Friday, November 18, 2016


     As Allied Forces continue their offensive against the Terrorists in the Middle East, some horrible news has come out of Syria. We have known now for some time that ISIS and Al-Qaeda have been trafficking narcotics, weapons, and Black Market commodities through organized crime syndicates operating with a wink and a nod by the regimes in Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and some of their confederates. We also learned from Wiki Leaks during the Election Cycle that the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party Leadership was well aware of these governments' complicity in these crimes; yet took bribes from them and continued to support them. And, as we've seen from the woefully underreported Fat Leonard Scandal that the Pentagon may be actively aiding and abetting these activities.

      Throughout this sordid five-year crime spree, we have often raised a question about the fate of thousands of missing women and children, kidnapped by the Terrorists. Our theory here all along has been that they were likely trafficked for sexual purposes to degenerate Western countries, but we've never found anything but slight circumstantial evidence of this. Unfortunately, our theory has apparently been wrong.

       We say 'unfortunately' because it has been confirmed that these inhuman Wahhabi devils concocted an even worse fate for their victims. Dr. Hussein Noufel, of Syria's State Coroners Office stated to the press that "We have accurate information that over 25,000 surgical operations have been conducted among refugees in the neighboring countries (i.e., Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq) and in the terrorist-controlled areas of Syria since 2011; to remove the body organs of 15,000 Syrian citizens and sell them on the international Black Market."

     As if this weren't hideous enough, the organ-trafficking trade is believed to be under the control of Wahhabi religious leaders. The leading Ayatollahs of the Shiites issued a fatwah against these heretics in early 2016.

      Dr. Noufel stated that the organ-harvesting is done at captured hospitals in Mosul, Iraq and Raqqa today, though others in now-liberated areas were previously used. An earlier Iraqi report stated that twelve doctors in Mosul were executed by ISIS for refusing to comply with ISIS' crimes. That is very similar to reports from Deir Ezzur, Syria of executed doctors: Deir Ezzur held a major medical complex which was liberated by Allied forces last December.

      Suspicions that the Terrorists have been engaging in organ-trafficking began surfacing throughout the last several months after the Iraqi Army began its impressive series of battles against ISIS. Mass-graves were uncovered and Iraqi forensic specialists discovered many women and children with evidence of recent surgery and missing organs. Iraq's UN Ambassador brought these findings to the attention of the UN last year---but was ignored by the US government and Corporate Media.

        Iranian Intelligence sources spoke to Fars News---an Iranian news outlet strongly linked to Iran's military and security services---stating that Iran has long suspected Mosul to be the epicenter of organ-trafficking, although they were unaware until now of the size and scope of the trafficking. Iran believes that organs were harvested in Mosul via Raqqa and sold on the Black Market in Turkey---at about $15,000 per corpse.

         SANA also quoted an Iraqi medical specialist, Dr. Sirwan al-Mosuli, who had escaped from Mosul as stating that the ISIS operations in Mosul and Raqqa employ foreign surgeons and that a German national heads the surgical team inside of Mosul.

         Well, well. If that's true, do we wonder now why Obama, Stoltenberg, and Erdogan seem so desperate to participate in the Aleppo, Raqqa, and Mosul military campaigns? To destroy evidence, maybe? And we know from Wiki Leaks that the Podesta Group and the Gephardt Group are involved in facilitating Turkish foreign trade.

         Like the Fat Leonard Scandal, the Syrian Civil War is looking more and more like the tip of an iceberg that's going to sink the Clinton Machine permanently. When the Trump Administration starts unraveling the cords in the Middle East, Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Carter, Clapper, Brennan, Gephardt, Podesta, and General Votel are going to be in some serious trouble.

        And it's about time.

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