leader among Ohio's Black Evangelical community.

        This news is already causing unease among the Alt-Right Neo-Nazis and Red Pill Cultists who hoped to hijack Conservatism with a Trump win. Bloggers like Vox "your skin color is your uniform" Day and the Chateau "no dogs or Jews allowed" Heartiste are no doubt squirming that a dindu mudshark cuckservative has now taken over as one of Trump's top policy advisors. And it likely isn't a good sign for pseudo-Christian Red Pill Cult bloggers like Dalrock and Rollo Tomassi that Ken Blackwell is a top official on James Dobson's Family Research Council, a group they've been attacking and undermining with false charges of Feminist sympathies for some time.

        In another positive development, Trump met today with House Speaker Paul Ryan. The two agreed to put aside their personal differences and work together for the good of the country.

         The Trump Campaign has destroyed the twin scourges of Bush-Rove Neo-Conservatism and the corrupt Clinton Machine; hopefully the Alt-Right will be the third bunch of sociopolitical parasites soon to be relegated to history.

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