Tuesday, November 22, 2016


    The United States is in desperate need of educational reform and has been for decades. A prime example of this need is Hampshire College, located in Amherst, Massachusetts. Hampshire College has decided to ban the American flag. In the words of the college's president, Jonathan Lash, the ban will "focus our efforts on addressing racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic, and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and behaviors."

     Following Donald Trump's election on November 8th, school officials ordered the flag flown at half-staff to "acknowledge the grief and pain experienced by so many and to enable the full complexity of voices and experiences to be heard," whatever the latter phrase may mean. On Veterans' Day, angry campus Anarchists tore down the flag and publically burned it; calling it "a symbol of racism and hatred." Lash then decided to ban the flag for the reasons stated above.

      Hampshire College is widely regarded as one of the worst universities in the US because of its extremely high ($62,000) tuition rates and the low quality of education for the price. In 2014, Lash's Administration stopped using SAT and ACT scores as a criterion for acceptance. In 2013, they prohibited a local Afrobeat band from performing at a dance because the band was 'too white'.

      College President Jonathan Lash rakes in a cool $180,000 salary to promote this kind of stupidity. In spite of the high tuition and the $40 million fleeced from taxpayers to keep Hampshire in operation, Lash's mismanagement has led to a $2.5 million shortfall this year. Hampshire College has not produced one graduate of any note since its founding in 1965.

       In a sane society that valued education---with a less corrupt Academic Establishment--- schools like Hampshire would have been closed long ago. It is not simply a matter of the Leftist faculty or the high expense. It's that colleges like these serve no national purpose. They cost citizens money and return nothing to the citizenry in exchange.

       A look at Hampshire's Course Catalogue reveals that there are five schools there: Cognitive Science; Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies; Interdisciplinary Arts; Natural Science; and Critical Social Inquiry. The courses offered in all five of these schools are about half Cultural Marxist propaganda and about half the same academic courses that a decent Community College would offer---at a fraction of the cost.

      Maybe there should be a national policy with universities like the military's base-closure system. We close military bases when the cost of maintaining them exceeds any purpose for national defense. Why not do the same with universities? Why should taxpayers subsidize places like this? No, Hampshire College and schools like it are pork-barrel projects. There is no major research going on there; no medical or major scientific facilities---absolutely nothing that justifies maintaining it.

       These parasitic academic institutions are part of the swamp that the American people elected Donald Trump to drain. Jonathan Lash's last literary work, Season of Spoils: The Reagan Administration's Attack on the Environment no doubt dealt with swamp-draining; and doubtless with such expertise Lash easily could find a $15/hour job in such a field if Hampshire College should be closed.



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