Thursday, November 3, 2016


     With the 2016 Election now only a few days away, and the prospect of a Trump victory appearing more and more likely, the political fringe of the Alt-Right is pushing equally hard to cash in on Trump's success and grab the limelight. However, with the Corporate Media smokescreen around Clinton rapidly dissipating amidst ever-developing investigations and public exposures; we're beginning to see that the power of the Radical Right in influencing this election has largely been exaggerated by that same Corporate Media.

       David Duke, the former chieftain of the terrorist organization the Ku Klux Klan for example, gave us an instructive lesson yesterday. Duke is running for US Senate in Louisiana and appeared last night in a debate at Dillard University. Duke calls himself 'Donald Trump's Most Loyal Advocate' and often trolls the Internet on Trump's behalf (although Trump himself repudiated Duke). Now Trump is polling ahead in Louisiana, but David Duke barely met the 5% minimum poll numbers even to be included in the debate. Polls in Louisiana show Duke's negatives at 80%. Which illustrates that---for all his bluster---Duke and the KKK have had almost no influence on Trump's support in that state.

      The same can be said of many other Internet gadflies; almost all of which issue forth from the swamp that's become the Manosphere. Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer, who advertises as 'The World's #1 Alt-Right and Pro-Genocide Website' is another loud, but impotent, political pygmy. A protégée of Duke's, both Anglin and anti-Semite artist Ben Garrison were exposed as charlatans by Breitbart, a pro-Trump site.  Both of these characters are admitted disciples of the Red Pill/Game Cult. Anglin is an avid follower of  Game gurus Roosh Valizdeh and Matt Forney. Garrison states:

       "I'm starting to see an expanding fan base for my politically incorrect cartoons." Garrison proudly trumpets, "I didn't really understand the culture war stuff, but after reading a book on Social Justice Warriors by Vox Day, my eyes are open." In other words, Garrison has taken the 'Red Pill' and been converted. He then goes on to describe how lucrative his 'artwork' has become since his conversion.

        A recent study found, however, that most of the extremists' presence on Twitter is dominated by only a handful of trolls and cyberbullies: all with connections to the Red Pill Cult. Around 70% of Twitter traffic identified as Alt-Right related is retweeted material from a few people. The top three include Ricky Vaughn---who has now been banned from Twitter permanently---a vile racist who admits to being a follower of Game Cult blogs Chateau Heartiste and Dusk in Autumn. The next highest spot is occupied by White Supremacist Paul Ramsey, a.k.a. Ramzpaul. Ramsey was a regular blogger on the now-defunct Red Pill blog The Spearhead. Mike Cernovich, of whom we wrote yesterday occupies the third position. "Conflict is attention, and attention is influence," as Cernovich famously says. He runs another Manosphere blog titled Danger and Play.

        Again, what we see is that a handful of degenerates in the so-called Manosphere are using technological gimmickry to promote their cult. If Trump is victorious next Tuesday, no doubt these same worthies will be crediting themselves with the accomplishment. In reality, however, they've contributed very little. As proof of that, note that Trump has not appointed a single one of their number to any actual positions of power. And it's up to true Conservatives to make certain that it stays that way.

         What we see is the typical projection of political pygmies trying to present themselves as great leaders of men. This is the same sort of tactic they employ in all their social interactions from sexuality to business. It's all about presenting a façade that intimidates or deceives others into compliance with the Gamers' goals. Conservatives need not be fooled by these fanatics. It is simply a matter of lifting the curtain and chasing the pygmies back into the shadows.

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